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Fat,drunk and stupid ain't a way to go through life,son.
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1x22 Devil's Trap
More and more demons are walking among us, a lot more!
Sam: Do you know why?
Bobby: No. But I know it's something big. Storm is coming, and you boys and your Daddy you are smack in the middle of it
1x22 Devil's Trap
Dean: Thanks, for everything. Be careful, alright.
Bobby: You just go find your Dad, and when you do you bring him around, would ya, I won't even try to shoot him this time!
3x16 No Rest for the Wicked
This isn't your fight.
The hell it isn't! Family don't end with blood, boy.
1x22 Devil's Trap
Dean: Well, yeah, but last time we saw you, I mean, you did threaten to blast him full of buckshot. Cocked the shotgun and everything.
Bobby: Yeah, well, what can I say? John just has that effect on people.
3x16 No Rest for the Wicked
Do I look like a ditchable prom date to you?
4x02 Are You There, God? It's Me, Dean Winchester
You built a ghost proof panic room?
Bobby: I had a weekend off.
Dean: Bobby?
Bobby: What?
Dean: You're awesome.
1x22 Devil's Trap
(Sam and Dean have a heartfelt moment)

Bobby: You guys are breakin' my heart here, but can we just go?
2x14 Born Under a Bad Sign
Don't try and con a con man.
1x22 Devil's Trap
Bobby: (hands Dean one of two flasks) Here you go.
Dean: What is this, holy water?
Bobby: That one is. This is whiskey.
3x16 No Rest for the Wicked
You're almost hell's b*tch. So you can see hell's other b*tches.
Dean: (sarcastically) Thank you.
Sam: Well, it actually comes in pretty handy.
2x22 All Hell Breaks Loose II
You stupid ass! What did you do? What did you do?! You made a deal... For Sam, didn't you? How long did they give you?
4x02 Are You There, God? It's Me, Dean Winchester
If you're going to shoot, shoot. Don't talk.
4x21 When the Levee Breaks
How long is this gonna go on?
Bobby: Here, let me look it up in my demon-detox manual. Oh, wait. No one ever wrote one.
2x15 Tall Tales
Dean: I got nothing.
Sam: Me neither.
Bobby: You got a trickster on your hands.
2x15 Tall Tales
Bobby: If you two had bothered to pull your heads out of your asses, it all would’ve been pretty clear.
2x22 All Hell Breaks Loose II
Bobby: Something big is going down. End of the world big.
Dean: Well, then let it end!
Bobby: You don't mean that.
3x01 The Magnificent Seven
Do you have any idea who we're up against?
Dean: No, who?
Bobby: The seven deadly sins! Live and in the flesh.
Bobby: Just stay outta trouble, you igits.
3x16 No Rest for the Wicked
Bobby: (hands Dean the distributor cap) I'll follow. Don't be stopping to pee every ten minutes, either!
5x20 The Devil You Know
Bobby: (holds up shotgun toward Crowley) Now get the hell off my property before I blast you so full of rock-salt that you start crapping margaritas!
Bobby: What's your problem?
Castiel: This is what they meant by "The 11th Hour", right?
Bobby: Pretty much.
Castiel: Well, it's The 11th Hour, and I am useless. All I have is this. What am I even supposed to do with it?
Bobby: Point it and shoot.
Castiel: What I used to be...
Bobby: Are you really gonna *****, to me?
6x04 Weekend at Bobby's
Crowley: Cheer up mate, we just saved the sodding world together. Me? I've been celebrating.
Bobby: I'd hate to see what you call "celebrating"
Crowley: Yes, you would...

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Season 7 episode 18
(Bobby happy to see dean since he died)
Dean: Ahh there you are (reffering to Bobby's flask)
Bobby gets ready to hug dean
Dean gets flask
Bobby: I'm right here you ighit
Dean leaves with flask
Bobby: Balls
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