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Played By: DeansGirl666
Text Color: Green

Hometown: Wichita, Kansas
D.O.B: October 12, 1981
Eye Color: Green
Hair Color: Brown
Build: Muscular
Height: 6' 2"
Distinguishing Characteristics/Features: Most often wears a black winter type hat, has a scar that goes from his left hand all the way up his arm from a fight with a shape shifter.
Agent Colby Fischer (RPG character)

Other Information
Occupation: Hunter, FBI Agent
Skills: fighting, shooting/ gun expert, lying, cover-up stories, can get into places others cant (badge and all)
Fears/phobia(s): Aquaphobia. Strong fear of water/ drowning.

Character Back Story/ if a hunter, how did he get into the job?
Colby Fischer had a tragic childhood. When he was 8 years old his parents were shot to death in a home robbery. He was placed in foster care and whent through many different homes. The third one nearly killed him. His foster father had a strick punishment: hold the nauty child under water. Colby was 10 years old at the time... This later resulted in Colby's fear of water and drowning.

Colby was taken from the home after 6 months of endurring the torture. The man was placed under arrest for child abuse when Colby escaped to the neighbors house accross the stree and told them what was happening.

After he was moved to a permenant home with another family (which he could not bring himself to trust or get close to) he started school and as soon as he graduated from high school in Seattle Washington he whent on to college to get a degree in criminal justice. He moved to Wichita Kansas and joined the FBI Team where he moved chain quickly because of his intelligence and strong will to succeed. He soon became one of the top FBI Agents in the state of Kansas.

His assigned partner, Kacey Taylor, was a joy to be around, though she was still new to the job. He became romantically involved with her and was the first person he allowed himself to get close to.

Colby got into hunting when his partner, was tragically killed by a demon. Him and his partner were investigating the strange murder of a couple in an abandoned where house. All of a sudden a man appeared out of nowhere and threw his partner into a pile of wood where she was impaled.

That was where he met Dean and Sam, who killed the demon and saved his life. Sadly, Kacey was already dead and their was nothing they could do. This shattered Colby's heart.

Sam and Dean explained what had happened and that it was a demon. They explained about the supernatural and that they were hunters and it was their job to kill it.

Thats when Colby started doing research on the supernatural and looking through case files at work, looking for unexplained cases that may have been caused by something supernatural. Over time, he learned how to kill things like demons and werewolves and anything like that.

And now Colby is a hunter.

He recently started going to the Harvelle Roadhouse, where he met some other hunters who gave him tips and advise. He also runs into Dean and Sam a every now and then, which he enjoys. He loves the bartender, Jo, he thinks she is a nice girl. Her mother scares him though, but what man isnt afraid of her!

He tends to run into hunts along the way, somehow being drawn to each one. Although its not the best way to meet other hunters, the experience is nice and he enjoys helping out. He met a fellow hunter, Kat, when she was hunting a shapeshifter in Wichita and helped her out, making a friend.

Colby's pastime usually consists of hunting through old unsolved cases, looking for a killer of the supernatural sort to get justice for those that werent helped in the past...

Colby Fischer - Supernatural WikiColby typically sticks to his .45 Smith and Wesson handgun, usually along with a silencer. He never liked rifles or shotguns and it seemed he always ended with multiple cuts when he tried to use knives. He has different kinds of bullets, some regular metal for work, some silver, but the majority are rocksalt.

Colby's Car
Colby Fischer - Supernatural WikiColby's prize possession is his 2006 Chevy Camaro, which he bought with the money he saved up over the years.

When he was a kid he loved cars. His real father used to bring him to the race tracks to watch the cars and always alowed him to help fix up the old '85 Camaro in the garage. He was fascinated by sports cars, the shape and the speed always amazed him. He used to imagine owning Lamborghinis and Vipers and having the thrill of speeding down the road.

When he finally got out of foster care and finished college to work for the FBI he imediately began saving up for a car that could connect him back to his real family... and so he got the Chevy Camaro, fast, sporty-ish and muscular!

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