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Ruby Full name:
Type of being:
to steer Sam to his destiny of killing Lilith and breaking the 66th seal
First appearance:
(as played by Genevieve Cortese) Lazarus Rising
Cause of death: killed by Dean using the demon-killing knife

Season three's finale had ended with Ruby being banished from her previous body, played by Katie Cassidy. In Season 4 we first see Ruby (in the episode Lazarus Rising) in Sam's hotel room in Pontiac, IL. She answered the door when Dean knocked on the door and asked for the pizza that takes two guys to deliver. At this time she was using the alias "Kristy." At the end of this episode we find out that "Kristy" is Ruby and that while Dean was gone she was helping Sam learn how to use his powers to take out demons.

Ruby's next appearance in season 4 was in the episode Are you there God...... it's me Dean Winchester She caught up with Sam at a mini-mart parking lot, and she was wanting to know if it was true "did an angel really rescue Dean?" and Sam told her what he knows so far on that subject, and he admitted that it was an angel. Ruby decided then that it was best to leave the boys alone now, as she pointed out no angel is going to be happy to see her, considering that she's a demon. She also told sam that they won't care if she's been assisting the good guys. She advised Sam to watch his back and left.

Well we all know that's not the end of Ruby. She came back again in In The Beginning. While Dean lies sleeping in bed, Sam sneaks out to meet Ruby, who's driving a sweet little sportscar of her own."Ready?" she asks, Sam replies "Definately". Though this has nothing to do with Ruby i think it's worth mentioning that in that episode we get to see the Metallicar in the early days!!!! Dean ''wakes up" and sees that Sam's not there but Castiel is. Castiel gave him the address 425 Waterman and told him that he'll find his brother there and that he's headed down a dangerous path, and that they don't know where it leads. With a final warning to stop Sam or the angels will, the episode ends.

We next see Ruby and Sam together in Metamorphosis. Sam and Ruby stand over a shifty looking dude tied to a chair. "Where's Lilith?" Sam asks him, and as his eyes flash black, the man invites Sam to kiss his Butt. Sam warns the guy to watch his step. He stretches out his hand, shaking with effort as he makes the man vomit a stream of black smoke, which burns into the floor and disappears...and outside, an unseen Dean is angry at what he's just witnessed. Ruby asked Sam how did it feel to use the powers, he said that it was good no headache this time. Dean comes in and finds out that "Kristy" is actually Ruby and Dean also confronts Sam about using his powers.

In "I Know What You Did Last Summer" Ruby informed Sam about Anna, the girl who could hear angels. later in this episode we learn that Ruby had saved Sam's life from Demons and such,

In Heaven and Hell, Ruby does what she can to help save Anna from the angels and demons by giving the boys hex bags, "baby-sitting" Anna, and finally even getting tortured by Alastair in the plan to get the angels and demons to duke it out and leave them out of it.

Ruby finally meets her end at the end of her own demon-killing knife, wielded by Dean in Lucifer Rising. Sam realizes too late (once Lilith is dead and Ruby has confessed her plan all along to break the final seal) that Dean and others were right -- he should never have trusted Ruby.

  1. Lazarus Rising (18 September 2008)
  2. Are You There, God? It's Me... Dean Winchester (25 September 2008)
  3. In the Beginning (2 October 2008)
  4. Metamorphosis (9 October 2008)
  5. I Know What You Did Last Summer (13 November 2008)
  6. Heaven and Hell (20 November 2008)
  7. Criss Angel Is a Douche Bag (22 January 2009)
  8. Sex and Violence (5 February 2009)
  9. On the Head of a Pin (19 March 2009)
  10. When the Levee Breaks (7 May 2009)
  11. Lucifer Rising (14 May 2009)

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