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April 2014

Supernatural: Tribes has been re-titled...

April 4, 2014

Well, this isn't exactly "new" news but it's worth a mention now that I'm back from the USA and the Las Vegas Convention" :) report that Supernatural: Tribes will now be titled Supernatural: Bloodlines.

A concise synopsis of the show, courtesy of THR, says it is a

“sweeping drama about the various mafia-esque monster families that, unknowingly to humans, run the underbelly of Chicago and are being tracked by a newly minted Hunter who’s trying to stop them and rid Chicago of anything or anyone supernatural.”

This isn't anything we didn't already know before and I have to say again, this is where the premise of the show falls down for me. What is happening to all the other Hunters out there? If this new Hunter knows the situation, why aren't there more Hunters on the show to take the monsters out? Why is it left to one new Hunter? I hope there is a convincing reason but I can't think of one...

There is some new casting news though. Melissa Roxburgh, who has appeared on Arrow and also as a guest on Supernatural, has been cast as a series regular. She will play Violet Durant. Roxburgh has appeared on The CW’s hit superhero series Arrow along with a one-episode guest spot on Supernatural and will play Violet, a member of the werewolf pack. Her relationship with David Hayden, a shape-shifter, which I reported some months ago seems to be confirmed as her backstory is:

"Violet hides her true nature because of her forbidden love for family rival David (Nathaniel Buzolic), but when cornered, her inner wolf breaks free.”

Supernatural: Bloodlines will premier through a back-door pilot in Supernatural in the episode titled "Bloodlines" on April 29th and will apparently have a full season, most likely starting in the Fall.

What do you think of what's been released about Bloodlines so far?

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February 2014

Supernatural: Tribes - More Cast details Released...

February 23, 2014 reported casting news for two of the series regulars on the Supernatural spin-off:
Nathaniel Buzolic, who played the Original Kol on The Vampire Diaries will be playing David Hayden, a shape-shifter who has left the monster life behind to live as a human; however tragedy brings him back to his old life. He's from one of the city's five ruling monster families.
Lucien Laviscount (a relative unknown who has appeared in Skins and the CW's failed pilot The Selection) will play Ennis Roth, a police academy trainee who gets into the hunting business after his fiancée is caught in the crossfire and killed in the monster war.

This all sounds eerily familiar...

The premise of the show is that Tribes will follow Chicago's mafia-like monster families and the new hunter, Roth, who is trying to get rid of anything supernatural in the city.

Episode 20 of Supernatural, which will be a back-door pilot for Tribes and will serve to introduce these new characters is set to air April 29.

I want to give this new show a chance and we'll have to wait to see what Episode 20 brings but just now it feels that the premise sounds a little too fantastical and unrealistic, if such a thing can be said about a show based on the supernatural, because how can one hunter (and his mentor) stand against five tribes of monsters? How could that even work?

We been brought up on a Supernatural-verse where hunters tend to be solitary or at most work in twos or threes - Samuel Campbell's "family" seems to have been the exception - but they have come together on rare occasions, as in Supernatural Season 6, "Family Matters", when Samuel recruits hunters to take down the Alpha Vamp and his nest, or in Season 5, "99 Problems", when the whole town comes together to fight a plague of demons. Surely, knowing a whole city is being run by monsters, there wouldn't just be one hunter and his mentor fighting them? - If so, they wouldn't survive long! No, there would be many hunters converging on the place; it would be a war...

I will watch episode 20 of Supernatural with great interest - even more than usual, if that's possible - to see how they set out the scenario for Tribes. I want it to be good and I want it to be different from Supernatural and stand on its own merit but as a spin-off, I don't think it should subvert the "rules" so much that it feels it has betrayed its roots, nor do I want it to be the means of changing the Supernatural-verse for our Show...

What do you think of what's been released about Tribes so far?

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So, will Supernatural carry on after Season 10?

February 16, 2014

Supernatural has a fan in Mark Pedowitz, the president of the CW. He has been a long-time fan of the Winchesters and the Show so it isn't a surprise to hear that Supernatural is continuing onto Season 10. The question is, will it continue beyond that?

Supernatural is a jewel in the CW network at the moment, so if the ratings continue to hold and with the support of the CW president, there's every possibility it could carry on beyond that, but what of the Show's stars? - What about Jensen Ackles and Jared Padalecki?
They've both said they're signed on for Seasons 9 and 10 but beyond that? said it's rumoured that Jensen has given up the role of Hawkeye in The Avengers, and Marvel Studios continues to remind him of its interest in him...
They also say that Jensen's current relationship with Warner Bros. (through Warner Bros. television) is likely to have DC interested as well, as they know exactly how strong he is as an actor. Of course, we all know how great and how wonderfully nuanced Jensen is as an actor...

So, will Jensen end up leaving? - We know his interest in directing and he's made a great job of directing in Seasons 6 - 9, so it’s likely that he'll have to make a decision, as will Jared, what they want to do in the future.

- What if one wants to leave and the other wants to stay?

I can't imagine a Show without either of our Boys!

I love Castiel - so much - but I don't see him replacing Sam, and definitely not Dean!

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Has Sam lost his heart, instead of his soul this time?

February 09, 2014

...So I thought I'd venture into the "Briar Patch" that is Dean and Sam's relationship after "The Purge" aired last Tuesday. No-one gets out of that unscathed but I was shocked, stunned and then angry at what Sam said to Dean and how hurt Dean looked at the end so I've spent some time since then thinking about it and looking back over the nine seasons to try and make sense of it all...

So, Sam feels betrayed and doesn't want to be brothers any more? He believes that Dean doesn't save him for anything other than his own selfish reasons, because he doesn't want to be alone? Not only that, he tells Dean that he, Dean, is happy to sacrifice himself as long as he's not the one being hurt by it? Finally, to top everything off, he tells Dean that if they'd swapped places, if Dean was facing death as a result of the Demon Trials, he wouldn't do the same as Dean did; he wouldn't try to save his brother.

Who'd have thought that, after the emotional outburst Sam came out with in the Season 8 Finale, when he told Dean his biggest regret was feeling he'd let Dean down? Well I wouldn't have, but now that it's been said and thinking about it, I can see Sam saying that (sort of)...

I mean Sam's always been the reluctant one, the one who's pulled away from their brotherly relationship nearly as much as he's seemed to embrace it. Sure, they've always come back together in the end but Sam is never as whole-hearted. He's looking at it logically now - the "needs of the many outweigh the needs of the few" - whereas for Dean it's always and only an emotional response where his brother is concerned.

Sam didn't always feel like that. In Season 1 he refused to kill his Dad when he was possessed by Azazel, which led to the car crash and Dean dying, which in turn kicked off the whole business of Dean selling his soul for Sam.... Season 3: he tried to cancel Dean's deal without success... In the interlude between Seasons 3 and 4, he tried to bargain his own soul for Dean's, without success... Again...

So what's happened?

Well, to deny everyone who says Dean is the big brother who can't stop controlling Sam's life, just look at Season 5: Dean agrees to Sam accepting Lucifer possessing him and even when Sam says he's not coming back, Dean still accepts Sam's decision and agrees to go and find a new life with Lisa and Ben, even though it's killing him... Although I think Dean accepted Sam as an adult well before that, I think that moment must show everyone that he had accepted Sam as an adult, making his own decisions, but that doesn't mean he won't move Heaven and Earth to save Sam... The thing is, Sam doesn't seem to have accepted Dean's acceptance...

I see Sam as feeling guilty after letting Dean persuade him not to go through with the Trials and now he's projecting his guilt onto Dean - unfairly, since he agreed with his brother - and now Sam's in "John-mode" - "the end justifies the means" - so any sacrifice is acceptable; but this isn't a moral position and it's strange because it goes against everything they've ever believed in and it's what Sam has fought against all his life. It also contradicts what he agreed with Cas, when he was extracting Gadreel's grace from Sam. Cas said that in the old days he would have carried on extracting Gadreel's essence until Sam died but now he wouldn't because finding Gadreel wasn't worth sacrificing Sam for. You could argue that closing the Gates of Hell is much bigger and worth the sacrifice but equally, it's the same principle. Perhaps Sam is being affected by the "mark of Cain" Dean has, but that might just be making excuses for him - who knows?

...So where do we go from here?

Maybe Sam's thoughts will vanish like morning mist if Dean ends up in real trouble from the "mark of Cain"? Maybe he'll do something risky - maybe much worse than angel possession - to try and save Dean from death or worse, losing his soul? After all it's easy to make moral judgements in the abstract - or maybe not, not if you're Sam... Yet he might find he has to change his views that "the end justifies the means" because he feels he has to save Dean, even at the expense of allowing some evil to thrive...

Ultimately, the writers will decide how it's resolved, but I have grave concerns: The Brothers' dynamic is at the heart of the Show and they've already twisted it so badly out of shape. Sam saying they're not brothers and he can't trust Dean is bad enough. Dismissing everything Dean has done for him as selfish and doing more harm than good and saying he wouldn't reciprocate in saving Dean if he'd undergone the Demon Trials goes far beyond what's ever happened before.

Season 8 was never resolved satisfactorily for me, either in Sam's behavior after Dean went to Purgatory or the way they came back together. Season 9 shows an even more fractured relationship - much worse than in Season 4 when at least there was an explanation for the conflict as Sam was drinking demon blood. If The Boys aren't brought back together then it won't be Supernatural any more but that isn't the only issue. Fixing their relationship also has to be convincing, otherwise the conflict will just look manufactured and right now Sam making a realistic 180 degree turn looks difficult to achieve.

I'm still trusting the writers. I just hope they can come through with this for all the fans...

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Supernatural: Tribes Cast details Released...

February 03, 2014 released details of the main characters in the Supernatural spin-off, Supernatural: Tribes yesterday. The show is set in Chicago and it will focus on five monster tribes and a hunter looking for revenge.

The protagonist will be Ennis Roth, a human. He is described as “likeable, strong-willed, resolute, with a strong sense of justice.” He is the son of a cop and is preparing to enter the police academy when a loved one is murdered, setting him on his path... Along the way, he meets Dean and Sam, which is how he learns that Chicago is run by five families of monsters and he becomes a hunter himself.

David Hayden is a shape-shifter and comes from one of Chicago’s five ruling monster families but he’s taken to a human life. However tragedy brings him back to his old life...

Margo Hayden is David's sister and also a shape-shifter. She is described as “professional, strong-willed, determined, ambitious” as well as an “ex-punk rocker gone corporate.” She looks to become the new head of the family after tragedy strikes.

Violet Durant is a werewolf and belongs to another ruling family. She might have a (secret) relationship with the shape-shifter, David.

Julian Durant is Violet’s brother, a werewolf and Ennis’ arch nemesis. He is described as “savagely handsome, strong, arrogant.”

Freddie Costa is human, an old friend of Ennis’ father with a soft spot for Ennis. He’s described as a world-weary cop with a secret.

All are in their 20s, except Freddie, who is in his 30s.

Tribes will be written by Supernatural writer Andrew Dabb and directed by Supernatural executive producer Robert Singer. Dabb and Singer will also co-executive produce the spin-off alongside Supernatural creator Eric Kripke, current showrunner Jeremy Carver, and former executive producer McG.

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Supernatural Viewing Figures up!

February 01, 2014

Entertainment Weekly posted that Supernatural had its most-watched episode in four years this week. Despite being in its ninth season, Supernatural had 2.8 million viewers Tuesday night for "Sharp Teeth" - its biggest audience since 2010 and tied its season high among the 18-49 age group.

Supernatural did face the State of the Union Address on CBS, ABC, NBC and Fox at 9 p.m. so it was almost certainly helped by the fact it was the only entertainment program broadcast during its hour but still, its viewing figures are up. Earlier this month, The CW’s president told reporters about Supernatural, “As long as I’m here and those numbers still hold, god bless them, they can go as long as they want.”

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January 2014

Supernatural Spin-off Title Released!

January 31, 2014

TVline reported this week that the new show will be called "Supernatural: Tribes". It will air as a regular episode of Supernatural in the spring and will explore the clashing hunter and monster cultures of Chicago.

The spin-off was due to air as a pilot in Supernatural Season 9 episode 20. I assume this is still the case?

I love it that Supernatural rolls across America, which helps to give it that feel of a modern-day western. It won't - it can't - be the same when it is set in a city but that might be a good thing, giving it some separation, some breathing space from Supernatural so it doesn't become a pale imitation of our favorite show, don't you think?

Still, it's part of the whole Supernatural scene so of course I will watch it and then decide if it stands up against the original - talk about having high expectations!

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Supernatural and Its Fans Featured on NPR

January 20, 2014

National Public Radio (NPR) recently aired a story about our favorite show - and about US, its fans! You can follow this link to take a listen: All Things Considered - Supernatural Fandom

Supernatural Blog - Supernatural Wiki
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Results from the People's Choice Awards 2014!

January 09, 2014

I hope everyone enjoyed a great New Year!

Well, the results for the People's Choice Awards 2014 are in and we did win something - "Favorite TV Bromance" for Dean, Sam and Castiel - so, many congratulations!!

... But we didn't win "Favorite SciFi/Fantasy TV Show" - that went to "Beauty and the Beast" - nor did we win in the "Favorite SciFi/Fantasy TV Actor" category, which went to Ian Somerhalder.

What have we fans been doing in the voting? - We should at least have won "FavoriteSciFi/Fantasy TV Show" even if the vote was split between Our Boys in the acting category!

What a shame....

- But I'm sure we wish Our Boys and Our Show all the very best!

Congratulations again!

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