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At Bobby's House:

SAM Where's Bobby?

DEAN In town, supply run.

SAM In this?

DEAN Yeah, man's a hero. We were officially out of hunter's helper. (Dean gestures at his empty liquor bottle)

BALTHAZAR - - Hello, boys. You've seen "the Godfather," right?

DEAN Balthazar...

BALTHAZAR You know, the end, where Michael Corleone sends his men to kill his enemies in one big, bloody swoop? (Bathazar finds a container of salt and pours it into a bowl on Bobby's desk)


BALTHAZAR "dead sea brine." good, good, good. You know, Moe Greene gets it in the eye, and Don Cuneo gets it in the revolving door?

DEAN I said "hey."

BALTHAZAR You did. Twice. Good for you. Blood of lamb. Blood of lamb. (looking through Bobby's fridge contents) Beer, cold pizza. Blood of lamb. Yes! Blood of lamb!

SAM Why are you talking about "the Godfather"?

BALTHAZAR Because we're in it -- right now, tonight. And in the role of Michael Corleone -- The archangel Raphael.

DEAN You mind telling us what you mean?

BALTHAZAR No, no, no, no. No, no, no, no. (empties the contents of Bobby's desk drawer) Yes. Bone of a lesser saint. This vertebra will do very nicely. Your Mr. Singer does keep a beautiful pantry.

DEAN Wait, Raphael is after you?

BALTHAZAR Raphael is after us all. You see, he's consolidated his strength. And now he's on the move.

SAM And where's Cass?

BALTHAZAR Oh, Cassie? He is deep, deep underground. So, good old Raffy put out a hit list on every last samaritan who helped our dear Cass -- Including both of you. And so much more importantly, me. See, he wants to draw Cass out in the open.

SAM And you expect us to just believe you?

BALTHAZAR Oh, don't. You'll go where I throw you either way.

DEAN What's that supposed to mean?
(lightning flashes)

BALTHAZAR That's all the time we have, gentlemen. (Balthazar opens his jacket revealing a bloodstain on his side) Where is it?

DEAN Whoa. What happened there?

BALTHAZAR Oh. Garish, I know. You see, uncle Raffy sent one of his nastiest to handle me. I'm flattered, actually. And down a lung at the moment, but that's all right. (hands Sam keys) Oh, here's for you.

SAM What am I supposed to do with this?.

BALTHAZAR Run with it.
(Balthazar is thrown across the room as an angel, Virgil appears)

BALTHAZAR Virgil. (to Sam and Dean) I said, run! ( pushes them through the window which is marked with a blood sigil)

(Sam and Dean crash through Bobby's window and land on a mattress on a tv show set)

CREWMEMBER (patting Dean on the rear) Real good solid fall. Way to go.

BOB SINGER Jared, Jensen! Outstanding! That was just great.

CREWMEMBER "Supernatural,"scene one echo, take one. Tail slate. Marker!

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