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  • more i love supernatural but could be more frighting
    Thread location: Supernatural Blog
    Keyword tags: blog,  news,  supernatural,  Supernatural blog,  Supernatural news 
    Posted: Jul 3 2014, 4:48 PM EDT by supergirl24
  • Supernatural/Who will save you now?
    • 02:41
    • Video
    Supernatural/Who will save you now?
    Keyword tags: Demon Dean,  Finale,  season 9,  Supernatural 
    Added: Jul 1 2014, 8:00 PM EDT by
    Last updated: Jul 1 2014, 8:01 PM EDT by Anonymous
  • No More Lies “Damn it, Crowley… You got him into this mess. You will get him out. Or so help me god.” Sam whispered. Alone in the dungeon, making a spell to summon Crowley, he lit a match and threw it in a bowl with the other ingredients. He waited a few m
    Keyword tags: Demon Dean,  Fan Fiction,  Season 10,  Supernatural 
    Last updated: Aug 11 2014, 3:50 PM EDT by spnfanforever
  • Let's talk about our top few creepy or scary Supernatural episodes! Hey All,

    How about telling us what your Top Five or even Top Seven or Top Ten creepy or scary Supernatural episodes are - and why? And we'll discuss!

    Thread location: null
    Keyword tags: discussion,  summer Hellatus,  Supernatural 
    Posted: Jul 1 2014, 3:24 PM EDT by spnfanforever
  • 2014 Blog Archive Back to Supernatural Blog October 2014 ...Approaching the start of the 10th Season... October 04, 2014 It's been a long while since we last saw Supernatural in May - I'll have to say that again! So, we're almost there
    Keyword tags: archive,  Blog,  Supernatural 
    Last updated: May 22 2018, 1:37 PM EDT by journalbookbinder
  • Wait a couple of years ago I was Bobby.... I guess I'm more like Sam. Oh well. That's okay. He's awesome.
    Thread location: Supernatural Character 1
    Keyword tags: dean winchester,  quizzes,  sam winchester,  supernatural,  supernatural cast,  supernatural characters,  supernatural episode guide,  supernatural episodes,  supernatural quiz,  supernatural quotes,  supernatural tv show 
    Posted: Jun 27 2014, 7:59 PM EDT by Magoober
  • My Brother I Promise You Life sucks. It absolutely really sucks. I had pushed my brother away with a grudge, we fought, kept apart. And for what? It all seems so stupid now. Maybe if we had listened to Kevin and made up when we had the chance, Dean wouldn't...he wouldn't b
    Keyword tags: Fanfiction,  Supernatural,  Supernatural Fan Wiki 
    Last updated: Sep 1 2014, 5:25 PM EDT by spnfanforever
  • Joining a hunt? Hi Shadow,

    I have responded to the threads you set up - do you need any more help or are you OK?

    Do you want to join in a new hunt when one's available?


    Thread location: Harbinger Winchester
    Keyword tags: character,  Crossover,  Harbinger,  Mass Effect,  rpg,  Supernatural 
    Posted: Jun 2 2014, 5:08 AM EDT by spnfanforever
  • Harbinger Winchester Back to RPG Home Played By: [Anthony "Shadow Ezekiel Harbinger" Dimarco] Text Color: text will be in CAPS LOCK when my eyes are glowing yellow Specifics
    Keyword tags: character,  Crossover,  Harbinger,  Mass Effect,  rpg,  Supernatural 
    Last updated: Aug 15 2014, 12:39 PM EDT by spnfanforever
  • what is this how is this trivia i thought that we have to answer what we know about supernatural and the shows not learn about them i already know what happens in all of them come on i was hoping to answer some things about the episodes that i watched and grew up on
    Thread location: Supernatural Trivia
    Keyword tags: Dean Winchester,  Jared Padalecki,  Jensen Ackles,  Sam Winchester,  Supernatural,  supernatural trivia,  Supernatural tv 
    Posted: May 21 2014, 12:52 AM EDT by deanswoman
  • supernatural I love the show and I can almost pronounce the whole exorcism
    Thread location: Exorcism
    Keyword tags: demon exorcism,  demonology,  exorcism,  lore,  supernatural,  supernatural demonology,  supernatural exorcism,  supernatural lore,  supernatural series,  supernatural show,  supernatural tv,  supernatural tv series,  supernatural tv show,  tv,  tv series,  tv show 
    Posted: Apr 15 2014, 11:14 AM EDT by Kaitlynn96
  • Las Vegas Convention 3/13/14 - 3/16/14 Hey All,

    Awesome Convention!!

    My first one in America and I had a great time! - It was so friendly and the cast members who attended were awesome too!

    I'll write on our blog about it when I get back...

    Keyword tags: conventions,  Supernatural 
    Posted: Mar 17 2014, 10:05 PM EDT by spnfanforever
  • Noticed something So I was rewatching supernatural for probably the millionth time. But I noticed that Benny, the vamp that rescued Dean from purgatory and saved Sam when doing the demon trials was also in season 2 episode 3. He's the bartender that gives Sam and Dean tips about the vamps.
    Thread location: Recurring Characters
    Keyword tags: anna,  chuck,  devil,  ellen,  ghostfacers,  jessica,  jo,  lucifer,  mary,  meg,  recurring characters,  rufus,  shows,  supernatural,  supernatural characters,  supernatural fan wiki,  supernatural show,  television shows,  the cw,  the wb,  tv,  zachariah 
    Posted: Mar 9 2014, 11:50 PM EDT by supernaturalists101
  • Talk about BLADE RUNNERS here! Hey Everyone,

    Are you looking forward to seeing Crowley back? - We have an extra week to wait!

    Will Sam make the first move to repair his relationship with Dean?

    - Tell us what you think about this episode.

    Thread location: Blade Runners
    Keyword tags: episodes,  Season 9,  Supernatural 
    Posted: Mar 5 2014, 5:35 AM EST by spnfanforever
  • Kevin Tran R.I.P I just re-watched Kevins death episode! I really hope he comes back! I will like cry if he doesn't!
    Thread location: Kevin Tran
    Keyword tags: deancrys,  death,  hopehecomesback,  Kevin,  sad,  samkillehim,  stupidangelpossesion,  supernatural 
    Posted: Mar 2 2014, 12:16 AM EST by Superchic_101
  • Tribes I agree with your thoughts on Tribes, how can one hunter and a mentor control a city of monsters, especially if they're based on mafia style. You are so right they wouldn't last long. I am anxious to see this episode too and how they are going to spin it. It does need to be able to stand alone and be different enough to keep people's interest, but not change what we know about monsters already from SPN. You can't have it one way on SPN and then change the rules on Tribes. That would be confusing. All we can do is wait and see.

    Thread location: Supernatural Blog
    Keyword tags: blog,  news,  supernatural,  Supernatural blog,  Supernatural news 
    Posted: Feb 27 2014, 10:51 PM EST by ncsupnatfan
  • Dean and Sam I think that the boys have shone a lot of hart and strength in the face of evil and so far came out on top and I hope they both always stop the evil and save the day
    Thread location: Dean Winchester
    Keyword tags: about supernatural,  Supernatural,  supernatural tv 
    Posted: Feb 26 2014, 6:46 PM EST by winchestergirl21
  • happy to be a supernatural member I love the show and can't wait for season 9 and anything new or awesome stuff
    Thread location: Supernatural Episode Guides
    Keyword tags: CW Supernatural,  Dean Winchester,  Jared Padalecki,  Jeffrey Dean Morgan,  Jensen Ackles,  Sam Winchester,  Supernatural,  Supernatural Cast,  Supernatural Dean,  Supernatural Episode Guide,  Supernatural Fan Fiction,  Supernatural Music,  Supernatural October,  Supernatural Picture,  Supernatural Quote,  Supernatural Season 2,  Supernatural Season 3,  Supernatural Soundtrack,  Supernatural Spoilers,  Supernatural TV Show,  Supernatural Wallpapers,  Supernatural WB 
    Posted: Feb 26 2014, 6:19 PM EST by winchestergirl21
  • Supernatural is renewed for Season 10! Hey All,

    Supernatural has been renewed early by the CW!

    The network has handed out early renewals for our favourite show and four others: Arrow, Vampire Diaries, The Originals and Reign.

    Freakin' awesome!!!

    Thread location: Supernatural Blog
    Keyword tags: blog,  news,  supernatural,  Supernatural blog,  Supernatural news 
    Posted: Feb 13 2014, 4:51 PM EST by spnfanforever
  • Jensen's hometown I had no idea that Jensen was born in Dallas,TX.
    Thread location: Jensen Ackles Pic3
    Keyword tags: dean,  Jensen ackles,  supernatural,  supernatural cast 
    Posted: Feb 9 2014, 2:54 PM EST by supernatrualsweetie
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