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  • Twitter Accounts for Supernatural Cast and Crew It's so much fun to be able to hear from the cast and crew of Supernatural in their own words. Here is a list of many of the Twitter accounts for cast and crew members both current and past. Several of these folks often acknowledge the Tweets you sen
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  • Jared Padalecki Trivia Trivia.....Jared Padalecki Hometown is San Antonio, Texas. Currently lives in Austin, Texas, and in Vancouver, Canada (during filming). Has the same manager as Freddie Prinze Jr. . Won Fox TV's "Claim To Fame" Contest
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  • Please Don't Leave || Sam & Dean
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    Please Don't Leave || Sam & Dean Words cannot describe the depth of this song and the emotion it transcribes. It is literally unreal. When I first heard it of cause I thought it was amazing but then I thought SPN. The emotion again links with the Winchester Brothers. Theres just something about this vid that I felt connected just right. Anyway hope you feel it like I did :)
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  • MAJOR!!!! Six Seaon Spoiler!!!! I was on EW' (Entertainment Weekly) website this afternoon and came across this about season 6.
    Spoiler Alert!!! Spoiler ALert!!! Read at your own risk!!!!

    Question: Can you tell me anything about Supernatural‘s new season? —Bryan
    Ausiello: I can’t be certain, but I think I just uncovered a significant clue about the overriding plot of season 6: Sources confirm to me exclusively that X-Files vet Mitch Pileggi is in talks to reprise his role as Sam and Dean’s presumed-dead grandpa on a potentially recurring basis.

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  • Sam, cute cute cute and innocent Sam, cute cute cute and innocent
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  • Jared / Sammy
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  • Sam - Totally Addicted to him
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  • Jared and "Rosie"
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  • Sammy I LOVE YOU!!!! he is so cool!!!
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