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  • Presley Wilcox Played By: Olphelia3Demon Specifics Hometown: Originally from Dallas, Texas D.O.B: October 11th, 1990 (A
    Keyword tags: angels,  dean,  demons,  hunter,  life,  love,  pray,  sam,  singer,  supernatural,  winchester 
    Last updated: Oct 25 2015, 4:27 AM EDT by Orphelia3Demon
  • Support Our Boys!!!! Came across this site and thought it was a great way to show that we-the fans support and love the show, cast, and crew. Check it out:

    Its an inexpensive, easy, and creative form of fandom.
    Thread location: Supernatural Fan Wiki
    Keyword tags: apocalypse,  awards,  Bobby Singer,  cast,  Characters,  choice,  Dean Winchester,  Episodes,  fandom,  fun,  hunter,  married,  mythology,  next on supernatural,  pray,  quotes by episode,  Sam Winchester,  season five,  season four,  Season One,  season three,  Season Two,  super natural,  Supernatural,  supernatural news,  supernaturalfanwiki,  teen,  The CW,  TNT,  TV shows,  weekly poll 
    Posted: Jul 8 2010, 5:18 AM EDT by swtndl81
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