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    July 17, 2022 at 2:15 pm #14626

    VERY GOOD episode!

    I love the monster story in this one. The classical Greek monster turned on its head in typical SPN fashion! Especially love that it is NOT all about girls seducing guys sexually but more about seducing with what one needs most in that moment!! And I love most of all that it is NOT about a girl for Dean when we know how much he appreciates the opposite sex AND is so excited to work a case with strippers!! I thought that was a very clever and totally unexpected twist!

    I also enjoy the doubt we have about Cara sleeping with Sam and if he is now under the influence of a siren.

    The monster itself was NICE and creepy when we get glimpses of it in the mirrors.

    As telling and story driving as the fight between Sam and Dean is that part is what makes me always have a knot in my stomach when watching this episode!!! It is awful to watch and hear because their approach is so very different.
    Dean is expressing his displeasure are being lied to and basically says that it’s not the demon blood or the psychic abilities that make him worried but the little things showing that the old Sam is gone. That reads to me as “man, just be honest with me and I forgive you and we work through this”.
    But Sam attacks Dean’s ability to handle himself, calls him weak and winy and calls himself smarter and stronger. THAT HURTS!
    We KNOW that what Dean says here IS the truth, not some forced confession. He is really worried about these things and he isn’t calling Sam names or belittling him.
    So then I have to assume Sam also means what he says, that this is HIS truth at this moment. It might be influenced by Ruby’s whisperings and his addiction to the demon blood, but these are his inner most thoughts.
    All that really made me uncomfortable and worried for their future as a team.
    And even now, knowing where it goes, it is hard to watch. (If brilliantly acted).

    On the rest, I totally agree with you. LOVE Bobby’s parts in this episode. And Jim Parrack is doing a great job in this role.