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    Thanks for the friendly welcome. I have been looking for a while now for a place where I actually can talk about spn and related things. I used to do that in several fb groups, but it’s been quite in most of them since spn doesn’t air anymore and TW doesn’t seem to have many followers yet. So I’m glad I found this.

    in How I Met Your Mother there is also a narrator, the father tells or better teases to his children how he met their mother, without the audience knowing who the mother actually is and what happend to her. They do that until the end, for 9 seasons. And I hope that is not the plan of Jensen and Robbie, because there is a big difference. We already know what the endgame is, John and Mary definitely will get together and Sam will be born.

    I have to admit that I haven’t been the biggest Mary fan in Supernatural. I’m not a Mary hater, but the way she was written, or maybe portrayed, sometimes felt a bit forced to me. Something like, look at the cool and badass woman. So when I have seen the Mary in TW I thought it might be the same. But as I mentioned before. I thought her character evolved already during the episode. I hope they keep it that way.

    I liked John`s character, of course there is a big difference to the spn John, but I guess if a person goes through as much as John did, that changes a person. So I think it is kind of interesting to meet the unburdened character.

    I liked Latika, I’m not sure how I feel about Carlos, he seems like a fun character, I just hope they are not overdoing it with that. I’m more a fan of a bit more layered characters. But we are just at the beginning of the story.

    I was so glad that we get to know Millie. First she seems like an interesting character and I during all my time watching spn I wondered what happend to John`s mother, About them not living in Normal Illinois. I figured that Millie and John might have moved to Lawrence. Maybe to get a fresh start. I doubt that Millie had the garage as long as Henry was around. My guess is, they moved and Millie opened the garage in Lawrence.

    Something on my own account. I’d like to mention that english isnt my first language and I sometimes tend to explain a bit to much when I can`t find the right word, lol. So sorry for that.