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    October 8, 2020 at 9:34 pm #2828

    I loved seeing a new SPN episode so much that I was ready to forgive A LOT. And there was a lot to forgive. It started strong. I loved Dean’s wonder at the (temporary) good luck. I couldn’t believe they spent so much on all the different set decoration for the holiday montage! I wish we had had a lot more in-depth snippets of holiday celebration – opening Christmas gifts, talking around the Thanksgiving table, setting off Fourth of July fireworks – as if they were really creating some memorable moments. All of that went too fast and was too superficial. I thought Mrs. Butters was really good casting and very believable as a sympathetic creature. The hunting montages to show how easy it was were too brief and not that necessary – coming home covered in blood would have done the trick. Sam’s date – okay, but distracting. I never like it when a character we know is implied but not seen – like Eileen here or Crowley in the trunk. But I too thought it dragged in the middle when Dean and Jack were locked up. We were told WAY too many times that Mrs. Butters wanted to protect her family. And the call-back to the Christmas episode with Sam tied up getting his fingernails pulled out by a creepy housewife type felt like a re-tread all these years later. I give it a 4 out of 10. Jack? I saw the smoothie roofie thing a mile away. I do like Jack, but he wasn’t used well here. I would have cut short the part that dragged and added a ton more to the holidays. This is likely the last light-hearted one we’ll get.