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    WOW, fellow fans! In Kevin Tran’s words: “WHAT IS HAPPENING????”

    I was thoroughly bored with this one!!!!

    Fine direction by Matt Cohen, I give you that! Liked the locations, the lighting, the camera angles. Couldn’t get into “the case” at all.

    I thought the girl was the “monster” as soon as we found out that the pastor was her dad and that he had changed the MO of the “faith based community”. And I didn’t care.
    If you go “Seven” on this one, how was Connor a liar? How did that slip of a girl overpower the LUST guy and truss him up like that? And I found it unrealistic to have her overpower her father, too.

    The cross road demon thing was lame. Why would a cross roads demon know if any given crime in town was demon based? And why would Cas think that any random Cross Roads Demon wouldn’t lie? They didn’t even have him trapped. Just called him up for info?

    I did find the demon’s info funny about how Rowena doesn’t believe in deals.

    The whole case seemed forced and totally unnecessary to me. Was the WHOLE point for Jack to feel bad in the prayer circle so he tells Cas later that he’s the bomb? It wasn’t compelling to me. Partially because the monster was a human and partially because her MO was nothing new – like Kate38 said “a mix of Seven and Saw”.

    And did I see that right at the end that the Cross Roads Demon posed as Police and took the girl away?! So are we supposed to believe that Cas called him in for help? And why not turn her over to the authorities? She did murder at least two people.

    I also wasn’t really surprised about the new info that Jack is supposed to sacrifice himself to kill Chuck and Amara. I am happy that we have that confirmed now and I’m happy that Jack seems to think that is a worthy way to go.

    Now I am GREATLY concerned that Cas is going to continue his record of questionable choices of action and of not telling Sam and Dean what’s he’s up to that will result in his demise…….

    The ONLY captivating thing to me in this episodes were the scenes with Emily and the boys and ESPECIALLY the scene when Dean goes back in to ask Amara about Mary. That was BRILLIANT!!! Acting and writing!!! Great chemistry with Emily and Jensen. I really enjoyed Amara’s reasoning and Dean’s responses. It felt authentic and very in character. Loved that bit.

    Unfortunately that was only about 15 out of 42 minutes……

    Oh well.

    This one was a 4 out of 10 for me.