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    Oooohhh, yesssss!!!

    What GREAT episode!! I was really enjoying everything about it!!!

    Scary monster (glad they finally used the Baba Yaga!!), creepy children, good effects, great motel rooms and locations. A real throw back to “old style” episodes.

    I always loved the flash back episodes and I was a little apprehensive to have one so late in the game and with new young actors, but my worry was unnecessary. The young actors, especially young Dean, were very well chosen and did an excellent job.

    I appreciated the look into the relationship between young Dean and Sam. Dean’s discovery that Sam was interested in college and his immediate dismissal of the possibility was classic Dean as was the end where he kinda apologized in a roundabout way by praising Sam by saying they were a good team. Basically asking Sam not to leave.

    Poor Dean starting early with keeping secrets to protect other from nightmares that then plague him for a long time. Hard to watch but also very Dean.

    The theme of “lies don’t ever pay off” was loud and clear and not new, but well executed and led to a great scene at the end!

    I actually LOVED that Sam blew up and snapped at Dean!!! Of course, I don’t want them to fight, but it is high freaking time that Dean takes Sam’s ability to deal seriously and doesn’t make decisions above his head. Saying that he did it because he knew Sam couldn’t handle it is pretty insulting to a person who has been steadfast by your side for this whole season!! There is no reason to think that they can’t at least have a discussion about it. Then tension between them at the very end and the disappointment from Sam at being pushed aside was palpable and acted to perfection !

    They also BOTH should have a talk with Jack about it. He has the right to have an opinion and sacrifice himself of he chooses to. That is not the Winchesters’ decision. They can try to talk him out of it. They can try to find and offer him another option. But they shouldn’t just decide for him.

    Despite the high emotion end to it I very much loved it.

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