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I was NOT feeling this one (except for Sam and Dean’s heartfelt exchange in the hallway – they always make me feel it. Always. So good.) and I feel like I should be feeling everything at some core level – after all these years and with all of existence on the line, but it feels…too small!

Chuck CAN do calm-scary, but angry is not working for him! It makes him LESS scary!

So I guess they are being used by every entity (or every entity is attempting to use them) from God to Billie to The Empty to Adam and…Serafina (????). Everyone wants to use them to get their own revenge or advance their own eternal career.

God KILLED Jack once so how is it this huge climax to have God try to kill him again? I did not get the ending. God thinks they’ll kill each other after Jack dies? What?

Everyone here is a very good actor. So the reason it fell flat must be the script or directing or…why didn’t I feel more?

Loved the exchanges between Sam and Cas. Loved Sam throughout. Smart and brave. Dean was written as too angry and single-minded. He’s so much more than that by now. And Dean pulling a gun on Sam just felt competely and totally wrong. Fighting? Even physically fighting? Okay. Dean would never point a loaded gun at Sam (unless Dean was not himself). Never. If they were trying for drama, it didn’t work because it was so out of character.