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    This is disjointed, but here goes…

    Sorry, but that was weird and stupid. Jack being the new “god” is just stupid. And are we supposed to believe that Chuck is just gonna let that slide? Chuck may not have Jack’s powers, but he’s smarter than Jack and more resourceful. Maybe I’m in denial, but I don’t think this is over. If there are no perils left, then what’s the point? For all those folks who wanted the Winchesters to die in a blaze of glory, who’s around to kill them now?

    Question: Once Betty was the new Death, shouldn’t Lucifer have needed the scythe to kill her? He just snapped his fingers. Did I miss something?

    Also, I’m assuming that since all the world’s people are back, that Jody, Donna, Bobby and the other hunters are, too. I get that the show couldn’t bring all those actors into the episode because of COVID, but it would’ve been a nice resolution to at least hear somehow that all those people are okay.

    I did like a few things about this one:
    Unpopular opinion, but I like Lucifer and didn’t mind seeing him back – even if only for a few scenes.

    I’m glad they didn’t spend a lot of time dissecting what happened between Dean and Cas in the last episode. That would’ve just been awkward and would’ve made the episode even weirder.

    Since they went to all the effort of bringing Michael and Adam back, I’m glad that their story got resolved.

    It’s good that the Winchesters feel “in charge” of their own stories and their own future. That’s been a recurring theme since last season, so it feels important to resolve it.

    I’m glad they didn’t kill Chuck. It’s bad enough that theology has been so badly battered this season, and a toddler is the new “benevolent” god. But actually killing god would’ve been over the top. I’m glad that somebody in the writer’s room still has the ability to be logical.

    Anyway, I had LOW expectations for this one, and I have even LOWER expectations for next week. Like Chuck said, endings are hard, and there’s no way everybody is going to be happy. I feel so disconnected from what this show has become, though. Hopefully somebody out there will get the ending they want.


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