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    December 27, 2022 at 9:39 pm #35228

    I am less a fan of the humorous ones sometimes. I didn’t love the “TV land” clips. Especially wasn’t into the Japanese game show or the sitcom. I died laughing on first watch at their send-up of CSI Miami – it was SO GOOD at calling out how silly that show was. I was thinking that people finding Supernatural today won’t understand why that is so funny. And reaching WAY back to Knight Rider!

    There were some cute touches like when Dean was rummaging around in the trunk while Sam was the car and Sam said it was uncomfortable, then when Sam is brought back to this true form he walks out of the car rubbing his butt. Funny.

    The Dr. Sexy (Grey’s Anatomy send-up) was fun though. Revealing how much Dean likes trashy TV…loved that Dean pointed out that Dr. Sexy was sexy because he wore cowboy boots. He was such a fanboy when he “met” Dr. Sexy, it was great.

    When the episode got serious at the end, when we find out that the Trickster is an archangel (I thought that happened later!), then it got good. All the discussion about brothers and family and Dean calling Gabriel out – all of that was great. I did wonder why they let Gabriel go. Because he brought Cas back?

    I liked about half of this episode. I have to wonder what Jared and Jensen thought when they got this script! I am assuming they have fun doing this.