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    December 27, 2022 at 9:46 pm #35230

    I liked this one. I liked them making fun of us; fans and conventions…because in the end, it was not all in fun. The “fans” turned out to have good hearts; to really want to be heroes and get a break from their regular lives. ¬†The twist that the two main fans were boyfriends was GREAT! I loved that. Met in a chat room!

    The best part of this was Dean hearing “fan Dean” talk about why they admired Sam and Dean; to try to see their horrible lives through the eyes of someone who saw them as heroes was really good. That exchange was the best part and how he tried to take the fact that they are boyfriends in stride.

    Even the ghost story was good. The ghost orphanage lady was not the problem, she was keeping the creepy scalping children in check. The fact that Sam and Dean guessed the kids may have been playing “cowboys and Indians” and it got out of hand doesn’t read as well today! Stereotyping Native Americans. But the kids were creepy and it was a good twist that the kids were evil.

    Wouldn’t the ghost kids have KNOWN that the actress wasn’t their ghost headmistress?

    There were a bunch of funny parts. Chuck stalling for time (especially the clips at the end), the weapons on a bungee suggestion, Becky trying to let Sam down easy and Sam playing along, the super-critical German fan was hilarious – so true of so many fans who love the show and do nothing but criticize! ¬†Guess we know what they thought of him as he was the only one killed by the ghost children. One of my more-favorite funny ones since I don’t usually love the funny ones. This one had a lot in it.

    Also, Supernatural conventions are AWESOME!