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    The way the Winchesters scheme their way INTO the Psych ward is so funny to me.

    What’s with the creepy CLOWN pics Martin is drawing? HAHA. I’m glad they didn’t kill Martin off right away. He is an interesting addition to the complex hunter world! SO MANY issues. Seeing someone who has actually given up hunting out of guilt and fear is something totally new here. And the actor is excellent.

    Very well-written AND acted exchanges between Dean and the female doctor! Love the honesty from Dean. How at first it just seems like a safe bet that no one will believe him anyway and then he’s almost getting emotional about it when she asks just the right questions. And THEN to find out she isn’t even real?! Great surprise.

    Good fight scenes between Sam and the orderlies! Sam does a lot of fighting and resisting in this episode.

    LOVE the pudding scene, of course! “Crazy works!”

    LOVE the scene between Dean and HIGH AS A KITE Sam!! It’s really cute and SO brotherly – heart-felt and truthful. And you can totally see the perfect mix of concern and annoyance in Dean’s face. HA

    Overall this is another of those episodes that start with a lot of humor and turn SO dark when their “conscience” is starting to talk to Sam and Dean and we get a glimpse at their very real self-doubt and self-loathing! Really heavy and sad stuff but so excellently interwoven that it makes for great entertainment.

    Seeing Dean so scared and confused is both funny as well as heart-breaking at first and then really freaking scary when he feels it’s out of control. Jensen is SO great!

    Sam’s reaction to the doctor telling him that his uncontrolled violence is greatly concerning is sad to watch as well. Especially because it sticks with him after the effects of the wraith and the drugs wear off! He is so desperate there at the end when he tells Dean that he scares himself with his anger. It’s a VERY Sam and Dean moment. Sam wanting to talk, Dean needing to bury it.

    I very much appreciate the twist that “poor, pathetic” Martin finds the courage and stands up to help. He ISN’T useless, he actually saves Sam from killing the doc, he helps Dean to focus and figure the case out, give him a chance to run, he very much is the hero here.

    Kinda jarring that Sam and Dean totally ditch him and leave him in there to face all consequences alone! I always wondered if there was another scene maybe that didn’t make the final cut to explain that?

    Another CONVENIENTLY parked Impala in the woods within easy running distance from the looney bin. HEHE.

    It’s a very good episode.

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