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    WOW….uhhhm….well, this certainly didn’t do CRAP to tie up any loose ends!!

    I am very sad to say that this was just a lack luster episode of TV. All of the other characters were either acting wooden or plain uninteresting. And Mary pretty much disappeared in this one.

    The only character that seemed REAL was Millie. And John had some glimpses of being interesting when he outsmarted the Akrida Cop in the interview by revealing he paid attention and had actually figured out some things on his own.

    Other than that….it was a sadly boring episode.

    And if they are trying to give us another Sheriff Jody in Betty….it ain’t working!

    We also didn’t get any further with the Akrida story arc. And the “Akrida-Cop” character was SUPER annoying to me!!

    And the “reveal your darkest secret” story line made NO sense to me and I highly doubt that a story about Lata’s Indian heritage full of awful cast prejudice really resonates with the general American audience?! I mean, YES, it’s tragic and totally wrong, but would the target audience for this show truly GET that? (sorry, I don’t want to sound condescending!!! And please correct me if I’m wrong)

    I also felt like Carlos, who was IN it with Lata, had more focus on getting out of that freezing place than actually LISTENING to Lata’s pain and then….what’s the point??? He was supposed to be the anchor and friend in her darkest space….instead I felt the over arching “it’s not your fault” theme was thin and not heart-felt.

    TOTAL MISS to me. Sorry. I didn’t feel it at all.

    It’s making me very very sad that a team including Jensen and Robbie would think THIS is compelling TV?!