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    February 4, 2021 at 11:48 am #4672

    “And I have to talk for a minute about how drop dead gorgeous Jensen is in this episode. The camera just loves him and there are so many great closeups with his gorgeous long eyelashes. A more perfect-looking man has never been created.

    Sam’s still a bit young for me to think of him that way here, but he’s ADORABLE and so sincere with Meg. I didn’t mind the closeups of him either!”

    Amen, Sister! For me, there’s a scene in “Faith” that I always have to watch more than once because Jensen is simply too beautiful to only behold once. It’s after he’s healed, and he’s talking to the doctor, who tells him that his heart is perfectly fine, but another young man his age dropped dead from a heart attack the same day. Jensen’s entire “everything” is just so perfect there — the color of his shirt, his eyes, his facial expression when Sam says people’s hearts give out all the time, and Dean says “No, they don’t.” Perfection.

    I’m just gonna say this since I know I’m among friends. Dean is exceptionally beautiful, but I spent most of the first two seasons just wanting to feed him and keep him safe and warm. He didn’t start to look “sexy” until he’s a little older. But he’s still a pleasure to behold. Dude is a work of art…