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    “Calling Dean pathetic and unthinking and being John’s “good little soldier” just following orders….And then SHOOTING HIM, TWICE???

    It went too far.

    And the lame excuse “I couldn’t control it” at the end from Sam was way too little too late.”

    I was actually okay with this, because it was clear that Sam wasn’t “right”. The only thing I question is how Dean knew so far ahead of time. The handgun was already unloaded when Sam shot Dean with the shotgun (rock salt). So that means Dean already knew when he came down to the basement that something might not be right with Sam. But if he didn’t yet know what he was up against, why empty your weapon ahead of time? Maybe he knew by then that it was a ghost, so a regular gun wouldn’t be helpful?

    I understand why the writers had possessed-Sam try to kill Dean. Shock value was probably a factor. It made sense in this story, because that’s what Doc Ellicott did to everybody else he possessed. And in retrospect, it gets reinforced several times throughout the series. The only time the brothers use fatal force against each other is if one of them is possessed or “off” in some way. Soulless Sam let Dean get turned by a vampire, spectre-possessed Dean pointed a loaded gun at Sam, DemonDean tried to kill Sam with a hammer, etc. The ONLY exception to this was in season 15, when Dean pulled a loaded gun on Sam. Whoever came up with that idea clearly has NO idea who these characters truly are and doesn’t understand that Dean would never do that. Sigh…

    I personally think that Sam’s harsh words were absolutely Sam. That anger bubbles to the surface again in “Scarecrow” and a few other times. Sam clearly resented some things about Dean. His anger comes out in other ways besides words, but I don’t doubt for one second that Sam truly felt that way when he said that.


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