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    March 7, 2021 at 3:45 pm #5728

    Interesting twist on the lore in this one. In this episode, a ghost/vengeful spirit can’t enter hallowed ground. But that falls by the wayside pretty quickly as the series progresses. Ghosts and demons seem to have no problem whatsoever with holy ground. Eventually, we meet Father Gregory’s ghost (“Houses of the Holy”), who materializes in a church, and Dean and Sam discuss at one point how there’s no point checking for EMF at a cemetery, because there are spirits everywhere (I’m extrapolating from “Highlander” lore, but aren’t cemeteries considered holy ground?). And by season 11 “Paint it Black” a nun’s vengeful spirit is actually haunting a church and killing people. Nothing like rewriting the lore :). I guess it would’ve quickly become inconvenient to maintain that, so they let it go.

    And how about the hook man? Wasn’t he attacking them on Holy Ground, too? But maybe the priest’s house isn’t part of church property?
    Yeah, I think this was one of those things that they tried but it wasn’t practical to stick with. HAHA
    I can totally forgive that, though, as THEY aren’t 100% sure that that is what “killed” the ghost truck either. Maybe there were also spirits of the murdered children and THEY cancelled the evil spirit of the truck out, no matter the holy ground. There could be other explanations why it worked that the Winchester’s might not be aware of.