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    March 17, 2021 at 4:55 pm #6337

    Feel free to hate me, but I NEVER liked the Ghostfacers. They’re not as bad as Bela, in terms of lying to people and taking their money. But at least Bela was the real deal. These guys were just frauds. Sigh…

    Aside from the Ghostfacers, and the fact that I had NO sympathy for the stupid kids. I liked this episode. I loved the story, the tulpa, and even the practical joking between the brothers. It added so much “color” to these characters in season 1, when we were still trying to figure out who they both were. Ironically, I remember Jensen and Jared both saying that in the early seasons, they used to play practical jokes on each other, but it quickly got out of hand and it became apparent that things were escalating – so they turned their attentions to other people. Then poor Misha comes along in season 4 and has to bear most of their pranks for the next 11 years.

    NICE sets by Jerry Wanek and his peeps – both the abandoned cabin and the motel room with the Alamo on the wall and steer horns for headboards. LOL!

    Okay – never ending Supernatural fandom debate. When the guy at the fast good joint hands Dean his food, is he saying “Here you go, gents.” Or “Here you go, Jensen.” I think it’s the latter – mostly because that joint looks a lot like the food truck on the CW’s lot, so the guy handing Dean the food probably sees Jensen every day and just slipped up. We’ve seen that on-lot commissary in behind-the-scenes videos before, right?

    Location cameo: Hey, in the scene when the boys go to the trailer park to ask the Ghostfacers to shut down their website, the brothers are walking back to their car and we can see a motel in the distance. That’s the same motel from “Bloodlust” (when Sam gets knocked out and kidnapped by Lenore and will-eventually-be-Benny) and “Remember the Titans”.

    This was a fun one overall. I think the tulpa was a cool monster — as only human imagination can create.


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