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    SO MUCH GOOD in this one, BUT I also find myself chuckle how many things DIDN’T stick around.

    Like excessively long exorcisms. HAHA. If they’d have to recite ALL of that every time they use one….
    Sam (Jared) was always better than Dean (Jensen) with the Latin but even he must have had a twisted tongue after that scene.

    I do like the violence of the demon not wanting to let go of the possessed vessel though it makes the violation of humanity so much more visceral. But I get that that was impractical to keep around for every subsequent excorsism.

    Another thing that didn’t stick around was the idea of demons passing like a virus from person to person by mere touch. It makes it way to easy for demons to run the world. I like to think humans are a bit more resilient to evil influence of demons and not just weak targets.

    What? Salt works against demons? You can “salt them out”? HAHA. Nope – didn’t stick.

    LOOOOVE BOBBY!!! (Poor Rumsfeld…) We get to see his house and property for the first time – yay! We get to meet him and learn how much he knows. We immediately get the impression that he CARES about the boys. Why else would he lend a priceless book to them and offer to clear up the mess with Meg’s body.

    Nicky Aycox is SOO good in her final scenes. Intense and scary and powerful and then pitifully human in her death.

    The family moments were amazing!
    Dean admitting that he’s scared of himself sometimes is so touching.

    JDM’s transformation into Azazel from one moment to the next is amazing. He’s really scary.

    Love that Sam doesn’t question how Dean knows that John isn’t John but steps behind Dean’s protection instead.

    I always thought it was chilling that holy water doesn’t work on a demon of his caliber (aka Prince of Hell)!! It’s truly terrifying to find out none of your knowledge holds any water (bada-ching). Kinda similar to when Dean shoots Lucifer in the head with the colt and it doesn’t work. Makes you feel like a tiny ant ready to be stepped on in a blink. And makes the Winchesters’ willingness to fight evil anyways even more impressive.

    Azazel sure knows how to slash at Dean with so much more than invisible claws!!! It must have been hell to hear all that even if you’re trying to hang on to thinking that it’s lies. Mixing in stuff like Sam ring-shopping for Jess, which is news to Dean, but rings true must make it really hard to see the line between that and untruth. Like DOES John like Sam better? Does John think Dean isn’t needed? It’s horrible to hear.

    Always wondered why Azazel would disappear through the floorboards?

    And HOW did the demon trucker knew where to find them?? I Jump at the crash EVERY time. No matter that I know it’s coming, no matter that I know they’ll survive….the pure explosive violence of it is still shocking.

    WHAT a cliff hanger. I remember my first hellatus like it was yesterday. Worrying one of them would not survive. Not knowing yet that people come back from the dead.