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    July 1, 2021 at 11:02 am #8510

    I remembered this one as very good and that memory was correct.

    Sam’s premonitions are getting more frequent, more confusing, and more painful for him. I could almost feel the frustration as the time between his visions and the actual events in them that he wanted to prevent got shorter and shorter with less time to do anything about them before they happened. The deaths he envisioned were all disturbing. Shootings. Walking in front of a bus. Self-immolation. Jumping to one’s death…

    I felt for Sam and Dean trying to figure it all out. The immediate desire to save lives, AND the larger picture about how the yellow-eyed demon was involved and what the “plan” might be for these “special” children.

    Andy. Love Andy. He took his special power of mind control and used it mostly just for fun for himself; to dodge bill collectors and take the Impala for a joyride. What a great character. The van and the bong and his very intellectual reading material were all inspired. I loved the humor in this one. One of the best scenes was Andy forcing Dean to “tell the truth” about why they were following him. What I love so much here is that it’s not like zombie mind-control…Dean KNOWS he shouldn’t be saying these things…he does not want to be saying them, but he’s saying them anyway. I LOVED the end of that scene where Dean just puts his head down in frustration at not being able to keep his mouth shut.

    It’s also such a great reveal that Andy’s tactics don’t work on Sam.

    Very sweet that Andy never used his mind control on the woman he cared about.

    Then the “evil twin” Anson was very good and creepy. That scene with Andy’s girlfriend was especially effective; as Anson planned to rape her before he had her jump to her death. The way she was crying while taking her clothes off for him; but she couldn’t stop or make her own choice was heartbreaking.

    The climactic scene where Anson gets wind of Dean training the sniper rifle on him and forces Dean to put the rifle under his own chin; gives me chills every time to watch Dean do that.

    In the end, poor Andy’s fun innocence is lost when HE has to kill his twin brother.

    The whole tale is complex and good. Great minor actors (even Andy’s birth mom setting herself on fire) and Dean’s reveal that he’s actually pretty worried about whether or not Sam will “turn” is just phenomenal. It’s a great “case of the week” AND it furthers the overall arc.

    I really enjoyed watching it again!