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'Man, I never lose at Craps like that!' said Dean, shaking his head as he drove the Impala fast along the highway.
Sam could see Dean's knuckles were white as they gripped the wheel. 'It happens, Dean. How about slowing down before you blow a cylinder?' he said casually.
'What? Oh!' Dean said as he glanced at the speedo.
He dropped down until he was only way over the speed limit. 'And what about that onion ring I nearly choked on yesterday?'
'The way you eat sometimes it's bound to happen,' Sam said and his lips twitched.
'Not funny, Sam! And what about the food poisoning last week, huh?
'That could happen to anyone, Dean. It was a crappy diner!'
'Well, it didn't happen to you!'
'I had a salad, Dean, nothing much can go wrong with that! Look, you've just had a run of bad luck, that's all. Don't they say these things go in threes? You've had your bad luck now so forget about it. We've a hunt that'll take your mind off this.'
Sam settled back into the seat and closed his eyes. Dean's face was still thunderously dark.

They rolled into Salem next morning and got out. They'd just taken a couple of steps on the sidewalk towards the motel when Dean disappeared. Sam turned his head and saw Dean flat on the floor. He bounded up immediately and rubbed his back. Sam repressed the laugh which was bubbling behind his lips.
'Don't Sam!' Dean warned. He turned back to the Impala. 'Sonofab*tch!' he grated as he picked up the banana skin from the Impala's hood. 'I just polished her!' he said, rubbing the smear off with his sleeve.
'Er, Dean, there's something you need to clean off your jeans too.'
Dean looked back and down to see a brown stain on his jeans. His eyes flicked to the ground to see a squashed brown smear on the floor. 'That's just ...great!' he said through thin lips. 'These are my favourite pair y' know!'
'Come on,' said Sam, trying and mostly succeeding with a sympathetic tone. 'We'll get you cleaned up and start researching later.'

Dean came out of the shower. 'I thought you said these things run in threes?'
Sam looked up from the laptop. 'Not this again!' he groaned. 'You're not cursed, Dean!'
Dean sat down on the bed. 'Sam, that old broad shook her fist and those dried old leaves at me! And she muttered somethin' I couldn't catch.'
'Right, so everyone who's mad at you is cursing you!' Sam replied.
'She coulda been a witch, Dude! She looked like one - all old and wrinkled and dressed in black, and she was carryin' that glass ball.'
'Her crystal ball?' said Sam, grinning now.
'Dude, I walked into her and she dropped it an' it smashed to pieces!'
'It was an accident, Dean! You apologized and you gave her some money for the ...ball,' he said, still smiling.
'Well, she wasn't happy with me. You didn't see her face! Man, if looks could kill I'd have dropped down dead there an' then!'
Sam walked over and sat down opposite Dean. 'Look, Man, it's just coincidence. The more you think about it, the more you're goin' to try and connect things together when there is no link. Let it go, huh?'
Dean looked at Sam. 'Yeah, I guess you're right. OK... So there's a ghost killin' people here. Any clues who it is?'
'Well, there've been reports of people going missing or dying here every seven years or so going back to the nineteen-sixties,' Sam said. 'Most of it is linked to a house next to the Williamette River. There've been rumors of ghostly sightings over the years and three dead bodies have been found in the house and a couple in the river nearby. Several disappearances have been linked to the house too.'
He got up and brought the laptop over to show Dean. 'The victims are all Roma and police thought it must have been a vendetta but they've never found any evidence to link the crimes to anyone...'
'Roma?' Dean asked.
'Romani people,' Sam explained. 'You know, like in "My Big Fat American Gypsy Wedding".'
Dean half-smiled. 'I didn't know you watched that, Sammy!'
Sam tried to ignore the amusement on Dean's face. 'I don't ...I didn't... I just saw a bit of it when you were watching it, that's all.'
'Yeah, right!' said Dean and he looked back at the screen. There was an image of a ramshackle house and alongside it was the face of a dark haired man, olive-skinned, ordinary-looking except for the piercing eyes.
'Anyway, if we assume they're all linked then there's some interesting stuff. This man, Georgio Stanaslavki, turned up in the river with a knife in his belly nearly fifty years ago. He was the head of a local group of Roma and his death was rumored to be the work of the rival family but nothing came of it.
'So you think he's the ghost and his motive is revenge?' Dean asked.
'Well, it's a thought,' Sam replied. 'The victims all had knife wounds in their bellies in the exact same spot as Georgio and he was an old-school Roma who believed in an eye for an eye.'
'So let's go visit the other family, see what we can find out,' Dean said.

...Dean and Sam were sitting on tiny, uncomfortable chairs, holding plates of sticky cakes and small cups of black tea. Neither looked appetizing but their hostess, who reminded Dean of the woman he thought had cursed him, was beaming at them. He looked at Sam and then at the cakes and Sam shrugged. They both ate slowly. The cakes were disgusting; so was the tea but they needed it to swallow the cloying crumbs.
Dean swallowed hard to speak. 'Ma'am, we're investigating the house on Williamette Road. We've read the statements you made to the local newspaper about a presence there.'
'So, you want to know about Georgio,' she said, her smile winking out.
'It is him then?' said Sam, leaning forward.
'Yes, yes,' she said, waving her hands. 'His spirit has remained there all these years. He's killed three of my nephews and two grand-nephews and no-one can do anything about it! We've tried to get rid of him; God knows we've all tried!'
'We can stop him, send him on his way,' said Dean, 'we just need to know where the body is.'
'There is no body,' she said. 'He was cremated and his ashes were scattered.'
Sam looked at Dean, then at her. 'There must be something of his keeping him here. Something like some personal possessions, gloves, that sort of thing?'
She shook her head. 'No, there's nothing of his left. After people started to disappear and die and his spirit was seen in the old house, everything of his was burned by my father to lay his ghost to rest but he still appears even now.'
'Ma'am, can I ask what your relationship was with Georgio?' Dean said.
Sam looked at him, puzzled.
She hesitated for a moment. 'He was my ...fiancé. It was a secret engagement. We were from different families and there'd always been bad blood between us.'
Dean held her hand. 'Real "Romeo and Juliet" stuff, huh?' he said sympathetically and Sam looked at him in surprise. Dean ignored Sam's eyes on him and continued. 'So, who killed Georgio?'
She looked down for a while and when she looked up there were tears in her eyes. 'I don't know, not for sure. Someone may have found out about us... I remember my brother-in-law coming back late that night, the night Georgio died...' She withdrew her hand from Dean's. 'Please go now.'

They got back to the motel. Someone was up a ladder, painting the first-floor windows and Dean carefully stepped around it.
'Watch out!' Dean heard the screech from above and dived forward. Something hit the ground behind him with a loud clang and he felt the splash of cold liquid on his legs. He got up and looked back. A large can of paint was rolling around on the sidewalk and his jeans were painted white. If he hadn't dived when he did...
'Still think it's all coincidence?' he said to Sam.
Sam didn't reply.

'So, brother-in-law kills Georgio and he's lookin' for revenge on all her family,' said Dean. 'Hey, y' know I'm runnin' outta jeans with all these accidents - I need to buy some new ones an' pretty soon!'
'Yeah, we'll go buy some after this case,' said Sam, absently. 'What put you onto her?'
'Oh, just a hunch. Her expression when she talked about him, the way she looked in the newspaper photos after he died. Man, she was a babe back then, wasn't she?'
'Focus, Dean!'
'Y' know, she could be keepin' somethin' of his,' Dean said, thoughtfully. 'A lock of hair, maybe.'
'What? And see her family being picked off? No way!'
'People in love do strange things, Sam... I think we should go back an' check her place out - look for any keepsakes. We should check out the old house too. You look at her place an' I'll take his.'
'OK, Dean but be careful!'
'You mean you're startin' to think I am cursed?' and he grinned at Sam.
'We've both been cursed all our lives, Dean!'
'Ain't that the truth.'

...Sam broke into the house and found an old silver locket hidden in a desk. He opened it and there was a picture of Georgio and his fiancée. Behind it were some strands of hair. 'You were right, Dean,' he breathed as he set fire to the hair.
'What are you doing here?'
The light came on. He was blinded for a few seconds and then he saw the old woman walking down the stairs. 'What have you done?' she screamed.
'I've stopped Georgio from hurting anyone else,' he said. 'I've burned his hair.'
She laughed and he saw she looked crazy. 'You fool! That's not his hair - it's mine! We swapped lockets! He'll carry on taking revenge on my sister and her family as long as they're around.'
She pulled a knife out from behind her back...

Dean was in the living room of the old house when his phone went off.
It was Sam. 'Dean, there are two lockets! I've burned the hair in one but Georgio has one with his own hair in it. Find it before he finds you!'
Dean dropped the phone and ransacked the drawers and cupboards. His breath misted in front of him and a figure materialized in the corner of the room, its features resolving into Georgio.
'Sonofab*tch!' Dean muttered as he continued searching. A knife appeared in Georgio's hand and he walked towards Dean. He upended the final drawer and something fell gleaming to the floor - it was a silver locket! He flicked it open and pulled the pictures out and saw the hair underneath but Georgio was there! He thrust the knife at Dean, who stepped back and slipped on something, falling back just as the knife slashed the air where he'd been standing. Dean pulled his lighter out and flicked it and the flame caught the hair, sending Georgio up in flames as he lunged at him again. Dean turned his head sideways and saw he'd slipped on a moldering banana skin. He turned back to look at the ceiling and heaved a sigh of relief...

...Dean was stretching his back - three falls in one day had left him stiff - when there was a knock. He looked at Sam, who pulled his gun out as Dean opened the door. An old woman was standing there and he motioned her in, smiling. He offered her a seat and Sam put his gun away.
'I just wanted to thank you personally for laying Georgio's spirit to rest,' she said to Dean, smiling at him. She looked at Sam. 'And to you for finding out the truth about my sister.'
'I think she needed to tell her story once she realized Georgio had gone for good,' Sam said.
'She was Georgio's fiancée but he loved me and she found out. I guess she went crazy. All these years, all that hatred and killing...' She got up slowly and hugged Dean. She startled him by reaching up and whispering in his ear, 'sometimes curses can help, can't they? I've removed that little one from you now, Dean, don't worry... And good fortune to you!'
Then she turned and hugged Sam and left...

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mford1967 Fun story 1 Oct 31 2016, 4:50 PM EDT by spnfanforever
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This one made me laugh. So much fun. Great twist, of a sort, that the curse was somewhat of a blessing in disguise.

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Magoober Awesome.... 1 Jun 24 2014, 3:01 PM EDT by spnfanforever
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This read like an actual episode of "Supernatural" ...Awesome opening, love the banter between the two brothers...banana peel and dog poop classic comedy but with a unique spin SPN style. Like reference to "My big Fat American Gypsy Wedding" and conversation about that. Loved paint on Dean's favorite jeans, poor Dean ;( Typical Dean thinking he's cursed and that the old lady was a babe when she was younger. Would have LOL'd but at the library. Good ole' serious Sammy's "Focus Dean!" Very in character. Loved this story oh talented one.
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vanillefang curses 3 Oct 9 2013, 3:34 AM EDT by spnfanforever
Thread started: Oct 5 2013, 5:13 PM EDT  Watch
Hey SFF, just read your new story! As usual, I really liked it. It was a fun story, kinda light, just the thing before season 9! I will have Jen read this afterwhile, I am sure she will also love it. Keep up the good work
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