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The air was cool, and Dean Winchester wished that he’d worn his jacket as he walked through the salvage yard. But there was no time to go back now. He only had two hours to accomplish this task. But the seven year-old knew that he could do it. His dad had taught him all he needed to know about tracking.

The boy crouched down near a footprint pointing towards a stack of broken old cars.

“Got ya!” Dean muttered.

Dean looked around to see if anything was out of place. Bingo! There was a hubcap leaning against the tires and it was too new-looking to belong to any of those cars. As he got closer, the boy saw a depression in the dirt that indicated the object had been moved. That wasn’t going to fool Dean.

The child put his hands on the hubcap and rolled it out of the way. And there, lying in the dirt, was his quarry.

“Yes!” Dean cried out, snatching up the plastic egg. He popped it open. It was filled with M&Ms. Dean tossed one in his mouth and closed up the egg. Grinning, the boy shoved it into his backpack. Nine down, fifteen to go.

Tomorrow was Easter and the Winchesters were spending it with Bobby. His dad and Bobby had finished up a hunt the day before and the older hunter had insisted that the family stay for Easter. That morning, Bobby had snuck outside and hidden two dozen candy-filled eggs around the salvage yard. Dean was given two hours to find as many as he could. Any candy he found was his and, if he found all twenty-four eggs, he’d get a large chocolate bunny.

Dean turned around from the stack of cars and froze.

Standing a few yards away from him was the strangest creature Dean had ever seen. It was two and a half feet tall but seemed smaller crouched there with its knees bent to the point where its legs were almost folded in half. Its long arms led to large hands that dragged the ground. Its large head was misshapen. Red eyes sat above a tiny mouth and there was no visible nose. Cat-like ears stuck out at odd angles from its head and twitched constantly.

“Uh… hi.” Dean tried to remain calm. He knew that this was a monster and his father was always telling him how dangerous they were.

The creature lifted its right arm and extended it out. In its hand was a plastic egg.

“It’s an Easter egg. There’s candy inside.” Dean didn’t know why he was talking with the thing.

“Fun.” The creature’s voice was high-pitched.

“Fun? You like these?”

“Fun. Gree.”

“Uh… I don’t know what ‘gree’ means.”

The creature brought the egg up to its mouth and a long pink tongue snaked out and licked the plastic. The thing shook its head and tossed the egg. It rolled over to Dean, who picked it up, keeping his eyes on the monster the whole time.

“Fun-gree. Feat.”

“Feet? I don’t know what you want, but maybe my dad can help.” Dean started to walk around the creature, but the thing used its arms to propel itself up off the ground and landed a couple feet in front of Dean, who backed up.

“Fuuuun-greeeee.” It whined, and licked its lips.

“Fun-gree? Fun-gree… You mean ‘hungry’, don’t you? You’re hungry.”

It nodded enthusiastically. “Feat!”

“Eat. You want to eat.” Dean opened up the egg and took out a chocolate. Once it was distracted by eating, Dean would run. He would’ve called for help already, but he didn’t want to startle the creature.

Dean tossed the chocolate at the monster. The thing picked it up. Its tongue darted out to taste the candy. It made a noise and threw the chocolate to the ground.

“Fun-gree. Feat.”

Dean didn’t like the way the monster was looking at him. He had a sick feeling he knew what the creature ate.

“Maybe I can get you something from the fridge.”

“Funnnnn-greeee!” It leapt and plowed right into the boy.

Dean fell with the monster on top of him. Its mouth stretched out until it was a huge gaping maw filled with sharp teeth. The terrified child rolled over, pinning the monster under himself. It reached up with one arm and smacked Dean off. The boy got up and ran.

It took Dean a moment to realize he was heading away from the house. But there was no way that he was going to go back the other way with that thing there. His only hope now was to outrun it.

“Fuuuunnnn-greeee. Feat, feat.” It was being chanted in that high pitched sing-song voice and Dean felt a shiver go up his spine. He doubted that the voice was carrying far enough for his dad to hear. Too bad because if there was ever a moment that he needed him, it was now.

But he wasn’t expected inside for another hour and a half. On the other hand, if he could hide somewhere and stay safe until then, he’d surely come looking for him to let him know that the Easter egg hunt was over.

With a plan now in his head, Dean looked around for a place to take shelter. There. Not too far away from him was another high stack of cars. He ran over to it and pulled himself up to stand on the front bumper. Reaching up, he grabbed onto the next car and pulled himself up. By the time he got up onto the hood of the top car, his muscles were burning.

Dean whispered a ‘thank you’ to the heavens as he noted that the windshield was missing from the old station wagon. The boy climbed inside and tried to determine where the best hiding spot would be. He flipped himself into the back seat and looked into the far back. There was a tire, a rusted toolbox, and a gas can back there. Dean slumped down to the floor between the seats. It wasn’t comfortable, but it was safe. Well, at least Dean hoped that it was.

Time passed slowly for Dean as he tried to keep calm and quiet. He was sure that his Easter egg hunt time was almost up when he heard something.

“Fuuuuunnnnn-greeeeeee. Feat, feat.”

The creepy, sing-song voice was close. The boy realized that there was a chance that he wouldn’t last the next few minutes until his dad found him.

Thinking of Dad made him remember rules of hunting. Because that’s what this was. And either Dean would become prey or the creature would. And Dean swore that it wouldn’t be him. Who’d look after Sammy if he were dead?

So, rule one: Be prepared. He’d need a weapon. Dean climbed into the back of the station wagon and over to the toolbox. It was severely rusted, and after a minute of pulling, the entire top broke off into Dean’s hands. He dropped it and rummaged through the tools. The boy took out a heavy wrench. He wished there was a saw or something cool like that, but this would have to do.

Rule two: Assess the situation. Dean looked out the window. He saw a small shape moving towards his hiding spot. It probably knew where he was somehow and was coming for him.

Rule three: Stay alert and don’t move until the kill is assured. Dean got into the front seat. There, he’d be able to duck down and stay out of sight but would also be able to escape if he needed to. When the creature came into the car, Dean would injure the thing with the wrench and then flee.

His heart almost stopped when he heard the scrape of nails on metal. It was climbing the cars. Dean risked another glance outside. The creature was halfway up. Dean watched as it stuck out its tongue. That had to be how the monster had found him. It had no nose to smell its prey but could taste them even from a distance. That was just gross.

The boy heard it leap onto the car’s hood and shuffle its way towards him.

No sooner had the creature hopped into the car and Dean was on it. He smacked it over and over as hard as his thin arms would allow. The thing’s grayish skin split open and a thick maroon fluid flew everywhere. The creature fell backwards.

Wasting no time, Dean climbed out of the vehicle and onto the hood.

“Dad! Bobby! Help!” On his hands and knees, he crawled until he reached the edge. Dean turned so that he could climb down feet first and saw the bloody, enraged creature pounce.

The weight of the monster pushed the boy off the car. He made a desperate grab as he fell and got hold of the bumper. But the creature, who’d fallen along with him, grabbed onto his ankles.

Dean kicked, hoping to knock the creature off. It bit his calf and the boy howled in pain. He swung his legs as hard as he could. The monster’s body collided into a vehicle and it released the child. Dean scrambled back up onto the hood of the car.

As he sat there gasping, he heard his dad calling. “Dean! Dean, where are you?”

“Over here! Dad, I’m here! I need help!”

“We’re coming, son!”

Dean saw his father run into view and relief flooded through him. “Up here, Dad!”

Gunshots rang out as his dad fired into the monster. Dean was wondering if this nightmare was finally over when his dad called to Bobby.

“We need fuel. We have to burn this son of a ***** or it’ll never stay down.”

“I know, John. But I left my fuel can in my other pants pocket.”

“I got it!” Dean called to them.

Ignoring the pain from the bite in his leg, Dean climbed all the way to the back of the car. Moving as fast as he could, the boy snatched up the gas can and carried it out of the vehicle.

“Here!” Dean threw the can down and on top of the monster.

John repeatedly shot the can and it exploded. The creature let out an ear-piercing cry as it caught fire and burned. Dean looked away.

“You can come down now, son. It’s safe.”

Dean climbed down the pile of cars and ran to his dad. The man picked him up and held him tightly.

“Oh God, Dean. What the hell happened?”

“I don’t know, Dad. It attacked me. I couldn’t get back to the house so I hid but it found me and I fought it off.”

“You fought it off, boy?” Bobby asked.

Dean nodded, feeling both pride and shock setting in. He shivered violently.

“How?” His dad wanted to know. The man managed to struggle out of his leather jacket without putting his son down. He wrapped the coat around the boy.

“With a wrench.”

His dad laughed. “Damn it all, Dean. Bobby and I went armed to the teeth to wipe out a nest of these things yesterday and you took one out with a tool.”

“This critter must’ve followed us back.” Bobby commented.

“Why?” Dean questioned.

“This here was a juvenile. Probably realized that with no mama it wouldn’t get its food.”

“I’ll check the underneath of our cars. It probably held on and hitched a ride. Did it hurt you, Dean?”

“Bit my leg. It really hurts bad.” Dean admitted.

“I’ll take a look once we’re inside.”

“Where’s Sammy?”

“Napping. Let’s get back before he wakes up and destroys Bobby’s house.”

They started back to the house, his dad carrying Dean for the first time in a couple of years. Dean leaned into him, enjoying the warmth of the jacket and the security of his father’s arms. Then Dean thought of something.

“What about the other eggs?”

“I’ll gather ‘em up later.” Bobby informed him. “And they’re all yers. Ya earned it boy.”


“Yep.” His dad agreed. “And that chocolate bunny too.”

“But I never finished the hunt.” Dean protested.

“Maybe not the Easter egg hunt. But you just completed your first monster hunt.” His father’s voice was filled with something that Dean didn’t hear directed at him very often. Pride.

“I did?”

“You’re a real hunter now, Dean.”

“Awesome!” Dean replied.

Sure he was still feeling a bit traumatized by the whole thing and he knew that he’d be having nightmares when he closed his eyes after dark, but his dad was proud of him. Dean was now a hunter just like his dad and Bobby. Besides, all that chocolate was well worth a bit of excitement. This had definitely been an Easter to remember.

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