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[Interior Impala – day]

Dean: So what do we know about her?

Sam: Not much. [Reading the information on his laptop] Her name is Melanie Ross. Born March first, 1972 in a small town in Pennsylvania. Both parents died when she was six months old. She spent a few months in foster care, until she was adopted by a Reverend Joshua Ross.

Dean: Anything to explain why I would gank her? I mean, aren’t your visions usually connected to the demon? Her parents did die when she was six months old, but she’s older than me, so she can’t be one of your psychic kids.

Sam: I don’t know, Dean. I can only tell you what I saw. You were in her bedroom…[Dean gives a smirk, Sam gives him a disapproving look in return]. You were in her bedroom with a gun pointed at her chest. That’s all I know.

Dean: Since when do your visions have such open-ended … endings? [Sam shrugs]. Well, we’ll be there in an hour. I guess we follow her and see what we see.

Cut to: [Exterior Melanie’s home, day]

Melanie walks to her car and looks behind her as the Impala comes down the street. [“Can’t be them.” she thinks to herself]. She climbs in and starts the car. Classic rock plays loudly from her car radio. She smiles and pulls out. As she drives around town, running various errands, she keeps noticing the Impala. She starts to feel uneasy. [“That’s definitely them. What are they doing here?” she thinks to herself]. Finally, she pulls into the parking lot of her gym, and goes into the locker room. She changes into shorts and a t-shirt. When she comes out and starts her workout, she notices Sam and Dean coming in the door. Now she’s frightened. Thankfully, the woman at the desk stops them.

Gym manager: Can I help you?

Sam: [Thinking quickly] Oh, we were thinking of joining and wanted to take a look around.
[Dean nods and smiles awkwardly]

Gym manager: Wonderful. I’d be happy to give you a tour.

Dean: That’s ok. We can show ourselves around. We wouldn’t want to bother you.

Gym manager: I’m sorry. I can’t let non-members in unaccompanied, security reasons. You understand. Besides, I would be happy to show you around. [She smiles seductively at Dean who smiles back uncomfortably].
Melanie watches them leave and sighs with relief.

Cut to: [Interior Impala, parked in parking lot]

Dean: OK. Now what?

Sam: I guess we wait for her to come out.

Dean: Come on Sam. Since when do demons go to the dry cleaners, or the drug store, or the GYM? There’s nothing here to connect her to Yellow Eyes and certainly nothing to explain why I would stick a gun in her chest. Are you sure you saw what you saw?

Melanie exits the gym and goes to her car. She drives home, looking in her rearview mirror nervously. She parks the car and goes inside. She looks out of the living room window and sees the Impala parked outside. She walks out the front door and angrily approaches the Impala.

Melanie: [grabbing the car door at the window with both hands and getting right in Dean’s face]. Why are you following me!

Dean: [taken aback] We’re not following you. [Weakly] I don’t know what you’re talking about.

Melanie: Word of advice? If you’re gonna tail someone all day around here, do it in a less conspicuous car than a ‘67 Impala. No one around here drives anything this cool. You stick out like a sore thumb.

Dean: [looks appreciative of the compliment, then catches himself and quickly composes himself] OK. You got us. [Flashes FBI badge] Your name came up in an investigation, and we’re just trying to figure out what your connection is, if any.

Melanie: Really? What case?

Dean: [sheepishly] I … can’t … tell you that.

Melanie: Cut the crap, Dean Winchester! You’re NOT FBI. Since you won’t tell me WHAT you’re after, I can only assume that Sam there had a vision about me and you can’t figure out what it means. So you thought you’d just follow me around until you figured out what my connection to the demon is, right?

Dean and Sam both get out of the car and move aggressively toward Melanie, who looks around nervously and notices a neighbor watching intently.

Dean: How do you know who we are?! How do you know about Sam’s visions?!

Melanie: I’ll tell you whatever you want to know, [looking at the neighbor again, nervously] just not here.

Dean and Sam both notice the audience and nod in agreement.

Cut to: [Interior Melanie’s house]

Sam: OK, Ms. Ross …

Melanie: Mel.

Dean: OK, Mel, TALK. How do you know about us, and what’s your connection to the yellow-eyed demon?

Mel: I’m what you call a psychic kid.

Sam: That’s not possible. You’re too old.

Mel: Excuse me?

Sam: [back-peddling] I mean …

Mel: [smiling] Relax, Jolly Green, I’m just yanking your chain. [Dean laughs] I’m one of the first generation.

Dean: How come we haven’t met any others, then?

Mel: Because I’m the only one who survived.

Sam: Survived?

Mel: [avoiding the question] My mom died in a fire in my nursery, just like yours. My dad couldn’t live without her, so, after he got me out, and the police and fire department arrived, he handed me to a firefighter, grabbed the cop’s gun, and blew the top of his head off, right there on the front lawn. [Sam and Dean looking shocked] Fun, huh?

Sam: How do you know about our mom? Is that your ability … mind reading?

Mel: Not in the way you mean, but yes. I can read demons. [Sam and Dean look stunned] I’ve seen you and your brother through their eyes many times. I can also see their true faces.

Dean: [Suspiciously] Many times? You come across a lot of demons, Mel?

Mel: [looking off in the distance distractedly, as if listening to unheard voices] More than I’d like. [Suddenly agitated] Look, I told you my connection to the demon. So, just get out and leave me alone! No more surveillance, or I’ll call the REAL cops!

Cut to: [Exterior Mel’s house] Sam and Dean stand on the front porch looking perplexed, the front door slams behind them.

Sam: What the … ?

Dean: Right? That is one whacked out chick! So what do you think Sybil in there is hiding?

Cut to: [Exterior rear of house] Sam and Dean looking in a rear window.

[Interior of house as seen through the rear window] The neighbor and several others are standing behind Mel, now sporting black eyes. Mel is standing in front of another man, blocking Sam and Dean’s view. She moves slightly to her right and reveals the man … the yellow-eyed demon! Sam and Dean duck down below the window to avoid being seen. They continue to listen intently.

Mel: [Heard from outside] They were following me all day! What was I supposed to do?

Demon neighbor: [Heard from outside] She invited them in. Who KNOWS what she told them.

Mel: [Heard from outside] I didn’t INVITE them in. They FORCED their way in, and where were YOU? You’re supposed to be protecting me, and you let Sam and Dean Winchester get THAT close to me? I’ll tell you where she was, Father. [Sam and Dean exchange surprised looks] She was busy keeping the neighbor’s husband captive in her basement. She’s been “playing” with him for weeks. It was HIS disappearance that brought them here to begin with!

It gets quiet so Sam and Dean ease back up and carefully look in the window.

[Interior of house as seen through the rear window] The yellow-eyed demon turns toward the neighbor. She backs away, fearfully, shaking her head with her hands raised in front of her. Mel turns away so that she doesn’t have to see what comes next. Suddenly, a light flashes inside the neighbor and she falls to the floor, dead.

Sam and Dean exchange looks, Sam shocked and Dean angry. They walk a few blocks away to where they had moved the Impala.

[Exterior Impala] Dean loads salt rounds into a sawed-off shotgun and slams the trunk. He cocks the gun and pushes it into Sam’s arms. He begins to walk back toward the house, while pulling his handgun from his waistband.

Sam: [blocking Dean’s path] Dean! Slow down. We can’t go in there, guns blazing.

Dean: Why the hell not?

Sam: First of all, we don’t have all the facts. There are just some things that don’t add up, like, if she’s working with Yellow Eyes, why did she rush us out of there before he showed up and why did she lie to him about why we’re here?

Dean: Maybe psychopaths have bad timing. Maybe she’s a pathological liar. Don’t know. Don’t care. She’s already dead. She just doesn’t know it yet.

Sam: Well, if we go back there now she won’t be the only one. She’s surrounded by demons … including Yellow Eyes! It’s suicide!

Dean: Fine! We’ll come back in the morning when we’re sure the demon gang’s gone. And, THEN we kill her!

[Exterior hotel, night] Dean sneaks out of their hotel room and heads for the Impala.

Dean: Sorry Sammy. I’m in a ‘shoot first and ask questions later’ kinda mood.

Cut to: [Exterior Mel’s house] Dean picks the lock of the front door. [Interior second floor Mel’s house] He enters Mel’s bedroom. She’s lying in bed with her back to the door. She’s nude and barely covered by a sheet. Dean stops short. His breath catches in his throat. He collects himself and pulls his gun. He shoves the barrel into the small of Mel’s back. Mel wakes with a start. She sits up, holding the sheet to her chest, and turns to face Dean. He’s pointing the gun at her head now.

Dean: I think you forgot to mention something earlier, like the demon is your FATHER!?!? What are you?

Mel: I’m human.

Dean: We’ll see. [Tucks the gun in the back of his waist band and tests her with holy water, iron, and silver – no reaction].

Mel: Satisfied?

Dean: Not really. Still doesn’t explain how the yellow-eyed demon is you father.

Mel: The Reverend Joshua Ross was not quite … himself at the time of my adoption.

Dean: And why would the demon go to all that trouble for you?

Mel: Because I was the only psychic kid of my generation to survive, and, unfortunately for me, that made me interesting to him. I was a human child surrounded by demons before I could walk!

Dean: You’re not helping your case. Maybe you are human, but working for demons? Still a monster in my book.

Mel: LOOK, I don’t WORK for anyone! I just do what I have to to survive.

Dean: Including, setting me and Sam up for your daddy. [Dean pulls his gun out again, cocks the hammer, and points it at her chest]

Mel: THAT’S what you think I was doing?! Really?! Then why aren’t you both DEAD right now, huh?! Do you have any IDEA what I risked getting you out of there before he showed up? You were obviously eavesdropping, so I’m sure you heard what happens to those who disappoint him.

Dean: Yeah, I heard. I heard you, too. You threw her under the bus and he believed you. Why would he do that if you aren’t his daughter?

Mel: I’m not his daughter. I’m of use to him and ONLY because of what I can do. Reading his minions to keep them in line. EVERY day, I wait for him to decide I’m no longer useful. EVERY day, I’m just waiting to die! So, go ahead [grabbing the barrel of Dean’s gun and pressing it against her chest. She lets go of the gun and Dean keeps it pressed to her chest, just like Sam’s vision]. Do it. DO IT!!!! Trust me. You’d be doing me a FAVOR! [She closes her eyes and waits to die. After a few moments, she feels the pressure of the gun leave her chest. She opens her eyes with a start. She sees Dean putting the gun down on the floor and she begins to shake uncontrollably. Dean steps toward her and she recoils. He gently touches her face. He cups her chin and pulls her face upward. He leans in and kisses her. She pulls back, shocked. They stare at each other briefly and then they begin kissing each other, deeply and passionately. Dean pulls his shirt off and climbs into bed with Mel. They continue kissing hungrily] [Fade out]

Fade in: [Mel’s bedroom, morning] Mel wakes, alone in her bed. She rolls over and gasps. The yellow-eyed demon is standing beside her bed looking very angry and holding a note signed by Dean. Mel shrinks back and begins to cry silently. [Fade out]

Fade in: Two days later: [Exterior Mel’s house, night] Dean is, again, picking the lock on her front door.
Cut to: [Interior second floor Mel’s house] He enters her bedroom, just as he had before. Mel is, again, sleeping in bed, covered by only a sheet. This time she is facing toward the door. Dean touches her face, gently and she wakes with a start.

Dean: Hi. [He smiles warmly]

Mel: [She does NOT return his smile] What the hell are you doing here? What do you want from me now?

Dean: What? What do you mean? Look, I’m sorry I left before you woke up. Sammy called me. A friend of ours was in serious trouble. It was life or death, Mel, but I left a note. Didn’t you get it?

Mel: Oh yeah. I got you’re lame-ass note, alright. [Reciting the note in a mocking tone] “Mel. Something came up. Had to run. Last night was great. See you soon. Dean.” Very romantic [sarcastically]. So I ask you again, what … do you want?

Dean: OK. So you’re mad at me. Maybe the note was a bad idea, but …

Mel: [cutting Dean off] You think the NOTE was a bad idea? How about breaking into my house in the FIRST place was a bad idea? How about kissing me, and SLEEPING with me, after shoving a GUN in my chest was a bad idea?

Dean: I’ll admit, the timing of all that was a little … unusual, but I wouldn’t say it was a bad idea.

Mel: Well, if you’re looking for another booty call, you can FORGET it.

Dean: Mel, that’s NOT what that was. You were so upset. I just … wanted to comfort you. I …

Mel: Comfort me? [Sarcastically] That’s just great. [More to herself than to Dean] It certainly wasn’t how I imagined it would be.

Dean: [Smiling, self-satisfied] You, ah … imagined being with me, huh?

Mel: [Blushes hotly. She hadn’t meant to say that out loud, but when she sees the smug look on Dean’s face, her embarrassment turns quickly to anger] Go to hell, Dean. [She lies down and turns her back to him].

Dean: Aw, hey, look, I’m sorry. [Dean places his hand on her back to get her to turn back toward him and she gasps in pain. Dean turns on the light and pulls the sheet off her back. He’s horrified at what he sees. Her back is covered in gashes, as though she’d been whipped].

Dean: What the hell happened to you?

Mel: I’m not the one who found your lame-ass note. He said he would make sure I thought twice before EVER lying on my back for a Winchester again.

Dean: [closing his eyes momentarily in anguish and guilt for the pain he caused her] I’m so sorry Mel.

Mel: [sighs] No … Dean … it’s not your fault. Anyway … it’s better he found your note than you. [Pause] Is your friend okay?

Dean: Yeah. We managed to pull his bacon out of the fire in time. [He gently examines her wounds, but she winces sharply anyway. As he looks more closely, he sees many scars on her back, identical to these fresh wounds. He can’t believe he didn’t notice them before, renewing his guilt]. Some of these are pretty bad. Do you have a first aid kit?

Mel: [despite her best efforts, tears fall quietly from her eyes] In the bathroom closet.

Dean leaves for a moment and then returns with the first aid kit. He begins cleaning her wounds as gently as he can. She flinches from time to time and squeezes her eyes shut, trying to endure the pain quietly. Tears flow silently from her eyes. When he finishes, she carefully turns back toward him. He brushes the tears from her face and his face fills with rage.

Dean: I’m gonna RIP his lungs out! [Mel looks at him with skepticism]. I’m getting you out of here. You’re coming with me and Sam.

Mel: [Alarmed, she sits up] Don’t you think I’ve TRIED that? The best way … the ONLY way, you can help me is to leave, before he finds you here.

Dean: We can PROTECT you.

Mel: No you CAN’T. You can’t take him on. [Dean begins to object, but Mel cuts him off]. Not without the Colt. You KNOW it. If I run, he’ll find me. He ALWAYS finds me, and if he finds me, he finds you. He finds SAM. [She gasps] Oh, God! Sam. He has plans for Sam.

Dean: [Cutting her off] No. Don’t tell me.

Mel: What?! Why not?

Dean: If you tell me, he’ll know and he’ll kill you for it.

Mel: No he won’t. Demons can’t read me. It’s part of my abilities. They’re an open book to me, but I’m completely closed to them. They can’t even POSSESS me. Believe me, they’ve tried.

Dean: [Looking impressed but determined] Okay, but they CAN read me and the result will be the same. If you won’t let me protect you by getting you away from here, at least let me do this for you. I’ll find out his plans for Sam some other way. I’ll get the Colt back and put a bullet in the bastard’s head for ALL of us. [He kisses the top of her head and reluctantly walks out]. [Fade out]

Fade in: [Exterior Mel’s house] Dean approaches the Impala. He turns back toward the house and sees Mel, wrapped in a sheet, watching him from her bedroom window. He considers going back and making her come with him, but gets into the Impala and drives away, instead.

Epilogue: 3 months later.
[Interior Mel’s bedroom, night] Mel is awakened by her ringing phone. She chooses not to answer because, let’s face it; good news rarely comes at three a.m. The answering machine picks up the call, and Mel is shocked to hear an unexpected voice.

[Close up on the answering machine]
Dean: [voice heard through the machine] Hi … Mel. It’s ah … it’s Dean. So … this is a good news, bad news kinda call. Upside? I kept my promise. Put that yellow-eyed bastard in the ground. Just didn’t do it soon enough. I guess you know he was aiming to open a devil’s gate. We managed to close it again … but not before a couple hundred demons got through. [Pause] Mel? Are you there? [Machine beeps, ending the call] [Fade out]


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