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Angel Ryan strode into the Roadhouse. Her adoptive father Stark had told her to come here. She was missing precious time on the rig for this. She had long since learned that Stark worked in mysterious ways. Especially after he taught her everything she needed to know about Vampires and everything she was. Well all Stark knew. Angel had her blonde hair pulled into a pony tail to keep it out of her face. She was in a pair of dark blue jeans and a black tank top. She had a leather jacket on and she had a motorcycle helmet slipped under her left arm. She took a seat at the bar as she took in the bar.She was used to Stark just sending her on missions. She wasn't used to him sending her somewhere else. She realized that it looked really empty. She cleared her throat."Hello?" She called. She wanted to get going. She had a bonusHarvelle's Roadhouse P14 - Supernatural Wiki back home waiting that would help her get gear for hunting maybe. She loved both of her jobs equally but one had become an almost obsession. This hunting gig was mostly her drive to find the thing that had fathered her. She missed her mother but she was over it. She had been for a long time. She'd just hardened her heart. She learned that in this business because she had killed plenty of things that looked like children. Ellen walk out from the kitchen as she heard the call. She grabbed a towel and wiped her hands as she took in the woman standing in the entry. She looked familiar. "Can I help you?" Angel looked up at the woman that walked in. Angel smiled. "I don't know. Stark Ryan sent me here. He didn't tell me why though." Angel said. She was being honest because she didn't know why Stark had sent her here but Stark had his reasons. Stark was getting up there in age. It was something that was brought up in stark relief every time she needed help on a hunt. She'd learned to just go in on it alone. Ellen chuckled, "Stark's still handing out orders, huh? Well, pull up a chair and sit a spell, darlin'. You look like you could use a drink." "Yeah." Angel said as she slid into a chair. "I thinkHarvelle's Roadhouse P14 - Supernatural Wiki I could use one. I went from Midland to here. I tried not to stop. The way Stark made it sound it was important I got here." Angel said. It wasn't often she heard that kind of panic in Stark's voice but she had. She was coming off an eight hour shift when he called her. Stark had sounded panicked. Angel had rushed home only for Stark to tell her to come to the Harvelle Roadhouse. "Well then," Ellen straightened and set the towel down as she walked behind the bar. "Let's get some food in ya, too. What would you like?" "Whatever you have. I've never been picky about what I eat. I learned that early on when it was just my mom and me." Angel said. It wasn't saying her mother couldn't take care of her it was just whatever they could get at the time her mother's paychecks came in. Her mom worked minimum wage and didn't have higher then a high schoolHarvelle's Roadhouse P14 - Supernatural Wiki educationHarvelle's Roadhouse P14 - Supernatural Wiki. "I mean I grab whatever I can when Stark sends me on the job. It's a lot of late nights with a lot of Monsters and doughnuts from the convince stores. "Well then, burger with the works and a beer on tap." Ellen turned and shouted at the back room, "Jo! Classic moo with all the fixin's!" "Gotcha!" Ellen turned back around and grabbed a glass from under the counter. Then she pointed a finger at the labels of beer and lifted a brow. "Any preference?" Angel smiled and inclined her head. She had nothing against a burger. Actually it was more then what she normally caught to eat on a normal day. Normally it was whatever she had in the fridge at work along with half of a Subway sandwich."Nope. As long as it's got alcohol in it I'm good. Years of working this job and working with a bunch of guys has taught me not to be picky. You get what is available." Angel said. That was also meant for hunting. She got what she could for a trip and did her best to help. She normally got her monster though. Well other then the one she was looking for. Ellen nodded, tipped the glass and filled it with the ease of a bartender who's been doing this for years. She set the glass on the bar and tapped the wood. "Be back with your burger in a few." Angel wrapped her hand around the glass before putting it to her lips."Okay. There isn't a rush. At least I don't thinkHarvelle's Roadhouse P14 - Supernatural Wiki it is." Angel said after she had taken a sip. She set the glass down and took the time to actually look around at the surroundings. She had gotten used to these kinds of things cause this is where the guys took her to hang out. Falan Tays pulled up to the Roadhouse in his car. He got out and walked on in. He had heard about this place from a few other hunters he had found along the way. They told him he'd be able to find some hunts here. He saw a girl sitting at the bar. She was talking to the bartender. He walked over and sat down next to her. He looked around the place nervously. This hunting businessHarvelle's Roadhouse P14 - Supernatural Wiki was sort of new to him but he wanted to help. Angel looked at the young man next to her. He looked very nervous. Angel offered him a smile before she turned to him. "I'm Angel Ryan." Angel said as introduced herself. She'd been in his place once upon a time. But she'd had Stark leading her in the right direction and putting her straight. She wasn't sure this guy had anyone. Besides it was always a good idea to spread her net a little more and meet more hunters that she could later drawn on for help. Falan looked at Angel. He didn't know who she was nor did he want to trust her, but, he figured a friend was better then nothing here. "Hi, I'm Falan Tays." he said as he reached out his hand. Ellen backed through the door with a plate in her hand and turned to see a skinny brunette at the bar beside the woman who'd come in earlier. With a cool smile, she slid the burger and fries in front of Angel and turned to the young man. "Get you anything?" Falan looked at the juicy burger in front of Angel. His stomach began to growl. It had been awhile since he ate. "Sure, I..I'll take a burger." he sounded like such an idiot. He was trying to hide his nerves but was really struggling. He couldn't tell if it was because of meeting new peopleHarvelle's Roadhouse P14 - Supernatural Wiki or the fact that he was trying to become a hunter and had no idea what he was doing. He reached inside his jacket and fiddled with the dagger he kept with him. Whenever he got nervous he would scratch at the grip on the dagger. "Pleasure to meet you." Angel said with a smile. She popped a fry into her mouth. This was better then having a handful of chips or whatever she could grab on her lunch break. "This is delicious. I really can't wait to get to the burger now." Angel said as she eat another fry. She was watching Falan out of the corner of her eye. She knew his type. Hell she'd been his type once upon a time. The nervous hunter. He just needed to get his feet wet is all."So do you come here often?" he asked Angel. He felt like an idiot sitting there at the bar talking to someone he didn't really know but he knew this was what he was supposed to be doing. He was born to hunt and to protect "No. I'm from Midland. Usually my "father" sends me on hunts." Angel said. She even made air quotes when she said father. It was true. This was the first time Stark had sent her to someone else to get a hunt. She knew Stark had a reason, but she wasn't sure. Maybe it was Stark's way of telling her he was starting to step down. Stark was old.

"Oh, ok. I'm from the Chicago-land area. Never really been on a true hunt. Just had a couple crazy instances happen and somewhere along the line someone told me about this place. Said I would fit right in." He didn't feel like he was fitting right in at all. He was nervous as hell and he couldn't stop fiddling with his dagger.

"I've been on a few hunts. I've been doing this since I was fifteen. It gets easier." Angel said.

"Well if you call easy living a double life." Angel said. She had a smile on her face. "Well there are only about four of us here so you can't really fit in. Besides I don't thinkHarvelle's Roadhouse P14 - Supernatural Wiki people can truly fit in. They can just trick you into doing it." Angel said.

"You've been hunting since you were fifteen? And I thoughtHarvelle's Roadhouse P14 - Supernatural Wiki I was going to be one of the young ones here. So what have you hunted before?"

Falan was curious. He had only heard stories of what was out there but none of them seemed real. But, something about Angel told him that what she had hunted and seen was real and he knew that there were at least two things out there; angels and demons.

"Yeah. It was when my mother was killed and Stark took me in. I'm sure there have been hunters at it longer then even me. I've hunted all kinds of things. They're have been a few vamps, a couple of shifters, some werewolves, and many demons. Yet that's only a few of the things I've hunted." Angel said.

She had a few more fries after she had finished her breakdown of her hunts. She also took a bite of the burger. She set it down with a smile and had a few more fries.

"About the only thing I've seen out of those are demons. I've never really experienced anything besides them, except there was that one time." Falan's thoughtHarvelle's Roadhouse P14 - Supernatural Wiki trailed off. He didn't know if he should be sharing this much about himself.

"There are all sorts of things out there." Angel said. She ended up with a glazed look in her eyes when she said it though. She was one of those things technically but she wouldn't speak of it. She didn't.

"All these booksHarvelle's Roadhouse P14 - Supernatural Wiki with the vampires, werewolves, and shifters don't do them justice. I guess fiction never does though." Angel said.

"I watched a vampire kill my mother. That's what started my hunting." Angel said.

"I'm sorry." said Falan sympathetically. "I left my familyHarvelle's Roadhouse P14 - Supernatural Wiki. I found out just how much demons know and decided it would be best if I removed myself from them. Did you ever get the vampire that killed your mother?"

Ellen came out the door to the kitchen and slid the plate of burger and fries in front of the kid without interrupting them.

"Thanks. It was a long time ago though." Angel said. "Different then how I found out. My mom told me minutes before she died she was a hunter and then she had me. She stopped. I was going to but Stark got him for me. Than Stark became my 'father'." Angel said as she took another bite of her burger. She also took a sip of her beer.

Falan reached down and took of bite of the burger. It was delicious. He couldn't imagine having been thrust into hunting like she had.

"So, do you know of any possible hunts going on?" asked Falan. He was a little bit nervous but not as much as he was eager to go on a hunt.

Angel offered him a shrug.

"Not that I know of." Angel said. She had a few more bites of her burger and a couple more fries. "Stark would normally send me on a hunt, but instead he sent me out here." Angel said.

Having overheard them, Ellen bent to reach for an accordion file folder in the safe under the bar. She pulled it out and then started flipping through the slim files inside. As she flipped she walked over to the pair, garnering their full attention.

"I've got a case out in California that looks like something you two could handle alone if you're up for it."

Angel perked up at little. She looked at Ellen.

"I like a case. I also always wanted to go to California too." Angel said with a smile.

"I'm game if he is." Angel said.

Ellen looked at the other hunter. "You game? I can't let her go alone; this is at least a two-man job."

Renesmee walked in and glanced at Ellen and the other hunters before taking a seat in the far corner. Renesmee brushed her behide her ear and tapped her fingers on the table and started to re-read her notes on the pervous case. As she flicks though the pages of her journal a small photo of her son Donovan falls out onto the ground.

Angel turned from the young man sitting next to her when he said nothing. She turned to look at the woman who had just walked in. Angel smiled at the journal she pulled out. She had one just like that.

"Hey." Angel said. Hoping to get the attention of the woman once Angel saw something fall from the pages of the journal.

"You dropped something from your journal." Angel said.

At that moment, Carter walked in. He looked around at the not-so-familiar faces. He glanced at the hunters that were in the bar. He decided to talk to Ellen.

"Hey, I'm Carter Henson. You're Ellen right? I heard about you through a couple of hunters that have dropped in here. Since I'm from California, I don't get up here much. Since I just got done with a couple of demons causing havoc here, I decided to drop in for a beer. Anyway, since there are no omens in California right now, I need a jobHarvelle's Roadhouse P14 - Supernatural Wiki referral. Do you have any right now?"
Nick walked in and saw a lady who looked like Ellen and said "Excuse me are you Ellen? Hi I'm Nick Grace my grandfather sent me to you and told me to ask you for a job I could do. Do you have any?"

Ellen looked from Carter to Nick. "Well yeah, could be I have somethin' but I don't send any kids off on their own and not when I don't know 'em from jack. Team up with someone I know an' I might have somethin' for ya," and with that she turned away and went back out into the storeroom...
(OOC - Head off to LA when at least 2 hunters are assigned - Carter Henson invited along with Nick Grace and Jason Rath)

Kat had just been dropped off by John. She looked at the road house and sighed, adjusting her bag on her shoulder she walked up and opened the door. The smell of grease and alcohol was a little overwhelming but she walked on in and sat at the bar. She wasn't really one to talk so she listened to what was going on around her.
Nick Jason and Luke pulled up and went in and Nick said to Hey Ellen were back from California turns out it was a demon that killed my familyHarvelle's Roadhouse P14 - Supernatural Wiki when i was young and also last year anywho this is my brotherHarvelle's Roadhouse P14 - Supernatural Wiki Luke who is going to follow my footsteps anyway Ellen do you have another case for us?

Ellen looked hard at Nick and then Luke, then she turned towards Jason. "So, the kid did good? Only, he's not sayin' much. I'd like to hear a bit more about this demon first an' Luke an' then I might rustle up another case for y'all" and she folded her arms, waiting for Jason to reply...
(OOC - New hunt will be set up by tomorrow, January 7, but is 'Luke' a character and if so, who's playing him? - I'm assuming Nick Grace and Jason Rath are both on the new hunt. 'Kat' (purple text entry above - member name Mynimouse) asked by PM if she wants to join in too...)

(OOC Luke is like a side character hes nicks older brotherHarvelle's Roadhouse P14 - Supernatural Wiki whom Nick didnt know about until a demon named Zoe played by Jason and me at some points but when i did it jason expanded it and fixed it told him so he could undergo a ritual to awaken his powers as a demon and after his parents went to heaven luke said that he decided to come with me because he wanted to be a hunter so i guess ill be playing him and jason might edit what i say and i dont know ill email him and ask him)
(OOC I've read your storyHarvelle's Roadhouse P14 - Supernatural Wiki so I know about Luke and the backstory. I was just speaking in character as Ellen - she'd want to know something of how the hunt went because your comments to her were a little sparse and she had doubts about letting you go on the hunt in the first place, so she'd naturally want more info on what happened before she gave you another hunt. Also, you can only play one character - you can't be Nick and Luke! :) And I've asked Mynimouse if she wants to join in as she made an entry as "Kat" on this page just before Christmas...)
(OOC so what should i do since i cant be Luke)
Her name was Zoe and she awakened my powers as a Cambion nick said softly but loud enough for ellen to hear and then after that she revived them because she was holding them hostage in h*** so yeah it went great.
(OOC Choose one character, Nick! I'll allow you to set up Luke as another hunter and you can play him but you can't play both him and Nick in one hunt - it would be unfair to other members if you have two roles.)
Kat bit her lip and looked over at Ellen and the others. They didn't seem dangerous or anything - but then again, they were hunters. Slowly she slid from her stool and approached them, "If you don't mindHarvelle's Roadhouse P14 - Supernatural Wiki me asking, is something going down?" she asked softly. She had been on a few hunts with John but they were simple things and she didn't know if she'd be able to handle 'more'.
Ellen shook her head. "Do I know you, girl?" she said, looking Kat up and down. "Wait!" she said, clicking her fingers as she started to smile. "You came in here a while back, with John, didn't ya? So, you're runnin' solo now?"

Kat shrugged, "John said he had some businessHarvelle's Roadhouse P14 - Supernatural Wiki to take care of, he mentioned something about a yellow eyed demon or something," she said quietly, "But, yeah. I guess I'm running solo now," she sighed, shoving her hands in her pocket.
Ellen's face crumpled when she heard John's name mentioned in connexion with the Yelllow-Eyed Demon but she shook it off and smiled again. "Kat, it's good to see ya!" and she leaned forward to hug the young woman. "But why don't ya team up with someone? There are a couple o' hunters here looking for a jobHarvelle's Roadhouse P14 - Supernatural Wiki an' the company might do ya some good."
Kat bit her lip and nodded, a little nervous. She had just gotten used to the way John hunted and now she needed to get used to some new people. "Sounds good," she said with a tiny smile.
"It's OK, Hon," Ellen said, seeing the uncertainty on Kat's face. I won't team ya up with just anyone! Have some food and a beer now an' I'll see who I can find for ya" and she went into the back to rustle up some food...

Kat went back to the bar and sat down, wondering what the boys would be like. She really hoped they weren't sexist asshats like this one guy she helped out a little while back.
Nick looked at the girl and said "hey im nick grace just got back from a demon killing"
Kat smiled up at the guy, "Uh, Kat Maythorpe, what sort a demon?" she asked as she turned to face him.
Just then Ellen walked back in, carrying a plateful of burger and fries. "Here, Kat," she said, putting the plate down in front of her. "Nick's one of the hunters I thoughtHarvelle's Roadhouse P14 - Supernatural Wiki you might like to team up with." She looked at Nick. "I guess you want some chow too?" and she turned away and went back out without waiting for an answer...
She reappeared a little while later with another plateful of food, piled even higher with fries and placed it on the bar next to Nick. "Jason Rath just called," she said, nodding at him. "He said he'd like to join in with you two, that's if you've decided to work togetherHarvelle's Roadhouse P14 - Supernatural Wiki?"

(OOC When you're ready, head to Maine and read the police report, then call (click on) the phone link to find more information... Kat, Nick Grace and Jason Rath as the hunters.)
(OOC New Hunt, RPG #3, starting 12th May 2014 - or thereabouts - Cora Hale, Kate Harper, Walker Turner are the Hunters)
Ellen put three beers on the bar and opened them. "So ladies, I called y' all in together. I've a hunt I thought ya might like to take a look at an' it's a chance for ya to get to know each other. Cora, this is Walker an' Kate. I'll leave ya to look at the files."
(OOC When you're ready, head to Bridgewaterand read the newspaper report...)
Cora smiled at the other two hunters as she grabbed the files.
" Nice to meet ya, my name's Cora. I guess you're stuck with me on this one, 'cause let me tell you, it caught my attention earlier." She took a sip from her drink and started looking through the disappearances files.
"Hi, Cora, Walker. Name's Kate Harper; pleasure to meet you both." "Yeah. 23 missing women in that short a time better grab somebody's attention, don't ya think?" Kate leaned across the bar and started sifting through the files next to Cora. "So, Ellen tells me you're from North Carolina. Long way from home, right? What brings you here? just this hunt?"

Cora shifted in her chair, a bit uncomfortable with the question. " Yeah, well, "home" is on the road for me, it's been like that for a very long time... Actually i just got back from a hunt, not far from here, a goddamned wendigo who just wouldn't die. What about you? Oh and Ellen, can i get some food? I'm starving."
"I'm from Missouri - born-n-raised, so this wasn't much of a jaunt for me." Kate looked up as Walker spoke.
"Pleasure to meet you Kate, Cora...sorry I'm late; I had a little trouble finding the place." Walker took in her surroundings. "I have to say, I'm glad to see so many female hunters. Things have changed a lot over the years. So what do you say we find what's taking these women? What do you already know? Ellen? Coffee..please!" Walker turned and regarded Kate thoughtfully, "I understand your dad hunted with Rufus?" she offered, raising an eyebrow above the rim of her black glasses.

"Well, have a look at the board, Hon, an' let me know what ya want. Meatloaf is good today. So, ya don't want a beer, Walker? I'll have it then," and Ellen took a pull on the beer. "OK, coffee! - Still takin' it black and strong?"
Feeling a little guilty about putting Cora on the spot, Kate had returned her attention to the case files, but looked up from her reading to return Walker's gaze. Something about her looked familiar -- like a face from the past, but Kate couldn't place it. "Yeah, Walker. Rufus and my dad were pretty tight, ever since my dad got out of the Corps. Rufus was always great to me -- sort of like an uncle -- although I never had the privilege of hunting with him. I was sorry to hear he'd passed. Did you know him, too?"
"With a little cream if you have it, Ellen, thanks," replied Walker, returning her gaze to Kate. "You could say I knew Rufus," Walker responded. She let out a deep breath, "He was my father, though more like an absentee father...seems everyone else has good memories of him...but I know he did the best he could." She looked away briefly.
"Here y'are, Walker!" said Ellen, placing a mug of scalding coffee down on the bar next to her hand.
"You're a lifesaver, Ellen," smiled Walker, wisely noticing that the coffee was way too hot to drink at the moment. She could REALLY use some coffee...be patient...be patient...

Kate cocked her head, smiled slightly and nodded knowingly, taking in the enormity of what Walker had just revealed. In a gentle voice, she leaned closer to Walker and said “It makes perfect sense, now. When I first looked at you, you seemed familiar – like we’d met before. But now I see it’s because you favor him.” Kate’s expression became reflective and she turned to face Walker. “You don’t know me from Adam, so this might not mean anything coming from a total stranger, but your dad was a good man and a good hunter. Hell, he saved my dad’s life more times than either of 'em could count.” She chuckled softly “Remind me to tell you about Flagstaff someday...” Then her expression became somber again and she patted Walker's hand consolingly. “I never got a chance to personally offer my condolences to anyone in Rufus’ family, so please accept my deepest sympathy for your loss. I'm sorry you never got to know him better, but I'm sure he loved you, and you're right -- I'm also sure he did the very best he could.” Walker was no longer meeting her gaze, but was now looking wistfully at the steaming coffee cup. With her free hand, Kate pulled her whiskey flask from her jacket pocket and gestured to Walker with it. "I know you asked for cream, but I can make that Irish for ya. At least it'll cool it down quick" She smiled gently at Walker and offered her the flask.

Walker felt her throat catch a bit and wasn't sure if she would be able to tell Kate how much it meant to her to get condolences on Rufus' death from another human being...hunters weren't exactly the type to send flowers and while he may not have been a perfect father, he was the only father she was ever going to have. As much as she tried to brush it off, she missed his infrequent visits and phone calls. Walker accepted the flask, pouring some whiskey into her coffee and taking a swallow. She smiled slightly, and, looking at Kate, said, "Thank you. That means a lot. And I think I'd like to hear about Flagstaff someday." Walker noticed Cora taking in this Rufus love-fest. "So, Cora, care to tell us about the Wendigo? Or should we start talking about when we're going to leave for this hunt?" Walker handed back Kate's flask, quietly mouthing 'thank you' as she did. Turning to face Cora, she said, "It sounds like you caught wind of this case first." Walker gestured for Ellen, "Another round Ellen; this one's on me...and I think we could all use that food when you have the chance."
Ellen paused from cleaning the bar and looked up at them. "Well, if y'all want the meatloaf I guess I can rustle it up pretty quickly. Pie as well? It's the special, cherry, today. Day's a wastin' an' I suppose you'll want to get on the road soon." She turned around without waiting for a reply and opened a couple of beers which she brought over to them, then she poured Walker another coffee.

Cora laughed lightly at Walker, remembering the hedious wendigo she had hunted the week before. "He was a nasty sob, but i got a hold of him. You know when they're not that old, you can still see how they looked like when they were humans? That was the case. He was feeding on children... But, enough of that. What about our hunt? We should get going if we want to be there tonight, to find a motel and whatnot. "
(OOC Hey is it too late for me to join this hunt - NickGrace)
(OOC Sorry, Nick; I mailed you a few days ago to say this hunt was well underway and it's not really fair to try and bring you in now - you can join in the next one. It won't be too long - Ellen)
Nick came walking in to the Roadhouse all dirty and scratched up pretty bad. He sat down in the bar and said, "Hey Ellen, can I get a new case here." said Nick motioning her to come towards him.

Ellen walked over to the bar and put a beer on the bar next to Nick's hands. She looked him up and down.
"Sure you're ready, kid? Y' still look banged up from the last hunt... But as it happens I might have somethin' for ya. I'm waiting for Jason to get here an' if you're both ready to team up again, could be there's a case in it for the two of ya..."
(OOC When you're ready, read the newspaper report and then head to Quebec for the Hunt - Nick Grace and Jason Rath as the hunters. If someone else wants to join in over the weekend, I'll let you know.)
Jason hesitantly walked through the door. It has been a while since he was here. He was still trying to understand what had happened ever since that time when he and Nick investigated that hunter who was killed. He saw Nick sitting at the counter and slowly joined him. "Can you give me a beer?", he asked with a hoarse voice. He didn't bother making eye contact with Nick when he asked for a drink.

'Jason - good to see ya!' said Ellen and she handed him his favorite beer. 'But y' don't look so good! Was it that last Hunt I gave ya? What's with you an' Nick?' and she glared first at Nick and then at him.
Nick looked at Jason and frowned and asked "you still ticked off at me? I'm sorry, for everything," said Nick taking a drink.
"You could say that, Ellen.", Jason replied to her. "And I don't want to talk about it. It's bad enough that I got screwed over because of you.", Jason said to Nick with a clear tone of hostility. He turn his attention back to Ellen, "Can we just move on? Do we have a Hunt or not, Ellen?"

"Hold up, Jason. Sure, I always have a Hunt or two waitin' for a couple of good Hunters but you need to talk this out now - both o' ya! I ain't givin' neither of you a Hunt until I know y' all can work together without the wheels fallin' off. Oh an' I'm expecting another Hunter in tonight an' I'd like her to join ya - her name's Kate. Maybe she can help to keep the peace between ya."
(OOC I've PM'd Kate to ask her to join in here - Ellen)

Kate walked into the Roadhouse and took in the familiar surroundings. She saw Ellen talking to two men and waved to get her attention. As soon as Kate approached, she could feel the tension between the three. She sat down next to one of the men, careful not to get in the middle of a possible scuffle.
"Heya, Ellen. I got your message about the case in Quebec. Sounds like you might need a tracker, so I thought I'd swing by. How've you been?"

Ellen's face dissolved into a huge smile. "Kate, good to see ya! Yeah, I'm good, thanks, Hon. Come and say 'Hi' to Jason and Nick here" and she waved at the two men at the bar. "Y' can fill me in on your last hunt later but you're here safe an' sound an' that's what matters, ain't it, Boys?" she said, two lines creasing her forehead as she looked in their direction. "Hey, are ya hungry?" - this to Kate.

"I've been saving space for one of your cheeseburgers, Ellen." Kate said with a broad smile. "And a beer if you got one back there with my name on it."

"No problem! One cheeseburger special comin' up!" Ellen bent down behind the counter and stood up with a beer, took the top off expertly and handed it to Kate. "Here, Darlin'. I'll just go and rustle up your food." She gave a pointed glance at Jason and Nick and then disappeared out back.

With Ellen gone, the tension between the hunters was palpable. Kate figured these two were still in the middle of something, so she pulled out her copy of the report on the Quebec disappearances and started making notes. After a few awkward seconds, she decided she was being silly and turned to the hunter sitting next to her, whose dark head was bowed over his beer. "Hey, listen. I don't wanna interrupt, butt it seems silly to sit here and not at least say 'hi'. Kate extended her hand. "I'm Kate. You're Jason, right?"

(OOC Nick and Jason, talk out your issues - at least a little please, for realism - and then you can all head off to Quebec for the Hunt - Ellen)

"Yeah, I'm Jason. Nice to meet you, Kate.", Jason said as he greeted her. "The schmuck next to me is Nick. Say hi to her, Nick.", Jason ordered nonchalantly. "The sooner we get the introduction out of the way, the faster I can tell you how ticked off I am because of you.", he sarcastically added before taking a drink from his beer. It seems that Jason is still sarcastic as ever.

"Nice to meet you, Nick." Kate said. Mercifully, Kate's burger arrived before any further tense conversation was required. She ate happily, while looking over the case report and trying not to overhear the battle-royal brewing next to her.
"Hey, you're the one who was dumb enough to run into a trap, I mean, hello, I told you that it was Zoe, a demon who is tied to me because I'm the one who's a half demon here. Besides, you started that fight just because I had a few dumb ideas! Hi Kate, I'm Nick by the way, and just to warn you, I'm half demon, so if you plan on to sticking with us, be careful because you might get captured by demons like Mr. I'm so bossy and arrogant that I let myself get caught and killed by demons over here." Said Nick
"You told me jack sh*t!", Jason spat at Nick. "I stayed at the house doing what we were meant to do! And that was investigating! Where the Hell were you?! I had to deal with two demons by myself! The only reason that I managed to get out alive was because I find a secret compartment in the other guy's room. But let me guess, you left me so that you can have a road trip with that b*tch, Zoe! I'm right, aren't I? Of course I'm right. I know you long enough for you to do something that stupid.", Jason stated as he took another drink from his beer. "And do you know what's the worst part? Even though I got rid of two demons on my own, I got arrested by those FBI agents that were investigating the case. Where I was taken into custody and got ganged up by a bunch of demons at the station! I got lynched!", Jason roared in anger. "I was dragged into Hell! Do you know that in Hell, the flow of time is different compared with the world of the living? Well I do! I don't know how long I've been dead, but I've spent longer in Hell.", Jason stated as he finished his drink.

"Nick, looks like you got some 'splainin' to do! An' how come ya managed to 'scape Hell, Jason?" Ellen said, drawing a knife from the back of her jeans. "Kate, ya got some holy water with ya? Let's check Jason out first.'

"Gladly." Kate said as she tossed her flask of holy water to Ellen. This whole thing was making her uneasy. Most hunters knew a few basic spells, and Kate knew some who could even be considered white witches. But hunting with a half-demon was something completely new for Kate. Demons lie and deceive with the speed of thoughtHarvelle's Roadhouse P14 - Supernatural Wiki. Kate looked at Nick with renewed skepticism. There were also rumors circulating about a hunter who died working with Nick; who knew if that was truth or just rumor, but now Kate was sitting next to a guy who somehow managed to escape from hell? It was all starting to feel "off". But don't forget the big picture, here. Kate thought to herself. There are people disappearing -- possibly dying. If these guys need a tracker for this case, I'm still the best one around. The smart move was probably to pass on this hunt, but the 'right' move was to work this case and save people if that's possible. Just watch your back. Kate said to herself.

Ellen opened the bottle, still holding onto her knife and threw the holy water onto Jason. He shuddered and for a moment Ellen thought he was going to scream and she readied her knife to strike but he just wiped the water away from his face and grinned uncertainly at her.
"Christo!" she shouted, just to make sure. Jason didn't flinch at all.
"So, you're no demon, Jason. That's good! But I still want an explanation as to how ya 'scaped from Hell... An' what about you, Nick?" she said, turning to glare at him. "What's your side of the storyHarvelle's Roadhouse P14 - Supernatural Wiki? I don't like half-demons, even ones who've proved themselves as Hunters. I'm always waitin' for the other shoe to drop," and she held the knife steady in Nick's direction.

"Look, here is a summary of what had happened, I had a vision of Zoe, who was "dead" because of me on our first case together, was killing my childhood neighbors, we met this other girl there and we got into a fight and I left, only to find Zoe in my car. She dragged me to the Gates of Hell in Pennsylvania to release a box of demons. I did and I saw Jason in Hell and I rescued him. Zoe got p***** at me, but rewarded me by letting him go, though she wiped his memory of being rescued. Up until now, he thought he did the impossible and escaped it by himself. The funny thing is that in these last two cases, he makes himself sound so smart and yet he falls into a trap, he knew we were hunting demons and forgot to bring holy water and do an exorcism on them!" Nick said explaining himself.

"Well, that's an ...interestin' story you're tellin' there, Nick," Ellen said, glaring at him. Her mouth was still set. "What do you thinkHarvelle's Roadhouse P14 - Supernatural Wiki about that, Jason? Nick saved ya ...apparently."

"I would like to point out that some of what he said are true, but some of it were nothing but lies.", Jason stated for the record. "Everything about him getting me out of Hell were true or I thinkHarvelle's Roadhouse P14 - Supernatural Wiki are true. Hard to tell when he started talking about memory wiping. Can't tell if he's lying or not for a while.", he explained. "And I did NOT forget to bring holy water, you moron! I made sure that I am prepared for everything! Especially since I still remember being in Hell! You b*tching about holy water is not about me forgetting holy water! It's about you using up my d*mn supplies!", he stated angrily. "I've been dead for like what? Days? Weeks? Months? Would it kill you to bring your own damn supplies?! My car is still in the pound! I had to start from scratch because my stuff got confiscated by the feds!", he stated. "And I certainly did not forget to exorcise them. You decided to do your own thing before I could even exorcise them! This isn't about me forgetting to exorcise those d*mn demons! It's about you interrupting me!", he angrily added.

"This don't look to be gettin' us anywhere!" Ellen said, still frowning. "We need proof I guess. What would satisfy you, Jason? What if we summoned that Zoe b**ch an' make her tell us the truth - would that satisfy you? I ain't sendin' Kate off with ya until you've made your peace an' I know I can trust ya both."
(OOC - this is meant to facilitate Nick and Jason coming to an understanding so they can go off and hunt with Kate...)
"Doubt shell answer to anyone but me, butI'moutta here,I'mbored. Lets go Jason,I'msorryOK, fact, I got asurprise foryou out back, Zoe got the car out in a way you do not want toknowthat bothers me." said Nick.

(OOC This doesn't cut it, Nick! Look at my last OOC entry - all my entries since you arrived in fact. Ellen said she isn't giving you a Hunt until you and Jason work it out together and you haven't - not yet. Jason hasn't even replied to me yet. Ellen's dialog is based on how you finished the last Hunt and what's happened since you got to the Roadhouse - she wouldn't give a hunt to two Hunters in this situation. You need to sort things out with him in a realistic way and not just bale on the Roadhouse saying you're bored - you haven't even been given the Hunt yet! There's also Kate who's joining in the game too; she needs to be involved so I suggest you talk offline to Jason and include Kate in this, sort out what you're going to say here and then as long as it makes sense to me you can all join the next Hunt - Ellen)

"Nick, get your ass back to the counter. We're hunters and we hunt. That's the thing we do, you knucklehead. We can't hunt anything unless we find something to hunt! Why the Hell do you think we're here for?! I didn't came here to socialize with you! I came here for a d*mn hunt!", Jason stated. He let out a tiredHarvelle's Roadhouse P14 - Supernatural Wiki sigh before speaking again. "Alright, fine, Nick I'm sorry for giving you a hard time. I'm just... stressed. You try coming back to life while remembering everything in Hell. I got tortured for God knows how long because I helped you. I came back and I had to start from scratch because all my stuff are gone. And you decided to give me a hard time because of it.", he said in a tired tone as he laid his head on the counter. "And I'm not touching anything that that b*tch, Zoe, touched. I'm going to blow it up when I find enough gasoline.", he muttered.

Kate left her beer on the counter and stood between the two hunters. “Jason’s right, Nick. There are lives on the line, here. Ellen called us all here for a hunt, but while you two are arguing about who’s at fault, people are disappearing and may be dying. Now, I don’t know about you, but I came here to put a stop to that! So let me make a suggestion. Either you two step outside and duke it out in the parking lot until you both feel better, or you both decide to stow your crap long enough to hunt the big bad that’s out there killing people. Whaddaya say?”

"Sorry to interrupt," Carrie Harrison said as she walked through the door, blushing. "It's my first time here and I could use some help. I was told you could help me, Ellen." Carrie has never hunted on her own before. She didn't really know what to do.
"How about a truce Jason, I wont be impulsive and get you killed if you dont yell at me and call me stupid for my ideas, and I found out that after you died, the FBI guys kept your stuff in lockup and I got your stuff by lying and saying I was your only cousin whos alive in this country and they let me get it back by signing a lot of papers, theydidn'tgive me your fake IDs though, so I had to make some more for you." said Nick handing Jason his car keys.

"So, looks like you two are sorted then?" Ellen said in the deep silence that followed. "That right, Jason - you okay with that?" She looked over at Kate and her mouth twitched. "An' maybe next time ya might thinkHarvelle's Roadhouse P14 - Supernatural Wiki twice before steppin' between these two hotheads, Kate... But thanks, Hon for tryin' to make 'em see some sense! Come back to the bar an' we'll talk about that hunt..."
Ellen walked over to the bar and stepped behind it. Then she looked up and smiled at the newcomer, who stood uncertainly just inside the doorway. She waved at her, inviting her over to the bar. "Come in, Girl; we don't stand on ceremony here! Can I get ya a drink?"
(OOC Looks like we may have a fourth Hunter for this new hunt? - That OK with everyone? - Ellen)
(OOC Ok with me :)

"Yeah, a truce sounds good. And I'll try not to yell or call you stupid for your ideas. But I'm going to say that the part about you getting my stuff back does not make sense. I'm pretty sure that they would run a background checkHarvelle's Roadhouse P14 - Supernatural Wiki before giving you the weapons that I kept in my car.", Jason stated. "I swear to God, Zoe has something to do with that. No thanks, you can keep the stuff. The way you somehow managed to get it at all makes me uncomfortable. For all I know, all of my stuff got tampered to make sure I die again. I'm just glad that I had some backup gear back home to start off with and stole another model of my old car from a junkyard and fixed it.", he added. "But anyway, hand me my fake credentials, Nick. I want to see how well you made them.", Jason asked as he wants to know what are his new IDs were.
(OOC: I don't really mindHarvelle's Roadhouse P14 - Supernatural Wiki. The more, the merrier!)

Kate ignored the continuing drama between Jason and Nick and walked over to Carrie. "Hey, Carrie. I'm Kate. And these two grumpy dudes are Nick and Jason. I just met 'em myself, so can't tell you anything more except stay out of the line of fire. Can I buy you a beer?"

"Beers are on the house," said Ellen, and she brought four beers out from under the counter. "Hey, Nick and Jason, come an' get a cold one!" She turned to the new girl. "Now who sent ya to me, an' why?" and she smiled encouragingly at her.
(Going offline now, guys! I'll catch ya tomorrow - Ellen)

"Yeah, ok, I made a dozen of them, EPA,CIA,FBI, here take a look at them and see if I missed anything. If you need a ride, I'll take you to your car, I need to speak to you in private, I've got myself into a neck deep pile of s***." Nick said.

Jason gave some of them a closer look. "Ben... Dover?", he said unsure of what he had just read. "C. Mike Rack? Daryl B. Payne? Oliver Bush? What the Hell, Nick?!", he asked out of outrage. "All of these names are all wordplay!", he stated as he just realized that he just listed off the names that Nick had made for him out loud. He slammed his head on the counter as he grab a beer for himself. "You're an ass, Nick.", Jason stated before drinking the cold beer.

Carrie finally gathered the courage to step forward. "I... um... the two guys I was hunting with before. They probably haven't even given me their real names. Anyway, they told me you could help me to start hunting on my own." She blushed again and smiled nervously. "By the way, nice to meet you, Kate. Jason, Nick." She thankfully took a beer from Ellen and sat down on one of the chairs.

Ellen smiled at her to take the sting out of her words. "I don't send Hunters off on their own, not until I know them, Hon. Let's talk awhile, but first I gotta bring some crates up from the basement. Enjoy your beer" and she disappeared out back.
(OOC Back later, All - Ellen)

Carrie smiled at Ellen - she immediately liked her. She looked around the bar, sipping on her beer. Every once in a while, she glanced through the window to see if her old Pontiac Firebird was still there. She was playing nervously with her charm bracelet. She didn't like meeting new peopleHarvelle's Roadhouse P14 - Supernatural Wiki, but she liked Ellen - and Kate too. "So, you're a hunter too?" she asked Kate to break the ice. She wasn't quite used to small talk.

"Yeah." Kate replied. "Grew up in the life -- hunting and tracking with my dad and my brothers. How 'bout you? Nice ride, by the way -- I saw you pull in." Kate could tell Carrie was nervous, but couldn't figure out why, yet. Maybe it was the Nick and Jason floor show, or maybe something else.

"Thanks," Carrie blushed. She wished she could relax a bit more, but that just wasn't her. "Well, to put it simply, all my familyHarvelle's Roadhouse P14 - Supernatural Wiki got killed by a crocotta. Two hunters saved me in the last moment and I started hunting with them. I just couldn't sit around and do nothing, ya know?" Carrie hoped Kate won't pity her, like most people do. She wasn't looking for that. She was done being the fragile broken girl. She had to be strong now.

"Well, for what it's worth, I've never heard a happy storyHarvelle's Roadhouse P14 - Supernatural Wiki about how a hunter got into the life. Losing your whole family, though -- that's about as awful as it gets. I lost my mom to vamps when I was 10. There were three of them and two of us and, well, we managed to kill two of 'em, but the third got to my mom before I could get to him. I still have my dad and my brothers, though, so I guess that makes me luckier than most." Kate smiled to herself. "But you know, I decided a long time ago that we can't stop bad things from happening. All we can do is fight the bad that's in front of us. So I guess as long as we land on our feet and we're still in the fight, that's a good day for a hunter, huh?"

Jace parked his red 65' Mustang and looked at the name of the bar. Harvelle's Roadhouse - yup, this was the place his dad told him about. He got out of his car and walked into the bar like he owned the place. He was surprised he's never been here before - it looked like the perfect place for a hunter. "Hi, I'm Jace Allen" he said to no-one in particular. "Is anyone of you Ellen?" he asked and walked to the counter, taking a seat next to the girl whose name was Carrie. That was a bad habit of his, eavesdropping to other people's conversations.

Carrie ignored the arrogant guy who sat next to her and answered Kate: "Yeah, you're right. Sorry about your mom - but if you're anything like me pity's the last thing you want." She laughed quietly. The beer was starting to work its magic.

"I'll drink to that." Kate said with a smile, raising her beer towards Carrie in a toast.

Carrie touched her beer bottle to Kate's and smiled. It will be nice working with her.

Jace did not like to be ignored. He decided the best thing he could do was to try and get some sleep. He walked out of the bar again and towards his Mustang. He made himself comfortable in the back seat and closed his eyes.

Ellen walked back out, lugging a heavy crate of beer. She must have dropped it the last inch or two onto the floor because the bottles jingled happily in the crate and all eyes looked across at her at the sudden noise. "Did I hear someone else out here?" she asked.

(OOC As we seem to have 5 Hunters here, including Jace, I'd like to split y'all into a 3 and a 2 for two separate hunts - OK? - Ellen)

(OOC why not, sure)

Jace woke up and got out of the car. His back hurt, but he was used to in. He looked through one of the windows of the Roadhouse and saw another woman in the bar - she could only be Ellen. He walked into the bar and to the counter where he smiled at her. "You must be Ellen, right?" he said. "My father sent me here if I ever wanted to hunt on my own. Since he's dead now, I barely have a choice. I'm Jace Allen."

(OOC It's okay with me)

Carrie greeted Ellen with a smile and a wave, then turned around when the guy from before walked in. She was sorry now that she was so rude to him before. That was not in her nature.

"I'm sure popular today!" Ellen said, smiling at everyone in the bar. "People seem to be recommendin' me all over! First this girl here - sorry, Hon, we never did get introduced - and you! Want a beer? Then we can talk."

"Sorry, I'm Carrie, Carrie Harrison," she said and made sure to smile so her words wouldn't be misunderstood.

"Sure, thanks," Jace said and accepted the beer.

Ellen was still thinking about Jason and Nick. She wasn't happy with them working together, not after last time. But they would hunt even if she didn't give them anything, so better to try and manage them, if she could. Was Nick reliable though? How close was he to Zoe? Could she even trust him? She saw Kate and Carrie sitting there in front of her and didn't like to put them in the line of fire. They reminded her too much of Jo... She made a decision - 'course it would depend on her conversations with the new guy but at least she was trying to help everyone...

"So, Carrie, tell me about yourself... And you, who are you?" she said to Jace.

"I'm just your regular hunter, ya know, raised into the job... I went to college for a while, dropped out when I was 20 and my dad died... That was almost 4 years ago but I haven't hunted much since, tried to settle down. Guess it caught up to me." Jace said with a bitter smile. "It's like they say: once you're in, there's no getting out. Or is that about the mafia?" (OOC I have my character page but I don't think it's listed you can "search this page" if you want)

"I wasn't raised into this, though," Carrie said while sipping on her beer. She didn't like this stuff but if it helped her to relax and fit in... "My whole family was killed by a crocotta one way or another... it'll be a year in two weeks' time. Two hunters saved me from the same fate - said their names were Sam and Dean Winchester, but you never know in this job. Anyway, I wanted to go hunting with them, I couldn't just go back to my normal life, and they took me with them. I decided to start hunting on my own just three months ago, I think. I haven't worked a single job since, except as a bartender, but that doesn't count, does it?" Carrie put down her beer and stood up, smiling thankfully. "Anyway, it's getting late and I need to find a motel, get some sleep. Thanks for everything. I'll come back tomorrow and we'll talk then, OK?" Carrie put some money on the counter, for the beer and everything else - she had money to spare since her parents were filthy rich - and walked out, climbing into her Pontiac. (OOC same as Jace I have a character page but somehow isn't listed. Sorry I gotta go, talk to you tomorrow)

"Actually, I better be going as well," Jace said and threw a few coins on the counter. "Haven't had a decent night's sleep in months. Guess it comes with the job description, right?" he laughed, standing up. He yawned to prove his point, nodded to everyone in the Roadhouse and got out. He will have to be careful not to fall asleep behind the wheel.

"Wait, Carrie! Dean and Sam Winchester? When was this?" Ellen said, a broad smile on her face. "I ain't seen those boys in a long while! Tell me about 'em an' what happened to ya! Y' can sleep here if y' like... An' Jace, I've a bunk here for ya too if y' want it! How're you fixed, Kate? Got somewhere to stay or d y' want to stay in the barn? - it's cosy an' clean at least... Hell y' can all stay - Nick an' Jason too, if 'n' y' can stow your cr*p! We can have a session tonight - it'll just be like old times! and Ellen started humming as she wiped the bar top down. Carrie wondered at how carefree Ellen looked now, and why...

"I'm good for now, Ellen." Kate smiled. "I've got some notes to look over, so I may not sleep tonight. I'll head to the barn if I get tired, though. Thanks for the offer. But for now, I'll take another beer." She returned Ellen's broad smile and happily accepted the beer. Then she took a seat at a small table in the corner to look over her case notes.

Carrie returned at the Roadhouse first thing in the morning. She only heard Ellen's offer after she started her car. She was sorry she didn't stay though - anything would be better than the cr*ppy motel. As she was walking from her car to the front door, she pulled her hair up into a messy bun to keep it out of her eyes. When she walked is she looked around and saw Kate asleep with her head on a table, but there was no-one else in sight. She tensed and gripped her backpack - with her favourite gun and lots of salt inside - tightly. Better safe than sorry.

Jace accepted Ellen's offer and slept quite well on the bunk - much better than he would on the back seat of his car, as he intended to do before. In the morning, he walked in the bar to see the girl from yesterday - Carrie - sitting on a chair next to the counter, looking a bit scared. He couldn't really blame her, this place did look a bit creepy when it was empty. "Hi," he said as he pulled up a chair and sat next to her.

Carrie jumped slightly and turned around to see Jace sitting next to her. "Hi," she said suspiciously. She didn't trust him, but then again, she didn't trust anybody, except maybe Ellen. Besides, she had a teenie weenie hangover. She wasn't used to drinking - hell, she was barely allowed to step into a bar. Jace looked a little older than her, twenty-five perhaps? "What are you doing here so early?" she asked him.

Jace laughed. "Same as you I guess, just hanging around, waiting for Ellen." He looked Carrie again. She looked young, twenty or twenty-one, and way too innocent and weak for a hunter. She had "newbie" written all over her. "You listen to Evanescence?" he asked when he noticed the tattoo on her neck and grinned.

"Yeah," Carrie said and readjusted her hair and shirt so that the tattoo wasn't visible anymore. She had the tattoos because they meant something to her, not for people to make rude comments. "So what's up with that scar?" she asked, pointing to the scar that was just barely visible above the collar of his jacket, on the back of his neck. If he thought he could ask personal questions, so could she.

"Fair enough," Jace laughed, but didn't answer Carrie's question nor did he say anything else. Instead, he helped himself to a bottle of beer that was sitting on the counter, ignoring the early hour, and sipped quietly.

Carrie gave up the conversation, she preferred peace and silence anyway, and got up with a sigh. She needed something that would wake her up and she remembered she had a bottle of Coke in her car. She went to fetch it and since she was already there, she also took her favourite bookHarvelle's Roadhouse P14 - Supernatural Wiki: a worn paperback copy of Harry Potter and the Prisoner of Azkaban. With the book and the 2-liter-bottle of Coke she returned into the bar and sat down, opening the book and taking a sip of her drink. She hoped Jace will leave her lone for a while. She needed some time alone.

Kate woke with a stiff neck and, closing her laptop, stood up to stretch. The Roadhouse was empty except for Carrie and Jace, who were talking quietly near the bar. Kate slipped into the washroom to freshen up. When she returned, Carrie was reading a bookHarvelle's Roadhouse P14 - Supernatural Wiki and Jace was drinking a beer for breakfast. “Mornin’ guys.” She said. “I’m gonna make a sandwich. You guys want one, too?”
“Really?” Carrie asked.
“Sure. Ellen and I go way back. I don’t thinkHarvelle's Roadhouse P14 - Supernatural Wiki she’ll mind just this once, as long as I don’t make a mess. I think she’d mind more if we woke her up to fix us food. She was up pretty late. Hey, Jace, you want some food to go with that beer?”

"I sure wouldn't mindHarvelle's Roadhouse P14 - Supernatural Wiki a sandwich," Carrie said when Jace stayed quiet. "It's not good to drink near-lethal doses of Coke with an empty stomach," she pointed at her half-empty bottle and smiled.

"Uh, yeah, a sandwich sounds good," Jace said. He got lost in his thoughts a little - more specifically, he was thinking about Ashley and their unborn baby. How was any of it fair? He took another sip of the beer. He was getting drunk and that wasn't good.

Kate nodded and disappeared into the kitchen. She returned a few minutes later with sandwiches for everyone and a tall coffee for herself. She smiled and slid a plate in front of Jace "Bon appetit", then passed another plate to Carrie. She took a seat a respectful distance from Carrie and said "Don't mind me, go ahead and finishHarvelle's Roadhouse P14 - Supernatural Wiki your book." Then she started working on her sandwich and coffee, grateful for a little time to get lost in her own thoughts.

Carrie smiled thankfully at Kate, put down the bookHarvelle's Roadhouse P14 - Supernatural Wiki - she knew it by heart anyway - and started eating her sandwich. It was so much better than tacos and chocolate bars she has been living on the past couple of months. It wasn't that she didn't have money, she was just trying to get used to the low life. She didn't want to look like a spoiled princess.

Ellen appeared a little while later, yawning hugely. "Ah, so you've fixed yourselves some food - that's good! Bit of a late one last night. So, we need to talk. More 'specially, I'd like to know anythin' you can tell me about Dean an' Sam Winchester, Carrie; we didn't get a chance last night... Like where y' last saw them, how they were," she said, looking directly into her eyes. "An' then maybe we can talk about a couple of hunts I might have for y' all, if you're up for it... 'Course five hunters is too many for just one hunt - we ain't talkin' about killin' no Alpha here," she said, smiling faintly, "but there's plenty of work out there..."
(OOC Character pages are under "RPG New Characters" - see thread below. Also, I'd like to put Kate, Carrie and Jason together on one Hunt; Nick and Jace can hunt together on a separate Hunt, unless Nick and Jason are real keen to keep hunting together? - I need to sort this out today / tomorrow so let me know - Ellen)
(OOC sounds good, though I prefer not to be paired up with a newbie on my third hunt, but its fine)

(OOC Thanks, Nick but "newbie's" can be great and I think a break from hunting with Jason would do you both good! - But I also want to get some input from Jason and Jace and Kate and Carrie - Ellen)(OOC sound fine to me as long as I'm paired up with Kate)
(OOC Aww, thanks, Carrie! I'm good with whatever works, Ellen.) "Morning Ellen. So yeah, Dean and Sam," Carrie responded, turning to Ellen. "I last saw them in... Kansas, I think, not sure which town though. It was about three months or so ago. As fas as I could tell, they were fine. Well, as much as they ever were," she smiled sadly. "Of course, there were things they weren't telling me, that much I could tell. They mostly kept me in cheap motelsHarvelle's Roadhouse P14 - Supernatural Wiki and I only saw them two or three times a month when we went hunting together, I think they were picking the easy ones to train me. Otherwise I just did their research. They let me hunt the regular demons, ghosts, a few not-that-powerful monsters and on the last hunt an angel. After that they told me I was ready to hunting without them and gave me directions on how to get here." Carrie paused. "So as I said, as far as I could tell they were fine, except a couple of cuts and bruises, nothing major though."

(OOC I'm fine with it)
Jason woke up with a gasp from a nightmare. He was having a dream about being in Hell again. He started having the nightmare ever since he got out. It's one of the things that put him in a bad mood everyday. It's also why he has been giving Nick a hard time for a while. In a way, Jason blamed Nick for getting him killed. Looking around, he became aware that practically everyone are at the Roadhouse now and that he fell asleep on the counter. He must have dozed off after finishing his beer. He simply groaned and try to get some more rest.
(OOC: I'm good with your proposal, Ellen. Realistically, it would be a good idea for Jason and Nick to have some time away from each other. You know, to let things cool down after being cooked in Hell.)

Carrie looked at the man who was sleeping at the counter when he looked up, but then he dropped his head again. She wanted to find out more about him, but decided time was not appropriate for asking questions. He looked like he's had a nightmare, but really which hunter doesn't? Still, if she was going to hunt with him, she will have to at least be formally introduced. With a sigh, she got up and fetched her laptopHarvelle's Roadhouse P14 - Supernatural Wiki from her car. When she got back, she made herself comfortable. Time for some hacking.

Kate walked quietly over to Jason, who was still slumped over the bar asleep. She left a tall cup of coffee next to him, and jottted a note on a napkin "Not sure if you're alive in there, but thoughtHarvelle's Roadhouse P14 - Supernatural Wiki you could use this. K"
She thought it best not to wake him, and returned to her table from the night before to finishHarvelle's Roadhouse P14 - Supernatural Wiki her own coffee.

Ellen's shoulders moved up and down just perceptibly as she sighed at Carrie's comments about Dean and Sam. She let herself thinkHarvelle's Roadhouse P14 - Supernatural Wiki about them for a few moments and wondered when they'd call her. She'd go upside their heads for sure when she saw them again but at least they were safe, for now, anyway. She saw everyone looking at her and shook herself, smiling back at them all. "So, five Hunters, lookin' for a job here? Well, now you're all acquainted, let's talk about a couple of live hunts I have right now. I'll go an' get the files but I think maybe Jason could team up with Carrie an' Kate here, an' Nick, you could work with Jace on another one."

Carrie looked up from her computerHarvelle's Roadhouse P14 - Supernatural Wiki and at Ellen. She nodded with a smile. "That would be great, thanks Ellen," she said and turned her attention back to the screen. Her Coke was starting to run low and the FBI secret files turned out to be harder to hack into than she thought.

"Sure, great," Jace said to Ellen, smiling. He glanced at Nick, almost invisible in the far corner, and smiled at him too. Then, he glanced at the other hunters. Kate was sitting at one of the tables, drinking coffee. Carrie was doing something on her computer - he wasn't sure but to him it looked like she was trying to hack into confidential FBI files. There was another man - Jason, probably - sleeping at the counter. Good choice, Jace thought and lowered his head on his hands. Then, he sank into a restless sleep, full of dreams of his mother, Ashley, and the baby.

Ellen smiled at Jace, then looked over at Nick and frowned. She leaned forward and shook Jace's shoulder gently and spoke quietly to him when he moved. "Just so ya know, Jace, but Nick an' Jason aren't doin' so well for now. Their last hunt went sour an' Jason got dragged to Hell. He still blames Nick an' I don't want ya to walk in blind. That's why I asked Jason to join in with Kate an' Carrie, to give them both some time apart, but if it's too much to go huntin' with Nick, just say the word... I think he's legit... but it won't hurt to watch your back. And y' can always call me, if there're any problems." She leaned back and went to the other end of the bar to give Jace time to think.

Carrie was officially out of Coke. She was mildly addicted to it, so that didn't make her very happy. "Hey, Ellen, could you maybe check if you have any Coke when you have time?" she said, pointing at her bottle.

"Sure thing, Hon!" Ellen said and she went out, returning with a bottle, which she placed on the bar. "I'll go look for those files" and she went out back again.
Jason was still somewhat conscious, so he heard Ellen's choice in partners. It sounds like a good idea for both Nick and him to take a break from each other. He couldn't go back to sleep so he just laid there with his eyes closed. Minutes pass before he felt that he rest long enough. He sat up and noticed a cup of coffee next to him. There was also a note that suggested Kate was the one that gave it to him. He made a mentalHarvelle's Roadhouse P14 - Supernatural Wiki note on thanking her when he gets the time.

A while later Ellen walked back in with some papers under her arm. "Look, this hunt's about some missing people. I think it might be a good case for Nick and Jace - take a look, guys," and she put the papers onHarvelle's Roadhouse P14 - Supernatural Wiki the bar.

(OOC Nick and Jace, if this is OK, you can both head off to Quebec for the Hunt - Ellen)

"And this other one, well, it's somethin' I got a call about. It might be demons, it might be somethin' else as well... It's important though, an' it's urgent. Here's the address and some notes I made about the call. I thoughtHarvelle's Roadhouse P14 - Supernatural Wiki maybe the three of y' - Kate, Carrie an' Jason could take a look-see? - That's if you're up to a case where demons might be involved, Jason?" Ellen said, her forehead creased again as she looked over at him.

Kate glanced over and saw Jason's head still on the bar. Coffee still in hand, she walked over and accepted the paper from Ellen. "Might as well take a look, right?" she said. "Thanks, Ellen. Hey, Carrie -- you wanna take a look at this?"

(OOC Kate, Carrie and Jason, if this is OK, you can all head off to Altamont, Utah - this is a "free-form" Hunt so less clues and you can make of it what you want... I'm here if you need any advice, so call me! - Ellen)
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(OOC Its fine lets go)
"I'm fine with that. I'm motivated to get of some demons actually. But I just need to do something.", he said. Jason drank the whole coffee to wake himself up more before getting up. However, before he exit the Roadhouse, he took out several dollar bills from his pocket and placed it on the counter. He then proceeded to walk behind the counter and grabbed several alcoholic beverages and a few cloth fabrics. He made several molotovs and exit the Roadhouse. He went to his old car that Nick brought back to him and opened the door to the driversHarvelle's Roadhouse P14 - Supernatural Wiki seat. Bending over, he reached under the car and pulled out the brake lines. Taking a few steps away from the car, he light up the molotovs and threw them into the car. The car soon became a burning wreck. Pushing from behind, he pushed the car down the road. Waiting for a few minutes as the car rolled off, the car soon exploded from the heat finally igniting the gas in the car. He was glad that he found a new car that he drove here. He re-enter the Roadhouse, "Alright let's go. I blew up my old ride so I got no worry about it anymore.", he said to Kate and Carrie before exiting again to get into his new car that he stole from a junkyard. He soon drove off for his next hunt.
(OOC: Alright, I went through with blowing up the car. Now I don't have to worry about it somehow getting someone killed. Now I'm ready for the hunt.)

(OOC Jason, as you're all happy with that, you can head off to Altamont, Utah with Kate and Carrie when you're ready...
...Nick's OK too - hope Jace is? - Ellen)

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(OOC okay let's go)
"Sure thing, Kate. We better be going," Carrie said and quickly copied the notes Ellen gave them, then placed some money on the counter. She hoped it was enough. She nodded at Ellen and the other hunters, then walked out and got into her Firebird. She put the notes about the case on the passanger seat and read them as she drove off.

"Okay, thanks Ellen," Jace said and took several photos of the papers with his phone. "Let's go then!" he said to Nick and walked out of the Roadhouse, then drove off to Quebeck.

"Sure - call me if ya need me - any of ya!" said Ellen as she watched them leave. She wondered if they would all come back...

Linda parked her scooter in the safest place she could think of and looked around cautiously. She wasn't one to judge but last time her scooter was stolen it was hell to get it back. She brushed herself off and walked into the Roadhouse, taking a seat in the farthest corner of the bar with her head down, hoping the woman at the counter wouldn't notice her. Linda wasn't great at small talk and she was only here to tag along with another hunter. She never did like taking on solo hunts so she figured helping another hunter out was better. She sat there quietly and fiddled with her watch. (OOC: I know you're away but I'll just leave this here! :D Hope to see you soon.)

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Ellen came out into the bar, thinking it was a quiet night and she might as well close up, when she noticed a girl sitting back in one corner. She was alone but she looked like she wanted to be...
"Hey, Hon, what can I do for ya?" she said. Her voice carried across the room and the girl flinched...

(OOC Do you want to hunt now, Llamadreams? - I have asked people if they want to join in...)

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Linda nearly jumped out of her seat at the sound of the woman's voice, she should have expected her to notice since no one else seemed to be around. "Oh... u-uh.. I'm just waiting for uh.." Her voice caught in her throat as she looked away.

"Did someone send ya here, Hon?" Ellen said, gently.

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"..Not exactly.." Linda had heard about the Roadhouse a while back but she figured she'd help around her hometown a little longer before going here. "I just thought I'd wait here for any other hunters to show up if they need any help.. I..." She looked up at her. "I don't like working cases alone to tell you the truth.." She sheepishly smiled.

"You an' me both!" Ellen said, smiling. "An' I never send anyone I don't know out on their own, so y' can stay here, keep me comp'ny if ya like?"

"Sure. That would be nice." Linda replied with a warm smile. "My name's Linda, by the way."

"Well, I'm Ellen. Pleased to meet ya. Now, would you like somethin' to eat an' a drink? Then maybe ya can tell me a bit about yourself?, why you're here?"

"Hm.. I guess I could eat, Ellen." Linda hadn't realized until now how hungry she was.

"Well, I can do ya a special burger an' fries, or a sandwich... It's late now for the house menu - so what do y' think?" said Ellen as she wiped the bar down...
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"A sandwich is fine, thanks. I'm not too picky about this." Linda dug out her wallet and looked from some loose bills. "How much is it?"
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"No charge today, Hon," Ellen replied to Linda. "Ev'ry Hunter gets at least one free meal here! One sandwich comin' up," and she went out back...

Linda tucked away her wallet and took a moment to close her eyes and relax. She hadn't slept for a couple days. It was a miracle she could even function properly, what with all the paranoia she was getting. A noise made her jump and her eyes darted around the Roadhouse, one hand firmly gripping the knife in her pocket as she tried to stay calm. After a few seconds she realized it was probably just Ellen in the kitchen. "Keep it together Eickholt.." she mumbled to herself.

Ellen came out a few minutes later with a large sandwich. "You look a little squirrelly, girl an' ya might want to let go of that blade in your pocket before ya hurt y'self. No-one 'll do anythin' to ya here," she said, her head tilted slightly to one side as she stared at Linda.

"S-Sorry... It's just been a rough couple of nights for me." Linda released her grip on the knife and smiled sheepishly. "Thank you for the sandwich, Ellen." She took a bite of the sandwich.

"A good night's sleep 'll make you feel a whole lot better," Ellen said, handing a steaming hot cup of coffee over to Linda. "You can stay here tonight if you want to. I've plenty of room."

She takes a sip of the coffee and nearly spits it out. "You're too kind..!"
"Coffee too strong for ya?" Ellen laughed. "You remind me of Jo - my daughter. She always liked it weak ... Anyways, ya look like y' need some help. Eat an' then tell me what's bothering ya."

Linda finishes up with her sandwich. She looks up at Ellen as she wipes her mouth with a napkin. "Well, I've been extra cautious ever since--" Her voice croaks as she forces the words out. "I just have bad history with.. Hellhounds. That's all." She shakes her head and sighs. "You can never be too careful."

Ellen nodded slightly. "I know a couple of boys 'd agree with ya. But hellhounds only normally come after ya if you've sold your soul... Y' didn't... did ya?" Her fingers were trembling on top of the bar.

Linda chuckles somberly. "No no. That would be a very silly mistake.."
"Yeah, it would," said Ellen, nodding her head slightly. Her eyes were bleak. "So ...It was someone ya know who got dragged to Hell?"

"My parents.." whispered Linda, idly pressing buttons on her watch. She shook her head as she recalled the memory

"So... D' y' want to talk about it?" Ellen said. She reached over the bar top and put her hand over Linda's and smiled at her encouragingly.

(OOC I may have another Hunter looking to play in the RPG and there are a couple of other possibilities so it shouldn't be too long, Llamadreams. In the meantime we'll get to know each other a little more and you can ask me any questions - Ellen)

Linda looks up at Ellen and smiles sadly. "Thank you, but I'd rather not.. It was a long time ago."
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"Honey, y' can't expect me to send ya off on a hunt with someone else if I don't know anythin' about ya," Ellen said, shaking her head. "I know these guys an' gals. It ain't fair an' I just can't. If 'n ya don't open up, ya 'll have to go someplace else an' hunt on y' own... I'm sorry," Ellen withdrew her hand and smiled sadly at Linda.
Natalie took a deep breath, possibly her last breath of fresh air before entering what might be a smoke-filled bar,and slowly creaked the door open. Popping her head in for a quick look about the room, Natalie spotted the bars single female patron and a female barkeep. (I made this red and then saved and it came out white. Now, I am going to make it red again, so if it comes out white, please, don't blame me.)
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"Hey, come an' join us, Girl!" Ellen said as the door opened. So many Hunters comin' in all at once. What in Hell is goin' on, she thought...

Linda mumbles in Ellen's direction. "I don't know what kind of deal they made but I found them torn up in the living room.. I was just a teenager.." She coughs. "That's about it.."

"S' OK, Hon! I guess it's difficult for ya... take your time," said Ellen, patting the girl's hand. "What's your name?"

"Eickholt. Linda Eickhol--" She stopped mid-sentence and turned to see someone else had entered the Roadhouse. Linda sighed in relief, for a second she thought it was something else.

"So um...it's not too late to come in?" asked Natalie.

"No, 'course not! Come an' join us," Ellen said, frowning a little at the girl who was still standing uncertainly in the doorway. She looked like she was about to bolt.

"Um...", said Natalie, still standing in the open door. "A Mr. Fitzgerald recommended I come here. Do you know him? He helped me with a problem and says there are folks down here who can help me out some more."
"You're lettin' the cold in, Girl! Come on in, why don't ya!" Ellen said, as patiently as she could.
"...He told me there would be an Ellen and a Jo here. Is that correct?" Natalie asked as she took a step inside the door and let it shut.

"Well, I'm Ellen but I don't know any ...Fitzgerald was it? What does he look like? Why did he tell ya to come here?" Ellen said, gently and she turned back to Linda to give the new girl time to recover.

Linda glanced at the girl before looking back at Ellen. And I thought I was nervous to be here.. She thought as she returned to fiddling with her watch.
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"Well, he helped me with something...it's so strange, you probably would think that I was making it up." Natalie grabbed at her purse. "Are you still serving food tonight, or is she your last customer for this evening?" She asked, indicating the woman sitting on the barstool.

"I can believe a lot, Hon, trust me! Y' can tell me all about it later," said Ellen. "So, I guess he is a Hunter, the guy who sent ya to me... maybe we have friends in common? And no, there's still time to order food. Y' look like ya need somethin' to eat," Ellen said as she handed a menu to the girl. "This here is Linda. She's in the trade too."

Linda perked up at the sound of her name. She flashed a subtle smile at the girl before returning to her watch.
Natalie stepped up and took the offered menu, before sitting down one barstool away from Linda, but didn't look at it right away. "So, you two know about demons and...?" She glanced at the menu for a split second and back up again, before changing the subject. "You have any pie?"

"Yeah, we know," said Ellen, abruptly. "Question is, do you? But have some food first an' then we can talk. I have apple an' cherry pie... What'll it be?"
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(OOC Sorry, Linda, but Natalie said she isn't going to play now... I have asked someone else who might be interested and another game is finishing so we might be able to do another one soon... I'll let ya know - Ellen :)

Natalie's phone trilled out just then and she picked it up. She listened for a few moments and her face changed. "Sorry, Ellen, gotta go, sorry! Hold the food, please" and she upped and left.
Ellen looked at her disappearing through the door and said to Linda, "looks like you're on y' own here for now, kid! Don't worry, there'll be another Hunter or two along soon an' we'll see if y' want to join any of them for a Hunt."
Rolling by the Roadhouse, Jason got out of his new stolen car. Don't worry, he stole it from a junkyard and made some repairs to have it in driving condition. He really have to thank Kate for tolerating him when she drove him around to find a decent car to steal. He made his way into the Roadhouse and notice that there's only one customer in the place. He walked over to the counter, "Hey Ellen, I'm back.", he greeted as he sat down. "I'll have a beer and a cheeseburger if you don't mind.", he ordered as he glanced over at Linda. He wonders if she's a hunter. He hope not. Too many hunters are showing up and that's just depressing.
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Cora walked into the bar, taking in her surroundings, the familiar warmth and smell of beer felt like home to her now. She saw Ellen talking to a girl on the left side of the bar and sat next to her. She was pretty, but looked rather young, her dirty blond hair wasneatlygroomed and her eyes were kind. She had certainly not been hunting recently.
"Hey Ellen" She said smiling, and then to the hunter sitting down " Howdy."

Ellen smiled at Jason and Cora and placed their favourite beers down in front of them. "Comin' right up, Jason" and she nodded at him and Cora, smiling brightly. "It's good to see you an' Cora back, safe an' sound!"
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Linda muttered a low, "Hi there." and took a brief glance at the two customers she assumed were hunters as well. They looked older than her, especially the man Ellen referred to as Jason. She ceased messing with her watch and absently stared at the counter.

(OOC No worries, Llamadreams! Good to have ya back here! - Ellen)

"Linda, this here is Jason and this is Cora. They've just got back from a Hunt. I'm gettin' Jason some food. Do ya want somethin' else? It's a while since y' had that sandwich. An' what about you, Cora? I'll just get that cheeseburger on while ya both think," Ellen said as she disappeared into the back, not waiting for an answer.

(OOC I'll set up the next Hunt early tomorrow, people, if that's OK? - Get to know each other in the meantime, huh? - Ellen)

Linda blinked as she watched Ellen leave into the back. She sure works fast, she thought to herself.
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Ellen came out with Jason's cheeseburger and fries.
"Here ya go, Jason!" She nodded at Linda and Cora. "And while you two are still lookin' at the menu and tryin' to make up your minds I've a possible Hunt here for ya. Have a look at this newspaper report - some missing children down in New Orleans. Linda here is lookin' to team up with someone an' I thought you two could help her out, maybe?"

"Yeah, I'm up for it." Cora said, directing her gaze to the newspaper report Linda had opened the file. She'd heard about this on the news, it was all over the big channels. "Are you sure this is something for us? I mean, if there are alligator tracks... It wouldn't be the first time animals go cuckoo crazy."

"That's a lot of kids to be attacked all in a short space o' time," Ellen said, frowning. "And, look here," she said, stabbing her finger on the newspaper, "some of the tracks are in places alligators aren't normally seen. 'Sides, hate to say it but there should be some remains - somethin' - and nuthin's been found, not anywhere."

Linda quietly read through the article making sure to catch every detail. She raises an eyebrow and tilts her head in Cora's direction. "Looks like our first lead is Nadine Faraday," she said, pointing at a sentence, "says here she's been put under psychiatric observation and claims her son's disappearance was connected to a curse on the family.." Linda hums to herself as she thinks. "I don't know how 22 children are connected to that but it's worth looking in to."
Jason eating his cheeseburger and drinking his beer as he looked over the newspaper. "I don't mind checking it out. I got nothing better to do really.", Jason stated as he finished his burger and beer. He then turn to Linda, "Well it's possible that the family curse began spreading out through the area. But it doesn't matter really. Kids are going missing and we should check it out. If it's supernatural, we'll deal with it. If it isn't, well that's the local authorities issue.", Jason stated as he placed dollar bills on the counter to pay for the food and drink. "When do you girls want to head out?", he asked the two female hunters.

(OOC Head off when you're ready - the newspaper report takes ya to the Intro and Chapter 1. Good Hunting! - Ellen :)
Cora nodded in agreement to Jason. It was odd in fact.. But they were little kids, and it was worth investigating, she had found bigger things with less leads.
" I'm ready to go, my car's right outside. You guys want a ride?"

"No thanks, I got my own ride. Besides, my luck is terrible these days. I lost two of my cars in the same d*mn month.", Jason stated.

"I guess I could use a ride. My scooter's engine has been acting up lately..." Linda trailed off as she thought about getting it fixed some time later.
Mackenzie Harvelle rolled up to the Roadhouse in her silver Toyota, her caramel colored hair, which fell into lengthy straight strands to the end of her back, was pulled up into a high pony tail, leaving small strands out to frame her face. Her brown eyes were fierce, almost defensive, yet there was an obvious hurt behind them. She was always good at hiding her feelings. She parked easily outside the Roadhouse, before opening the door of her car and stepping out. Her slim legs were covered with dark shorts, the waistband ending a few inches above her waist. She wore a grey t-shirt, tucked into the shorts, with her normal styled black boots, silver buckles circling the ankles of the leather. She sighed as her boots scraped the dirt on the ground, before she slammed her car door with a strength she'd only recently been able to control. She walked around the front of her car before she walked towards the door of her family's Roadhouse. She closed her eyes, taking a deep breath. She brought her pointer finger up to her left side collar bone, tracing the infinity sign that'd been tattooed in white ink on her honey colored skin. She whispered the words, "Believe." To represent the red inked tattoo on her right wrist. She opened the door to the roadhouse, a bit intrigued by the way it had looked, but she made her way straight to a chair and sat down, one leg crossed over the other, letting her guns and knives hang out from her waist belt loosely. Her belt was openly laced with weapons, giving her a more dangerous look, but her face showed a mix of emotion not yet clear of what emotion was most noticeable.

(OOC Hey Mackenzie - good to see another new Hunter here! I'm Spnfanforever (SFF) and I play as Ellen. We need to talk about your character first and do you want to join in a Hunt soon? I have one that's just starting but there's already 3 Hunters on that one... I can see if you can join in if ya want, or you can wait until the next one starts? - Ellen)
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Ellen saw the young woman stride into the bar and she frowned. She'd seen girls like this before - girls who thought they were Hunters but most often they weren't and she didn't like picking up the pieces afterwards.
"Hey, Girl, ya need to give me ya weapons to stash behind the bar - nuthin' on show here!" she said, her voice harsh and carrying through the bar. "Wait, is that you, Mackenzie? - Come here, girl! Haven't seen ya in an age!"

Mackenzie looked up and smiled at Ellen, standing up, her tall structure almost bold as he walked in swift steps towards Ellen. "I know. I've been traveling. But it's always good to visit the family around." Kenzie waved her hand in the air as if waving away a fly and she smiled, leaning onto the bar. "How've you been, Ellen? I haven't talked to you in forever." Kenzie sighed, looking around the Roadhouse, before back at Ellen, her brown eyes focused and almost a bit darker than natural.

"Lookin' good, cuz!" Ellen said and she held her arms out wide for Mackenzie. She stepped in and they both hugged.

"So, you're still huntin' then?" Ellen asked when they released each other but her voice suddenly sounded doubtful. She shook herself and smiled at Mackenzie.
"I have a few Hunters here who ya might like to meet" and she nodded at Jason, Linda and Cora. "This here is my cuz from way back - Mackenzie. I haven't seen her in a while, but she's a good Hunter..."

Mackenzie smiled in a thanks before she nodded with a light sigh. Talking like this with Ellen wasn't something she was used to at the moment since she'd left. "Yeah, I've been around the county. Recently came face to face with another one of them demons. Those things are insane." She folded her arms after they pulled away. She looked around at the hunters she had introduced and Kenzie gave them all as kind of a smile as she could. "Nice to meet y'all." She nodded, before looking at Ellen and leaning in a bit. "Why do I feel like the Hunter groups are getting bigger by the moment?" Or maybe it was that the groups were getting smaller so they all came to the Roadhouse.

Ellen shrugged. "Well, sometimes we get people all together at once... an' sometimes there ain't anyone! Y' know how it goes, Mackenzie!"

Linda turned her attention to the young woman and quietly waved hello. Suddenly the Roadhouse felt very claustrophobic to her so she directed her attention back to her watch to ease her anxiety.

Mackenzie smiled at Linda before she raised an eyebrow, looking back at Ellen. "Hunting's gotten easier since I've been around. And the more hunters we get the easier it is too." She nodded, before looking back at Linda. "What's wrong with Lindy over there?" She asked quietly, turning to look back at her cousin.

"She's just new, gettin' used to the place," Ellen said. "In the Roadhouse for a while on ya own is tough..." and she sighed.

Mackenzie frowned, overlapping Ellen's hand with her own as she looked at her cousin with gentleness. "I know, Ellen. Well, at least a bunch of Hunters are coming through now. You're not completely alone." She assured with a smile, standing up straight.
Cora got up as the new hunter and Ellen pulled apart. "Hey, I'm Cora, Cora Hale" She shook the girl's hand smiling widely. It was interesting that there were more and more female hunters everyday, it was about time!
"Mackenzie, Harvelle." The girl smiled back at her. Cora couldn't help but notice she had a pretty smile, and it was genuine, even though it was not the happiest she had ever seen, it was real. When you get caught up in the world she was used to, when you only know people surrounded by pain and grief, it's easy to identify the real smiles, from the, sadly, ever so often fake ones.
"Will you sit with us?" Cora invited pointing at the stool next to her. Mackenzie nodded yes.
Jason was still sitting on the other end of the counter, so Cora went up to him.
"Hey, wanna eat that burger with us?"

Mackenzie smiled as she sat down, flashing a glance at Ellen, before looking at Cora and Jason. Her light brown eyes seemed slightly sincere. "I don't really like burgers...but I guess I could pass it for one day." She said with a light laugh, before she looked at Jason. She felt a bit uncomfortable from his gaze and shifted in her seat. She looked back at Cora and raised an eyebrow. "I've met a Hale before. I just don't remember what his first name was. Nice guy." She chuckled, spinning the ice in her cup of water with her finger.

"Hey Mackenzie, I can fix y' up with somethin' else if ya like? We don't just run on burgers here, remember?" Ellen said, smiling. "And maybe y' might want to join up with these guys in a possible Hunt they're goin' to check out later?"
"It's alright, Ellen. A burger from this place will make me feel younger. Being a hunter, you row up pretty quickly." She laughs before she nodded. "A hunt sounds good to me. I'm up for it." She said with a quickness people should've been used to. She was always up for a new hunt, a new challenge.

"Well, eat first an' then we'll talk," Ellen said.

Cora's stomach turned at the Hale name. She assumed Mackenzie was talking about her brother. "Derek... He's my twin brother actually. When did you meet him?"
Mackenzie rose an eyebrow, nodding slowly. "Um yeah, I think that was his name. I met him on a hunt. Really dark guy, he is. Attractive, but dark." She said simply, laughing lightly. She smiled a bit, "He does look like you. He just never mentioned you." Kenzie seemed a bit confused.
"Sounds like him alright.." Cora sighed. Talking about Derek made her feel horribly. "Must've been a while back huh? He's not hunting anymore, at least not in the past 5 years. We got into a fight, he got married.. He's completely out of it, he got out. Never met anyone who did that. "Oh well.. Have you looked at the file?"
Carrie pulled up in front of the Roadhouse. She's been visiting Mike, the little boy she met on her previous hunt, and it took her longer than she expected. She was exhausted, hungry and her bottom hurt from sitting in the car for too long, but she was used to all of that. When she got out of the car she stretched and smiled. She's only been to the Roadhouse once and it already felt like a home. "It grows on you," she whispered and walked inside. "Hi, Ellen," she said with a smile. The bar was quite full; there was Jason, and some girls she didn't know. She walked up to the bar and sat down next to the quiet, a bit miserable-looking girl with a newspaper article. "You got any beer, and something to eat maybe?" she asked Ellen. "I see y'all are already getting ready for a new hunt. Is there still time and place? I'd like to join if I can. By the way, did Jason tell you about our last hunt yet?"

"Sure," Ellen said. "Glad to see y' back, Carrie ...An' not so much but he's back in one piece an' so are you ...Kate called to say she's fine so I guess it went off OK?" She handed Carrie a beer from the cold shelf.
"What do y' want to eat? I've still got today's special if y' like?" and she nodded at the board on the wall.
Mackenzie smiled at Cora. "Yeah, a long time back. Strange I still remember him." She said sincerely before she noticed Carrie pulling up and walking in, talking to Ellen. She smiled, glad that her cousin was so famous around here. "Depends on what file you're talking about girl." She chuckled, before looking over at her cousin. "Any hunts yet?" She called to Ellen. She was aware that almost everyone in here was a hunter.

"There's always a Hunt or two goin' on here, Girl, y' should know that," said Ellen. "I'll get Carrie's food first an' then we'll talk but there's too many Hunters here for one single Hunt - we ain't talkin' about takin' down no Alpha!" and she smiled around the room.

"Oh, I wasn't aware that there were multiple hunts going on or about to go on," Carrie said, a bit taken aback. The girl that was talking looked positively bad*ss and looked somewhat like Ellen, though she couldn't quite put a finger on what it was. "I'm Carrie Harrison, by the way. Nice to meet you," she said politely, if shyly.
Mackenzie nodded towards Carrie, smiling. "I'm Mackenzie Harvelle. Pleasure is mine." She said politely. She may have been a bad *ss hunter, but when it comes to people, she was pretty kind. Distractions were a no-no, but she was always social. She knew how to keep her personal life and her hunting life separate.

"Harvelle, huh? I should've known, probably. You waiting for a hunt too?" Carrie asked with a smile. "I just got back from one, but I don't want to wait too long. If the monsters don't sleep I shouldn't either." She nodded at Ellen to say 'yes' to the special.

(OOC I think five is maybe too many for one Hunt so I can set up a second Hunt early tomorrow and we could split the Hunters into a three and a two like last time - the first three can do the one I've already set up and Mackenzie and Carrie could do the next Hunt - what do ya all think? - Ellen)

(OOC okay sure)

(OOC I'll check back with y' all in a few hours - I'm in a different time zone to most of you guys and need some rest! - But the Hunts start tomorrow, even if other people appear in the meantime - Ellen :)
"Yeah, I'm waiting for a hunt. It's all I ever do. I can't sleep until I know hunters are doing they're jobs correctly. Can't have these things torturing everyone, can we now?" She chuckles. She smiled at Carrie. "I came back from a demon hoard. Those suckers are tough." She rolled her eyes in irritation at the demon hoard memories.

"The last thing I hunted were demons too," Carrie said. "They were stealing souls and we had to shoot a bunch of innocent people to get the souls back. Nasty stuff," she added, yawning. "Don't blame me if I just fall asleep, okay? My day's been almost 48 hours long," she said.
"Hey, no, I understand completely. Hunting tires a girl out. I just stock up on coffee and coffee patches to keep myself awake. Surprised I haven't gone completely insane yet." Mackenzie laughs, petting her long caramel hair out, combing her slim fingers through it. "I suppose we all need our rest though." She nodded in agreement.

Ellen came back in with the special - steaming hot and wafting waves of spiced beef through the room. She placed it in front of Carrie.
"Enjoy - ya look like ya need it! I've been thinkin' that Cora, Linda and Jason could push on with the Hunt I already gave them an' you and Mackenzie here could maybe take on another Hunt I was plannin' to give the next Hunters I see - you two seem to be hittin' it off and Mackenzie will look after ya, I know," she said, nodding at Mackenzie but raising her eyebrow at the same time.
"Well, it was nice to meet you Mackenzie" Cora got up and smiled. "I'm Cora by the way" She introduced herself to the new comer. And then turning to face Linda and Jason "Guys, if we want to be in New Orleans by morning. Linda, if you're tired you can sleep in the car, I'm at full speed." She chuckled. "Jason, meet you there by morning?"

Linda perked up and turned to Cora. "I suppose I should get a few hours in. I wouldn't do you any good if I were falling asleep on the job." She got up and stretched, taking a glance at her watch. It was going to be a long ride. "I'm ready when you are."

(OOC I have another Hunt ready to go - Ellen)

"So, take care, you Guys an' call me when y' have any news," Ellen said to Linda, Cora and Jason. She turned back to look at Mackenzie and Carrie.
"So, I have somethin' about suicides here that I'd like you two to look at" and she placed a newspaper down next to Mackenzie. "Could be somethin'."

"Thanks, Ellen, and yeah, that would be fine with me," Carrie said with a smile. All of a sudden she didn't feel comfortable with the number of people noticing her. "Nice to meet you Cora," she replied to the pretty girl with brown hair. "And to finally answer you, Mackenzie, I survive on Coca-Cola, mostly," she chuckled. "So what do you think about the case Mackenzie? I say we should get going."
(OOC: Hey I'll just write the trip to New Orleans on the first chapter.")
Cora said goodbyes to everyone and followed by Linda headed to her car.
Jason got up from the counter and made to follow after Cora. "I'll you guys later.", he said to everyone in the Roadhouse before leaving.

Ellen saw the three of them off.
"So, you two 'll be leavin' soon too? Maybe y' can stay over a few days when you're back, Mackenzie an' we'll talk? You'll be welcome too, o' course, Carrie," she said.

"I say we do this. This could be an interesting one. But, also a chance it's nothing I haven't seen before." She looked at Carrie, before Mackenzie looked at Ellen. "I look forward to the talk, Ellen. Can't wait." She said with a smile, before she was already exiting the Roadhouse.

Ellen saw Mackenzie and Carrie leave. The Roadhouse was empty again now; even Ash was away for a few days and her footsteps echoed right across the whole room as she walked back to the bar. She poured herself a large whiskey and downed it quickly. Seeing Mackenzie had shaken her. Maybe she should have kept her there and found out what she'd been doing since she last stayed at the Roadhouse... But she was family and she trusted her, didn't she? She shook herself and decided she'd call Carrie often to check how things were going with the two of them...

Alexis cautiously walked into the Roadhouse, not sure what to expect as it was her first time actually coming in the place. The breeze from outside ruffled her short hair, causing her to rearrange it. After seeing as the place was barren and straightening her jacket, she called out, "Ellen?"

Ellen came out of the back, wiping her hands dry. "Do I know ya?" she asked. She was smiling faintly but her eyes were watchful.

"Err..." Alexis hummed, "I didn't really expect you to." She moved up to the counter and held out her hand. "Name's Alexis Weathers. I was told you could possibly help me?"

Ellen shook her hand briefly and let go. Her smile widened slightly but her eyes didn't change; they were still guarded. "So, who told ya that?" she asked. "An' how can I help?"

"No one really," Alexis shrugged, "I just overheard it from a couple of hunters in Omaha." She sat down on a counter chair and glanced around. "I was wondering if you knew of any hunt that needed to be done. I haven't come across anything in a while but I'm sure there's something."

"Tell me a little about y' self first. Do ya want a drink or somethin' to eat?" Ellen said. This girl was a little too vague about everything for her liking.

She shrugged, "There's not much to know about me, and sure. May I have some french fries and a cheeseburger?" Alexis twirled at her hair a little. "I'm 17. I know piano and violin. I've done most of my hunts by myself but sometimes if I find someone going after the same creature, I'll join with them. I'm good at running, I was on track & field for a while. That's pretty much it." Alexis stated, trying not to go into too much depth. "I'm just a regular hunter."

"Sure y' are; I get seventeen-year-old Hunters passin' through here on their own most every day," Ellen said, her eyes twinkling. "I'll go get your food an' a coke, is it? An' you can decide how much more of the truth ya want to tell me. We can start with how long y' 've been huntin' on your own an' why, an' where's y' family now." She turned away without waiting for an answer but as she was going into the back room she turned and smiled brightly at Alexis. "Then maybe, just maybe, we can talk about you takin' on a Hunt." She left the room.

"Yes please." She nodded to Ellen. The second the woman left the room, Alexis started doing her nervous habits. Biting on her lip, Alexis leaned on the counter, her left hand just lightly tapping in a random rhythm. "But I am 17...." She mumbled to herself. Alexis's other thoughts were on how she was going to explain her 'family' history to the woman and how to explain why she's been hunting by herself. Getting uncomfortable, the 17-year-old ran a hand through her short hair and waited for Ellen to return.

(OOC Ellen isn't necessarily doubting your age, it's just that's pretty young for a Hunter, especially when you've been hunting for a while on your own. She's just trying to get to know you; to decide whether to give you a Hunt so this is your chance to talk about yourself from your profile... Ellen looks after her Hunters, especially young ones which remind her of Jo and bring out her maternal instinct! :)

"Here y' are! One cheeseburger and fries," Ellen said as she laid a plate full of hot food in front of Alexis. "I'll just get your coke" and she hunted underneath the bar for a cold one. She found a bottle and dusted it off before opening it and pouring it slowly into a glass. "Don't get much call for these," she said, apologetically. "Enjoy and give a call when you're through" and she went out back again, leaving Alexis to her food and her thoughts. In the back room she phoned a Hunter she knew in Omaha to see if anyone knew this girl; she was skittish, no doubt about it; the question was, why?

(OOC Okay, I wasn't sure how Alexis would take it so I made her take it like Ellen was doubting her about her age. 17 is pretty young, that's true.)
"Thank you." Alexis lightly smiled. "And yeah, I would imagine most people call for beer." She made a slight disgust look on her face, but it passed within seconds. Realizing that Ellen was out the back door, Alexis dug into her food, relishing how amazing it tasted.

Ellen came back out a little while later. Alexis was enjoying the food by the look of it and Ellen smiled - she liked people appreciating her cooking, even if it was only burger and fries. "Do y' want another coke?" she asked. "Or a coffee? I'm having one."
"No thank you," Alexis said politely, "I think I'm good." She watched as Ellen poured herself a coffee before asking a question. "Do you still do hunts? Or do you just run this place now?"

Ellen finished pouring her coffee and took a mouthful, savouring it before she answered Alexis.
"Yeah, I do Hunts," she said. "I just said we'd talk about it... but there ain't no all-fired hurry, Hon." She pulled a stool over and sat down behind the bar, opposite the girl.
"I only give Hunts out to people I know or people who friends of mine know well an' you're neither, Girl. Plus you're young to be Hunting and on your own?" She shook her head but she smiled at Alexis to rob her words of any offense. "I need to know some more about ya first an' then maybe I'll see if I can pair ya up with someone else. I do have a coupla Hunts could do with lookin' at now as it happens."

"Right..." Alexis said slowly, "I just wanted to get going so I didn't bother you too much. But I can tell you a little about me?" She said in a questioning manner. Setting down her burger, Alexis tapped on her glass. "I know I'm young...but I started young. My mom died and I got put in the foster system. I had a few families but I was always given back and then when I ran away to Montana...a woman found me and took me in. I got hunting a few years later." Alexis shrugged. "That's pretty much it."

"Everyone has a story about how they got into huntin' an' I want to know yours, Girl, 'fore I even think about lettin' you take on a Hunt from me! An' some detail on what y' 've been huntin' would help." Ellen shook her head. "What I can't understand is why y' don't wanna say anythin' much about y' self to me."

(OOC Ellen's expecting some details, not this ...vagueness :) She won't let a Hunter she doesn't know go off on a Hunt, even paired up with someone else. You also need to set up an avatar - I've mailed ya about it - SFF)
Alexis nodded slightly, opening her mouth several times before actually talking. "The foster care system isn't all that nice sometimes and I had a lot of issues when Madison, the Montana woman, found me; I couldn't go in dark rooms, I would flinch a lot, I hated loud noises, I wouldn't talk to anyone besides her. So I hope you can see why I'm hesitant to open up. I'm not really good at it I guess. I don't like talking about emotions or my back story." She looked at Ellen. "I could try though?"
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(OOC You're very welcome! :) - Let me know if you have any problems with that - Ellen)

Ellen reached over and put her hand over Alexis' hand briefly and she smiled at the girl.
"It's OK, Hon. Just take your time. I can't send y' out on a Hunt just yet anyway as ya can see the place is empty. I'm waitin' for some more Hunters to pass through any day now but you're welcome to stay here in the meantime. I've a spare bunk or two for visitors. In the meantime, d' y' want some pie?"

Alexis gently smiled back. "Thanks and yeah...if you have cherry pie that'd be great but I like pretty much all pies, except strawberries because I'm allergic to them."

"Yeah, that's today's special, comin' right up," Ellen said and she walked out. She put her head round the doorway a few moments later and smiled at Alexis. "Do ya want icecream with that, Hon?"
Omar would pull up his pick-up near the entrance. He would get out and take a duffel bag out of his car's trunk and walk towards the roadhouse. Upon entering the roadhouse, he would look around at the people gathered there. He would then find a chair near the counter and sit down, laying his duffel bag on the floor before lighting a cigarette. He would try to beckon to the bartender, in an attempt to order a beer.

"I'd love ice cream!" Alexis said cheerfully. "Do you have vanilla?" It was strange on how her quiet personality changed to a vibrant one. Realizing her mood change, Alexis blushes a little. "Sorry, I just have a thing for ice cream."
(OOC, Omar could you change your color please? With two oranges, it's hard to differentiate. I hope I'm not sounding rude. - Alexis)
"Yeah, I do - cherry too - but I only ever had one Hunter who liked that with my cherry pie - too much cherry if y' ask me - an' he ain't been round for a while," Ellen said and Alexis could see a thin cloud of sadness race across her face but it passed and she brightened. "Best damn Hunter I ever saw; works with his brother." She looked across at the guy who'd just walked in. "Get ya somethin'?" she asked, her face suddenly smooth.

Omar would look up at Ellen, crushing his cigarette in an ashtray "I'll 'ave a beer. And I'd like to rent a room, if y'all 'ave any vacancy?" He would then proceed to take a small book out of his duffel bag and start reading it.
"This ain't a motel," Ellen said. "...Leastwise, not for people I don't know nuthin' about. I'll get ya a beer an' you an' I can talk a bit, if'n y'd like to." She went out and came back out with a large slice of cherry pie topped with a mound of vanilla icecream.
"Here y' are, Alexis," she said, placing the dish down in front of her. "This is Alexis," she said, nodding at the girl as she reached under the bar and brought out a cold beer, rimmed with moisture. She opened it and place it in front of the man. "An' you are?" she said, looking directly at him.
Omar would gladly take the beer, sipping it before looking back at Ellen. "Christopher's the name. But I go by Omar, my second name. Last name's Price. Not much to tell y'all. Used to be a thief, bt some o' my budy got eaten by a ******' crocotta. Tha's how I got into huntin'. How much's the beer cost?" Omar would say, taking out his wallet and taking a large gulp of the beer.

"It's on the house - the first beer always is to Hunters - but do ya normally hunt with someone or on y' own? Maybe we know some of the same people?" Ellen said. "Plenty of Hunters pass through here."

Alexis whispered a thanks to Ellen and started to eat, keeping an ear on the conversation between the woman and the new hunter. She nodded when Ellen introduced her, but that was pretty much it.

Omar would smile at Ellen appreciatively before putting his wallet back in his pocket. He would take a sip of beer. "Eh, doubt it. Most the hunters I worked with, they're dead. Maybe heard of Bobby Singer? He worked the phones for me once or twice." He would then look at Alexis before taking another sip of his beer. "What made a young lass like you turn hunter? You even old enough t' drink?"

"I don't like bullies (pertaining to monsters picking on humans, killing them and such) and I don't like beer, or any sort of alcohol." Alexis shrugged at the hunter. Then doing her classic, get the conversation off of her, she in turn asked Omar a question. "How long did you work with Bobby? I've heard of him but never got to actually meet the guy."

Omar would close his book and put it on the table before responding. "Well, a few couple years now must be. He's a good hunter, but sometimes a drunk. Knows tons of monster lore though. Helped me out after my crew ((his friends)) was slaughtered by a croccota." When mentioning his crew, Omar would get a sad look on his face. But, with a sip of beer he would forget about it and lose the sad look.

"Hey, don't run off at the mouth so much, boy! You're talkin' about a good friend o' mine and y' don't toss words like "drunk" about him 'round here, not if ya want to stay on my good side an' drinkin' my beer, 'kay?" Ellen glared at Omar, daring him to say anything more, wondering if he had the good sense to quit while he was ahead...

Omar would make a surprised face at her. "Well, you're th' boss here." Omar would then pick up his book again and start flipping the pages.

"Damn right I am," Ellen said, still glaring at Omar. The room was quiet only for seconds but it seemed to last a long time to everyone. "OK, so what happened with these other Hunters you say you've been with - the ones who are dead now?" she said slowly as she poured herself a whiskey out of a bottle she brought up from under the counter. She gestured to Omar with the bottle, offering him a drink.

Omar would take the bottle and pour some of it's insides into a glass. "Well, after my first monster kill, these two hunters- Jesse and Curtis were their names- They approached me and told me about what's out there. 'course the crocotta killed the only guys I ever knew din't want to kill me, so I asked the two if I could tag along. We worked as a trio for just under three years, I think. But then one day we're hunting a werewolf. Well, it turned out there was more than one. They gutted Jesse in seconds, but Curtis and me took em out. By then, Curtis was thorn up so bad all he could do was ask me shoot him. I only got this" Omar would point at the vertical scar going down his forehead "Ever since I 'aven't worked with others much."

"Sorry for your loss," Ellen said, "but what are ya doin' here? Are ya on your way to another Hunt or restin' in between or what?"

"Looking for a hunt, actually. Just returned from what I tought would be one, but turned out to be just some whackjob. Now, I just wait for a new hunt I guess." Omar would say, taking a sip of the whiskey. ((note: i'll have to get off the comp in 8-ish hours, so I suggest the hunt starts soon?))

(OOC The Hunt can't start until your partner Alexis shows up again here. In the meantime I'll set it up so it's ready to go when she posts again... I'll mail her about it... If she's not back before you have to get off the computer it'll have to wait until you're back on again - nothing else to be done, sorry! - Ellen)

"Well, Alexis here is lookin' for a Hunt an' I guess you two could partner up for this one - that's if you're both fine with that?" Ellen said.
Omar would simply nod at Ellen. ((for some reason ellen scares me o.o))

(OOC Ellen frightens Dean (sometimes) so there's no reason you should be any different lol! I'll take that as a compliment to the way I play here then :) - And I'll check back in later to see if Alexis has come back - SFF)

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"Yeah, that'd be fine." Alexis agreed to doing a hunt with Omar.
Omar would nod at Alexis. "Tha's the spirit."

"So, I have a possible Hunt in Minnesota. A guy - Mark Halverson - has gone missin' and it's ...strange... Might be nuthin', could be somethin' though, so no heroics, y' hear me? Just investigate an' watch each other's backs - I wanna see y' both come back here safe an' sound; clear with that?" Ellen said. She stared hard at them both and thrust a file into Alexis' hands; then her features lightened as she broke into a smile. "Y' can read it on the way. Call me, tell me how y' all are doin' in a day or so. "

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"Thanks Ellen. I appreciate it. I'll call when we arrive." Alexis smiled at the woman, then turned to Omar. "Let's get going then."

"You an' I'll talk when ya get back here, Alexis. I ain't forgotten there's things I'd like to know about ya but I'd rather ya went on a Hunt with someone than on y' own, so, take care of yourself - you too, Omar."
Ellen waved them off and then closed the bar. It was late and she didn't want any more company - not just now. She thought she'd give Jo a call and see how she was doing. Sending people off on Hunts always made her miss Jo more than ever...

Kate Harper arrived back at the Roadhouse the next day, but with mixed feelings. On one hand, the place really did feel like a home away from home, and Kate needed that comfort right now. Plus it would be great to see Ellen again. But on the other hand, being back here reminded Kate of her dead friend, Jay, so although the pain of his absence was with her everywhere, it would be palpable here. There were only a few cars parked outside right now, but eventually there would probably be people here who knew him and would miss him as much as Kate would. Although Kate knew his death wasn’t her fault, she couldn’t help feeling guilty, and she knew how hunters talked about these things. Deciding to stop being a coward, Kate gathered her courage and went in, hoping Ellen wouldn’t be able to see how much sadness was just below the surface.

Ellen walked out of the back room and saw Kate crossing the floor towards the bar. She was alone.
"Well ain't you a sight for sore eyes, Kate Harper! I wondered if you were goin' to show up sometime and tell me what's been goin' on with ya!"
She lifted the bar top and walked out to stand in front of Kate, looking her up and down. Then she grabbed her in a hug so tight Kate felt her ribs squeak.
"So, things that bad, huh?" Ellen said as she released her.

Kate was grateful for the hug, and returned it with all the strength she could muster. She felt her throat tighten as Ellen released her. “Shoulda known I couldn’t hide from you, Ellen.” She delivered the best smile she could. “I’m okay – bent, but not broken, you know?” Kate took a deep breath. “So, I'm guessing you heard about Jason Edgehill?"

"Some," Ellen acknowledged, "but I'd ruther hear it from you, Hon. Looks to me like y' need to talk some an' I ain't got anythin' else goin' on, not right now. Come an' sit down an' we'll have a beer for Jason." Ellen put her arm round Kate and led her gently to the bar.

Kate sat down at the bar and gratefully took a sip of the beer Ellen offered, nodding her thanks. She took a deep breath to steady herself. “Well, it was the case in Washington I was working with Walker and Cora. Turns out we had ghouls working with a very powerful vengeful spirit. I've known Jay for years. He's a great hunter. He also is…” Kate hesitated and clenched her jaw. “...also was a cop. I asked him to put out an APB on the car they stole to help us locate them. He found them and called us, but we got there a few minutes too late….they killed him.” Kate fiddled with the label on the beer bottle, then looked up at Ellen. “Five minutes earlier and we might have been able to save him, Ellen. I warned him what we were hunting, and he was an experienced hunter. I've worked with him many times – he wouldn’t have been careless!” Kate paused to compose herself. “He put up one h*ll of a fight, but I think he was outnumbered and they overpowered him.”

Ellen took a pull from her own beer before answering. "Sounds like he knew what he was gettin' into." She paused and put her hand over Kate's. "Look, it's never easy, losin' a friend like that, but it happens. Y' can blame y' self for askin' him for help or for bein' a few minutes late or just 'cause you're a d*mn fool for Huntin' monsters but it ain't worth jack. You helped save lives back there so I heard an' that's what counts. I reckon Jason'd be real proud o' ya for what ya did." She stood up. "Now, d' ya want some food to go with that beer?"

Kate smiled at Ellen, grateful for her wisdom and genuinely touched by her kind words. She thought to herself that Ellen had been at this 'gig' for a while and had probably lost a lot of people to the violence of this life. Kate wondered if this would ever get easier. “Thanks, Ellen, but I’m not really hungry. Okay if I just play for a while?” Kate held up her acoustic guitar case for Ellen to see “Nothing too raunchy, I promise. It helps me fix my head, you know?” Kate smiled hopefully.

"Sure thing, Hon! We don't often get to hear real live music - just the jukebox playin' and the sound of breakin' glass sometimes," Ellen said laughing. "I'll be your audience of one, huh?"

"Thanks, Ellen." Kate said with a nod. "Hey, anything you wanna hear?"

"Well, I always liked Kansas. Can ya play any of theirs - like 'Carry On, Wayward Son' or 'Dust in the Wind?' Or ya could play some o' your favorites - I don't mind," Ellen replied.

Kate nodded in agreement and walked across the room to a small table in the corner. She took out her guitar and sat on the table, with her feet on one of the chairs. She tuned her guitar briefly, closed her eyes, lowered her head, and played a heartfelt “Dust in the Wind”. Afterward, she played whatever songs popped into her head, starting with Otis Redding’s “Change is gonna come” and Springsteen’s “Born to Run” and “Land of hope and dreams”. She flowed effortlessly from one song to the next, from the Indigo Girls to the Eagles and back to Springsteen, letting herself get lost in the music, and looking up occasionally to see what Ellen was doing and if anyone else had come in.

Ellen sat close to the bar, facing towards Kate and leaned back in her chair, balancing it carefully on the back legs. She was quiet and had her eyes closed most of the time; there was a soft, almost dreaming look on her face but she wasn't asleep. Every so often she took a small sip from the whiskey she held in her right hand. When there was a longer pause in the music after a loud-ish Springsteen cover, she opened her eyes and looked at Kate.
"That was ...great, Hon. Reminds me of Bill; he used to play here years ago when Jo was not much more 'n a baby. Everyone said how well he played, what a good voice he had. People 'd come from outta town just to hear him play. We often joked about him tryin' to get into the music business... But he got into other business instead..." Ellen's voice trailed off and she stood up. "Well, guess I'd better re-stock the shelves before the evening rush starts. Can I get ya somethin'? - On the house o' course after your playin' - an' it was a real treat, believe me."

Kate replied softly and a little sheepishly “Wow, Ellen – that’s a huge compliment. Thanks for letting me play here. This old hunk of wood helps me pass the time when I'm hunting and traveling alone. I don't often have the privilege of playing for someone else." She paused for a second. "You know, my dad has nothing but good things to say about Bill. I’m sorry I never got to meet him.” Kate did consider it a tremendous compliment that Ellen liked her playing and that it reminded her of Bill’s. Kate’s dad hunted for a long time with Rufus Turner, and a few times with John Winchester, so traveling in the same circles, he’d run into Bill Harvelle on several occasions. She took a moment to take it all in -- Bill and John were both gone, now. So much loss she thought to herself. After a brief pause, she realized she’d never answered Ellen’s question. “Oh, I’m still not really hungry. Okay if I noodle here for a little while? I promise I’m saving space for one of your cheeseburgers later.” Kate smiled at Ellen’s kindness. Feels like home, she thought to herself.

Ellen paused. "Stay here as long as ya want, Hon. I... Maybe y' can play again tonight, if y' don't mind a few more people around? It won't be a rush, more an evenin' trickle of folks tonight" and she smiled at Kate but her lip trembled. "Ya know, you got a real look of your Dad. Took me back to the old days, is all. It don't happen that often, more's the pity" and she turned away and went back through the bar, her shoulders slightly hunched over. Just before she left the room she paused and said, "'course there's dinner and a bed for the night too, if ya like" but she kept her face turned away from Kate and sailed through the doorway without waiting for an answer.

Watching Ellen walk away, Kate felt guilty now. Ellen had shown her nothing but kindness and understanding, but now it seemed Kate's contagious sadness was bringing Ellen down, too. I'm such a jerk, Kate thought to herself. This is the life, for better or worse, and wringing your hands about it just makes it worse. Jay would kick you square in the caboose if he was here right now, and you know it! Kate thought of the happiest, silliest song she could remember, and broke into a raucous version of “Great Balls O’ Fire“ as loud as she dared, hoping her head flinging, whooping, twirling, gyrations, and quirky lyrics would make Ellen laugh and remind them both of happier times.

Ellen came back in after a couple of minutes and stood in the doorway, leaning back on the door frame with her arms folded over each other and tucked tight against her body. She watched Kate silently, her face a mask and Kate faltered under the scrutiny. Ellen started to tremble and her shoulders shook; Kate wondered when the explosion would come. She opened her mouth wide and Kate winced involuntarily and then Ellen let out a huge laugh which echoed round and round the room.
"Shoulda seen your face, girl!" she said, starting to choke she was laughing so hard. Tears were rolling down her face.
"Jerry Lee would be spinnin' in his grave if 'n he had one," she said, her chest heaving to draw in air as her breath hitched in and out.
"Haven't laughed like that in an age seems like but it sure feels good, don't it? - Whyn't you give it a try?" Ellen said.

Kate had been executing her best impression of a Chuck Berry scoot when Ellen walked out of the kitchen. She stopped singing and jumped up, hair in disarray and sweat glistening on her forehead, and strummed a few resolution chords before dropping the guitar down at her side like a startled school girl caught stealing candy. At first, she couldn’t read Ellen’s face, but when Ellen finally laughed, Kate let go, too. She giggled at first, then threw her head back and howled with abandon, walking like a drunkard over to Ellen as tears streamed down both their faces. Breathless, she said "Yeah, I guess Jerry Lee wouldn't be too proud of me, huh?" She plopped into a seat at the bar, brushed the hair out of her eyes and tried without much success to compose herself -- the giggles forced their way out no matter how hard she tried. Finally, she managed to get out “You know, I think I’ll take that cheeseburger when you get to it. I seem to have worked up an appetite.”

"I've seen guys take on a vampire or three an' not break into a sweat as much as you," Ellen said, still wheezing with the after effects of laughing so hard.
"I don't know what it is about you, Kate, but y' make me go from a low to a high one d*mn moment after the next" and she reached over and hugged her.
"Guess I could do with some food too," she said, releasing Kate and she went out into the back room to make them both some dinner. Her head reappeared around the door.
"Keep bar for me, will ya, while I cook?" She disappeared again without waiting for a reply from Kate.

"No problem, Ellen!" Kate said to the swinging door as it closed behind Ellen. She scanned the room to make sure nobody had come in during their laugh fest, and took another swig of her beer, still chuckling softly to herself. Coming here today was definitely the right decision. She thought to herself, she felt better than she'd felt in over a week and felt very lucky to have Ellen for a friend.

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There was the clatter of pots and pans from the kitchen and then something ringing then smashing and some swear words Kate hadn't heard in a while; eventually Ellen came through with two plates piled high with mashed potato and beans and a large slab of something dark, covered in an even darker gravy.
"Here y' go, kiddo," Ellen said, cheerily. "Made this the other day an' it never gets used up before I have to throw it away so y' 'll be doin' me a favour to help me finish it off this time" and she placed the plates down on the bar and gave Kate a knife and fork.
"C'mon, eat! Not many people get to try my meatloaf in gravy an' everyone who does swears by it!" she said chuckling and then downing a forkful before Kate could answer.

When Kate initially heard the clattering pans from the kitchen, she thought Ellen was in trouble. “Ellen, you okay?” She shouted. At first, there was no response. Kate glanced over at her bag, which she’d tossed on the floor in the corner when she first entered the Roadhouse. Ellen didn’t allow open weapons at her place, so out of respect for that rule, Kate had left her handgun, machete and a few other weapons in her bag. All she had on her was a silver knife in her boot. She drew it quietly and slid off the bar stool, listening for noise from the kitchen. “Ellen!?” she called again. A string of profanity greeted her this time. But it didn’t sound like distress. Confused, Kate started making her way to the other side of the bar counter. She was almost at the swinging door when Ellen cheerily burst through it carrying two steaming plates of food.

Kicking herself for overreacting, and relieved that Ellen was okay, Kate closed the knife and returned it to her boot before Ellen saw it. She gratefully took her seat, accepted the plate, and acted as if nothing had happened -- glad it was just a false alarm. Of course, the food was delicious – especially the meatloaf. It wasn’t often that hunters got the privilege of having a home-cooked meal. Ellen’s Roadhouse was one of the few exceptions. Fortunately, Kate was a decent cook herself, but as she ate the delicious meatloaf, she smiled to herself, remembering a time when that wasn’t the case.
“Thanks, Ellen! This is really great -- leftovers or not. Hey, I remember the first time I made meatloaf for my dad and my brothers. It was right after my mom had passed. I was 10, so I wasn’t the world's greatest cook at the time. They all ate it without saying anything to hurt my feelings, but it had big chunks of onion in it and it was dry, tough as a saddle and burnt on top because I’d over cooked it. The gravy was lumpy, burnt, and saltier than the Dead Sea – just terrible. I saw my brothers exchange a few looks among themselves, and I heard my dad kick one of them under the table. Eventually, they all crunched it down and never said a word -- cleaned their plates in fact!" Kate had a broad grin on her face now. "I wouldn't be surprised if my dad had been holding a gun on them under the table.” Then she chuckled aloud. “I never saw my dad drink so much whiskey with dinner, but I think he needed it to wash down my cinderblock meatloaf – hah!” Kate ate another mouthful, smiling at the memory.

"Ah the food ain't so bad. It's a change from cheeseburgers anyway," Ellen said, waving away the compliment.
"I remember y' always were your Daddy's girl, Kate," she said, shaking her head but she was smiling.
"I talk with him now an' again an' he still talks about ya like you're his little princess... Just like Bill was with Jo... So I guess I was kinda surprised to hear y' 'd stopped huntin' with him a while back." She turned away from Kate and started eating again to give her time to think.
"Maybe I've been too heavy-handed with the salt too," she said after the next mouthful. "I need a beer with this. Want one?" she asked Kate in the silence.

“Nah, I think it’s got just the right amount of salt, but I’ll take another beer, anyway, since you’re offerin’.” Kate said with a smile. “Yeah, Dad and they boys are still on the other side of the world chasing that damned trickster. I’m glad Dad keeps in touch with you somewhat…makes me feel better about them being so far away.” Kate paused, smiling and looking down at the plate for a moment. “You know, when I started hunting on my own, Dad told me that if I got into trouble and couldn’t get hold of them, Rufus, or Bobby, that I should call you.” Still looking down, Kate added. “He thinks the world of you, Ellen. Always has.” After another mouthful, she continued with a toss of her head. “Sure, I don’t talk to him as often as I’d like, but we all try to make it back home every few years around the holidays – best we can promise, I guess…you know…all things considered.” Kate could feel the look in Ellen’s eyes, even though Ellen wasn’t really looking at her right then. She tried to offer more. “We were great together, you know, the four of us. We could read each others' minds on a hunt…” She paused and fidgeted on her stool a little, taking a deep breath. “It just...didn’t work out – you know how that goes.” Then she stuffed her mouth with more food to postpone having to say anything more. “I’m sure you’d talk to Jo more often if you could, huh? How's she doin' these days?”

"Oh, she's fine, thanks for askin'. She's way out west huntin' a pair of rugaroos with a couple of Hunters she's known for a long while. Never seen that before an' Heaven knows what sort of baby they'd produce, huh? They've left a killin' trail across a couple o' states so they need takin' down... Guess maybe she felt the same way as you? Family can hold ya back sometimes... Or that's what y' tell y' self anyway." Her voice trailed off and she looked directly at Kate and placed her right hand over Kate's left.
"I know a coupla Boys who'd disagree with ya though... An' Hon, I'm glad y' Dad said that. Y' 've always got a friend here. Someone to talk to, when ya need it." Ellen stood up.
"I'll get those beers" and she went behind the bar and pulled two cold ones from under the counter and placed one next to Kate and one in front of her own plate before she sat down again.
"C'mon, eat up, Kate - it's goin' cold!"

Kate was genuinely touched by Ellen’s kind words. Of course, Ellen could only be talking about the Winchesters, and she was absolutely right. But we can’t all be the Winchesters, Kate thought to herself. Kate truly did miss her dad and her brothers, and she wished they were still hunting together, But like the Stones say ‘You can’t always get what you want’, she chided herself. “Thanks, Ellen” she nodded toward the beer Ellen had just placed in front of her. Looking down at the plate of food, she realized she was getting pretty stuffed, but hadn’t made much of a dent. She continued eating, but slowly. “So, Jo’s got her own crew, huh? And hunting rugaroos, no less – nasty pieces of work, those things. And they don’t exactly go down pretty, either.”

"Well, it ain't exactly Jo's crew," Ellen said laughing. "Just a couple of guys she teams up with now and again when they swing by. She reckons she learns a lot from them an' I can believe that... But most times she hunts on her own. She prefers it that way - no complications, she says." Ellen's brow furrowed and the smile was replaced with a thoughtful look and the humor had all but disappeared.
"'Course I breathe a whole lot easier when she's with them; I'd rather they had her back all the time. In my opinion Hunters have more chance of makin' it when they team up but I guess there's always an exception to that..." Ellen put her knife and fork down and said, "I'm done. I always put too much food out so don't worry y' self if you've had enough, girl - I won't be offended" and she smiled at Kate.

“Oh, thank god.” Kate said. “I was wondering where the rest of this was gonna go!” She smiled at Ellen as she moved the plate aside. “It was really good, though. Thank you. You know, eventually you’re gonna have to let me pay to eat here, right?” Kate chuckled, but then her face became serious. “I don’t think any hunter has been able to answer your question, by the way. Are we safer together with someone we love and trust watching our backs, or are we endangering those same people by dragging them through the evil with us?” Kate shook her head and looked into Ellen’s eyes. “You know this life, Ellen -- better than most. What it takes, it keeps. There’s always collateral damage. If we’re lucky, it’s someone we didn’t really know. If we’re really unlucky, it’s someone we loved – but it’s always someone. Don’t get me wrong. I miss my dad and my brothers something awful, but…” She lowered her eyes. “Being apart seems safer – at least so far…and you’re right, by the way; the Winchesters would probably disagree, but maybe they’re the exception and not the rule. I confess I don’t think I know anymore.”

"Y' don't need to worry about a few meals, Kate, but if it makes ya feel better y' can always tend bar now an' again an' ya did say y'd play for us later - that'll be payment enough an' then some," Ellen said as she stacked the plates.
"I'll just get us some coffee," she said over her shoulder as she carried everything through to the back. She reappeared a couple of minutes later with two steaming mugs of coffee.
"Here y' go, girl," she said as she sat down next to Kate again. "Enough caffeine to keep ya going for hours an' ya might need it - likely this place 'll get busy later on an' when they hear ya play they won't want to let ya go!" She laughed out loud at Kate's expression but then her eyes hardened and they glittered fiercely as her face grimaced. She reached over and gripped Kate's shoulder, hard, looking into her eyes at close range.
"But just before this place fills out an' I forgit to say it, y're wrong, Kate Harper, so wrong! What does safety matter if y' ain't with the people y' love, helpin' to protect them an' havin' them keep ya safe too? What's it all worth if 'n y' end up stayin' apart outta fear? Any of us could die just like that!" and she snapped her fingers, "any time, whether we're together or not but I sure as Hell 'd want to be with Jo before anythin' happened to her, Hell IF anythin' happened to her." She straightened up and the glare in her eyes dimmed; she patted Kate's shoulder sympathetically.
"Just a Mom talkin, Kate. Guess we can get a mite fierce when we're talkin' about our kids an' loved ones" and she shrugged a slim apology and picked up her coffee. "Drink it while it's hot, kiddo."

"Thanks, Ellen." Kate gestured with the coffee cup. She was a little surprised by Ellen’s reaction, but part of her believed Ellen was right. Sometimes we make the choices we make because we have to, and sometimes it's not up to us, she thought to herself. She nursed the coffee for a few minutes to let it cool down, and thought about Ellen's words. Gazing into the cup, she watched the steam drift away. Her voice was low as she spoke. “You may be right, Ellen. Heck, who am I kidding – you probably are. And I don’t mean any disrespect, but were you talking to me just now, or Jo?”

Ellen let out a long breath and her face drained of blood until it looked like chalk.
"Sure ya did!" she said scornfully, looking down at Kate's bowed head, "but just 'cause I mentioned Jo an' feeling better when she's not Hunting alone don't change what I said to you, girl! 'Sides your argument ain't worth spit! You're still Huntin', your Daddy and brothers are still Huntin', you're all Huntin' 'cept you're all doin' it as fur away from each other as y' can get! That don't make ya any safer... Tell me, if y' got a call sayin' somethin' had happened to your Daddy or your brothers, wouldn't ya feel ya shoulda been there to help? ...Maybe that ya might've made a difference, somehow?" She turned away and walked slowly to the kitchen.
"Y're still welcome to play, Kate... An' to stay o' course. It ain't none o' my business what you or y' family do." The sound of running water came from the kitchen and then silence fell over the bar.

As the door closed, Kate whispered to the empty room. "It wasn't my call, Ellen. I'm just doing what I was told."
Alexis sighed as she got out of the car, but smiled nonetheless at being back at the Roadhouse. She hadn't listened to her own thought about getting rest and instead had gone straight from the hunt to Ellen's place. Locking her car, Alexis stepped inside, noticing a woman at the counter with Ellen, somewhat noticeably, in the kitchen. Walking towards the woman, she sat three chairs over, as to not be intrusive.

Kate noticed that a young woman had entered the Roadhouse and sat down at the bar a few chairs away. She started to call to Ellen, but thought better of it. She turned to the new girl and smiled. "Hey, how ya doin'".

Ellen heard the new voice and came out, glad of the interruption. She didn't want any awkwardness between her and Kate and Alexis in the room would help. She smiled warmly at Alexis and included Kate in her greeting.
"Hey, Alexis - how ya doin'? Finished up that Hunt I gave ya? How did it go?"

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"I'm doing well, a little tired. And you?" Alexis faced the hunter. "And hi Ellen. The hunt went well, it was a wendigo and Omar helped out some. Thanks for sending me on it" A semi-bright smile crossed her tired face. "I'm Alexis by the way." She turned back to the woman.

Kate extended her hand to shake Alexis' "Kate Harper. Nice to meet ya." She returned Alexis' tired smile. "So, wendigo, huh? Nasty. What'd you use, flare gun, flamethrower, blow torch, Molotovs, or all of the above?"

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"Flamethrower and Molotovs." Alexis nodded towards Kate, shaking the outreached hand. "It seemed like a pretty old Wendigo...but then again it was dark so no way I could really tell." Turning back to Ellen, she smiled. "Do you have a coke I could please have?"

"Sure," Ellen said. "Want another beer, Kate? I'm havin' one - another coupla Hunters makin' it back safely is always a reason to celebrate." She didn't wait for a reply, she took a coke and a couple of bottles from the cold shelf and put them on the bar, then she opened them quickly and without fuss. She lifted her bottle and looked at the others, waiting for them to lift their drinks too.
Grinning a little, Alexis raised up her coke. "Thank's Ellen."

Kate was still working on her coffee, but raised her cup in a toast. "Livin' to fight another day. I'll drink to that."

"So how has things been since I've been gone?" Taking a sip of her soda, Alexis looked at Ellen.

"Oh, y' know, same old same old," Ellen said, flapping her hand. "Hunters come in, Hunters go out; I find a few jobs that look interestin' an' some keep droppin' in my lap from other guys who wander in ev'ry now an' again - I swear some people just want me to tell 'em what to do an' when to wake up!"
She laughed a deep-throated laugh. "Present comp'ny excepted o' course" she said, nodding in their direction.
"Anyhoo, we have us some entertainment tonight," and she looked at Kate with devilment in her eyes.
"Don't we, Hon?" she said sweetly.

Kate's eyes twinkled as she smiled broadly at Ellen. "Twist my arm?" she said coyly before turning to face Alexis. "Ellen was nice enough to let me play earlier." She gestured to her guitar, which was lying in its open case on the table where she'd left it. The memory of 'Great Balls O Fire' made her chuckle to herself. "What would ya like to hear, Alexis?"

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"Nuthin' too ...raucous tonight if 'n ya don't mind, Kate, Alexis," Ellen said, hurriedly. "I've a coupla guys comin' in to talk to me about somethin' but we'd all like to hear ya play o' course." She smiled a warm smile at Kate and the years dropped away from her. "An' later I can show y' a hunt y' both might be interested in? - Animal attacks in Florida - after y' 've both had a good night's rest here..."

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“Now, that I can manage.” Kate replied with a smile. She took the beer Ellen had offered earlier, and leaned over to whisper to Alexis “Hey, if she offers the meatloaf and mashed potatoes, say ‘yes’.” Then she strode across the room and picked up her guitar. Sitting down on the table again, she took a few long drinks of beer, closed her eyes, lowered her head, and broke into Fleetwood Mac’s “Songbird” and “Landslide” followed by the Indigo Girls “Everything in its own time” and “Walk your valley. In the middle of Audioslave's “I am the highway” she looked over briefly to see what Ellen and Alexis were doing.

Ellen felt Kate looking at her and she winked so briefly Kate could almost have missed it but she added a half-smile to make sure Kate knew she was forgiven. Hell, what was there to forgive? It's never easy, lookin' at families from the outside, she thought. She knew Kate's dad had wanted them to hunt separately so no good gettin' on Kate's case about it.... Except maybe... if Kate thought it didn't have to be like that, she might be willin' to at least try an' persuade her Dad? Ellen mentally shrugged her shoulders. Who am I kiddin'? floated up as an unwelcome visitor from her unconscious. I can't even show her that I hunt with Jo... She looked back at Alexis and smiled while her thoughts rattled on to their logical conclusion... Kate probably just thinks I'm an interfering old idjit... But I'd rather try an' fix things before it's too late...
"So, decided whether ya want to eat?" Ellen asked Alexis, putting her jumbled thoughts back in the box after their airing. "An' I heard that before, Kate! I can cook a lot more 'n meatloaf! Just look at the menu, Alexis - it's all good," she said with a smile in her voice.

Kate saw Ellen wink and smile, which touched her heart. Forgiven, I guess, she thought to herself. Kate certainly didn’t always agree with Ellen, but she respected Ellen for always telling the truth to a person’s face, no matter who was in the room. Kate smiled to herself – Ellen would probably walk up to the devil himself and tell him he had bad breath! The truth ain’t always pretty, and honesty requires grit. Kate thought about her Dad and Jo and all those other hunters who choose to hunt alone. She wondered if it was as difficult to make that choice as it was to accept it. Maybe that really did put her and Ellen in the same boat. No matter how far away Dad and the boys were, Kate never stopped thinking about them. I’ll bet Ellen never stops thinking about Jo, either. Suddenly, the song lyrics seemed even more poignant. “I put millions of miles under my heels, and still too close to you I feel. I am not your rolling wheels. I am the highway…”

There was some enthusiastic clapping from the few people in the bar when Kate finished her song. It was still early yet and Ellen called out, "want a break, Kate? Come an' join us for a while - there'll be a bigger crowd soon an' we don't wanna tire y' out just yet." She grinned at Alexis.

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Kate thanked the small crowd. Most of them had been singing along, which always lifted Kate’s spirits and made the gathering more intimate for her. As she walked back toward the bar, a few people slapped her on the back or shook her hand. “Thanks so much, guys. Really glad to hang with y’all. Thanks for hearing it.” She hopped back onto a bar stool, still holding the beer she’d been working on. She was definitely in a better place than earlier -- no more angst or sadness. The music made her feel peaceful. The songs were still in her ears and in her heart, as she hummed softly to herself while finishing the last of her beer.

"Looks like you're a hit, Kate," Ellen said, waving Kate to the stool opposite her. "Knew they'd like ya." She lowered her voice a touch. "An' about ...before, well, just wanted to say it makes no difference between us, y' know that, right? We're good."

Kate leaned across the bar and gave Ellen a big hug. After releasing Ellen, Kate looked her in the eyes “'Course we’re okay, Ellen. What are we if we can’t tell each other the truth – even when it’s inconvenient?” She smiled and patted Ellen’s hand as she leaned back into her seat. "So...animal attacks in South Beach, huh? At least it's not North Dakota or the Rust Belt, for once."

Ellen put her other hand on top of Kate's and pressed it strongly. "No, it ain't," she smiled, but then it winked out and her brow furrowed. "But just 'cause it's warm and sunny don't mean it ain't dangerous" and she paused as if to consider her words. "I've met a few Hunters who thought sun an' sea an' blue skies meant good times an' they never lived to regret it... So ya need to take care, if 'n ya take this one on, Kate. You an' Alexis both" and she looked over at Alexis, wondering if she'd said too much. Alexis was a kid though and she needed to warn her, though she had no doubt Kate would look after her. Maybe she shouldn't put them together? Maybe it wasn't fair to Kate being saddled with a young'un? What the Hell, Hunters were all so God**mn young these days! She'd ruther have tied Jo up than let her hunt at Alexis' age... It just ain't right... Then again, most things weren't OK. She looked over at the calendar to check the date but she already knew it was - it would have been - Bill's birthday. No celebrations today though. No Jo either to talk to about it. Just a bar full of strangers an' acquaintances... an' one friend. She could feel the rasp of tears behind her eyes but she wouldn't - couldn't - cry here. She pulled her hand away from Kate's and stood up. "Be back in a minute, ladies," she said, her head turned away from them both, and she went out back.

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Kate heard the change in Ellen’s voice before she walked away. Oh, great – what did you say THIS time, genius? But then Kate thought about it. Ellen didn’t darken after what I said OR what she said. Her mood changed after she looked at the wall. Kate leaned slightly forward over the bar to get a better look at what was on the wall. There wasn’t much there -- an emergency phone number list, a small hook with some keys on it, a receipt from the beer distributor, and a calendar. Maybe it was the calendar? Kate thought to herself. She looked at today’s date – nothing was circled and there was no indication that the date was important. But Ellen wouldn’t circle Jo’s birthday or something like that – she’d remember it. So what's today? If it was Jo’s birthday, Ellen would be happy – not sad – even if Jo wasn’t here to share it with her. It must be something else -- a sad occasion instead of a happy one. Kate tried to think about what dates could have caused that reaction. Ellen and Bill’s wedding anniversary? The day Bill died? Bill’s birthday? Bill Harvelle had died when Kate was still a small child, so there wouldn’t have been any way for her to know any of those dates. But she did know one thing for sure, something had hit Ellen like a gut shot, and Kate needed to figure a way to help without adding any more weight.

Ellen walked back in. She was smiling but her eyes looked shiny.
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"I'll have what Kate said...the mashed potatoes and meatloaf." Alexis grimaced a little. "Sorry it took so long for me to decide. And yeah, the hunt sounds good. Thank you so much. It's nice to keep busy for me." She admitted, shrugging her shoulders as she did so. Turning to Kate, Alexis smiled. "You're an amazing musician. You'll have to teach me sometime. All I can do is fiddle around with the piano."

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"Sure, no problem," said Ellen easily. "I've a ton of meatloaf of the stuff just cryin' out to be eaten."
Kate smiled warmly at Alexis “Thanks -- glad you liked it. Hey, any time you wanna learn a few chords, just let me know. And if it makes you feel any better, I haven’t sat down at a piano for eons. At this point, all I can probably do is noodle around, too.” She rolled her eyes at the thought of what her piano playing would probably sound like. Kate turned to Ellen and her tone became more somber. She said softly “Wanna talk about it? Or are we gonna pretend that nothing just happened?”
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"That'd be great, thanks Kate." Then Alexis just kind of sat there, looking in-between Kate and Ellen. "I know you don't know me very well Ellen, but I can go improvise on the piano or something if you two want to talk privately?" Alexis suggested, unsure on whether she should stay or not.

Ellen smiled at Alexis. "Wouldn't dream of it, Hon! I'm fine - really... Just not a good day for me, rememb'rin' ...things... Anyways, y' need to eat an' me an' Kate, well we can talk later if 'n we need to..." and she smiled at Kate in thanks, then she looked back at Alexis. "I'll go get your food an' you can both talk some more" and she disappeared out back again.

Kate watched Ellen walk away. She seemed a little better, so after a brief internal debate, Kate thought it would be best to let things go until Ellen was ready to talk. She turned to Alexis and nudged her with her elbow. “Good call on the meat loaf – you won’t be sorry.” Hoping the drama between her and Ellen hadn’t made things too awkward for Alexis, she leaned back to take a better look at her. She couldn’t have been more than 18, and seemed a little nervous. And she looked pretty tired, too, red eyes and all. “Good lord, when’s the last time you slept? No offense, but unless you’re a crossroads demon I don’t think your eyes are supposed to be that color, Hon.” Kate chuckled softly and smiled.

Alexis blinked at her comment. Did she really look that bad? Consciously she rubbed at her eyes, hoping that it'd do something. "I'm not sure?" She said it in a questioning tone." I didn't sleep on the way back from the Wendigo hunt...just came straight here. And yeah...I like meat loaf. I haven't had it in a really long time though." Tapping her fingers lightly on the counter as to not make an annoying noise, Alexis smiled lightly. "How long have you been hunting?"

“Sorry.” Kate said, realizing Alexis probably had no idea how tired she looked. “Didn’t mean to make you feel self-conscious. Just looks like you could use some sleep is all.” She paused and smiled at Alexis. “I grew up in the life. Been hunting for as long as I can remember – was probably single digits when I started. How ‘bout you?”
Shaking her head, Alexis spoke. "No it's okay, I just didn't realize I looked so tired. And single digits? I didn't know you could start so young. I started about three years ago." She didn't say more about it but more because she was hesitant and not because she didn't want to talk about it. "How'd you meet Ellen? Were you brought here as a child?"

“Yeah.” Kate said. “Most of my family hunts, so it’s all I’ve ever known – except for a few years as an EMT when I was in my 20s. I think I started tracking and hunting with my dad and my older brothers when I was around eight. Mostly tracking at first, but for what it’s worth, I killed my first monster when I was nine. It was a ghoul and he didn’t ask how old I was before I blew his head off with a shotgun.” Kate smiled a little at the memory. “So I think as long as you can do the job without getting yourself or somebody else killed, it doesn’t matter how young or how old you are.” Kate thought about her dad and brothers, but then she found herself wanting to talk about something else. Clearing her throat, she continued. “Uh, yeah. Ellen and I go way back. My dad and Ellen’s husband traveled and hunted in the same circles, so I came here many times as a child. I was still a kid when Ellen’s husband passed, but Ellen has always been great to us. She’s good people – as solid as they come.” Kate realized she had been looking down at the table and probably talking too much. She looked up at Alexis and nodded. "So, three years. Pretty much makes you a veteran, huh? How'd you start hunting?"
"I've never hunted a ghoul. Don't they smell bad? And Ellen is kind of like...an aunt to you?" Alexis was curious that was for sure. It had been a while since she had a probably discussion with a woman. When the conversation was on her, she hummed a little. "Yeah..I've mostly hunted ghosts though, nothing too special." She squirmed a little at the last question but continued, "My foster mother got me into it. It was a way to teach me control and I got really good at it. She took me on all of her hunts after she told me about everything and after she taught me how to shoot a gun."

"You're right. Some ghouls smell like rot -- 'specially if that's what they've been eating. But some of 'em don't.Those are the worst, 'cause once they imitate who they ate it's hard to tell what they are. Salt, iron, silver, holy water, camera flare -- none of those things detect 'em, so they have an easier time blending in with humans. Nasty things, though." Kate paused. "Not that ghosts are any fun, either. But at least putting down a ghost sends a soul to rest, huh? I'll bet you have more than a few ghost stories, right?" Kate smiled. "So it sounds like you and your foster mom are tight. That's cool -- what's she like?"

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"They sounds nasty." Alexis wrinkled her nose in distaste. "And yeah...I have a few ghost stories. One time, up in North Dakota, we were hunting a young witch woman who was murdered by her ex. We went along with a guy friend of my foster mom. Anyways, Bernard was convinced somehow that he was a 'princess'. So one day he was normal, the next he had bright pink hair with green streaks and was wearing a dress. Just from that we almost decided to leave the ghost there...we had such a great laugh. But we talked to her and she eventually let up, allowing us to burn her bones, and went on to wherever they go." Hearing Kate's last question, Alexis straightened up and tensed. "She passed away a few months ago." Her voice was stoic, with little emotion. "And yeah, we were pretty close. She kind of saved me."

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Ellen wandered back in with a large plateful of meatloaf, gravy and a pyramid of mashed potatoes and vegetables which was visibly moving and threatened to cascade but which way, onto the plate or off it wasn't clear. She placed it down carefully but quickly onto the bar next to Alexis.
"Guess I just might have gone overboard with the food," she apologised, smiling and nodded at Alexis, "but here y' are. Glad to see you're gettin' acquainted. Even Hunters need friends - just a pity too many of 'em don't get that chance with normal folks."
Ellen opened another coke and set it down next to her and then opened two beers, one for Kate and herself.
"So, Kate, I have to go out for a while. Would ya keep bar for me for an hour or two?"

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Kate smiled broadly. "No problem, Ellen! I'll gladly keep an eye on things. Be safe, and give a call if you need anything." She patted Ellen affectionately on the arm, before sliding behind the bar. As Ellen walked away, Kate turned to Alexis, and her tone softened. "Listen, you don't know me from Adam, so this may not mean much, but I really am sorry about your foster mom. Sounds like she came along when you really needed someone in your corner, and that doesn't happen too often. For what it's worth, I'm guessing she'd be proud of you now, though, huh? Hunting like she taught you and looking out for yourself..."
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"Yeah, she was always proud of me." Alexis said affectionately, "Always told me ways to improve and such." Alexis took a bite of her food and stared at Kate. "I don't know who Adam is, but I believe you. You're a great hunter, I can tell already."

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Kate smiled. “Thanks.” Alexis seemed like a nice girl. Some would consider her too young to be a hunter, but as Dad would say ‘It ain’t the age – it’s the mileage.’ Kate started clearing empty bottles and glasses from the bar, and wiping down the counter. Ellen would be ticked if the place was messy when she got back. “Can I get you anything else, Alexis?”
"No that's okay. Do you need any help with anything?" Alexis asked. "Oh and you were right about this meatloaf, it's amazing!" She stared at Kate and grinned.

"No, I'm cool -- not too much to do, really. And you're right -- Ellen's a great cook, isn't she?" Kate replied as she put a few glasses into the bus tray. "So, what do you do for fun when you're not hunting? You mentioned piano -- do you sing?"
"Alright, just if you need help let me know. And yeah, Ellen is amazing at making food. I'll have to learn how to cook from her maybe." Alexis smiled and took another bite of her disappearing meatloaf. "I can't sing to save my life, but I used to do track and field for school. I got really good at it. Nowadays I just run in the morning. Or read. What do you for fun?"

“Cool, so you competed! That's great. I’m a runner, too but I’m sure I’m nowhere near as fast as you are. Never competed or anything like that. I’m just a distance runner – have run a few marathons, but I’m not terribly fast and I’ve never won one – I just don’t know when to quit I guess!” Kate laughed. “I like playing my guitar – helps pass the time when I’m on the road alone and it helps me think -- clears my head, you know?"

The kitchen door opened and Ellen stepped through. She raised an eyebrow at the nearly-empty plate of food in front of Alexis and her mouth curved up slightly but she didn't comment.
"Hey, Girls! Look's like you ain't moved since I left. Still jabberin' on at each other I see" and this time she smiled at them both. "Thanks for tending bar, Kate; I owe ya one. Now, do you want to eat 'fore you maybe play again?" and she looked hopefully at Kate. "I could do with some more of y' music tonight."

Kate smiled broadly at Ellen, happy to have her back, but then she thought she noticed some sadness creeping back into Ellen’s face with her last request. “Hey, Ellen – welcome home!” Where’d you go, Ellen? Did you visit the cemetery, I wonder? “Well, thanks much for the offer, but I’m still stuffed from the pile of food I ate earlier.” Kate smiled. “So, I’m ‘rested and ready’ to play if there’s something you’d like to hear. More Kansas, maybe? And Alexis, I never got a request from you last time – any ideas?”

Ellen saw Kate's look of concern and it annoyed her that her feelings must be showing but then she reminded herself that Kate was a friend and there was no call to resent her sympathy. Even so she squared her shoulders and smiled brightly, forcing her troubled thoughts deep down. "Yeah, more Kansas sounds just fine, Kate - an' maybe some happy songs? - Y' never know, we might even get some people dancin' - it's happened from time to time - even with Hunters!"

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The door banged open and made everyone look up slightly startled. A determined looking and slightly disheveled Grit Graeber stormed through the door, looking around the interior of the bar. Her gaze swept over everyone assembled as if she was looking for someone specific and her face looked tense. Ellen had a look of complete consternation on her face and was about to speak, when Grit spotted Kate in the corner getting ready to play a tune and she crossed the bar in quick, long strides and hugged Kate fiercely! "Man, I was so hoping to find you here!" she started babbling. "I just heard about Jason a couple of days ago and wanted to call you, but my cell was smashed in a fight I had with a Vamp and I couldn't get a new one right away, and I was worried about you and so I drove all night to get here, hoping you'd hang out with Ellen!" She stopped and and took a long deep breath. Then she released Kate from the hug and mumbled slightly embarrassed and with a sheepish grin "Sorry, I guess I am wired from too much coffee on the road!" Now she paused and took a good look at Kate "So, how are you doin'?"

Kate’s heart lurched when she saw Grit. She barely had time to put her guitar down and land on her feet before she was nearly lifted off them by Grit’s fierce hug. She hugged Grit back as tight as she could, while tears welled up behind her eyes. “Holy hell, Girl! It’s dam**d good to see you!” She managed to wheeze out the words as Grit released her. Then, unable to contain her grin, she pulled Grit into another tight hug and kissed her hard on the forehead 'mwah' for good measure before releasing her. With her arm around Grit’s shoulder, she started leading her over to the bar. “You drove all night, huh. You’re breaking my heart right now, you know that, right?” Kate said with a huge grin. “Come on over here -- Ellen just got back and there’s another hunter you should meet.”
Grit looked at Kate and thought - 'Good, she hasn't lost her humor or the tough gleam in her eyes...can't be that bad then, but we shall see'. Out loud she said "Yeah, yeah, you know I ain't the complaining type, but my casette desk is busted again and my favorite Kansas tape stuck in it....and driving all night with me singing to keep awake sucks...especially as you know how aweful my voice is!" She let out a bark of laughter and launched into a few bars of "Wayward Son" until Kate clamped a hand over Grit's mouth. "OK, OK. I got it! I'll shut up now. Who do you have for me to meet?" Wrapping her own arm around Kate's waste they walked over to where Alexis sat.

Ellen wandered over, her arms folded and a gleam in her eye. "Who's your friend, Kate, makin' such an all-fired ruckus?

“Hey, Ellen. This is Grit Graeber. One of the best dam**d hunters I’ve ever worked with. Real name’s Gigi, but nobody calls her that twice, huh Grit?” Kate clapped Grit on the back for punctuation, then gestured to Ellen. “And Grit, this is Ellen Harvelle. Known her most of my life -- she’s family. Might as well be blood. Ellen’s good people – great hunter and a straight shooter. She's as solid as God builds ‘em. This is her place, too.” Kate stepped out of the way as Ellen and Grit eyed each other.
Grit straightened up, disentangled herself from Kate and stuck her hand out to Ellen "I'm real sorry, Ma'am! Im Grit Graeber from New Orleans , most people call me Gigi. Pleased to meet ya! I heard so much great things about you from Kate!" Here she stopped short, unsure of how to interpret Ellen's expression.

Ellen stared at Grit saying nothing, just waiting... The silence went on for a few seconds too long while it seemed everyone held their breath and then Ellen smiled her broad smile of welcome and pulled Grit into a hug, ignoring the outstretched hand. "Any friend of Kate's," she said, "but ...Gigi," she said, trying the word out, "don't burst into my place like that again, huh? Last guy who did that ended up with the door smackin' him on the ass on his way out. Sometimes we get some touchy Hunters in here." She smiled as she said that last but it was flavoured with a warning.
She hugged Ellen back - grateful the tension had eased a bit, but Grit definitely felt that she had to prove herself to this tough lady first, before she would be trusted - and that was fine by her! She stepped back a bit.
" Understood - I didn't mean any disrespect busting in here like that...was just worried I'd miss Kate. You can call me whatever you like! I am just glad I finally made it here to meet you! "
She gave a apologetic smile in Ellen's direction and then said "Oh, and don't believe her a word she says! I am nowhere as good as she is in the Hunting department. I mean, I can hold my own, but I only have a few years under my belt and not a life time like Kate!" Grit slung her arm back around Kate's shoulders and squeezed her "She got me out of plenty a tight spot, this one!" and then to Kate " No, YOU wish everyone called me Grit...I'd prefer to keep that name for friends!"

Ellen said, "well, Gigi's fine for me. Guess we'll have t' see about Grit! Sure is gettin' like a Hunter Convention in here - ain't been so busy in an age, I can tell ya!" She went back behind the bar and pulled up some beers from the cold shelf. "Do ya drink beer, Gigi?" she asked. "Or do ya want somethin' soft - or maybe harder?" and her eyebrows raised in a question. She turned her back and went and poured herself a large whiskey.

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While Ellen was pouring drinks, Kate turned Grit toward Alexis. “And this quiet one over here is Alexis Weather. We just met earlier today. She’s been in the life for a few years – we’re thinking about a hunt in South Beach. Haven’t had much of a chance to talk about that yet, though.” Noticing Ellen with the bottle, Kate added "Hey, Ellen, if we're shootin' whiskey do ya mind firing one up for me, too, please?"

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"Thanks, Ellen, I am having what you are having, if you are at it?!" Taking her Whiskey from Ellen, she followed Kate over to Alexis. "Hey, nice to meet you, Alexis! I'm Gigi. I am not a 'lifer' either, at least not yet!" She grinned at Alexis. "I only came to be a Hunter about 10 years ago...and I am not really a full time Hunter either. No, that's not it..." She looked pensively at her Whiskey glass. " I mean, I am a Hunter all the time, but I am constantly on the road. You see, I live mostly in New Orleans and let me tell 'ya, the Supernatural community there keeps me plenty busy right at home..." She chuckled darkly. "Kate can tell you all about that!"
She lifted her glass in her friend's direction in a salute. "But we can chat about that later...What's up with you? And what's in South Beach?" She looked questioningly at the two other Hunters.

Kate clinked her shot glass with Grit’s in a toast, and both hunters gulped down the whiskey shots expertly. Kate smiled. Grit could still shoot whiskey with the best of ‘em – vodka, too, if Kate’s memory served. She exhaled forcefully. “Whoo! I swear that never gets old!” Leaning against the bar, she grinned at Grit and Alexis. “Yeah, uh, South Beach. So far all we really know is something about animal attacks. So, maybe werewolves, skin walkers, or who knows. Hell, I’ve seen ghoul kills that look like animal attacks. Guess we’ll know more when we check it out.”
Grit grinned at Kate. "It's 2 AM somewhere, I'd say! Pheww, Ellen is serving a good Bourbon." She looked around and signaled Ellen for two more. Then she focused on Kate and Alexis. "OOOOKAY, South Beach...home of the Rich and the Beautiful, huh? A little "glam" for our usual suspects, don't you think?" Grit's mind was already working over time - had she heard anything about Werewolfs south of New Orleans after she cleaned up that problem in 'her city' last year? Had one escaped her and was now killing or turning innocent people in Miami? They'd better get a move on and travel quickly to Miami. "Well, Ladies, I am in if you are...I am soooo not packed right for South Florida, though...in fact, I am so not a Beach Girl." She laughed. "But, I guess, we 'suffer' for the job. When do we leave?"

“Well, just doin’ a little math here, Grit. South Beach is more than a day’s drive from here. You just drove through the night to get here – thanks for that, by the way...” Kate smiled again at her friend. “And Alexis here ain’t much better – she came in earlier today looking like a red-eyed crossroads demon. Now, if you guys wanna roll tonight, I can drive while you both sleep along the way. But it might be better if we all get some sleep tonight and leave first thing. Whaddaya think?”
Grit looked at Kate gratefully and said "Thank, God, for you, Dude! A little shut eye won't hurt any of us..." They clinked glasses and threw back the round together. "Allright, then, first thing! Alexis, you with us??"

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"Lucky I made up some spare beds, ain't it," said Ellen, mildly, "what with Kate invitin' everyone to stay." She looked at their faces and laughed. "S'OK, Kate, mi casa, su casa an' all that" and she waved her hand and grinned at them. She lifted her drink. "Kate's right - some shut-eye 'll do y' all good... Here's to ya, Kate an' Alexis an' a new friend, Gigi!" She swallowed what was left in her glass and put it down. "Now I've some things to do out back while y' talk..."

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As Ellen walked through the door into the back, Kate poured two more shots and slid one over to Grit. "So, how's Jake doin' these days. Alright, I hope."
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All while the three ladies were talking, Alexis just stared on, trying to make connects of who they were talking about and what was happening. She nodded when Gigi introduced herself but that was pretty much it. It had always taken her a few minutes to warm up to strangers.
Grit stared at her glass for a moment before answering Kate. "Jake's fine...at least last time I spoke to him about a week ago..." she screwed up her face in thought. "...but ya know, I could swear he was hiding something from me! I can always tell because he was even more monosyllabic than usual. But he is off for the next two weeks to some tribal broohaha that involves a lot of dancing and a sweat lodge." She grinned broadly at the other two. "Too much info for my taste, so I didn't ask more about it. Jyst is - he is totally out of reach now." Then Grit turned to Alexis "Hey, sorry for our babble, but we haven't seen each other in an age and had to catch up some. Just in case you are wondering - Jake is my mentor and friend! He lives up in Portland - Oregon, not Maine - and belongs to the Chinook Tribe, but he is also a dam**d fine Hunter and Tracker and pretty much taught me all I know!" Grit saluted the empty air "To Jake!" and downed her drink. "OKAY, done with the sharing for now! Unless some one else wants to?" She looked expectantly at Alexis.
"No it's okay, you don't need to apologize. I haven't heard of Jake, but I'm sure he's as great as you say." Alexis smiled. "As for me, there's not much to know. I've been hunting for about two or three years now." She shrugged, "I like food and music, which I'm not really picky about. I used to do Track & Field for school, which I was talking to Kate to a while ago."

Kate reached under the bar and brought out another bottle of cola. "Hey, Alexis, want another? I know you don't drink, but it doesn't seem right to drink without ya." Kate smiled as she slid the bottle across the bar to Alexis, and poured two new shots for her and Grit.

Grit smiled at Alexis and smiled. "Fair enough. Track & Field, huh? That is awesome. I bet you have a ton of stamina running. I wish I could say I am a runner....but I am just not. Always was better at the strength side of things as running away wasn't much an option." She chuckled "But I also do a lot of yoga...it totally helps me focus and I'm still hoping it'll increase my patience...no luck so far, though." She looked at Kate "Speaking of which - are we heading off first thing tomorrow?"

"Well, Ellen pretty much left it up to us, but I think the plan is to rest up tonight and leave first thing. You both okay with that?" Kate asked.

"Good with me!" Grit bumped Kate with her shoulder "Can't wait to go out in the field with you again, buddy!" They clinked glasses and then turned to Alexis and clinked with her Coke, too. "And it's always good to make new Hunter friends and get more back up, right?" She winked at Alexis. "So, wanna share some war stories? What's the nastiest sonofab**tch you ever hunted?" Grit thought to herself 'wow, that kid is a hard nut to crack. she must have seen or lived through some serious s**t. Makes one grow up fast...'

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"No thank you Kate." Alexis shook her head. "I don't drink." She slid the bottle back towards Kate. "I'm okay with leaving first thing, I'm in desperate need for sleep though." Softly smiling, Alexis finished the last of her coke. "As for war stories, I don't have much. I'm a pretty young hunter I guess so I haven't had a lot of experience. I've had a few demons, a Wendigo, a few other things. Mostly ghosts though." Shrugging, Alexis stared at Grit, taking in the person in front of her. She couldn't tell much about her based on looks but because she seemed like such good friends with Kate, Alexis felt like she could branch out her trust. "What about you?"
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"Well, and WE drink too much...at least tonight!" Grinning at the other two hunters. "Kate, we'll better slow it down, if we want to be functional tomorrow." Then her face sobered and she looked more seriously at Alexis. "Wow, that is quite an impressive list for a Young'n, Alexis! At your age, I didn't even have a clue Ghosts existed much less Demons and .....other things!" She paused, thinking of her first hunt to find the Wendigo, who had killed her siblings and WHAT she had found. She really didn't want to face one of those friggin' things any time soon again. She swallowed hard and tried to smile through the pain and memories. " You know, my Day-To-Day is mostly ghosts, vampires and the occasional zombie or demon in New Orleans. The toughest thing I dealt with was probaly that pair of ghouls in Lafayette about 2 years ago....NASTY things. And the stench around them...no amount of air freshner could cover THAT up." She pushed the dark thoughts away and tried to recover her humor.

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Kate listened to the other two hunters share their stories and thought about her own. How do you pick a single nightmare from a lifetime of nightmares? “Well, I remember tracking a pack of skinwalkers a few years back. They weren’t so bad. They could change into wolves -- which wasn’t such a good thing, and they were dug in, but that wasn’t the worst part. I was in the Catskills in February tracking for three yahoos who shouldn’t even have been hunting. They were stupid as mud and had all the survival skills of a tea bag. But I agreed to track for ‘em ‘cause the skinwalkers were killing people. Well, we killed the whole pack and somehow made it out of the mountains, but we nearly froze to death more than once, and it was pretty touch and go for a while there. When we finally got back to civilization, I hightailed it away from those jokers as fast as I could. Heard a few months later that two of ‘em got themselves killed hunting some vamps, and the third had stopped hunting all together. Last I heard, he was selling used cars in Carson City.” Kate threw back the whiskey, probably her last shot for the night, and decided not to think about how close she came to dying during that hunt.
Cora went into the roadhouse feeling tired and dirty. Her clothes smelled like graveyard dirt and her hair didn't smell any better than that. She sat on a faraway bench wondering if she was hungry or thirsty or both. "Hey Ellen!" She called out with a smile.

Ellen walked back into the bar just a few seconds after Cora called out. It could have been coincidence or maybe it was just Ellen seemed to know exactly what was going on in her bar at any one time."Cora!" she said loudly. "Good to see ya, Girl!" and she walked out to where Cora was sitting and hugged her. "Whew, you stink," she said and she pulled back smartly. "Y' need a bath this minute or y' ll drive my customers away!" Ellen pointed behind the bar. "Go and use the shower out back an' when you're done we can have a drink an' I'll make ya somethin' t' eat. Then y' can tell me why you're back early?"

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Grit looked up at the newcomer and then raised questioning eyebrows at Kate. "Who's that?" She half whispered. Then she raised her voice and called "Ellen, while you are at it, would you mind throwing something on a plate for me, too?"

"Sure thing, Gigi! Look at the menu an' tell me what y'd like. The meatloaf is good an' the burgers... Oh, an' people seem t' like the steaks, or would ya prefer somethin' with less red meat?" She looked at Gigi with a raised eyebrow.

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"I hear great things about your meatloaf - so if you have any left, I'd love to try it!" Gigi called to Ellen. "Maybe YOURS cures me of my aversion to meatloaf in general!" She grinned at Ellen. " 'sides if I stuff myself with Steak at this hour, I'll keel over comatose in a minute." Then she turned to Kate "Hey, heard from your family lately? I'd heard about three hunters going after a Vamp Nest somewhere in Missouri, but no one knew any names or what happened! I was thinkin' about you...."

"Some meatloaf comin' right up, Girl. Hope ya got an appetite!" Ellen said and she went out back.

"You're sweet to ask. No -- that couldn't have been them. Wesley called me from Marrakech about two weeks ago. He's still hunting that damned trickster with Luke and my dad. Of course, he asked about you like always. You know he's still got that huge crush on you, right?" Kate laughed at the look on Grit's face as she nudged her with an elbow.

Gigi felt her ears turn pink and thought to herself 'Great, not embarrassing at all...getting all red in the face with all these strangers staring at me. Thanks, Girlfriend!' But out loud she said "WELL, then you tell that hot brother of yours to get his a** back from dusty, stinky, hot Marrakech and stay put for a decent amount of time and we can 'talk' about it. He is never long enough around to have more than small talk - and I ain't taking your word for it that he's as smart as you. Sometimes the good genes skip a generation, ya know" Of course, she was joking - she liked Wesley a lot, but they'd never really got anywhere...always too many people around or normally some type of life or death situation that wasn't helping matters. 'Oh well,' she thought, while trying to get her ears to cool off , 'as long as Wes is hunting with Kate's dad....I am not choosing between Kate and Wes...sizzling hot or not!"

"Well, I will certainly make sure he gets that message loud and clear, Miss Gigi!" Kate laughed. "Actually, they're talking about tryin' to make it back state side for the holidays, so who knows -- maybe Wes will finally get some face time with his lady love." Kate smiled, remembering the last time Grit spent the holidays with Kate's family. "Hey, remember the last Christmas you stayed with us? My gran kept asking 'Why's yo' frien' so skinny, chile'?. Kate did her best to imitate her grandma's Caribbean accent. "She just kept putting piles of food in front of you every chance she got!"
Girt gave a big belly laugh "Yeah, bless her, I LOVE your Grandma. I think she is the only person in the world who ever called me skinny!" She laughed some more. "But I ain't crossing your Grandma, when she wants to stuff me like a Thanksgiving Turkey with her delicious food." Grit smiled at Kate "But it would be great to see Wes....and Luke and your Dad, of course!" She felt her ears starting to go hot again. She thought 'Hell, what is WRONG with me...okay, must be the sleep deprivation and whiskey' She cleared her throat and changed the subject. "Hey, talking about Thanksgiving....you know I normally don't do Holidays - well, unless you threaten me with death or mutilation if I refuse you again....but this year my neighbors are putting on this big block party and I kinda promised to help out and be part of it...I sure could use some back on on that!" Grit had a look of real discomfort on her face. "You know I don't like big hooplas like that...but my neighbors are actually really cool peeps! Plus I am just a little worried that a big gathering in the Quarter will attract some supernatural attention. What'd ya say?" Then she looked around. "What happened to Ellen? I am starving and another beer wouldn't hurt."

"Sounds good to me, and you know I got your back, Grit! Count me in." Kate replied. She hadn't been to New Orleans for ages and she missed seeing how happy Grit was in her own element. It was rare to see her so relaxed and at home. Seeing that Ellen was still busy, Kate reached under the bar, grabbed another cold beer and slid it over to Grit.
"Thanks, but I really would like to be able to come back here again, without Ellen throwing things at me, because I skipped out and left her high and dry...can we at least keep count on what I owe her??" "Soooo, d'ya wanna tell me, what happened your last hunt?" She glanced sideways at Kate. "Or d'ya rather not share & care?? Either way, you KNOW, I am here for you, ok???" She squeezed Kate's knee under the bar.

Ellen walked in then, just as Gigi picked up the beer. "Hold ya horses, Lady. Good food can't be rushed! An' I hope y' are keepin' count, Kate," she said, turning to look at her. "Every Hunter gets a free beer and then some but I ain't a charity - bills don't pay themselves." She was grinning though as she looked between them both and the Hunters knew things were fine.

"No problem, Ellen!" Kate replied. "I'm keepin' close tabs -- and the last three rounds are on me." She turned to Grit. "I know y'are, Grit." Kate squeezed Grit's hand, grateful that she was here. "Not much to tell. You knew Jay -- he was a great hunter -- smart, careful. I was working a case up in Washington with two other hunters -- turns out we had a pack of ghouls ridin' shotgun with a mean-assed vengeful spirit. Powerful SOB -- ripped people to shreds..." Kate paused, thinking about the condition of Jay's body when they'd found it. "Anyway, the freaking ghouls stole a car tryin' to ditch us. I knew Jay worked a few towns over, and being a cop, he agreed to put out an APB on the car they stole. He was just supposed to locate 'em for us. I warned him what we were dealing with, but..." Kate clenched her jaw. "He did find 'em and call us, but we got there a few minutes too late….they killed him. His body was in pieces, Grit. Put up one hell of a fight, but..." Kate shook her head in disbelief and squirmed in her seat a little, struggling with the memory. “Five minutes earlier might have made all the difference. I keep telling myself it wasn't my fault, but, well...you know how far that gets ya." Kate looked down at her empty whiskey glass -- wanting another, but deciding it wasn't a good idea.

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Grit grabbed Kate's shoulder "Hey, Hey, it WASN'T your fault - and you know it!! Yes, I know Jay and he was a great hunter AND a cop, SO he knew the risks, he knew it was crazy not to wait for you and we ALL know the high probability of this job getting us killed! He chose to live this life and try to make a difference where he could...and he did for a LOT of people." She turned Kate towards herself and held her by both shoulders slightly shaking her with each of her next words. "Do not blame yourself!" But her heart was aching for her friend. She could well imagine what Kate found when getting to Jay and it was nauseating...but she straightened up and looked at Kate firmly "Could'a, Should'a, Would'a doesn't work for us...ever! We both know that. So I think, we need to go forward honoring Jay's memory and promising ourselves to learn from his mistake! Okay?" She thought to herself 'Am I being to tough on Kate? She knew Jay way longer then me.' She was racking her brain on how to get her friend out of this funk.
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She looked over at Kate, who hung her head a little and had a far away look on her face! "Hey, I got an idea...let's go back to what I so rudely interrupted with my entrance...Pick up your guitar and play us somethin'! How aboutLynyrd Skynyrd's "Lucky Man"? I always loved the lyrics. Or "Ramble On" with Zeppelin?" Grit thought, 'Both of these songs really bring the "moving on" point across...maybe that'll help a little.'

"Guess y' should eat y' food, Gigi, it's just about ready... And Kate can play later - she's already promised to entertain everyone but right now she looks like she could do with some quiet time," Ellen said. She went out back and brought Gigi's meal over - a hot, steaming plateful of meatloaf with all the trimmings. It looked like enough food to last someone a week. "Let's see how ya eat this," she said and she put the plate down in front of Gigi. She turned to Kate. "D' y' want to grab some sleep, Hon? - Ya look all done in. There's a bed y' can catch some rest in if'n y' want to... Y've a busy day tomorrow."

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"Thanks, Ellen. Sleep sounds like a great idea, and since you're nice enough to offer, I'll take you up on that bunk. But I got one more thing to do first -- won't take long." Kate’s smile seemed dazed and far away as she slid off the bar stool. Keeping her eyes locked on Grit, she backed away from her slowly, rocking her head and walking in rhythm to a tune only she could hear. She let the music in her head slowly take her over as she drifted and danced her way over to her guitar. Never losing rhythm, she picked up her guitar and started playing the intro to “Ramble on”. A few more patrons had entered the Roadhouse during the past few hours, so a small crowd was in attendance. Most of them recognized the intro and started clapping in rhythm as Kate played. By the time Kate began the vocals, the crowd was engaged and singing along with her. She smiled appreciatively at them and, catching Grit and Ellen’s attention at the bar, she nodded a ‘thanks’ to both of them. When the song was done, Kate thanked the crowd and excused herself. Feeling peaceful enough to rest, she blew a kiss to Grit and headed out back to lie down for a bit.
Gigi looked after her departing friend and felt a little better about her chance to get a good nights rest. Then she turned to Ellen. "Thanks Ellen, that smells amazing!!! And dontya worry...I'll finish that - I don't have these curves for nuttin" She padded herself on the hip. Then she dug in and couldn't say anything else, but groan with bliss about the fantastic food. Wow, this was a far cry from the fare she normally had on the road.It's been way to long since she had real food, a home cooked meal, something prepared from scratch.Thinking about it made her miss New Orleans, where someone was always cooking something and happy to share. She hadn't been back home for a while now... Then she mentally smacked herself in the head and though 'Idjit, enjoy what's right here and in front of ya! Great people and a good meal!' Gigi looked at Ellen with a huge grin and mumbled around a mouthful "O..ay, m cured, luvn meatlf now!" Once she swallowed it all, she looked at Ellen and said "Kate's real lucky to have you in her corner, ya know?!"
Alexis smiled at her reaction to the food. "Gigi, what do you like to do for fun?" She voiced her random question. While she's hesitant to get attached to someone via friendship, Alexis guessed it wouldn't be too bad getting to actually know a little about the people she's going on a hunt with. Thinking about attachment made Alexis frown for a second. It had been a while since she's had a proper conversation (that's not strictly hunting) and now that she's come to Ellen's, she's having a ton of discussions. The thought made her smile again...made her feel more human than just someone who hunts supernatural creatures.
Gigi scraped the last bits of food of her plate and washed them down with the last sip of her beer. Then she leaned back in the chair with a satisfied sigh and turned to Alexis "EATING.......is what I do for fun! When its good and I don't have to cook it, I mean." she grinned " Other than that, I love horseback riding and do it whenever possible. I used to own a horse, but with our schedule and meager income, its just not fair to the horse." She smiled sadly. "My friend Jake has a bunch, though, so when I am up in Portland, I pretty much spend every waking moment in the saddle." She yawned widely. "I also love music - listening to, not making it...I ain't any good at it, ya know? But I love hanging out with musicians and in live music joints. Not a hard thing to do at home... " She stretched and yawned again and got up. "What'd ya say, we catch a couple of hours shut eye and then hit the road?" She hooked her arm through Alexis' and guided her to the back room, where Ellen had a few bunks for overnighters. "And when we are on the road, you can tell me all about your fun activities, ok?" She clapped Alexis on the shoulder. "Good to have you along and sleep well!" She said warmly. Then she checked on Kate, who seemed to sleep peacefully in one of the bunks, snoring lightly. Finally Gigi sank down on one of the other bunks gratefully and kicked off her boots and pretty much was out as soon as her head hit the pillow.
Gigi slept well, but as always she woke up right before sunrise. The other two hunters were still deeply asleep, so she slipped out of bed quietly and went outside. It was a beautiful morning, crisp and clean air, not a cloud in the sky, which just turned gray and pink like the belly of a trout.
Gigi went to her El Camino and took her two favorite short swords out of the trunk. Then she walked over to an open area behind the Roadhouse, while rolling her shoulders and cracking her neck to get loose.
She took a few deep and calm breaths to pull her focus inside herself and then started her exercises performing a series of powerful high strokes, low thrusts and quick diagonal cuts in front of and behind her body, alternatively whirling and standing very still. She completely gave her body over to the movement and rhythms - it was almost like dancing. Once she felt her mind was sufficiently calm and tranquil, she stopped. She felt strong and ready for the day and whatever it would throw at them.
Gigi went back to her car and put the swords away. Her right forearm gave a painful twinge and she grimaced "Dam**d scars....I have to be more diligent with my exercises so I won't get so stiff" She muttered to herself and grabbed the small pot of Jake's ointment, which seemed the only thing she ever tried on the scars that worked and kept them smooth and flexible enough to function normally. Then she turned back to the bar for a quick shower and, hopefully, a big breakfast before they hit the road.
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Alexis yawned, snuggling closer to her blankets. She didn't really want to get up, but she knew she had to. Yawning again, she opened her eyes and groggily looked around. She realized that Gigi was already up and Kate was asleep still. Being as quiet as she could, Alexis grabbed her boots of the floor and snuck out of the room, not putting her shoes on until the door closed behind her. Taking another look around, she saw Gigi outside of the window doing some exercises. She thought about joining but seeing Gigi stop, Alexis turned back to the counter and took a seat. Her fingers itched to do something but she calmed herself down and just waited for Gigi to enter the roadhouse.

Kate rolled over in her bunk and forced her eyes open. She noticed that Alexis and Grit were both gone. She was pretty sure she’d heard them come in sometime during the night – both trying to be quiet and not wake her, but they were nowhere to be found now. Kate reached blindly for her watch on the side table. “5:30 am. What the hell’s wrong with these people?” she said aloud to nobody. Kate was pretty sure Grit was practicing her sword katas, which she probably started before dawn, but she wasn’t sure about Alexis. Normally, Kate was a morning person, but too many whiskey shots had dampened any of that this morning. She wasn’t hung over, but she had to coax her body to sit up and start moving around. She took a quick shower, donned fresh clothes, and headed out to the bar area to see where everybody was. Ellen might have coffee going by now. Kate prayed that was the case. When she got to the bar, she peeked through the window and saw Grit practicing outside as expected. She walked over to Alexis who was sitting at the bar. “Mornin’ Alexis. Hey, do you have a nickname? Alexis has too many syllables for this early in the morning.” Kate smiled.

Ellen appeared, wrapped in a voluminous kimono and with her hair tied up on her head, Japanese-style. She was yawning hugely.
"What in the Hell?" she grumbled. "Don't you people sleep? There's some coffee left an' it should still be hot an' strong but I'm goin' back to bed for an hour so keep the noise down, will ya? I'll make breakfast later, 'fore ya want t' leave." She turned her back without waiting for an answer and headed out back.

“Thanks, Ellen!” Kate said, as the door slammed. Then she said "Oops" and whispered "Thanks, Ellen." Coffee, coffee, coffeeeeeee! She thought, unable to stop the smile from creeping across her face. She turned to Alexis and whispered “I’m grabbin’ a cup. Ya want one?”
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Grit reentered the bar and saw Alexis and Kate by the bar. She sauntered over and smiled at them "Mornin' Y'All! I hope I didn't wake ya?"

Kate turned and waved. "Mornin' Bruce Lee!" She grinned. "Nah -- you didn't wake me." She held up the coffee pot. "Coffee?"
Grit snorted "Bruce Lee I ain't...but thanks! Coffee would be GREAT!"

Kate walked to the bar with two mugs. "Sorry -- my brain must still be in a deep freeze -- I don't remember how you take it."

"Musta been the whiskey last night?" She laughed "A bit of milk, please!" She accepted the mug happily. "How'd ya ladies sleep???"

"Well, I slept like the dead. Can't speak for Alexis, 'course." Kate replied. Kate added milk to Grit's coffee and slid it across the bar to her. Then she sat down next to her with her own cup, savoring the aroma and feeling grateful that Ellen had a talent for cooking as well as making great coffee. She took a long, slow sip and let the coffee start to do its work. "Have you had a chance to look over the case, yet? I gave it a little time before I crashed last night."
"Man, that is some good coffee! "I kinda glanced at Ellen's notes yesterday. I think we need to get down there and start checkin' things out, for sure! I've been to South Florida several times and you wouldn't believe the number of rich, crazy people that have their own 'wild menagerie" down there...! So maybe we can start checking, who might have 'lost' a wolf or panther or other animal that would fit the injuries?" She looked at Kate and Alexis in turn. "What'd ya think?"

"Sounds like a good idea to me." Kate replied. "There are also a ton of remote areas nearby -- not just the Everglades, but swamps and wilderness areas where skinwalkers or other big bads could hide out pretty easily. We also have to get a look at the bodies - find out if our monster is leaving hearts behind or not."

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"Good point, Kate! I am not feeling the Skinwalker angle?! And what's the lunar cycle at the time of the murders? Or maybe we are dealing with First Borns? Let's just get down there and see, what we'll find. How long, 'd ya figure, for us to get to Miami? we can do some research on the way. Alexis, what'd ya think?"
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Ellen wandered in, dressed now in her usual jeans and jumper. The sleep was out of her eyes and she looked sharp.
"Morning, people! Y' all had a good time last night? I guess ya could do with a good breakfast 'fore ya hit the road... No need to thank me," she said, waving her hand before they could say anything in reply.
"Kate's playin' is more'n enough if any payment was needed - which it ain't! Tell me what y'd like an' it'll be ready soon as..."
She went and poured herself a cup of coffee.
"Oh, an' in case you're wonderin' - 'cause I know how curious y' all are, Cora, the girl ya met last night, well she has another Hunt of her own t' go to, later..."

"Thanks, Ellen! I'm easy -- whatever you're makin' for yourself is fine with me. Coffee's a good start, too." Kate smiled and raised her mug in thanks. "Yeah -- I thought I saw Cora out of the corner of my eye last night, but when I looked back she was gone. Real spitfire, that one! Great in a hunt, too." Sipping more coffee, she turned to Grit. "I figure Miami's over a day's drive. If we split the drivin' and don't stop, we could probably be there sometime tomorrow. Maybe even late tonight if we shag a**."

"Well, I'm makin' a stack of pancakes with maple syrup. Got a taste for that in Vancouver," Ellen said, smiling lightly at Kate. "An' maybe some eggs n' bacon if you're real hungry?"
Her brow furrowed a little. "Cora's a wild 'un, sure, but her heart's in the right place..."
"Anyhoo I'll get 'em started while y' all think what else y' might like t' eat," she said, looking at Gigi and Cora.
"Feels like I should get a revolvin' door to this kitchen," she muttered as she went out.

"Eggs and Bacon would be great, Ellen, thanks! Hold the pancakes for me. Your coffee is awesome by the way...not that thin dishwater we get so often on the road." Grit looked appreciatively into her mug. Then she got up. "Hey, I better grab a quick shower before the order is up! Be right back" And she hurried out of the room. After a wonderfully hot shower and a change of clothes she felt like a new person and walked back in the bar ruffling her still wet short hair. "Hey, Kate, d'ya think we should take two cars, in case we need to split up in Miami?"

"Great minds think alike, Grit. I was gonna suggest that myself." Kate replied. "Hey, Alexis, do you care whose car we take?"

Ellen popped her head around the door again.
"Thanks, Gigi. I reckon good coffee's important! Y' should try my strong coffee - there's stuff in there ya wouldn't believe but I've seen one cup of it bring someone 'round from being almost passed out! 'Course there's side effects but hey, nuthin's perfect!" and she winked at them. "Eggs an' bacon and pancakes for me anyway comin' right up!"
"Nope, any car is fine with me. And I don't think I have any nicknames, but if you think of one," Alexis shrugged, "let me know." Alexis smiled and then looked at Ellen. "Pancakes sounds great, thank you." Then she turned to the two more experienced hunters. "I've never been down in Florida, so I won't know the terrain as well as you two."

"Sure thing, Alexis. I'll make a double stack for both of us," Ellen said. "And some more coffee."

“That’s no problem, Alexis.” Kate said. “The job takes us where it takes us right? I've only been to the area a few times myself, so we'll let Grit take point on that.” She smiled encouragingly over the rim of her coffee cup. “What are you drivin’?”

"I'd take another coffee, while you are at it, Ellen, thanks!" She looked around at Alexis "Hey, no coffee for you?" She sat down next to the other two hunters. "And as for South Florida...yup, been there a bunch of times and know it well...BUT am not a fan. Hot, muggy and stinky like Hell down there, especially this time a year....and the BUGS...! Just be prepared." She laughed. "But at least I know where the good food joints are and a friend of mine owns a small log cabin on a big lot by a lake, he uses as a fish camp. I called him and he's not using it at the moment, so we can set up camp there, if we want. It's freeeee!" Grit waggled her eyebrows at the other two "Nuttin' fancy, but plenty of space for the three of us and better than the overpriced, mildewy hotel rooms in South Beach! What'ya think?"

"Sold!" Kate said cheerily. "Nice lookin' out, Grit. Here's to having friends with friends in high places." She said as she clinked coffee mugs with Grit in a toast. "The main thing I remember about South Beach is the humidity, and all the buildings are either pink or yellow -- or both!. Oh, and you're absolutely right about the bugs -- too dam**d big and too many of 'em fly. I remember tracking a skinwalker through some swamps -- not something I wanna do twice in my life."

"I tell ya...they have the biggest friggn' FLYING roaches down there...they should be classified as monster and something we should be hunting!" Gigi shuddered dramatically and laughed at the same time. And besides the colorful buildings, you'll also see some of the biggest fakest boobs and most "manscaped" and eyebrow plucked guys in Miami ...it's a hoot. " She took another sip of coffee. "Where was that swamp you hunted in, Kate?"

Kate's brow furrowed slightly as she tried to recall the hunt. "I'm pretty sure we took 41 West out toward Ferguson Bay. You know the area? Pretty much nothing around for miles and miles, except gators, mosquitoes, and bugs the size of your hand." She shook her head in disgust. "And you're right about those enormous flying roaches -- palmetto bugs or something like that, right? Gotta say, I'm not a fan of South Beach fakery either, but I'll take that over those swamps any day."

"Oh yeah, I know that area....real bad out there!" She looked at Alexis "And don't let them fool ya with the names....a "palmetto bug" is still just a flying roach!" Then she turned back to Kate. "I hear ya on the swamp thing. Hey once we get there, I'll take you guys to an AWESOME burger joint that has THE best Milkshakes, too. You're up to it?"

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Kate grinned. "Burger joint with great shakes -- now THAT I can get on board with!" She patted Grit on the shoulder. "Now as far as drivin' -- I think your car is bigger, but I'm not drivin' that far with a tape stuck in the deck and no music. We can take a few minutes and try to fix it, or we can take my car. A convertible might come in handy in South Florida, huh? We can do whatever you want." She turned to Alexis. "Hey, Alexis -- you wanna follow us or meet us there?"

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"I'll meet you there." Alexis grinned. "Despite the reason we're going out there, I'm kind of excited." She admitted, shrugging her shoulders.
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Ellen poured more coffee and looked at their happy, excited faces. These girls should be getting ready for work, she thought, their only worries where they were going to go out tonight and who with, not thinking about which monster they'll have to kill soon... She shook herself mentally. Giving out Hunts was hard. You risk your own life, fine, but not other people's, and 'specially not kids like Alexis... Then again, at least this way I can look out for folks, make sure they're prepared for whatever they're goin' up against, 'cause they'll Hunt anyway. Maybe I should go out and see Jo, she thought. Try an' persuade her to come back home - even Hunt from here if need be. She drank her coffee absently, burning her lips but welcoming the distraction from her revolving thoughts about Jo. She squashed them down and smiled at the happy Hunters...

"Hey, Ellen -- this is great. Thanks for everything." Kate said. "Looks like we're wheels up in a few. You got an ETA on those pancakes?" She smiled.

Ellen shifted position.
"Sure, Hon! Guess I got a mite distracted," she said. "They'll be ready in a few" and she went through the door to the kitchen, returning a short while later with a large plate stacked high with hot pancakes dripping with butter and maple syrup.
"This should do ya" she said, placing the plate down on the bar and then going back for some small plates and forks. "Enjoy!"

Grinning like a happy toddler, Kate rolled up her sleeves, pulled two pancakes from the top of the stack, and dug in. "Thunks Uhllen" She managed to get out, as she ate happily, largely abandoning her usual grace and reservedness.

Ellen went out back again and brought in a plate piled high with eggs and bacon this time.
"Nearly forgot these," she said, grinning and placed it down in between Gigi and Alexis.
"I know ya want pancakes, Alexis, but y' might like t' try some o' this as well."
She sat down and pulled a couple of pancakes onto her own plate. The first stack was rapidly disappearing and she thought she might need to cook another batch.
"Hey Ellen, thanks! Were you planning to feed an army?" Gigi took a plate and shovled some eggs and bacon on it, then for good measure, she also took a pancake - they were just smelling to da**ed good to leave off the plate. For a little while there was a companionable silence only interrupted by the scraped of forks on plates, the thump of a mug set on the counter and appreciative noises from the hunters eating. Swallowing the rest of her eggs, Gigi turned to Kate and Alexis. "Ok, so I'll ride with you, Kate? And Alexis, you meet us in Miami? I'm not sure you'll find the cabin on your own, but we can meet at the Burger joint I was talking about and go together from there." She grabbed a bar napkin and scribbled the name and address of the restaurant on it.

"Let's just say I've seen plenty of Hunters eatin' so I always cook more'n I think I'm gonna need an' I ain't never been let down yet," Ellen said and she gave Gigi a broad wink.
"Looks like there's only just enough left for me," she said, grabbing a couple of pancakes and some eggs and bacon from the almost empty plate.
"D' ya want some more, Alexis? - This is gettin' cold now and y' ain't eaten much. I can whip ya up somethin' hot real quick," Ellen said.
Gigi rubbed her stomach "Pheeww, I am stuffed! That'll last a while. Hey, Ellen, thanks again for your lettin' me stay over last night! Beat's the hell out of sleeping in the car....!"
"Must be goin' soft," Ellen muttered. Out loud she said, "you're welcome, Gigi. I'd ruther y' got some rest 'fore ya start Huntin'. I need you an' Kate to look after Alexis - yeah, I know y're a good Hunter, kid, but it makes me feel better knowin' y've got some experienced people with ya." She winked at Alexis, "'course maybe y'll end up savin' them, Hon!" and she laughed out loud.

“Good point, Ellen.” Kate said. “Lots can happen out there, right?.” She stood up from the bar stool and stretched. “Grit, take your time. I’m gonna clear space in my trunk for your gear and pack up to go.” She turned to Ellen and handed her several bills – more than enough to cover the drinks and room from the night before. “Ellen, you're an absolute god send. Thanks for everything.” She pulled Ellen into a tight hug and whispered in her ear. “I saw you look at the calendar yesterday. Not sure what day it was for you, but I’m sorry.” She pulled away and looked at Ellen, careful not to betray anything to the others. “l promise we'll check in. We'll look out for Alexis, too, so try not to worry – if that’s possible.” Kate smiled gently at Ellen as she turned to walk out to her car.
"Wait up, Kate!" Ellen called and she followed Kate and laid her hand on her arm.
"Y' see a lot, Kate," she said softly. "It was... It would've been Bill's birthday yesterday... Just look after y'selves, OK? An' come back safe," and she gave Kate a hug and walked back to the others.
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Gigi called after Kate "See ya in a moment, I have to get organized as well!" Then she waited for Ellen and Kate to finish their conversation and stepped up to Ellen. She also handed Ellen a wad of cash and smiled widely at her. "It's been a real honor and pleasure to finally meet you! Look forward to see you again real soon.
Thanks for everythin' " She grabbed Ellen's hand warmly and shook hard. She thought to herself "Man, one tough, but awesome lady, that Ellen! I hope I'll have the chance to get to know her a little better!' Then she turned to Alexis "See ya in Miami, Lex?"

Surprised, Ellen held the cash in her left hand while she shook Gigi's hand with the right but then she dropped it and said, "aw, come here!" She grabbed Gigi and held her tight for a moment. "Look after yourself," she said, "an' come back soon!"
Then she turned to Alexis. "You be safe, Lady!" and she hugged Alexis for a long moment. Then she released her and looked them both up and down. "You'll do fine!" and she went back behind the bar.

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Gigi went outside to her El Camino and opened the custom made lid over the bed. She looked thoughtfull at her cash of weapons and books and other handy hunting tools and tapped her finger pensively on her front tooth..... 'Hhhhmmm, what to take, when we have no idea what is waiting for us in Florida...' In the end she decided to stick with her trusty favorites: her two short swords; her Sig Sauer Scandic, her Hoyt Buffalo bow and array of various tips and shafts and last but not least she fixed the sheath of her Raven Blade, an ancient silver Chinook dagger, to her ankle. She felt immediately better, less tense, having that dagger on her. So far her research on the blade had come up empty, but the Chinook believed in its power of protection, and she could feel there was a connection between her, the blade and the Raven tattoo on her shoulder blade, which Jake had insisted on. It was an anti-possession tattoo, much like other hunters had, just of an indian design and somehow she know there was more to it, then she was told. 'Now clothes' she thought....'I have nothing Florida suitable with me...jeans, cargo pants, more jeans, simple Tees and shirts and her favorite dark brown Australian Oilskin Swagman jacket with loads of pockets. 'Great', she thought, ' I'll sweat my butt of in this gear...but there is no hiding space for weapons in a summer dress...' She threw a selection of less heavy clothes in her duffle bag and then stuffed a few books and her laptop on the top of it all. Grabbing her weapons bag and the duffle, she shut the lid and locked it and then sauntered over to Kate. "Hope you have room for this? I was trying to pack light..." she hefted the heavy bags and grunted "But ya never know what ya need...and I'd hate for us to be caught with our pants around out ankles and the wrong equipment"

Kate laughed. "Girl, I've never seen you UNprepared, so I think we'll be fine! There's still plenty of room if you wanna pack more stuff. By the way, got your fed suit, just in case?"
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"Thanks again Ellen. I appreciate it. We'll have to talk like you wanted to when I get back." Alexis smiled and softly waved to her, before unlocking her car's door and throwing her overnight bag into it.

Ellen could see them all through the open door. She waved and shouted, "take care, people, an' I'll see ya real soon." She didn't like goodbyes much so she turned around and went out into the backroom...
Deanna Kale pulled up to the Roadhouse in her '69 Dodge Charger. The car was very special to her because it was the car her father was killed in. Her mom's ex had fixed up the totaled car and her mom gave it to her 2 years before she died. Deanna grabbed her enchanted kunai knives and stuck them in her belt. Those knives went every where with her. She walked into the Roadhouse and sat down at the bar.

A few moments later Ellen walked in from the backroom. She glanced around but there was no-one in the bar except for one girl sitting on a stool. Well it was early still, she thought. Might as well enjoy the quiet while it lasted. It'd get busy soon enough. She looked at the girl carefully. She didn't know her. She appeared to be in her twenties and was probably quite tall. She looked unremarkable, except for a scar on her lip. A Hunter most like, she decided.
"What can I get ya?" she asked.
"A beer please", Deanna asked. She seemed nice. Well nice enough. Deanna knew in this business you cant really trust anyone very much.

"Draft or a bottle?" Ellen asked. "It's all good. An' ya want to stow those knives away outta sight. I don't like weapons on show here. Makes everyone kinda nervous." She looked around and then back at the girl and smiled just a little. "Yeah, I know no-one's here now but the place fills up quick and see, it don't take much to rile folks who come in here."

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"Bottle please and sorry for them showing you didn't freak out let me guess a hunter right" Deanna said hiding her knives better. "Usually people freak out except for hunters".

Ellen picked up a bottle off the cold shelf and placed it on the bar. "Try this," she said. "It's local and it's good." She leaned back against the back wall. "Oh I seen plenty of weapons. The only thing that freaks me out about 'em is people who can't handle them prop'ly... So, where ya from?" Ellen said as she picked up a cloth and started wiping down the already immaculate bar top.
"Wheeling, West Virginia" Deanna said.

"Never heard of it. Let me guess - small town?" Ellen said. "What brings ya here? This is kinda outta the way. Most people don't come here without a good reason."
"Yea, Its small not much there though" Deanna said taking another sip of her beer. "I'm still looking for the damn thing that killed my sister 20 years ago. The thing is still killing and I think i caught wind of it in Washington state", She said."Been driving for nearly 12 hours and i got lost, needed some place to sit for a little while".

"Well, it's safe here; y' don't need to worry 'bout that. An' I can point ya in the right direction whenever you're ready," Ellen said. "Can rustle some food up for ya too, if 'n you'd like somethin' to eat?"

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A smile came on to Deanna's face. "I would love something to eat. What do ya serve" Deanna said

"Well, I got a menu up on the board over there" and Ellen pointed to the side of the bar. "There's burgers, chilli, pizza and some other stuff as y' can see - and the special is my meatloaf. Best meatloaf in the county people tell me," she said, smiling. "I can even do ya some veggie food - a few Hunters seem to like that sorta stuff so I been practisin' with a vegetarian spaghetti sauce and a no-meat chilli and o' course there's salad." Ellen wrinkled her nose and waved her hand. "Takes all sorts I guess."
She hesitated and then leaned forward over the counter. "Look, I know you've been huntin' somethin' for a long while but would ya like a change of scenery for a while? You're in it for the long haul by the sound of it but I might have a good Hunt for ya, partnering someone I know but first I need to get to know ya. I don't send anyone out until I get good vibes off 'em."

"If you don't mind I'll have a burger and ask away. I'm an open book and if there is a topic I'm not comfortable with I'll tell you" Deanna said. It's true most people wonder how she got her scar or why she always has those three knives with her. Deanna just doesn't like to talk about her sister though because Kara was the only one who truly understood her. Deanna also keeps in the back of her mind "If only I would of said something about my vision, Kara would still be alive".
"Most people don't trust me too well anyways because of my scar so I'm used to being asked questions and I also would love to meet up and hunt with someone Ellen. More people I have on my side the more back up I will have when I finally find what I'm searching for."

"Whoah, Girl!" Ellen said, holding her hands out in front of her. "Take your time!"
She took a beer from the cold shelf and opened it. "Look I've seen plenty of scars round here and it ain't somethin' that'll stop Hunters trustin' ya - they're not regular people anyway" and she smiled at Deanna before taking a drink.
"That's better," she said, savoring the beer. "Been a long day and I'm kinda thirsty, y' know. Now I'll get your burger - do y' want fries with that? And then y' can tell me 'bout what you're chasin', Hon."

"I would love fries. And some sort of demon. My mom and I had just figured out that it was a demon before she died but we weren't sure what kind of demon." Deanna said.

"I guess y' mean y' want fries an' you're chasin' a demon?" Ellen said, smiling slightly.
- "Aww, only funnin' with ya, Girl!" she said and her face straightened. So, it killed your sister... An' your Mom's dead now too? So... You're on your own then?"
"Yeah, but at least my mom went peacefully and I have cousins in the business too so I'm not truly alone," Deanna said.
"That's good, that she went peacefully, I mean. An' family's important... I'll go an' get your food an' we'll talk some more," Ellen said and she went out back. She came back in a little while with a large burger and fries.
"Here ya are, Deanna. Enjoy!"

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Danny rode up to the Roadhouse on her black speed bike. She read about this place in her grandma's journal and need to find a case before she went crazy. She climbed off her bike and walked in to find the place half empty and a girl eating a burger at the bar. Danny walked up and placed her helmet on the bar while sitting down a few seats away. Danny sat there patiently deep in thought.

"Help ya?" Ellen said as she stood up from behind the bar. She was holding a cloth full of dust and her face was smeared with it. She wiped away a wisp of hair from her forehead.
"I hate cleaning the bottom shelves," she said, frowning a little. "Sorry, y' don't wanna know that." Her face cleared and she smiled at Danny.

Danny smiled back. "I need some information on a couple of guys by the name Winchester. You wouldn't happen to know where they are?" Danny pulled her black leather jacket off and placed it on the stool next to her.

Ellen's smile disappeared like a light going off. "Now why would ya think I know these... Winchester Boys?" she asked, frowning. "This is just a bar, Girl. People pass through here all the time - don't mean I know all their names."
Danny became more serious. "That's not what I have heard. Look I just have a message for them, it's important." She looked around to see if anyone was watching her.

"So, what is this message? An' who are you?" Ellen leaned forward over the bar and spoke quietly. "Look, even if I did know these Winchesters I sure as Hell wouldn't tell anyone who just walked in where to find 'em! So spill, Girl. Tell me what's so all-fired important you need to speak to them."

Danny smirked. "Your right the name's Danny." Danny stuck out her hand. "And sorry but the message is only for them." She looked around the room again still holding her hand out. "I've heard a lot about this place from other hunters and my grandma who came here one time before she retired from the job."

Ellen looked at Danny's outstretched hand then slowly turned her gaze back to Danny's face.
"So, who's your grandma then? If I know her, we'll see."
She bent down and came back up with two ice-cold beers. "Want one? I always get thirsty listenin' to a tale."

Danny pulled her hand back, then grabbed one of the beers. "Thank you." She took a sip then tried to think of where to begin. "Her name was Annabelle Thompson. From what I know she was a pretty good hunter and an even better psychic. It was funny she always seemed to know I was about to get into trouble before I even did anything." She chuckled at the memory. "Anyways she took me in after my parents... Well I didn't really know her until I was 11. But what I do know is that she taught me everything about the hunt." As Danny continued to explain she pulled a small journal from her black jacket and flipped through the pages. "She passed away a few weeks ago but before she died she gave me this, told me to find these Winchester guys, and give them a message." She stopped on a page and examined it trying to look for her proof.
"Ah, here it is. September 13, 1993: I found a bar. A hunter bar where I met a man named Bill Harvelle. He was a good man, but his future was cloudy. There was a lot of energy in this place, no wonder I was attracted to it. He gave me some information on a hunter who was an expert on demons particularly the one who took my Sarah." Danny stopped reading and looked up. "My grandma was hunting down the son of a ***** that killed my parents. Unfortunately right after that she ran into this demon with yellow eye's who nearly killed her and left her paralyzed hence retirement." Danny turned the journal around and pushed it towards the woman to read. "Basically my point is I would rather be hunting down the demon, then trying to find a couple of guys with a message I don't really understand. But when my grandma tells you to do something you do it."

Ellen picked up the journal. She looked at it carefully for a couple of minutes, turning the pages back and forth and her lips moved silently over some passages. Finally she looked up at Danny. Her eyes were wet.
"So, I guess your grandma met my Bill anyways. Bill Harvelle is - was - my husband. And I know Yellow Eyes. He was a real sonofab*tch but he's gone now - Dean Winchester took care of him."

She reached over the bar and gripped Danny's shoulder. "I guess you're on the level, Girl. I still can't tell ya how to get in touch with the Winchesters - standin' orders - but I'll call Dean an' tell him about your grandma. That's as much as I can do. He'll call ya... Or he won't. In the meantime, I'll fix ya a meal. What do y' want? The specials are on the board and here's a menu." Ellen handed Danny a card and then turned away. "I'll be back soon" she said but her voice sounded rough as she went through the door into the back room.

Pulling into the driveway, Alexis killed the engine to her black Boss 429 Mustang. After the last hunt, she had checked in to a motel and caught up on sleep, and relaxed in every way a hunter possibly could. On her way inside to the homely Roadhouse, she tripped for a second but quickly recovered. Smiling to herself, Alexis walked in. It was somewhat busy, but not too bad. Walking to the bar, she sat in-between the two women at the bar.
Danny grabbed her journal and examined a few pages barely noticing the woman seat herself next to her. She sighed a relief to the fact that she was getting somewhere with this Winchester business. Danny put the journal away and looked at the menu not realizing how hungry she was.

Assuming that Ellen was in the back room, Alexis leaned on her elbow and swiveled around on the car. "Hey." She said to the person next to her. "I'm Alexis."
Danny looked up and toward the women spinning in her chair. "Danny." Then she looked back at her menu.

Ellen came through the door and went to open the bar top. She was through into the bar in a heartbeat and she went over to Alexis and hugged her hard.
"Hey there, Alexis! Am I glad to see ya, or what?!" she said. She released Alexis and looked her up and down. "So, lookin' good, Kid," she said. "Heard some about your last Hunt but not enough. How was it an' how are Kate and Gigi?"

Turning away from Danny, Alexis smiled widely at Ellen. "Hi! It's good to see you too. The hunt was great, turned out it was a buja seeking revenge on her family's death. Kate and Gigi are good last I've heard. I certainly learned a lot from them. What about you? How's thing's been aroun' here?"
"Oh, same old, same old," Ellen said. "A few new Hunters have turned up since I last saw y' an' a few old friends came by for a visit which turned into a three-day party but things seem quiet for now which is worryin' - I'd ruther see the evil comin' if ya know what I mean?" but her words belied the smile on her face as she looked at Alexis.
"Kate said she and Gigi might swing round her sometime soon. Maybe you'll get to see 'em again."
Elizabeth had parted her ways from Sam and Dean when she was 16 years old and decided to go to the Roadhouse. She pulled in, turned off her car and sighed "I can't believe I'm doing this." Elizabeth said talking to herself. She got out of her Royal blue 1967 Chevy Impala and walked in the Roadhouse and sat down at a table by herself.
Ellen turned away from Alexis to look at the woman who had just sat down at the table. Her broad smile had fled. "Help ya?" she said loudly.
She was kinda surprised that Ellen didn't recognize her "No thanks." Elizabeth replied politely.
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(OOC Oh yeah sorry) She smiled "Yeah. Elizabeth Winchester" she held out her hand to shake.
"Wait, don't I know ya, girl? Your face is kinda..." Ellen said, her voice trailing off. She snapped her fingers.
"Wait! Aren't you John Winchester's kid?"
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Ellen looked at the outstretched hand and then at Elizabeth's face for a few long seconds, then she smiled and shook her hand. "Well, it's been a long time, girl. Glad to see ya."
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"Yeah you too Ellen. What have I missed?"
"Oh, about a million things, Hon! I wouldn't know where to begin!" Ellen laughed. "How about a meal first. Ya look like ya could do with somethin' to eat! It's on the house - just pick what y'd like from the menu over there" and she lifted her chin in the direction of the board on the wall. Then she went behind the bar and pulled two beers from the cold shelf. "Somethin' to be goin' on with," she said, opening both beers and handing one to Elizabeth.

Gigi Graber parked in front of the Road House and got out of her El Camino. As she looked around the parking lot and didn’t see Kate’s familiar car anywhere, her mood fell a bit.
She was really looking forward to see Ellen again, however, she wasn't keen to withstand her probable sharp scrutiny over her appearance without the buffer of Kate’s presence to deflect some of the attention.
She seriously considered for a moment to get back into her car and drive a loop on the surrounding country roads, like a big fat coward! But then she shook her head at herself, huffed out a laugh and looked at her reflection in the driver’s side window glass.
“Not too bad”, she said out loud to her image and flattened down her dark blond bangs to cover a bit more of her eyebrows and the neatly stitched up cut running through the right one close to her temple. Her bruised cheek had healed pretty good and was mostly a pale yellow shade now, so she suspected the low light in the bar would hide that pretty sufficiently.
The gash on her left calf had healed over fairly well already and hurt only, when she stretched her leg the wrong way, which was pretty much with every other step, but just tried hard to walk with only the slightest of limps.
And the rest of the bruises and scrapes were all on her back and side and well covered with clothes.
“It’ll have to do!”, she nodded at herself and turned to go inside.
Just before she reached the door, she remembered Ellen’s “no weapons rule” and walked back to her car, opening the custom bed cover and placing her Sig Sauer Scandic, a large hunting knife and one of her short swords into it. Her Raven Blade would stay in her boot sheath – and that was that - especially after her recent experiences, she would NOT part with it even for a moment.
After that she strode, stopped and then limped to the door – collected herself for a moment and ducked inside!
Elizabeth grabbed one of the beers. "Thanks Ellen." then she looked at the menu "A burger actually sounds really good right now."
"Well, there's a lot more on the menu," Ellen said, turning away. She shook her head and muttered under her breath, "Hunters and their burgers! Stick a vegetable on their plates and they look at it as if it's from outer space." She looked back and smiled at Elizabeth. "Anyways, it'll take a while - I make 'em fresh myself, so enjoy the beer." She raised her voice to a sudden shout, startling Elizabeth. "And what d' y' think you're doin', Gigi Graeber, sneakin' in like a cat that's been out all night?! And what have y' done to y'self, girl? I seen people in car crashes look better n' you do now!"
She took a sip of her beer "Someone's in trouble" Elizabeth said quietly

"Hell's Bells, Ellen", Gigi threw her hands up in surrender, which made the cramped muscles in her back scream in protest "Last time to you were pissed that I came in with too much fuzz and noise! Now I am trying for polite and quiet and it ain't right either?" She laughed and walked over to Ellen to give her a tight hug. "No matter, I missed your cookin' and your hospitality and thought it'd be high time to check in!" She winced when she lowered herself gingerly on a bar stool. "And don't stare at me like worried Mama Bear....I had worse! It'll be fine in a couple a days, I am sure. Just fell off my horse during the last hunt....oh, yeah and got roughed up a bit by a Wendigo, that's all!"

Elizabeth chuckled at Gigi's humor. She was pretty sure she was going to like like her and she took another swig of her beer.

Ellen hugged Gigi silently and then she stepped back and placed her hands on her hips and glared at Gigi sitting on the bar stool, just glared long and hard and the silence drew out uncomfortably. Then she shouted out in laughter, "Ain't you heard of a middle way, girl? Ya blew in like a hurricane last time an' now, you slunk in like you're ashamed or somethin'. T'ain't polite, creepin' in, an' it sure ain't like you! Y' should be proud ya got back in one piece. And y' did good as far as I heard, even if the words didn't come from you!"
She leaned forward and hugged Gigi again, stronger this time.
"I was worried about ya and I'd 've liked to see ya sooner but never mind that, how are ya? I guess there's more hidden underneath than's showin' an' there's plenty showin' from where I'm standin'. Want me to take a look-see - make sure everythin's healin' right?"
She turned and gestured towards Elizabeth. "Oh, and this is one of the Winchesters. Elizabeth. John's daughter. She's a good kid."

"Ooff, Ellen, ya gonna add a broken rib to the list, if ya not careful!" Gigi wheezed, but hugged back just as tight. She's missed Ellen and all of a sudden felt hot shame for not haven given her a call inbetween. But the Ellen situation was still new to Gigi and it surprised her that the other woman seemed to care so much after their one brief encounter. She promised herself to make more of an effort next time around.
“Ok, sorry, I’d find a better way to enter next time around – too, tired to try now.” She grinned a bit tightly at Ellen.
“I’ve been up in the Olympic NP the last few weeks…been rough all around! But ya know what, you’re absolutely right! I am friggin’ proud to have gotten out in one piece AND killin these sonsabitches, ain’t nothin’ but a small miracle” She knocked her knuckles on the bar. “I think I’m healing alright. Even went to a real doc this time, if that’ll tell ya somethin’?”
Then Gigi turned around looked that the Kid sitting at one of the table and nodded with a neutral but not unfriendly expression on her face.
“Geez, Ellen, she is a KID! Ya sure she should be drinkin’ beer?! How many more Winchesters gonna crawl outta wood work over the years? Do the Guys know?”
She stopped herself and shook her head. She wasn’t a nosy person or a gossiper. “Forget it, none of my damned business!” she growled.

(OOC Laptop's being an idiot) "Two things. One I'm 21 and two be careful about what say about my family." Elizabeth said and the prowl.

Gigi looked up in surprise not having heard the young woman approach and taken aback at her immediate hostility. She relaxed her posture to signal that she meant no harm and held her hands up, palms out. "Hey, meant nothing by it!I have nothing bad to say about your family...don't even know them personally. From all the stories circulating, I got nothin' but respect and gratitude, believe me." Then she stuck her hand out and
said friendly enough "Fresh start? I am Gigi Graeber, pleased to meet ya"

Elizabeth shook it "Elizabeth Winchester"

Gigi shook Elizabeth's hand and looked her straight in the face, thinking 'That's it, huh? Well, two can play at that game....no skin of my back.' She nodded once more at Elizabeth and turned back to the counter.
"Hey, Ellen, could ya get me a Iced Tea, Unsweet, please?" She asked.

When Kate Harper pulled into the Roadhouse’s dusty parking lot and saw Gigi Graeber’s car parked there, she could not contain the huge smile that spread across her face. "Thank God – she made it here".
Kate sent up a silent prayer, which wasn’t something she did very often. Barely aware of her feet hitting the ground, she leapt from her car and strode purposefully through the doors of the Roadhouse. She paused near the front door, giving her eyes a chance to adjust to the dim light while sweeping the room for the familiar crop of blonde hair. She spied Gigi sitting at the bar next to a young girl and talking to Ellen. But as soon as her eyes settled on Gigi, she could tell something was not right. She was less animated than usual; her posture was “off”, like she was guarding her back or maybe her ribs; and the bangs that usually danced playfully across her forehead were too long and artfully pushed over to the right side – an old trick Gigi used to cover up shiners. Kate’s heart fell a bit – "Something happened. She needed me and I wasn’t there. Dam*it." Deciding to be relieved that Gigi had made it here at all, Kate walked over to her friend and hugged her. As she hugged Gigi probably too tightly, she whispered “Grit, I don’t know whether to kick your butt for not calling me, or hug the life right outta you. But either way, I'm damn*d happy to see ya' girl." Realizing the lump that was rising in her throat, she released her friend. Glowering at Gigi with her best I’ll-deal-with-you-later look, she held her at arms length for a second before turning to Ellen and the young woman sitting at the bar.
“Hey, Ellen. Looking good there. Great too see ya’ ” Kate said, as she leaned across the bar to give Ellen a hug.

The moments distraction while Kate talked to Ellen, gave Gigi a moment to collect herself and get the sudden hot wetness and pricks in her eyes under control. She turned her head away from the others, hoping not to be too obvious and blinked furiously a few times, while at the same time taking to very deep breaths and calming her racing heart. She had missed Kate terribly and could have sorely used her back up and help during the last hunt, but she also admitted to herself that she was somewhat glad not having gotten her friend into the mess, she'd been in . At least she'd had Kate's brother Wesley's help there in the end and she was darn happy, he had not gotten hurt - or she would have probably left the country, not knowing how to face Kate. 'OKAY, thinking of Wes is NOT helping to calm down', she thought to herself, but also had a wide grinn spread across her face.
She turned back to Kate and Ellen.

Kate turned back to Gigi. Just looking at her was a relief, and Kate knew she could never stay mad at Gigi for long. “So, I come back from a ghost hunt in Bermuda with a little sun burn, and you…” She squinted and leaned in as she brushed Gigi’s bangs away from the scar on her forehead. “…YOU come back from Portland with a shiner and a new scar to talk about.” She smiled and elbowed Gigi gently in the ribs. “How is my big brother, by the way?” Smiling to herself, Kate glimpsed a twinkle in Gigi's eye that only Wesley could have put there.

“SO, you KNEW, Wes showed up to find and help me!? I was sure you had SOMEthing to to with it, but he didn't tattle tale on ya! And I know I should be mad, if you send him after me like some damsel in distress, but I ain’t! Actually I am damned glad he came and had my back…I’m not sure I would have made it outta this one alive otherwise.”
Then her face lit up with a mischievous smirk and she stage whispered “Plus….ya know?” and she made a funny hand gesture, holding her closed fist palm side up in front of her and suddenly spreading her fingers wide in one quick motion. Kate looked at Gigi totally confused, but the other Hunter waggled her eye brows and whispered “Mount Gigi exploded!”

Kate threw her head back and laughed aloud, playfully tousling Gigi's hair. "Well, okay then! Just glad you made it back pretty much in one piece." Turning serious for a second, Kate added. "So, did you get any of the answers you were lookin' for?"

A huge weight lifted off Gigi's shoulders and she felt herself breathe easier. She had been hoping that Kate wouldn't feel weird about it and wouldn't be mad. Afterall, Kate had been somewhat pushing her down that road...towards Wes.
Then another weight descended on her, squeezed her heart and made her stomach sink. She swallowed hard.
“Well, Jake found out a whole bunch of stuff on my family, that I am not sure I wanted to know, but now I cannot “un-know” it either!” she shrugged, looking a little helpless and blankly staring into the middle distance. After a moment, she pulled back to the present and sighed, “BUT this is not the time or forum for this sad tale…..’sides, I didn't really even have the time to absorb it all or think it through properly – and believe me, it's a LOT!”, Gigi put her hand on her friends arm and looked at her seriously, “Gimme a little time,’K? I promise, I will tell you everything and probably need your help making heads or tails of it all anyways….just... not yet.” She squeezed Kate’s arm. “Hope you understand?”

Kate's smile came easy. "You know I'll always understand. And you ALSO know I'm not going anywhere. I'll be here when you're ready, Grit." Sensing it might be time to change the subject, Kate clapped Gigi gently on the shoulder. "Enough of this chick flick stuff. How 'bout some whiskey? First round's on me." Gesturing to the young girl at the bar, Kate asked Gigi. "And who's your friend?"

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"Now that the reunion is outta the way, I'll get the first coupla rounds - just to celebrate y' idjits makin' it back all in one piece - well, mostly," Ellen said, looking pointedly in Gigi's direction. "An' o' course I want to hear what's been goin' on with both of you ladies but first I got to make some burgers. Help y'selves to drinks. I guess you two 'll want some food too? Shout out when ya know what ya want. Meatloaf's good but ya know that already. I've been practisin' with Cajun cooking so y' might like to try something hot and spicy - well, sounds like Gigi already has!" and Ellen went off laughing and out through the door into the back.

"Thanks, Ellen!" Kate called out, as Ellen disappeared into the kitchen. Kate winked at Gigi and clapped her on the shoulder again, laughing "Hot and spicy indeed, heh, heh." Kate slid behind the bar and grabbed a bottle of whiskey. Grabbing two glasses, she poured drinks for her and Gigi and sat down on the stool next to her. Smiling and turning to Gigi, she raised her glass in a toast. "So, like Ellen said. Here's to makin' it back, G."

Gigi clinked glasses with Kate and said loud enough for her and Ellen to hear "Thanks, Ladies, and I am damned happy to BE back and see ya! Hey, Ellen, something hot and spicy sounds just right - hook me up with ya new cookin' delights, will ya?" Then she downed her shot, shuddered and let the warmth settle into her belly like a welcome friend.
Turning to Kate, she winked "And YOU better be careful with your comments...or your brother's gonna kick your a**! Not me....I know I can't best ya..." she laughed easy and felt more of the tension fall off her, that had her so tighlty wound up for the past weeks.

Following Gigi’s lead, Kate exhaled sharply and downed her shot. Closing her eyes, she let the familiar feeling wash over her. I’ll never get tired of that, she thought to herself. Looking at the rest of the bottle, she reached over and poured two more shots. Realizing that she and Gigi could easily finish the bottle off, Kate felt guilty and slapped several bills on the top of the cash register. Ellen was like family, and even though she had offered the first few rounds on the house, Kate didn’t want to take that kindness for granted. Plus, smiling to herself and settling back into her seat, Kate realized she hadn’t stopped thinking about Ellen’s meatloaf since she’d mentioned it.

"Woah, K, you are in rare form. I'm gonna have to take it a bit easier....still on antibiotics...I know, I know - whuzz! But ya know, you never know what the Wendigo touched before he clawed my leg...I ain't taking any risks with THAT." Gigi went behind the bar and poured herself an Iced Tea. "While on the subject, Nurse Kate, would ya have a look and see, if these stupid stitches can come out of my head yet? They're itching like crazy!"

Elizabeth was sitting there kinda awkward and sipping on her beer and grabbed John's journal and started reading it, it was her first time ever reading this book.

Gigi looked up from pouring her Tea and called over to Elizabeth, "Hey, Winchester, d'ya need a refill while I'm at it?"
She turned to Kate and cocked an eye brow in the young woman's direction. "That is Elizabeth Winchester, one of John's kids. Ellen said, she's good people!" She left it at that, not having had any chance to build her own opionion on the matter as the other Hunter didn't exactly come across as interested to change that.

Kate looked up from her drink at the new girl and nodded. "Kate Harper. How ya' doin?"

Before Kate could get a reply, she heard, "Jesus, it's really good to see you, Kate." Walker strode through the door. "It's been awhile. How the hell are you?" All of the other faces, aside from Ellen, were new. Walker often hunted alone, or kept to research-only, but she heard that Ellen might have something that she could use a few more people on. "Want to introduce me? Hey Ellen, Irish coffee if you have it."

Turning around, Kate was on her feet without even realizing it. “Holy hell, Walker! It’s dam*ed good to see you!!” She pulled Walker into a tight hug, punctuated by a kiss on the cheek. Keeping an arm around Walker’s shoulders, Kate released her from the hug, turning her around to face Gigi. “Grit, this is Walker Turner. She’s Rufus’ daughter, believe it or not! Our dads hunted together for – I dunno -- years, and Walker and I went on a hunt together not that long ago. She’s smart as hell, cool as a cucumber, rock solid, and pretty dam*ed good in a fight.” Then gesturing to Gigi, Kate added. “And Walker, this is Gigi Graeber – one of my closest friends and one of the best dam*ed hunters to ever pick up a blade. She’s good people. Heck, she’s family.” Gesturing to Elizabeth, Kate said. “And the quiet one there is Elizabeth Winchester. I hear she’s John’s kid, but we just met, so that's all I know.”

Elizabeth was reading John's journal.
"Ah, leave her be, Kate. The Winchester name is a hard act to live up to. I guess it's been followin' ya around all your life, kid, ain't it?" Ellen said to Elizabeth, kindly. "Don't let the feelin' ya have somethin' to prove weigh y' down! You'll make your own way just fine" and she put her hand on Elizabeth's shoulder and squeezed it.
"An' Walker, great to see ya!" She walked over and hugged Walker and then Kate. "Three of my best Hunters all in one piece and one place, all at the same time! She turned and winked at Elizabeth. "No disrespect, Elizabeth - sure y' are a great Hunter but I know these three ladies a whole lot better. "Might have some jobs for y' all but that's for later. " She lifted her right hand and started counting on her fingers. "Now let's see; I have gumbo, shrimp etouffee - and let me tell ya, Dean Winchester rates mine as some of the best he's tasted - an' jambalaya - vegetarian and meat - an' catfish - even Cajun fries! Oh an' Kate, I still have some meatloaf for ya" and she smiled over at her, raising her eyebrow. "I'll go get your Irish coffee, Walker" and she went out back again, returning with a hot steaming mug...
Walker was touched by Kate's warm welcome. It had been awhile since she'd been around friends who she had any kind of history with. She had never met Gigi before, but if she was one of Kate's closest friends, that was enough for Walker. Kate was so smart and calculating on a hunt, she never missed anything, and she wouldn't hang out with slackers. Walker hugged Kate back and briefly laid her head on Kate's shoulder, enjoying the momentary familiarity in her often-solitary world. "So glad you're here," Walker quietly said to Kate. Kate smiled back at her. Walker turned to Gigi and held out her hand. She noticed that Gigi looked like she had had a bit of a rough go of it on her last hunt; she was a bit beaten up. "Very glad to meet you," Walker said to Gigi. She hoped Gigi had given as good as she got. From the look of her, she was pretty sure she had. "Thanks for watching Kate's back; I hear you worked together." (An Irish coffee showed up on the bar and Walker thanked Ellen before taking a sip and almost choking...as usual, it was more whiskey than coffee...Walker hadn't been to the roadhouse in awhile and had forgotten Ellen's penchant for being generous with the liquor. Walker was thankful.)

Gigi chuckled at her friend's enthusiasm "WOW, high praise from One, who isn't throwing it around lightly! For both of us!" She stood up, walked up to the other Two, stuck her hand and out shook with the other Hunter, noticing the fiirm grip with satisfaction (a handshake said so much about a person).
"Walker, GREAT to meet ya! Kate's told me a lot about you and your hunt together...and her seal of approval means the world to me - SO, su amiga es mi amiga!"
Then she looked over at Elizabeth again "Have you made your mind up about a refill, Elizabeth? Still waitn' for an answer here! Once I'm sittin' down - you're on your own!"

Walker turned to Elizabeth and said hello, but Elizabeth was engrossed in her reading. She looked up and acknowledged Walker with a tentative smile.

"So, decided yet, ladies? It's only food," Ellen said, laughing as she came into the bar again. She was in good humor. "If ya don't order soon I might get tied up with other customers - I do have 'em, y' know!"

Smiling broadly, Kate raised her hand. "You don't have to ask ME twice, Ellen. I'd love some meatloaf if it's not too much trouble."

" 'Course not, Kate! Figured y'd want to stick with that as ya liked it so much last time! Y' had seconds and maybe thirds if I remember right - just kiddin', Hon! But in case you others weren't listenin' before, I have gumbo and jambalaya - meat an' vegetarian - and catfish an' even cajun fries as specials as well as the usual."
(OOC that's me for tonight - carry on if you want to! - Ellen :)
(OOC See ya later!) Elizabeth looked up "It's ok Ellen, you don't know me very well." She turned to Gigi "Sure." She waved at Walker.

Gigi grinned at Ellen "Well, ya don't have to twist my arm - Shrimp Etouffee, please! And I'm buying the next round." She stuck a few $20.00 bills under the cash register and then took two beers our of the cooler, bringing one over to Elizabeth, before returning with her own to the bar. "Kate, what's your poison? And tell us about Bermuda, you lucky dog!"

Smiling, Kate held up the whiskey bottle and said coyly “Thanks, Hon, but I’m covered.” She poured another glass before continuing. “And Bermuda was…interesting. Turns out the ghost was a slave who was lynched for a crime she didn’t commit. She returned to take revenge on the descendants of the monsters who murdered her. I hated having to burn her bones – she suffered so much in life, you know? Turns out her great, great granddaughter is a nun at a convent there, so after I burned her bones I gathered her ashes and gave them to the convent. She got the Christian burial she deserved the first time.” Kate paused to sip her drink before continuing. “I guess there’s never a ‘good’ ending for something like that, but at least she’s at rest and near what’s left of her family.” Turning to Walker, Kate asked, “So, what have you been up to?”

"OKAY, I take it back, not so lucky! I ain't ever as pretty as the Tourist Board or in your case the Historical Society makes it sound! Good job even fining her bones...as a lynch vic, they were probably in a pretty obscure place, weren't they?" Gigi shook her head sadly and took a long pull from her beer. She shifted in her chair uncomfortably, trying to ease the pain in her tired back muscles. That long drive had really taken a toll. She shook herself mentally and turned to the other Hunter "Sorry, Walker, I didn't mean to interrup ya.....so, what's up with you? "

"I took a little time off after the last job," Walker replied. "Went down to Gallup and stayed with an old friend for a couple of months. I thought I'd help out with some research she was doing for a book about local legends but I ended up helping her get rid of a vengeful spirit who had followed her home. I just can't seem to get away from the vengeful spirits," Walker said, taking a drink from the coffee mug. Walker smiled and looked over to Kate, "My old friend was very...grateful," she said with a great deal of innuendo. "I've really missed her," she said, more to herself than anyone else. "After the spirit was gone, we had a good couple of weeks. Then I got Ellen's call."

"Save some whiskey for me, Kate," Ellen said and she picked up the bottle next to Kate and poured a double out for herself. "Might as well have a proper drink while Walker decides what she wants and the burger meat needs to marinade for a while - ya don't mind waitin' a bit, do ya, Elizabeth?"

"You are the BEST, Ellen! Thanks for taking such good care of us!! But, don't forget my Etoufee, ok?! I am starvin', probably could eat the whole pot!" Gigi lifted her beer to salut Ellen.

"No, it's already started, Gigi! Won't take more 'n twenty minutes to finish off - just time for a drink or two first," Ellen said casually, helping herself to another one. 'Sides, I ain't runnin' in an' out of the kitchen waitin' for you good folks to decide - might as well stay here and listen in."

Elizabeth picked up her beer "Cheers to being alone" she mumbled and took a swig.

"You need any help, Ellen? I'd be happy to lend a hand!"
"No, it's fine; I'll be goin' back in soon," Ellen said, taking another mouthful of whiskey.
Gigi turned around and looked over at Elizabeth, who seemed a bit forelorn. "Hey, Elizabeth, have any Huntin' stories? Run into anything interesting lately?"

"Yeah actually. Let's see there was one time where I ran into shifter, he was a creep."

"Oh, yeah? Where was that? How'd ya gank it? Talking about creepy - it's the aftermath that gets me with shifters... all that slime! YUCK!" Gigi shuddered thinking back on her own experience with one.
"No Gigi you don't understand he was really creepy like he watched all the time creepy. It was in Cleveland, Ohio and I threw a silver dagger at him like a dart."

Taking another sip of whiskey, Kate chuckled. “I’ve never met a shifter who wasn’t bats-in-the-belfry crazy. Twisted SOBs will get into your head, too, if you let ‘em. I took down one that had changed itself into ME! Can’t tell ya’ how much fun it was shooting myself in the heart at point blank range. Good times.”

"Good One, Kate! Thankfully, I haven't had the pleasure of shootin' myself in the nugin' yet, but there is always a first time for everthing, ain't there." Gigi finished her beer and said. ""Scuse me, Ladies, gotta go powder my nose!" She got up, stretched grimacing and disappeared limping into the bathroom to take care of business, but also to take her antibiotics and a pain pill, which she didn't want to broadcast to the world out in the bar. When she returned to the main room, she went behind the bar and prepared a large Unsweet Iced Tea for herself. 'Better stay sharp, who knows what's up next!', she thought to herself.

"I got to stab myself in the heart though."

"When was that?" Kate asked.

"Wow, you mean the shifter was you and you had to stab you in the heart? Makes your head spin doesn't it?" Gigi grinned "Well, you seemed to have make it out in one piece...or should we check your eyes?"

Kate chuckled quietly as she watched Gigi in her element. Even though Gigi was clearly not feeling 100%, she hadn't lost her sense of humor. In fact, she rarely did. Kate recalled stitching up a gash in Gigi's leg one time, and Gigi joked the entire time, bleeding like crazy. She'll be okay Kate thought to herself, deciding to believe it. Realizing Walker had been quiet for a while, nursing her coffee, Kate leaned over and asked "You okay, Walker? Kinda quiet today, even for you."

"Oh, sorry." Walker said. "Just kind zoned out for a minute there."
"Thinking about New Mexico?" asked Kate. "About her?"
"Yeah," Walker admitted. "You ever think about what it would be like? You know, staying in one place." Geez, Ellen's generosity with the whiskey in her coffee was making her a bit emotional.

Kate smiled wistfully, putting a hand on Walker's shoulder. "Yeah. All the time. Life on the road is hard enough, but having to leave behind someone you care about just makes it sting more."
Gigi looked at the other two Hunters smiling to herself. She loved seeing her friend in her element of supporting and consoling people she cared about. Kate was great at it and able to instantly put you at easy and make you feel better. Her empathy also made her a great interrogator, catching people off guard with her kindness and often making them slip up to reveal more than they meant to. Gigi admired that, when she herself was more likely to be "bad cop" in that equation.
She also wondered what the other two were speaking about..."HER"?? Interesting...but she wasn't nosy and would never pry, but she was dying to get to know Walker a little better. She seemed a bit of an enigma to her.

Ellen moved quietly back into the kitchen letting the others get to know each other a little better and reappeared a short time later with three large plates laden with Elizabeth's burger and fries, Gigi's ettoufee and Kate's meatloaf.
"Sorry, Walker - I thought I'd better get this food out before it spoiled. I can fix ya somethin' real quick if ya like."
"Thank the Gods, Ellen, I was about to gnaw on the counter!" Gigi exclaimed and accepted the plate of mouthwateringly good smelling food.

Kate laughed aloud at the tremendous pile of meatloaf and mashed potatoes that only seemed not to careen off the plate due to some unseen, supernatural force. Ellen’s portions at the Roadhouse were always generous. ‘Cause food is love Kate thought to herself. Kate glanced over at Elizabeth and Gigi happily digging into their food. Without skipping a beat, Kate leaned over the bar to grab another fork. Gesturing to Walker with the fork, she smiled and said coyly “Now, Walker, I know I ask you for too many favors as a rule, but I REALLY need your help with this.” Sliding a napkin and fork in front of Walker, Kate also slid the huge plate of meatloaf and potatoes between the two hunters. “I promise, you won’t regret it.”

"I'll be happy to share mine as well, Walker!!" Gigi said through a mouthful of food and then swallowed, trying to remember her manners. After all, Walker didn't know her yet...and Gigi didn't want to turn her off immediately! "Seriously, knowing Ellen isn't the skimping type and knowing the recipe of a good ettouffee calls for about a pound of butter....I'd be happy for the help here!" She laughed at Ellen's pleased smirk "Yeah, thanks, Ellen, as if I need more of that, right?!" Gigi called and smacked herself on the butt.

"Thanks so much for sharing with me, guys," Walker said. "I thought I only wanted coffee, but everything smells so good!" Walker gratefully took a few bites off Kate's plate. "So...should we talk about what Ellen called me about? I assume it's why we're all here."

"Sure," Gigi said to Walker and divided some of her etouffee onto another plate she had gotten from behind the bar. Pushing it over to her, Gigi continued "I wasn't aware that you had more details already? Kate didn't say anything about it yet either - so....shoot! What's up?"

"None of ya know that much, Ladies," Ellen said, joining them. "I thought I'd wait until y'all got here. It's kinda weird, even for us, but I have a trace of somethin' which might be the 'Jersey Devil'- or might not." She held her hands up. "I know - it sounds kinda crazy but it's an old urban legend in the Tri-State area and who knows - there could be somethin' there. Anyway I thought y'all might want to take a look at it."

Dropping her fork, Kate reached gratefully for the file and started leafing through it. “The Jersey Devil, huh? I helped three hunters track that thing a while back. Or, at least what they thought was the JD. Never found anything, though. But lemme tell you – the New Jersey Pine Barrens are a million acres of nasty fun I’ll never forget.” Nodding her head knowingly, she added. “If we're goin' after this thing, I’m in.” Kate closed the file and slid it back across the bar to Ellen.

"Well that's one," said Ellen. "But I wouldn't send ya on y' own, Kate. Even if it ain't the real thing there's plenty of bad stuff goin' on in there. Kinda got a reputation an' it ain't for anythin' good. A couple of Hunters disappeared in there last year as I recall - experienced guys too - an' there've been people gone missin' down the years. Trouble is, it's so big, like y' say. Y' need to be in the right place at the right time, I guess - that or be able to attract trouble an' I know you Ladies sure do that!" Ellen was laughing but her face didn't look amused.

"Well, hell, I ain't got nothin' better to do at the moment. So count me in!" Gigi looked seriously at the others. ""Sides, I'm going where Kate's goin'" She bumped her friend's shoulder with her own. "Don't know how much help I'll be, though! I know jack squat about the Jersey Devil...never hunted one. Heck, never even been to Jersey really!" She scratched her chin. "I do know a bunch about tracking in a nasty swamp, that's for dam*ed sure. And there's never a better time than the present to visit a new place, right?" She grinned at Walker. "How about you, Walker? Wanna team up? Can't hurt to go in with three!"

"That's why I'm here and I'd love to work with the two of you. It looks like you already know how to work together and I'd be glad to have you if you'll have me."

"So, it's a party then." Kate smiled, internally giddy at the prospect of hunting with these two women she respected so tremendously. Taking a final sip to finish off her drink, she added. "Well, I've got some files at my place from the last time I tracked this thing. I'll swing by to pick 'em up and meet you guys in 'Joy-zee'."

Ellen stood back looking at Kate, Walker and Gigi. They seemed well suited to Hunt together and Kate and Gigi already had a strong bond, as did Kate and Walker. She knew Walker couldn't resist this sort of Hunt. Hopefully it would bring Gigi and Walker together too. Better to Hunt in a threesome than just two, she thought, thinking back to Bobby and her Boys as she liked to call them privately. She wondered where they were now. Way down south, the last time she heard from any of 'em. She'd give Bobby and Dean what-for next time she laid eyes on either of them. She realized she had automatically excluded Sam from any blame on that score but he wasn't a kid any more and she should stop thinking of him like that. Well, she'd have to give him a slap just to let him know the way things were and she smiled at the memory of last time she had met him and Dean.
She shook herself. "Well, here's the file I have on the JD or whatever it is. I guess now's as good a time as any to get goin', you three," Ellen said, looking at each of the women in turn and giving them a nod of approval.
She turned back and looked at Elizabeth. "Sorry, Hon, these three will Hunt on their own this time but I'll find y' a partner for your own Hunt soon enough."

"It's ok Ellen." She shrugged.

"Good to meet you, Elizabeth," Walker said between bites of food. "Ellen's good. She just has a knack for matching the right hunter to the job. Hang around a little while longer and I have a feeling you'll be in for an adventure."
"Thanks Walker" Elizabeth said and smiled again

Kate stood up and backed away from the bar. “Guess I’ll hit the road, then. Hey, Ellen – thanks for everything, as always.” Kate made an effort to not look sad, but leaving the Roadhouse always felt a little bit like leaving home. Turning to Elizabeth, she smiled “Take care, Elizabeth.” Then she strode across the familiar boards, taking a deep breath to let the aroma of the place fill her lungs before she stepped outside into the bright sunshine.
(OOC Question. Who's playing Sam and Dean?)
(OOC -- Nobody. Sam and Dean aren't in the RPG.)
"You too Kate." she finished her food and was humming 'Take Me To Church' by Hoizer.
Tara Garter pulled up to the roadhouse in her black pick up truck. She was somewhat nervous. She had been going her own way and she hadn't seen Ellen or Jo in a while. Ellen and Tara knew each other because her now deceased husband , William , and her father , Andrew , worked on hunts together. She bit her lip , seeing there were other people , so she opened the door and stepped inside.
Evelyn stoped her car near the Roadhouse. As she exited the car. She thought to herself "It has been such a long time since she got here..." Dark thoughts went in her mind, standing still for half a minute. She finally noted that she was still in the door, with her hands in the doorknob. She then finally opened the door and was met by various different Hunters. "This place never changes" She thought to herself as she walked through the ruckus the Hunters were causing straight to a table in the corner, At the table, She brought out of her messanger bag her traveling diary. Reading her travels as she waited for the waiter.

Cara parked her Black 2012 Dodge Charger and got out of it, while slamming the door and walking towards the doors of the roadhouse. It had been such a long time since the last time she came to the roadhouse, and decided to finally come. She smiled as she opened the doors of the roadhouse, looking at the familiar faces of Ellen and Jo, while ignoring the cat calls of the men near her. She sat down on a random seat, and waited for a waiter to come.

Margo Rose checked her phone to make sure she was at the right place. Her sister, Holly, had told her to go to a place called Harvelle's Roadhouse and wait inside. She checked thecoordinatesthat Holly gave. "Yup, it's the right place," Margo Rose said to herself. She put her phone in her back right pocket, grabbed her black bag, and walked towards the building. Margo Rose entered Harvelle's Roadhouse. Nobody seemed to notice her yet. That was fine with Margo Rose. Margo Rose quietly seatedherselfat a table. While she was waiting for a waiter, she absentmindedly scratched the rose shaped birthmark at the base of her neck. She felt her phone vibrate and pulled it out. "Okay, so, forget about the case. Someone else is already on it. I would stay at the roadhouse though. I've seen some pretty interesting things there, you know," she mumbled reading the textout loudto herself. Margo Rose noticed some of the guys looking at her now. She adjusted the strap of her dark green tank top and pulled her blue cut-off shorts down a little. Margo Rose shivered. It was beginning to get cold. She pulled her brown leather jacket out of her bag and slipped it on. Margo Rose looked around at the many faces crammed into that one building. She sighed. She sat back in her chair and waited. It was gonna be a long night.

A truck pulls up outside of the Roadhouse, Then a young girl comes out of the passenger's side she thanks the driver for giving her a lift and smiled as she took her bags, Heading inside. Once inside Rory looks around the bar and sighs setting her things on the stool next to her she sits down pulling out her book looking through it. She was quiet and calm and yet inside she was scared. She looks up hoping to get a drink and find out about case she could work on while hoping she find what she lost long time ago.

A spiffy black 2017 Mustang GT with dark red rims and grill slides easily into the nearest available parking spot in the drive. the engine purrs to a stop and out climbs a short but still attractive looking girl. She's wearing a black leather jacket and black combat boots, a black tee and dark blue jeans. She's just looking for a job, something to kill. Hopefully the infamous Harvelle Roadhouse will have a job for the lonley hunter. Hopefully the job has to do with a punk a** werewolf sonofab*tch.As soon as she set foot inside the bar, she hears catcalls from various men, some of which were drinking, others playing pool. She stuffed one hand into her jacket and pulled out a flipped bird, which she proudly displayed as she sat down at the bar. The men left her alone. She raised one hand to catch the attention of the bar tender and called, "One whiskey with tequila on the side." The bar tender nodded and Emma got comfortable. Now it was just a waiting game. Emma could be patient. She could wait all day and all night if she had to.

A electric cobalt blue 1967 Chevy Camaro pulled into the Harvelle's Roadhouse, the hot rod engine was roaring with life blasting 80's rock that could have been heard a mile down the road. The engine was killed and out came a blonde woman, in her mid 20's around 6'3 sporting skin tight black leather leggings, knee high flat combat boots, a ripped white tank top, finger less leather gloves and a cropped skin tight black leather cropped jacket that went right under her rather gifted chest. Nestled in between the natural twin "cantaloupes" sitting slightly about them on her collarbone was an anti-possession tattoo with three set of wings on each side that was in a dark purple, dangling from her neck was a blessed cross made out of pure silver. Athena Winchester took a look at the bar keep and nodded her head in greeting as she entered the famous bar for hunters and got one in return before she made her way to the bar, ignoring the stares as just about every male whether they had company or not was staring at her, hunger evident in their eyes. "2 shots of jack please" the bartender nodded and a second later her drinks had arrived. Giving a nod in thanks she cleared both shots in seconds before taking a look around it was semi busy with the mundane and hunters drinking like their lives depended on it. Athena wasn't one to be patient but she'd stick it out since nothing was going on she decided to have a little fun and completely destroy all the drunk guys playing pool.

Lyla's jet black '67 Impala made the all too familiar noises of the engine as Lyla pulled into the Roadhouse.She shut the engine off, stepping out. Her brothers were off on a hunt God knows where and would return soon, or so she hoped. Her plaid flannel got caught on the door as she got out, and she carefully pried it off. She knew the Roadhouse had a no-weapons rule, so she begrudgingly placed her Brigadier 92 Inox in the glovebox, straightening her shirt and stepping inside. She looked around, the first time she had been in the Roadhouse since she was 12. And that was one of the rarer times. She sat down by a bar, waiting patiently for whom she believed to be Ellen or Jo to arrive. She noted the Roadhouse was full of hunters and civilians alike, most just looking for the taste of alcohol.

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