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Lawrence, Kansas. 2028
Abandoned house, 11:30pm

He sat in a corner of the house, which was dilapidated and yet, at the moment , so full of life. Loud music blared from huge speakers, and like acoustic strings holding their puppets, it forced the kids inside to go wild in their movements yet keeping in time with the song. The place was filled with college students, or at least soon-to-be college students. Most of them had passed their SAT's and decided to have a party, at a haunted house, just to keep everybody on edge. Although no one really believed the place was haunted, the party seemed to be going great. The musical din was now being punctuated with girlish screams and giggling. He looked in that direction; some hot chick was probably being groped by a jock. The house was not so big and with it being jampacked with kids at the moment, that fact became quite evident.

He sighed. He almost didn't make it into the party. Some guy from the football team kept telling him to beat it before finally recognizing him as the "geek who helped him with his math homework". And even though he had made it in, no one was talking to him, which wasn't new at all but at the moment, unusually painful. He sighed again. Maybe he would go beore he just died of shame. He got up and had started to make his way to the door when he felt seriously thirsty. He made his way back to the table where the punch was, poured himself a cup. turned and just looked at people having fun, wondering how they could just completely ignore him.

While feeling sorry for himself and wincing at every sip of the overly spiked punch, he didn't notice someone come to the punch table. The person took some in a cup too, and just stood beside him, leaning against the table in a similar fashion. He quickly glanced at the person, but did a double take when he registered the persons image, his mouth slightly ajar.
It was the most beautiful girl he had ever seen. Ok, he thought, maybe those were just the hormones talking but she really was one of the prettiest girls he had ever seen. And for some odd reason, she was looking at him. And smiling.
"Hi", she said in a voice that sounded to him like angels harmonizing the hallelujah chorus.
"Hi", he replied, trying to be cool, and push away the feeling he was experiencing that wasn't much different from standing naked in front of the whole world.
She leaned just a bit closer to him which made his stomach jump into his brain. "Whats ur name?", she asked , seeming genuinely interested.
"James", he said, hoping she didn't think "James" was a stupid name.
"Cool name", she said. Laughing a little, she turned to look at the party while he stood transfixed at her.
Her shape was perfect and her stomach, exposed by her tank top, showed amazing abs. She looked like she was in amazing shape. Her blonde hair came down on her shoulders in tufts while some went down behind her back. Her jeans and flat-sole sneakers looked like they were made for her and just made her look even better. He also noticed she wore a strange necklace. It looked like a... heart or an eye in a circle or something or....
He looked away from her necklace because she was looking at him again. "Aren't u gonna ask me my name, James?".
"Sorry. I'm not used to having beautiful girls take an interest in me", he said, regretting it as soon as he had said it.
Her smile grew wider. "I like u James", she said hiding her face behind her cup as she giggled. He smiled as he wondered whether someone was playing a sick joke on him. But he was too happy to entertain the thought at the moment.

Lawrence, Kansas. 2028
Abandoned house backyard, 1:05pm

Mary, he thought. So simple, so plain. It didn't reflect the girls personality at all. The past hour or so had been a blurr. He remembered her asking him if he wanted to come out back. Some place private, she had said. He remembered having a warm feeling wash over him as he nodded somewhat stupidly to her inquiry. Even now as she pulled him by his hand, giggling while making her way deeper into the slightly thick overgrowth that was behind the houses backyard, he felt light-headed and thought he might've taken too much punch in his former nervousness.
They stopped in a place with a fairly big clearing. and she turned and held his head as she gazed into his eyes, laughing all the while. His light headedness started to leave him as his nervousness came rushing back. He awkwardly wrapped his hands around her waist , scared because he had never gotten this far with a girl and he was afraid that he would screw it up.
"So, Mary, u said that u don't go to school around here?", he asked trying to alleive his tension in any way. She just shook her head, still smiling. She suddenly stopped and leaned her head in to kiss him softly. Her jacket that she had put on when they came out had something inside it that was large and pressing against his ribs.
He pulled away from the kiss abruptly. "Hey, whats in your jacket pocket?", he asked, wondering why it felt so heavy.
"Oh", she said, looking in her jacket and then back at him. "It's nothing. Its.... something my dad gave me".
"Yeah, but what is......", he tried to ask but was interrupted by her kissing him again, so he reluctantly let it go.
He tried to do his best at making out but he saw that she wasn't that good at it either. Surprising, he thought.. Hot chicks are usually amazing at making out..
Suddenly, he heard a rustling in the bushes. He quickly broke away from the kiss. "What was that?", he asked, trying not to sound too scared in front of her. She looked around a bit. "I'm sure it was nothing", she said and went back to making out.
A few seconds later he heard it again, coming from behind her. "OK, there is definately something in those bushes behind you", he said, after slightly pushing her off of him. "James, it's nothing", she said, not even looking behind her to check.
As he tried to convince her that he was sure he had heard something, the "something" was in the bush behind him and it watched them closely.
"Look, James, I really like u, and I hope u like me too".
"Of course I do", he whined, torn between feelings of fear and lust.
"Then I hoped that we could eventually..... y'know", she said , looking down awhile playfully carressing his back and chest. "Oh", he whimpered, in total losss for words. They both smiled and slowly tried to kiss again ..... when out of nowhere he heard an otherworldly sound behind him, the sound of a creature attacking. In complete terror, he spun round and in a split second, he saw it.
It was a pale color, with long woman-like hair and huge black eyes like a fly's. It had no nose, like it had been bitten off, and a mouth full of jagged three-inch teeth. Its body and limbs were otherwise similar to a humans, albeit it was covered in a slime of some sort and instead of nails it had huge claws on its hands and feet. He knew that in the moment it got to them, they were going to die and he was too paralyzed with horror to run. Just when he was about to get a great girl and possibly be hap......
"Get down!", Mary screamed behind him, in a strangely autouritative voice. "Whaaa", he managed to say, as she grabbed him to her by his neck so he could see her hand holding a shotgun pointed at the thing rushing toward them. Then in a loud blast of the gun, the creature suddenly dissappeared in a puff,as if the shot had disintegrated it.
"Oh my god", he screamed over and over as she let him go and checked her shotgun. "What was that thing?" he asked.
" A succubus," she answered as a-matter-of-factly, checking around to see if it was still there. " Is it dead?", he asked , in voice stricken with terror. She looked at him square in his eyes and paused for a moment before saying "No".
"What? Who are u?" he asked. She smiled. She always chose to keep people in the dark about what she did. But for some reason she decided to tell him everything. Because she would still need him to kill that thing.
"I asked u a question! Who the hell are u?", he shouted, clearly freaking out.
"My name ... is Mary Ellen Winchester, and I need ur help, James.

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