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[These are a couple of my old Supernatural fan-fictions which I had written over summer back in 2008. I still keep them around for nostalgic purposes. Aha. ]

Summary: These are one shots or chapter stories about sam,dean,ruby, bobby and other real characters or made up characters

Disclaimer: I do not own any information on Sam ,Dean,Ruby thats all Eric Kripke's job

Note: I hope you enjoy it!!! Oh Yeah and if you got any comments please send me messages because i would love to know what you think, ;-)


Sam heard a knock on the door, he walked over casually and opened it slowly, it was ruby,
"ruby....hi" ruby smiled and cocked her head to the side "mind if i come in?" sam smiled and opened the door wider, ruby brushed past him and made her way to his bed, she then sat down, rested her hands behind her and crossed her legs, right over left "wheres dean?" sam shut the door and walked towards the desk where his laptop laid "he went out, you know, to a bar or something" ruby smiled as sam sat down but then laid eyes on ruby who was drowned in her own thoughts "ruby, you ok?" ruby snapped back to reality at the sound of sams voice, she sat up and looked at him and smiled "yeah" sam raised a small smile before he closed his laptop and slowly walked over to ruby and sat next to her then gently put his arm around her, ruby rested her head against his arm.ruby lifted her head up from sams arm, her eyes met his "something on your mind?" sam narrows his eyes in defeat "well..."-
"well?...." ruby asked with a soft toned voice, sam cupped the side of rubys face with his hand and leaned in and gently pressed his lips onto hers after a few seconds ruby pressed her lips against sams with more pashion as she rapped both of her arms around sams neck and sam slowly leaned his body forward ontop of rubys.


"Sam!"dean yelled, sam fell to his hands and knees he coughed up blood, dean rushed to his side " sam?"dean said softly as his eyes watered with tears he looked at sam frantically, then heard distant footsteps which became louder, ruby kicked open the door, deans eyes widened "ruby?" she ran towards sam, lifted up his head and poured a vile liquid into his mouth sam gargled some up and leaned forward with weakness dean cought him and helped him up to sit down on the nearest bed, sam looked up at ruby who was still panting from the run, "thanks" as he raised a small smile, ruby gazed at him " dont mention it" dean stepped forward towards ruby "what just happened to sam?" ruby slowly looked over at dean, ruby folded her arms "lillith" dean raised his eyebrows "you mean to tell me that, that ***** was trying to..." ruby interupted as she finished his sentence "kill him?, pritty much...look shes a tight ass, so if i was you i would get the hell out of here" sam looked up " what about you?" ruby thought to herself before she answered in a soft toned voice "i gotta find her in order for you to be safe" sam gazed at ruby and noticed that she wasnt all demon, there was still human left inside her, sam nodded slowly agreeing with her then looked at dean " we better go" dean narrowed his eyes " what now?"........."yeah now" sam replied hesatantly, " sam you need your rest" dean demanded "i'll be fine" sam stated as he stood up from the bed dean grabbed both their jackets and headed for the door, sam followed slowly along with ruby, sam and dean headed for the car, sam turned and looked at ruby, "cant we help?", ruby sighed "no...sam, i dont want you getting hurt" she then walked off and dissapered into the shadows, sam and dean got in the car and drove off, while dean was at the wheel he turned and looked at sam, who was drowned in his thoughts, dean the looked back at the road ahead.when he saw a small figure standing in the middle of the road " what the....." dean whispered, sam looked up " what is it?" deans eyes widened as he noticed it was a small girl, he braked the impala hard and stopped a few metres away from her, sam and dean both looked at eachother then back at the girl "sam, her eyes" dean said with feared voice, sam stared at her eyes, they were a pearl white, "its lillith" sam said rushly, dean got out of the car and slowly went to the boot, and picked out the colt, sam kept his eyes fixed on lillith who stared right back at him not evan moving a muscle, sam was starting to panic "dean?" dean walked round the front and leveled the colt with lilliths head, lillith turned her eyes slowly to dean she cocked her head to the side and smiled then her head shot to the side, dean was sent flying he smacked the back of his head into a street lampand thumped to the ground grunting and panting, sam quickly got out from the impala and rushed towards dean "dean?' dean was still and loose, sam then picked up the colt and raised it at lillith, he pulled the trigger lillith stopped the bullet, she flicked her wrist and swung sam to the wall and held him up.
sam grunted by the pain from his back, when all of a sudden the street lamps started to flicker
" leave him alone " sam turned his head and saw ruby standing still with her hand tightly gripped round her blade, her eyes became pearl black sam breathed out in relief, lillith turned and the sound of her voice and smirked, ruby stepped forward "let him go", lilllith faced sam and dropped him to the floor and approached ruby, who became tense and ready, lillith held up her hand infront of her and chanted under her breath , ruby was tossed up in the air and connected to the side of the impala with a smack, ruby fell to the ground uncontrollably, lillith was in complete controll, while still chanting under her breath ruby coughed up blood, as black smoke began to rise out from her mouth, she treid to suck it back in, sam came up behind lillith and stabbed her several times in the back, lillith screamed as he done so, she then dropped to the floor, sam looked over at dean who was beggining to regain his strength, he walkled over slowly and lifted him up from the floor "hey, you ok?" dean breathed out heavily, "never better" sam smiled, they both then walked over to ruby, sam bent down beside her and helped her to her feet, she was unstabble and dizzy from the hard hit of the car , " we better get you back to the motel" sam said softly, later, they reached the motel room, sam pushed open the door, he sat ruby carefully on the end of his bed, and went to the bathroom to get a flannel and ran it under a cold tap, he then sat next to ruby and handed her the flannel "here" ruby looked at it and gently took it from him then looked into his eyes "thanks" sam raised a quick but warm smile at her, ruby did the same and wiped around her mouth with the flannel, after, she handed the flannel back to him, sam went back to the bathroom and rinsed it out dean sat on the other bed and picked up a magazine, sam sat beside ruby who was miles away in her own thoughts "you ok?" sam said softly ruby stared at sam "i guess" they both gazed at eachother until ruby stood up "i better be going" sam stood up afterwards, while ruby made her way to the door she tured slowly and faced sam "ill see you around" sam nodded and smiled ruby opened the door, walked out and shut the door behind her


Sam comfronts a muscular man with thick black hair who had sam by his throat and lifted up off the pavement, Sam tried to speak as he gagged for air " you know...who...holds the contract...for dean" The man smiled, as his brown eyes turned to pearl black " Woudnt you like to know" he throwed sam into the wind shield of a green muscle car " guhhh " Sam tried to get up but failed and falls back ontop of the wind shield, the Muscular man walked up to sam, picked him up by his collar and started delivering punches to his face with brute force , Ruby appeared from the shadows and pulled her demonic killing blabe out from the sheath at her thigh and twiddled with it in her hand "Azorc !" Ruby said with a deadly voice.
Azorc turned his head at the sound of her voice his eyes shined black from the light of the lamp post but still remained grip on sams collar , rubys eyes darkened " leave.him.alone" she stepped up to take him on, squeezing her blade tight " im not gonna warn you again " Azorc looked at sam then back at ruby, " fine! " he slammed Sam back onto the wind shield of the impala which knocked out Sam cold , he slowly walked towards ruby, " Im gonna tare you apart " she smurked and opened her arms out exposing for the strike " well,hey,give it your best shot " Azorc lunged for Ruby and catched her arm before she could evan swing the blade.
He pushed her to the pavement beating her hand against the rough concret ground to force the blade out, the blade slid along the pavement towards the impala, Ruby started lashing her fists to Azorcs face, who eventually got control of them he punched her and picked her up by her jacket and swung her into the side of a grey van, she tumbled to the ground and struggled to get to her feet, Sam slowly began to regain concisnous, he felt pain pumping from his throat and back,his body was numb and weak, he saw Azorcs picking up the knife just infront of him then walked towards Ruby who tried to pull her self up " RUBY! " Sam yelled, Ruby looked suddenly at Azorcs who smiled pleasanly and lashed the blade at her, she grabbed his hand, kicked his shin with the heel of her boot which sent him to drop to his knees, his force on the knife weakened as Ruby then punched him in the throat, she snatched the blade out of his hand as he fell to the floor, then pinned him to the ground and regained control of the blade. She brought it down and pierced the possessed mans heart. Azorcs flashed yellow, orange and then red ,life left his eyes. Ruby stood, panting with ageny and made her way to Sam
" Sam...you ok? " she asked with a worried look on her face.Sam slowly moved his head to look at her and smiled weakly, " Yeah, i think " he muttered and tried to pull himself up, Ruby helped him off the the car, Sam moaned as a sharp pain ripped through him, ruby fitted herself against sams side and helped him walk back to the motel.
When they reached the motel room, Ruby helped sam to sit on the bed, Sam struggled as he felt another lash of pain rip through his back, she made her way round the bed behind Sam then shrugged Sam out of his jacket, "i need to have a look " she lifted sams shirt up and over his head and rested it on the bed, Sam grunted in pain " looks like your gonna have a few more bruises, handsome " Ruby said as she made her way into the bathroom, picked up a flannel and rinsed it under the cold water, then went back over and sat behind Sam she secretly took out a small red liquid bottle an poured it onto the flannel and gently dabbed the dark purple bruses on his back , Sam grunted as he felt stinging pain through his body " what is that stuff?" ruby smiled " witch craft " she stopped and slowly went back to the bathroom to drop the flannel in the sink Sam struggled as he got up from the bed, ruby walked over to his front, sam looked down on rubys sweet face " thanks" sam said , ruby gazed up into sams eyes and smiled sweetly, sam swallowed with nerves as leaned down and tenderly kissed her cherry lips, Ruby slowly closed her eyes, seconds later, she gently pulled her lips away and raised one eyebrow " sam? "ruby said softly as she tilted her head to the side noticing that sam was miles away, sam blinked a few times and then looked at ruby, he couldnt find anything to say although he was glad to off done it " What was that for? " Ruby said sweetly ,sam gazed into her eyes breathed in deeply as he was ready to say something untill they both heard the groaling noise of the impalas engine outside the motel, ruby pulled her arms slowly and stepped back , sam stood staring at the light pinky floor, Ruby looked at sam realising the sadness he felt of her having to leave so she rested her left hand on his chest, he looked up slowly as she cupped the side of his cheek with her right and gently kissed him, she looked down, breathed out deeply and walked towards the motel door as she opened it she truned back round to face Sam "sam?" sam looked up and met rubys eyes " yeah?". " i'll see you soon, handsome " she said pleasanly , then turned back around, opened the door walked out and slowly closed it shut, sam sat back on the bed and smiled with thought.

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