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Paint it Black by DontCallMeSammy (DCMS)

Okay, here it goes, my first fan fic. WARNING: may be depressing
sorry its not appealing to the eyes ;D
Chapter 1: Midnight Black Paint

"Dean, Dean.." sobbed Sam as he held his brothers dead body in his arms. Bobby walked cautiously into the house where the terrible events of the night before had plagued and innocent family and killed Dean Winchester. Bobby heard crying in a room down the hall. He pulled his gun from his coat pocket and walked ever-so slowly down the hall towards the open double doors. Bobby peeked around the corner and got a glimpse of Sam's back. He entered the room and walked over to Sam and looked down over his shoulder at the tattered body of Dean. Sam heard the sharp intake of breath behind him, he turned his head and looked up at Bobby's horror stricken face. "Bobby" Sam managed to mutter though his harsh strained breathing. Sam looked back to Dean and started wiping his eyes. Bobby crouched down next to Sam and puts his hand over his mouth as if he was thinking and removed his hat from his head. "Sam..." he started to say but one glance at Sam's face told him it was better not to say anything yet. A few minutes later, Bobby stood up and touched Sam's shoulder and asked where the family was. Sam's drying eyes started to tear up again as he said "in the basement" through his tightening throat. Bobby left the study and tried a couple of doors before he found the one to the basement. Bobby turned the light on and walked into the finished basement. At the bottom Bobby saw a line of salt at the bottom of the stairs. He started opening doors until he found the family the wife started trembling. "Who are you?" she whispered. Bobby took a moment to assess the situation. He saw a pair of feet hanging off the end of a couch and he saw the little girl hiding behind her mother. "Bobby" he said simply. The wife closed the door behind her as she walked closer to Bobby. "Whats going on, three people have broke into my house and.." Bobby cut her off "Three people?" he asked starting to get worried. "yes a girl and two boys" "Your sure?!" he asked "Yes, blond hair, red jacket.." "Stay here." Bobby said as he took the stairs two at a time until he reached the main floor. He closed the door behind him and walked into the study, and saw Sam in the same place he left him, holding his brother in his arms. "Sam? Sam, come on, we might not have much time!" said Bobby as he shook Sam's shoulder. "Bobby," said Sam quietly as he looked up at him. "what do you want?" asked Sam with a more vicious tone. "Where's Ruby?" asked Bobby quickly as he looked around the room. "Gone." said Sam simply looking back to Dean. "Sam where is she?!" asked Bobby again looking worried. "I don't know." said Sam. Bobby looked around the room and saw Ruby's body in the shadows behind the table. He walked over and found a pulse. "Sam I know your upset, devastated, torn, but I need your help." said Bobby slightly angry at Sam even though he knew he shouldn't be. "Shut up." said Sam. Bobby turned around to face Sam who had looked up from Dean's torn body. "What?" asked Bobby in disbelief. "Shut up." repeated Sam with more venom in his voice. "Sam we've both lost everything..." started Bobby in a quiet voice. "Yeah I've lost everything and everyone i care about," said Sam getting angrier and angrier. "My mom, my dad, Jessica, and now Dean?!" he said his voice cracking towards the end. "Everyone around me dies, then one day I'll loose myself." shouted Sam his grief filled hazel eyes looking into Bobby's pained blue ones. "I've just lost the chance to learn more about whats inside me, and how to save my brother." said Sam still shouting. "And one day because of my fear, it will take me over and change me into something evil." he said with a pained voice. "What are you taking about Sam, you haven't had visions in over a year!" said Bobby looking hurt by Sam's words. "They were dormant until two weeks ago." shouted Sam, tears leaking from the corners of his eyes. There was a noise from the kitchen which made both Sam and Bobby look towards the door. Bobby crept into the kitchen and returned a moment later dragging the wife into the study. "Shhhh... were not going to hurt you." he said as he reached for the holy water in his pocket. The wife's eyes bugged-out when she saw Dean lieing on the floor. Bobby flicked holy water onto her face which made her turn her attention back to him and what he was doing. "What were you doing." asked Sam who was glaring at the wife through his long bronze hair. "Sam" said Bobby sharply. "I was getting ice for my husbands head,"she said shakily, "what happened?" she asked Sam. "Go downstairs and we'll be down in a minute to explain." said Bobby solemnly as he pushed her out the door. After he heard the basement door close he walked over to Ruby's body, and started to pick her up "Help me" he said to Sam. Sam and Bobby carried Ruby to Bobby's car, since Sam wouldn't allow her in Dean's Impala. "Sam.. she's yours now, Dean passed her on to you." said Bobby stopping to look at the moonlight bounce off the midnight black paint of the Impala. "No Bobby, this will always be Dean's car whether or not he's here to drive it." said Sam in a gravely voice. Sam walked into the house and carried Dean's body on his back to the fateful old car and lay him on the back seat where his own body had lain a year before. Sam stood there a moment looking at Dean's body before closing the door and walking back inside to talk to the family about the nights events.

Chapter two: Technically Speaking.
Bobby, Sam, the wife and the husband were sitting in a small plush room in the basement. The wife and husband sat on the royal red sofa leaving the quaint armchair open for Bobby or Sam to sit in. Bobby looked to Sam then to the chair, "Sam why don't you sit down?" asked Bobby nodding to the chair in front of him. "I'm fine" said Sam harshly, as he walked over to the corner of the room closest to the door. Bobby took the armchair as the husband asked the question of the night, "What's going on?" he touched the bag of ice to where Dean had hit him. "A demon named Lilith possessed your daughter and killed two people, that was before we got here, Sam, Dean, and Ruby tried...." Sam cut him off,"Ruby was never here." Bobby, the wife and husband looked at what they could see of Sam in the dark corner he was standing in. "What do you mean Sam?" asked Bobby bewildered. "Dean trapped her in a devils trap before we left this morning, ruby herself wouldn't have been able to get out. But another demon could have then sent her 'away' bring her body here, have Lilith posses it then.." Sam stopped short and backed more into the corner. "Why was that boy mangled on the floor?" stuttered the wife, tears welling in her eyes. Bobby looked at the floor, after a moment Sam spoke, "Because of me." Bobby looked slowly up at Sam "Sam it wasn't your fault" "yes it is Bobby, if i hadn't have died then Dean would be alive right now. If I would have killed Jake the first time then i wouldn't have died and Dean would be alive." said Sam still in the corner. "Your... dead?!" stammered the wife trying to make out Sam in the corner. He moved more into the light and spoke, "Technically speaking i am in more was than one , the FBI has me marked as dead, but no my heart's still beating and I'm breathing air that's not mine to breath." "How are you here." asked the husband. "Well.." he hesitated, backed into the corner, changed his footing, "I've said more than I should have already." he said icily. "Sam's right..but you have a right to know." said Bobby looking at the husband. "Do they have a right to know everything about my past too?!" added Sam defensively. "Sam the recent past is part of their future." said Bobby slowly. " Fine, one year ago i was killed, and my brother sold his soul to bring me back." said Sam is voice softening. " And now he's in Hell" he said shortly his voice wavering. "How do you know about all this stuff?" asked the husband. "Well, its kinda our day-job" said Bobby "except we don't get paid" he added. " Who the hell would want that job?!" exclaimed the husband. "well, the reason were into this stuff is cuz' of a death." Bobby said not going any farther into the subject of why they knew what they knew. "Well, Sam and i got to go." he said standing up. "why?" asked the wife shyly. "Because Sam is supposed to be dead, and to the world of the unknowing were criminals even though what we do saves lives, parts of what we do is illegal" replied Bobby moving towards the door. "we weren't here nor have we been." said Sam opening the door and walking up the basement steps. Bobby followed, and the wife and husband trailing him. Sam walked to the front door and opened it. The wife walked up to Sam and hugged him, and said "Thank You" into his jacket. Sam just stood their for a moment then hugged her back. "I'm sorry about your brother." she said as she went back to stand next to her husband in the door frame. Bobby nodded to the husband and wife, and started walking down the drive way to his car. "Is that your car?" asked the husband pointing over at the impala. "No, its Dean's car, and my dad's before him." Sam said sadly. "Sam. You have blood on you jacket." said the wife shyly. Sam took of his jacket and inspected the blood, he opened the back door and remembered about Dean's body and closed the door. He walked to the trunk, unlocked it and threw his jacket in and closed the trunk. Before he got in the impala he said "That was me in the back a year ago, and it should be empty now and Dean in the front seat." he closed the door, started the engine and backed out of the driveway. Bobby's car fallowed the impala down the street and left the accursed house in their tail lights.Sam had been driving for about an hour and he didn't know where he was going, but he knew it was on a road to nowhere. Suddenly he stepped on the brake. Bobby's car screeched on the road behind the impala. The smell of bunt rubber filled the cool night air.Sam opened the door stood up, and leaned against the side of the impala when Bobby walked up to him. "Jesus Sam! Whats wrong with you?! I almost hit you!" he yelled his voice full of concern. "Bobby i don't know where I'm going'." said Sam sounding distant. "Come on Sam lets get to a motel for tonight. Then tomorrow lets get to my house." said Bobby pushing Sam into the drivers seat. "What about Dean?" asked Sam looking up at Bobby. "We'll have to put him in the trunk for tonight." said Bobby shrugging. Without another word Sam stood up, opened the back door and pulled Dean's body onto his back. Bobby reached to help him but headlights started flickering, Sam was glaring at him, Bobby took a few steps back until the headlights stopped flickering. Sam opened the trunk and grabbed a bag of salt out of the hidden compartment, and tossed it on the ground. He closed it and carefully placed Dean's limp form into the trunk and closed it with a slam. Sam picked up the salt and walked back to the front seat ignoring Bobby's worried look, and threw the bag into the passengers seat. Bobby walked back to his car and got in. Sam slammed the door and stepped on the accelerator, the impala lurched forward along the road. Bobby sped up to catch up to the red tail lights of the impala. Sam slowed down at the first shady motel they came across. Sam grabbed his bag the salt and went with Bobby to the entrance of the rundown hotel "The Compass". "One room two queens" Bobby said to the half asleep clerk at the counter. When they got in their room Sam angrily said "I'm not a child Bobby I can take care of myself" "I'm not leaving you alone with yourself, who knows what you might do." yelled Bobby with concern. "I'm not that suicidal Bobby!" yelled Sam back. "You shouldn't be alone with your powers. that's all." Bobby said quietly as he went outside to get Ruby's host. Sam salted all the windows and doors and got changed for bed. Sam finished and walked out of the bathroom to see Bobby putting Ruby in an faded arm chair. Later Bobby spoke,"Sam?" he asked quietly. "What." said Sam tiredly. "Did Dean know about your mixed blood?" he asked. Sam rolled over onto his other side, after a moment he answered. "No, i couldn't tell him that I've got demon blood in me, it would have killed him." said Sam, his voice filled with sadness and hate. "That's why.." Sam cut him off "Bobby I'm tired, i don't feel like talking." Sam curled up under the covers of his bed. "Sorry." said Bobby in a whisper as he reached to turn off the lights.

Chapter Three: Mind Games
Sam laid in bed listening to nothing in particular, he knew he wouldn't sleep. It was Jess all over again, only times one hundred. Why didn't i die when Lilith attack? Why was I immune to that demonic virus? What was Ruby trying to find out about me? Was the demon really planing to create Hell on earth or was he trying to do something else? He said he's been waiting for me for a long time. What was he trying to accomplish? Are the awakening of my powers the reason why Dad said to kill me? if he couldn't suppress them. Perfection? Demon, Human, Half breed. All the power of demons but the immunity to salt, holy water... I might be onto something... its truly "the perfect soldier" Blends in with humans with out a host..Why me... Why is this all happening to me?! how did mom know the Demon? Why? Whats Lilith going to do now? What am i going to do?! Deans dead and suffering in hell because of me. Suppress them, how did dad do it? He made his own deal with the Demon, but how? Ruby and Bela said that Lilith holds all the deals and contracts. But why is the Demon able to generate deals of his own. What was he truly capable of. To many questions with out answers. Are my powers only because of the two drops of blood i ingested? Was he that evil and powerful that two drops could do this? Why us. why our... my family. Its my fault their all dead. What will these power turn me into? What damage will i do? Wheres Ruby, that son of a ***** lier, who knows more than she'll admit?!! Dean was right, shes just another demon, not to be trusted. She's been messing with my mind. If she's in hell mabey she'll help Dean escape with her if she is what she says she is. Whats hell like... is it as bad as demons say? worse? Where did i go when i died? Why can't i remember? Look at all the trouble my bleeding heart has got me into. I should have killed Jake the first time. I should have killed the Demon when it possessed Dad... Dad, did he know more that he said? When he heard about my powers he was way too calm, like he knew that it was coming, he was a bit alarmed but other was too calm... WHY WHY WHY WHY!? Questions without answers! Sam finally fell asleep looking at the clock, which read 2:35 am. He had a dream, with dark figures, but before be could determine what they were the scene flashed. He saw salt, a bag... another flash and the line of salt on the window was broken. Flash, Bobby, Ruby's host another flash a fire. Flash a clock that read 3:40. Sam awoke with a start. His heart was pounding against his ribs, the red LED lights on the clock read 3:36 am. He had a vision, the clock in his vision said something was going to happen at 3:40. Sam heard a soft sound at the door, his vision hadn't given him much of a head start. Sam jumped out of bed and dressed quickly.. He awoke Bobby and whispered "we've got to go now." Bobby's sleep filled eyes looked up at him, then he nodded and went to get dressed. 3:38 Sam grabbed his bag and tossed it towards the door, it landed silently just before the door frame.The Salt! Sam strode across the room as AC turned on. Sam glanced at the clock, 3:39 he turned his attention back to the salt. The thick sun bleached curtains had moved across the line of salt making an inch thick line and breaking it. The door flew open as the clock turned 3:40, Bobby had grabbed Ruby. The figures entered the room, and Sam stepped in front of Bobby. Black eyes glistened from the four figures standing in front of the only way out of the room. The lead figure tossed her head at the wall and Sam flew into the wall. Bobby had set Ruby down and gotten holy water out of his pocket. A demon in the back came forward and flicked the vial across the motel room. Sam was now pinned against the wall, the leader approached him slowly taking in the moment. "Long time no see Sammy." she said her black eyes twinkling. Suddenly Sam was pulled off the wall and slammed back against it, his head hit the wall with a crack. Bobby glanced over at Sam's slack body still pinned to the wall, his head on his chest and his arms dangling. "Take him." she said. The girl turned her attention to Bobby as tow demons grabbed Sam off the wall and were half carrying him and half dragging him out the door. "Hey Bobby." she said. "Meg." he said shortly glaring at her. She smiled, "Well got to go, the anti-christ is going to be busy." she turned and the last demon fallowed her out the door. The last demon turned glared at Bobby and tossed his head and sent Bobby flying into the door frame to the bathroom, his head connecting with it and knocking him unconscious. He pointed at the ground near Ruby's host and it caught fire, he grinned and closed the door behind him.

Chapter Four: From the Flames.
Bobby awoke with a cough, he couldn't breath, he stood up and saw that flames had engulfed most of the room. Bobby grabbed Ruby and closed the door stumbled into the cool morning air. Fire trucks started arriving, wailing there sirend to clear teh way to the small motel. Bobby set Ruby down adn looked around the parking lot, no sign of the black classic. An ambulence pulled up beside them and a paramedic, jumped out of the back, running over to Ruby.

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