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Notable Sam Winchester Episodes

Season One

Pilot- Dean shows up asking for his help in finding their father. His girlfriend Jess is killed by the Yellow-Eyed Demon. Sam officially joins his older brother on a road trip across America killing the supernatural evil.
Phantom Traveler- Sam finds out the reason they always drive everywhere, Dean is afraid of flying.
Bloody Mary- Sam must summon Bloody Mary to the mirror so they can destroy her, he reveals to Dean that he saw Jess die days before it happened and that he felt guilty for not warning her or trying to stop it from happening.
Home- Sam and his brother must return to their childhood home when he has a vision of something bad happening to the family that lives there.
Asylum- while working on a case involving a haunted asylum, Sam goes mad after being touched by the doctor and attacks Dean.
Scarecrow- After leaving Dean to do a case alone, Sam meets a young woman named Meg and forms a bond, before having to go to his brothers rescue.
Faith- After Dean is accidentally electrocuted on a job, Sam must find a way to save him before his weakened heart gives out.
Nightmare- Sam finds Max, another kid with abilities, similar to himself.
The Benders- Sam is kidknapped by a family that hunt humans and it's up to Dean and a pretty police officer to save him.
Shadow- They are reunited with his father, John for a short time. Sam finds out that Meg is a Demon who is planning a trap for John using Sam and Dean as bait.
Something Wicked- Sam finds out that the thing they are hunting almost killed him when he was very young. Dean feels guilty about letting it almost get Sam and is determined to finish of what started years ago.
Dead Mans Blood- The brothers and their father are once again reunited, this time for good. The Winchesters finally get ahold of the Colt, the special gun made to kill the supernatural. It can kill anything.
Salvation- Meg is back and she's after the Colt.
Devils Trap- John is possessed by the Yellow-Eyed Demon and Sam and Dean must stop him. Dean is tortured, but John gets enough control to release Sam who shoots him in the leg, the Demon escapes. On the way to the hospital a semi plows into the Impala, leaving the three Winchesters trapped and injured.

Season Two

In My Time Of Dying- Sam must find a way to save his brother who tells him a Reaper is after him. John sells his soul and the Colt for Dean's life.
Everybody Loves A Clown- We learn that Sam has a fear of clowns (Coulaphobia). The brothers must deal with the loss of their father.
Simon Said- Sam finds another young man, Andy, who has mind control, we also find that it does not work on Sam.
The Usual Suspects- Sam has to try and clear his brother of murder and, with the help of a detective, find the real killer.
Crossroad Blues- Sam and Dean finally understand what happened to their father at the hospital.
Croatoan- We find out that Sam is immune to the virus that spread throught the town. We also learn it was a test from the Demon. A test that Sam passed.
Hunted- A fellow hunter, Gordon, hunts Sam after learning of the Demons plans for him.
Nightshifter- Sam and Dean are wanted for robbery and murder after taking a bank hostage to kill a shapeshifter.
Houses of the Holy- Sam tries to convince his brother that angels are real. He sees what he thinks is an angel that sends him on a mission. But it's actually a spirit.
Born Under A Bad Sign- It seems that Sams side is finally beginning to show itself when he brutally kills another hunter, attempts to kill Jo and shoots Dean. In the end though we learn he was actually possessed by Meg.
Heart- Sam becomes close friends with a woman who turns out to be a werewolf, when all seems lost for her, she tells him to shoot her. When she pleads for him to kill her, he finaly musters up the courage and while Dean waits patiently in the living room, a gunshot goes off. Both brothers lament it and even shed a few tears.
Folsom Prison Blues- Sam and Dean are arrested and sent to the state penitary where they attempt to rid the prison of a murderous spirit.
What is and What Should Never Be- Dean is missing and Sam must find him before he becomes dinner for a djin.
All Hell Breaks Loose Part I- Sam wakes up in a strange ghost town with other young people with abilities. In a final stand between him and Jake, he cannot bring himself to kill him, and just as he is going towards his brother and Bobby who have found him (thanks to Andy) Jake stabs him in the back. He falls into his brothers arms.
All Hell Breaks Loose Part II- Sam dies in Deans arms. Dean cannot live with his little brother dead so he goes to the crossroads to make a deal: his sole for Sams life. The Demon gives him one year to live and Sam comes back to life. At the end of the episode, the gates to Hell are opened and hundreds of demons swarm out. Bobby and Ellen manage to close the gate, and Dean kills the Yellow-Eyed Demon once and for all.

Season Three

The Magnificent Seven- While battling three of the Seven Deadly Sins, Sam meets a mysterious demon hunter named Ruby.
The Kids Are Alright- He finds out that all his mothers friends were killed by the Yellow-Eyed Demon. Ruby reveals that she is a demon, but had come to help him. She asks for his help in something and if he agrees she can save Dean.

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