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Kennedy Lawson

- With angels falling, I believe they will try to bust Michael out of the cage, thus resulting in releasing Lucifer. Then, season 10 will feature Sam being possessed by Lucifer, just like they said he would in Season 5 (The End). This explains why Cas is a hippie in that episode, Bobby is gone, and the world is pretty much done.

Pretty sure that Season 10 will be the final season, and it will end with Dean VS Sam/Lucifer.

*Season 9: Angels bust out Michael, Lucifer on accident. Michael gathers a following, Lucifer gathers a following.

*Season 10: Lucifer takes over Sam, and the series ends with a battle between the brothers, just like Lucifer said it would in Season 5, The End.


I wondered if Ezekiel was perhaps Lucifer? - If Metatron's spell could expel the angels from Heaven this might, just might open Lucifer's Cage and send both him and Michael to Earth too. Lucifer could have pretended to Dean that he needed to possess Sam to heal him - it might have been a back-door way of him possessing Sam and also subduing him as he doesn't even realise he's possessed! That might be important to Lucifer if he feared that Sam could take control away from him like he did before. It could also be a good way for him to recoup his strength if he was injured when the Cage was broken open. However I don't think it's very likely because the angels are supposed to be aware if the Cage is opened and there's been no hint of that. It would also mean Michael is shadowing Dean and again there's been no hint of that. Then again, Bartholomew could be a follower of Lucifer or Michael and be tracking Cas for his actions against the archangels and he wouldn't necessarily advertise Lucifer's or Michael's presence on Earth...

...This might be viewed as bringing things full circle for Round 2 of the Apocalypse with Dean and Sam squaring up as Michael and Lucifer but I think it's more likely to be about not just restoring the angels to Heaven but also putting Heaven back in proper order after the disarray caused by the failed Apocalypse. I think Cas will play a major role in that once he gets his grace back. I think the angel tablet might contain a ritual to restore his grace and so reopen Heaven or it's conceivable that there will be a tablet for humans which the Winchesters will discover and which might deal with angels who have fallen to Earth and have lost their angelic abilities like Cas...

Abaddon wants to burn the Earth down whereas Crowley wants to take it by stealth... Besides he realises that there needs to be a Status Quo - once the humans have all been killed or turned into demons, what's left? Even if he's thinking of turning back into a human now (which I still don't believe), I feel he'll soon turn back to wanting to destroy Abaddon and re-conquer Hell and I think he'll enlist the help of the Winchesters to do that - maybe in exchange for help with translating the Angel Tablet?

I also think that it might end up being Dean who has to tell Sam about Ezekiel rather than Sam putting the clues together and finding out about it. There may come a point when Dean thinks it's over-time for Ezekiel to leave his brother and then Zeke won't agree and Dean will be faced with telling Sam that he's possessed and has been since the end of the Third Trial! - That's not a conversation to look forward to! Dean may have to get rid of him somehow or help Sam to expel him.
ncsupnatfan Now that Dean has the mark of Caine this could lead to a fight to the death between the two brothers. In order for Sam to go to Heaven, Dean agrees to go back to Hell, but he has to kill Sam him to enter Heaven. Will Crowley step in and save Dean allowing him to go to Heaven too? Will the family be reunited in the end? Wondering what the price of having the mark will be for Dean? Will Crowley He is now the only one who can kill Abaddon if Crowley finds the jawbone. Has so much happened now that they will never truly be brothers again? Bobby should come back to set them straight. So many questions.


Well, Ezekiel wasn't Lucifer but he wasn't who he said he was either. He turned out to be Gadreel and he did have a link with Lucifer as he was the angel responsible for letting Lucifer into the Garden and allowing the temptation of humans to occur...

...I still think Cas will play a major role in restoring the angels to Heaven and putting it back in proper order but he may need his own grace and not another angel's to defeat Metatron and open Heaven up. The angel tablet might contain a ritual to restore Cas' grace and so reopen Heaven or the Winchesters might discover a tablet for humans which might restore angels who have fallen to Earth but I think the angel tablet is more likely. Cas might even enlist Gadreel to help him succeed by showing him what Metatron is really like...

Dean did try and tell Sam about the angel possessing him but it was too late and it fell to Crowley to tell Sam...

I thought Dean would be the one to leave this time but fixing their problems might come down to Sam realising he might lose Dean to the "first blade"...

Dean will kill Abaddon with the blade but maybe using it will "corrupt" him? There's a price to pay and it might be Dean's soul...
Perhaps Abaddon will possess Sam when she knows Dean is about to kill her, thinking he wouldn't kill his brother? But Dean might tempt her to possess him and then he'll kill her and himself, sacrificing himself for Sam. Maybe by then he realises that using the blade will change him forever and he won't want to transfer the mark to anyone else so he has no choice... That's more a Season 10 ending but a variation of it might apply this Season.

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Hey Ncsupnatfan,

Welcome to the Site!

- Good to see you posting here!

About your theory: I don't get why you think Dean has to kill Sam so he can go to Heaven? The Boys were both forgiven for their 'sins' in "Dark Side of the Moon" and I don't see anything has changed since then. OK, Dean thinks he'll burn for Kevin's death but that's just his extreme sense of guilt - he wasn't to blame, it was all down to Gadreel and Metatron.

The mark of Cain was transferred to Dean at his request so he can kill Abaddon, not given by Lucifer because Dean killed his brother to save his soul so the history of Cain and Abel doesn't have to repeat in the same way. I admit I have wondered in the past if Dean might have to kill Sam to save him but that doesn't seem to be the case now.

I agree the "Mark of Cain" will have a big price attached to it - maybe Dean will become a demon if he uses the jawbone on Abaddon? Maybe this time Sam will have to save Dean's soul? Who knows?

They will be back to being brothers soon - they have to be 'cause that's the bedrock of Supernatural!

And I don't think they should bring Bobby back, much as I love his character. The Boys need to sort their differences out between themselves, as adults, and Sam needs to get over himself over this "we're not brothers!" stuff as Dean was only trying to help and protect him, as always....

BTW I'm one of the mods here and if you need any help on the Site, feel free to contact me or any of the other mods.


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