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Seven years have passed since “First Generation.”

[Interior Mel’s kitchen] Mel is standing at the sink doing the dishes. She drops the plate she was washing to the floor and it shatters. She grabs her head with both hands, gasping in pain. Flashes to disjointed images of Sam being held in a choke hold by a demon in an abandoned church at night. Dean is lying, unconscious in the doorway with the demon knife a few inches from his hand. Mel approaches the demon and speaks to it. It throws Sam across the room and grabs Mel by the throat. They exchange angry words. He stabs her in the abdomen and pulls the knife up until it hits her ribcage. Dean appears from behind and kills the demon with the demon blade. The flashes end, and Mel is back in her kitchen, kneeling on the floor, gasping and holding her head.

Mel: Oh, crap. [Fade out]

Fade in: 3 days later. [Exterior abandoned church in Michigan. Night] Mel enters.
Cut to: [Interior, church]. The scene is exactly as in Mel’s vision. She approaches the demon and Sam.

Mel: Aster! Let him go!

Aster: [Looks at Mel with a start]. How do you know that name?

Mel: Because, I SEE you. [Her focus shifts. Sam is looking at her in shock and confusion]. Hi Sam. [she smiles warmly at him]

Aster: Who ARE you?

Mel: [moving closer to them] Aw. I’m HURT [sarcastically]. Don’t you remember me?

Aster: [throws Sam aside, knocking him out as his head hits the wall. He grabs Mel by the throat, nearly lifting her off her feet. He studies her more closely as she gasps for air. Recognition crosses his face and he smiles]. Ah. Azazel’s little PET [Contemptuously]. Your master isn’t here to PROTECT you anymore.

Mel: [gasping] My master? [Aster loosens his grip so that Mel can talk freely] Azazel used my abilities to keep you and his other minions in line. I think that makes him your master. Not mine!

Aster: Either way, you should learn to mind your own business! Well, maybe you’ll get the chance in your next life.

He pulls a knife from his back pocket and stabs her, slicing her as he had in her vision. Dean appears from behind him, having regained consciousness at last, and stabs Aster with the demon blade. He sparks and lights flicker inside as he dies and drops Mel. Dean has yet to get a good look at his and Sam’s savior. She is lying on her side, her hair covering her face. A pool of blood is forming in front of her. Dean kneels behind her and rolls her onto her back. Her hair falls from her face.

Dean: [in shock] Mel?!?! Oh God. What the hell are you DOING here? Mel? Mel?!?! Come on, Baby. Wake UP. Please, wake UP!

Mel: [opens her eyes and then winces in pain]. Hey, Dean [weakly]. Nice to see you.

Dean: What are you DOING here?

Mel: [smiles weakly] Saving your assess … again.

Dean: [laughs] And, how did you know our assess needed saving?

Mel: [excited, but still weak] Oh, I had a vision. My first one. [Winches and puts her hand on her forehead] Hope it’s my last, ‘cause my head STILL hurts. [Laughs weakly].

Dean: So you KNEW this was gonna happen?

Mel: Yeah. I figured my odds of surviving a stab wound were better than Sam’s surviving a broken neck. [Winces more strongly in pain. She coughs, covering her mouth. When she stops coughing, she looks down at her hand and sees blood]. Guess I overestimated my chances, huh? [Gasping].

Dean: [pulling up her shirt to get a better look at the wound. He looks horrified for a moment, and then quickly composes himself, avoiding eye contact]. Aw, that’s … hardly anything at all. You’re gonna be … just fine.

Mel: You know, for a professional liar, you suck at it [smiles weakly].

Dean: [He pulls her shirt back down over her wound and adds his handkerchief as well. He places her hands over the wound and applies pressure. Mel moans in pain]. I know, Baby. Keep pressure on it. [He pulls out his cell phone and calls 911] I need an ambulance. My friend has been stabbed. [After giving them their location, he ends the call and turns his attention back to Mel]. I’ll be right back. [He walks over to where Sam is lying, unconscious, and shakes him]. Sammy? Sam! Sammy, come on, man. [Sam regains consciousness] It’s Mel, Sam. [Whispering] She’s hurt bad.

Cut to: [Interior ambulance] Sirens blaring.
Dean: [Sitting next to Mel, holding her hand, a hint of tears in his eyes. Alarms start to sound. Mel’s heart has stopped]. Mel?!? Mel!!! Don’t you leave me. Not now. [Crying more openly now] I just got you back. [The paramedic is screaming at him to let go of her hand, but Dean hears nothing but the alarms] Mel! Please, Baby. You gotta FIGHT! [The paramedic finally pulls Mel’s hand from Dean’s and uses the defibrillator on her. He shocks her heart. Dean winches. He shocks her again. Dean winches again. The paramedic starts CPR. He shocks her a third time, and waits. No change. Dean looks at the paramedic with questioning desperation]. Why are you stopping?!?! What are you waiting for?!?!

Paramedic: Sorry man. She’s gone.

Dean: [punching the cabinet beside the paramedics head]. No she’s NOT! [Grabs Mel’s hand again]. Mel … please … stay. [Alarm continues to sound. A look of defeat begins to cross Dean’s face, when a single heartbeat sounds on the monitor. A pause. Then another. Then another. It comes more frequently and then continues in a normal rhythm. Dean sighs in relief. She’s back]

Cut to: [Interior hospital waiting room] Sam is sitting with his head in his hands. Dean is pacing. A doctor walks up to Dean, and Sam joins them.

Doctor: [Dean only hears disjointed words and phrases]. A lot of internal bleeding. Replace her entire blood volume twice over during surgery. Spleen was badly damaged. Removed successfully and got the bleeding under control. Cardiac arrest. Restored normal rhythm. In a coma.

Dean: Where is she?

Doctor: She’s in recovery. You can go in, but only one of you and only for a few minutes.

Sam: Go, Dean. I’ll be here. [Dean walks down the hallway toward the recovery room. He opens the door, and disappears inside] [Fade out].

Fade in: Four weeks later. [Interior hospital room. Day]. Dean sits next to Mel’s hospital bed. She lies very still, unconscious. He stares at her, willing her to wake.

Cut to: Flashback to 3 weeks ago [interior hospital room, night] Cas stands next to Mel’s bed with one hand over her head and the other over her abdomen. White light emanates from his hands.

Dean: [frustrated] What the hell, Cas? Why isn’t she waking up?

Cas: I don’t know Dean. The damage to her abdomen has mostly healed …

Cas: [now also frustrated] … but the damage to her brain … maybe it’s the borrowed grace. I just don’t know.

Cut to: Return to present scene.

Sam: [Enters room and walks up to Dean. He looks at Mel with concern and deep sadness]. Dean, go get some sleep. I’ll stay with her.

Dean: [Not taking his eyes off Mel]. I don’t need sleep. I’m fine.

Sam: Well, at least go take a shower. She’s probably tried to wake up a dozen times by now, but that smell keeps knocking her out again. [He laughs, but Dean doesn’t. Sam sighs]. Come on, Dean. You’re not doing her any good like this. Go get yourself cleaned up. Get something to eat that doesn’t come out of a vending machine. I promise I’ll call you if anything changes. I won’t leave her side until you come back. Go.

Dean: [He sighs and looks at Sam with a hint of tears in his eyes]. He stands up and moves stiffly since he hadn’t moved in hours]. Thanks Sammy. I’ll be back in a half hour.

Sam: Dean, take an hour, at least.

Dean kisses Mel’s forehead and walks out.

Cut to: 30 minutes later [interior hospital hallway outside Mel’s room.]

Sam: [standing with his arms crossed, looking menacing. Speaking to Mel’s doctor]. You’re not moving her anywhere.

Dean: [looking pissed, he approaches them both]. What the hell is going on here?

Doctor: Mr. Smith. Your friend has been in a coma for a month now. We’re not equipped to provide long term care here. We need to transfer her to a facility that can better meet her needs.

Dean: [firmly]. She’s gonna wake up.

Doctor: Mr. Smith …

Dean: [more firmly]. No. She’s gonna wake up.

Doctor: [sighs]. OK, Mr. Smith. I can give her another 48 hours. Then, I HAVE to transfer her.

Dean turns away from Sam and the doctor and walks into Mel’s room.
Cut to: [Interior hospital room] Dean walks across the room and sits in the chair next to Mel’s bed and resumes his vigil. Fade out.

Fade in: [Interior hospital room. Night]. Dean is sleeping in the chair next to Mel’s bed. His hand is resting on the bed next to hers. She begins to stir. Her hand twitches and touches Dean’s lightly. Dean wakes to see Mel staring at him.

Dean: [running to the door] Nurse!!!! [A nurse appears in the doorway] She’s awake.

Nurse: I’ll get Dr. Burke.

Dean: [He returns to Mel’s side and sits next to her on the bed, taking her hand] Hi.

Mel: [in a hoarse whisper] Hey.

Dr. Burke comes in and Dean moves out of the way. He begins to examine her.

Dr. Burke: Ms. Ross?

Mel: [barely audible] Mel.

Dr. Burke: What?

Dean: [smiling] She wants you to call her Mel.

Dr. Burke: Do you know where you are … Mel?

Mel: [looking around the room quizzically and again, in a hoarse whisper] Hospital.

Dr. Burke: Good. Do you know how you came to be here?

Mel suddenly looks nervous. She meets Dean’s eyes, questioning.

Dean: It’s ok, Mel. You’re safe. I ganked the bastard.

Dr. Burke: [Looking disturbed at Dean’s remark] Perhaps you should wait outside, Mr. Smith.

Mel: [Voice stronger this time] No. He stays.

Dr. Burke uses his stethoscope to listen to her lungs and heart. He presses on her abdomen and she flinches. He lifts her hospital gown to examine her incision. It’s barely visible, anymore. Dean stands against the door, looking on quietly.

Dr. Burke: Well, Ms. Ross … Mel, you are a VERY lucky women. You’ll need some physical therapy to regain your strength, and someone to help after discharge, but I see no reason you shouldn’t make a full recovery. Do you have anyone who can stay with you?

Dean: [Without hesitation] I’ll take care of her. [Mel and Dr. Burke both look at Dean in surprise] What?

Dr. Burke: [Returning his attention to Mel] OK, then. I guess that’s settled. You’ll begin PT in the morning, and you should be ready for discharge by the end of the week. However, I wouldn’t recommend traveling for at least another month. I’ll check on you again tomorrow. [Addressing Dean with obvious disapproval as he leaves the room] Mr. Smith.

Cut to: [Physical therapy gym, day] Mel is sitting in a wheelchair.

Mel: [as Dean approaches he hears her arguing with the PT] Why can’t I just TRY to stand up? I know I can do it.

PT: Ms. Ross …

Mel: Mel.

PT: Mel, you were in a coma for weeks. We need to take this SLOW. [Another PT calls to him from across the room for assistance]. [To Mel] I’ll be right back.

The moment the PT walks away, Mel begins to stand up on her own. Dean rushes over to stop her.

Dean: Mel! What are you doing? Are you TRYING to break your neck?

Mel: [Looking determined] I’m TRYING to stand up. [Whispers conspiratorially] Don’t narc on me, ok? Herr PT over there won’t let me do anything.

Dean: [looking amused] Maybe you should take it slow … [Mel gives him a frustrated sigh and he raises his hands in surrender] or not.

Mel pushes up from the wheelchair and stands unsteadily.

Dean: OK, you stood up. Now you can sit back down.

Mel ignores him and tries to walk. She manages 2 or 3 unsteady steps and then falls. Dean catches her. They stare at each other for a moment and then Dean moves in to kiss her. Mel nearly reciprocates, but apprehension wins out and she looks away before the kiss can happen. Dean, looking a little disappointed, helps her back into the wheelchair. He tries to brush her hair from her face, but Mel backs away and tucks her hair behind her ear. She stares him in the eye for a moment and then looks away, embarrassed. [Fade out]

Fade in: [Interior hospital hallway, later that day] Dean approaches Mel’s room and hears unintelligible yelling from inside. The door opens and a nurse leaves, looking flustered as a bedpan flies past her head and into the hallway. Dean enters the room, cautiously with his hands raised in front of him.

Cut to: [Interior hospital room]

Dean: [Entering the room with his hands still raised] I take it the doctor wouldn’t clear you to get out of bed on your own and you still refuse to let the nurses help you?

Mel: [looking angry and a little embarrassed by her behavior] The bedpan was Little Miss Sunshine’s idea of a compromise. She was SO pleased with herself about it, right up until …

Dean: …you whizzed it at her head? Yeah, I got that.

Mel: [now looking embarrassed and contrite] I know. I’ll apologize later. [A little more defiantly] But I can go to the damn BATHROOM on my own. Been doing since I’m four. [Pauses and looks down] I’m really struggling with this helpless thing, Dean. [She looks up at Dean with such vulnerability and almost whispers] It scares me. Please Dean, can’t you break me out of here?

Dean: [Shaking his head] Mel, you know I would, if I thought it was in your best interest, but I really think you need to stay. [Mel starts to protest, but Dean interrupts her] Just for a little while longer. Please. Please?

Mel: [sighs in resignation] Fine. [She pauses for a moment and then her demeanor slowly changes] Hey, I’m sick of this hospital food. If you won’t break me out, could you at least sneak some REAL food in?

Dean leaves the room and puts his coat on to go out and get her some food. He returns some time later to find she is not in her hospital bed. He looks alarmed. He turns toward the bathroom and sees her sitting on the floor with her back against the bathroom door and breathing hard.

Mel: [looking up at Dean, panting] I told you I could go to the bathroom on my own. So, will you get me out of here now? [He looks back at her skeptically] Hey! I never said I could get BACK on my own. [Smiling wryly] [Fade out]

Fade in: 24 hours later [exterior hospital, day] the Impala pulls away, Dean driving, Sam in the front seat … and Mel in the center of the rear seat.

Cut to: [Interior Impala]
Mel: [leaning forward and resting her chin on the back of the front seat between Sam and Dean] Hey guys, where’s my car?

Sam: It’s at the motel. We got your bag out of the trunk and put it in your room. You’re next to us … in case you need anything.

Mel: Yeah … that bag only has one change of clothes in it, so I’m gonna need my car keys to go clothes shopping.

Dean: Mel, you aren’t cleared to drive, and besides, you’re supposed to be resting. [Mel looks at him like, “So?”] I’ve seen chicks shop. It’s intense.

Mel: OK. So which of you is gonna go into the local lingerie department and pick me up some bras and underwear? [Both boys sit in awkward silence] Yeah … that’s what I thought. So what do you suggest we do?

Dean: I could drive to your house and pick up some of your clothes.

Mel: You’re seriously gonna drive all the way to Pennsylvania just to avoid shopping for bras?

Sam and Dean: [simultaneously] Yes!

Mel: [giggles and leans back against the seat] Okay. Thanks. [She closes her eyes and snuggles down into the seat to rest] [Fade out]

Fade in: [Interior hotel room] Mel is resting propped up against the headboard, Sam is sitting at the foot of bed. Both are looking at the TV, but not really watching it.

Mel: Sam, I think I’ll take a shower before Dean gets back.

Sam: The doctor said you need to wait at least a week before you take a shower, remember?

Mel: Yeah, that’s right. I forgot. [Pauses] Hey, Sam. I’m getting kinda tired. I could use a nap.

Sam: Okay. [Standing up to leave] I’ll be next door.

Mel: Actually, why don’t you hit up that restaurant across town the nurses kept talking about? They would rave about their cheeseburgers. You could get yourself some lunch and order me one to go. I can take a nap while you’re gone and by the time you get back with my burger, I’ll be rested and ready to eat.

Sam: Are you sure?

Mel: [reassuringly] Sam, I’m not an invalid. I promise, I can handle being alone for an hour.

Sam reluctantly leaves in Mel’s car to get lunch. Mel looks out the window and sees him drive off. She rushes to the bathroom and jumps into the shower. Fade out.

Fade in: [Interior Impala, afternoon] Dean drives down the road in the Impala, passing the restaurant where Sam is eating lunch. He notices Mel’s car parked in front.

Dean: Son of a b*tch. [Pulls into the parking lot and slams the car into park]

Cut to: [Interior restaurant]

Dean: [approaching Sam and looking around, questioningly] Where is she?

Sam: Don’t worry, Dean, I didn’t let her con me into taking her out. She wanted to take a nap and suggested I go get some lunch. She asked me to bring a cheeseburger back for her.

Dean: [Skeptically] Taking a nap, huh? Who’s idea was it for you to come to a restaurant across town?

Sam: [Beginning to look worried] Hers.

Dean: So, how long before this did she argue with you about taking a shower?

Sam: [Looking a little MORE worried] She didn’t argue, exactly. She just mentioned it, and then sent me for lunch.

Dean: And you didn’t find that at all odd, considering the fact that Mel doesn’t even LIKE burgers?

Sam: You think she conned me to get me out of the room so that she could take a shower.

Dean: I think she was in that shower before you were out of the parking lot. DAMN it, Sam!

Cut to: [Interior hotel room] Dean enters first and finds Mel, naked and unconscious on the bathroom floor. Sam comes in and hands Dean a towel, which Dean wraps around Mel and carries her to the bed. Fade out.

Fade in: [Exterior hotel] Dean stands outside Mel’s hotel room door.

Dean: [Talking on his cellphone] OK. Thanks, Doc. I’ll keep an eye on her.

Cut to: [Interior Mel’s hotel room] Dean walks in looking angry.

Sam: Sorry, Dean. I shouldn’t have left her alone.

Dean: [sighs] It’s ok, Sammy. I should have warned you. She pulled that EXACT same con on me at the hospital. She was CONSTANTLY doing things the doctor told her not to do. She was always so certain she could handle it, and, honestly, she was RIGHT like 95% of the time.

Sam: And the other 5%?

Dean: [Motioning toward the bathroom floor where Mel had been lying] That. [Fade out.]

Fade in: [Interior Mel’s hotel room, night] Mel is lying in her bed, sleeping. She is now wearing Dean’s T-shirt. She rolls over in her sleep and bumps into Dean, who is sitting, fully clothed, next to her in the dark, and wakes.

Mel: [sleepily] Dean? What are you doing?

Dean: Since you REFUSED to let me take you to the hospital after finding you passed out on the floor; Dr. Burke said I should keep an eye on you, in case you had a concussion. Make sure you didn’t stop breathing or something.

Mel: [mildly annoyed] I don’t have a concussion. I didn’t even hit my head.

Dean: How do you know? You were unconscious.

Mel: [a little more annoyed] I think my head would hurt if I had hit it, don’t you?

Dean: If you had let me take you to the hospital, we would KNOW if you had hit your head!

Mel: [trying to control her tone] Look, Dean. I appreciate you looking after me. I do. But, I did NOT consign control of my LIFE to you.

Dean: [also trying to control his tone, but doing it badly] I don’t wanna control your life, Mel. But I’M the one who had to sit by your bed for WEEKS, praying you’d wake up! I’M the one who had to watch you DIE in that ambulance. Did you KNOW that!?

Mel: [softens her tone] I know. I remember.

Dean: What? What do you mean, you remember?

Mel: I woke up sitting next to you, looking at myself lying on the stretcher. I almost left. But then you grabbed my hand … my body’s hand … and I couldn’t move. For a second there, I was the rope in a game of tug of war between you and a reaper.

Dean: Seriously?

Mel: Yeah. Then, all of a sudden, she let go. She seemed to know you … said she knew better than to try to win a battle of wills with Dean Winchester.

Dean: [chuckles and shakes his head] Tessa.

Mel: Yeah. [Pauses] So … how long have you been sitting in the dark, watching me sleep?

Dean: Couple of hours.

Mel: Wow. That’s really sweet … [chuckles teasingly] and a little creepy.

Dean: Well, taking care of you seems to have become a full time job. [He reaches out and gently strokes her cheek, her breath catches in her throat and she closes her eyes briefly. Then she reaches up for his hand and gently pulls it away from her face. [He sighs]. You’re never gonna trust me again, are you?

Mel: [surprised] Of course, I trust you. I trust you with my life.

Dean: Then why do you always do that when I touch you?

Mel: [looking a little sad] I DO trust you with my life. I guess I Just don’t trust you with my heart. I guess it’s just too fragile.

Dean: How many more times do I have to apologize for that?

Mel: Dean, I’m not blaming you. I know you didn’t mean to hurt me and I believe you when you say that a one-night-stand wasn’t your intention. But, honestly, I would have rather you were using me. Knowing that you slept with me out of pity just makes me feel so … PATHETIC.

Dean: [incredulously] You think I PITY you? Mel, I don’t PITY you. Hell, I ADMIRE you.

Mel: [skeptical] ADMIRE? ME? Why the hell would you admire ME?

Dean: Mel, you are the most amazing women … person … I have EVER met. I mean, you were raised by DEMONS for Christ’s sake. By all rights you should be …

Mel: Evil? What makes you so sure I’m not?

Dean: Because I know evil. You’re not evil … [smiles wryly] just stubborn as hell. You risked your life for me and Sam not once, but TWICE. You came all the way here, KNOWING what would happen to you. After what happened between us seven years ago, you had every reason NOT to, but you came anyway. I mean, who does that?

Mel: Well … you do. You and Sam risk your lives for complete strangers all the time, and for no other reason than it’s the right thing to do. You guys are HEROES … in the TRUEST sense of the word.

Dean: But you still don’t trust me … with your heart. [Mel sighs and looks down, avoiding Dean’s eyes] Look. I think you’re all right. [He gets up and starts to head for the door] I’m gonna go get some shuteye.

Mel: [sitting up and looking panicked] Where are you going?

Dean: I’m just right next door. I programmed our numbers into your cell [nodding toward her cell phone laying on the nightstand]. If you need anything, just call, okay? [She doesn’t answer] What? What’s wrong?

Mel: [quietly] I don’t want you to go.

Dean: Why not?

Mel: I WANT to trust you.

Dean: But?

Mel: No. No ‘but’. Just … [taking Dean’s T-shirt off] I want to TRUST you.

Dean: [looking surprised] What are you doing?

Mel: [mortified and covering herself with the sheet, she looks away from Dean] If you have to ask, I guess I’m making a fool of myself. I thought you wanted me.

Dean: [squatting down in front of her and taking her chin in his hand, turning her face toward his. When she finally looks at him, he cradles her cheek in his hand] Are you kidding? Of COURSE I want you. GOD, do I want you. I just thought you made it VERY clear that you DON’T want me.

Mel: I never said that.

Dean: You push me away every time I touch you. I think that sends a pretty clear message.

Mel: I push you away because I want you.

Dean: [flabbergasted] Is … is that CHICK logic?

Mel: [suddenly angry] I don’t KNOW, Dean! What’s CHICK logic! [Dean is taken aback and pulls his hand slightly away from her face but holds it near her with a perplexed look] [Mel, embarrassed by her outburst, leans her face back into Dean’s hand] I’m sorry. I know it doesn’t make any sense. Hell, none of this makes any sense. You’re the kinda guy my mother would have warned me about … if she’d lived. But when I’m around you, all I feel is … SAFE. Until you touch me. Then I feel INSANE. I can’t think. I can’t breathe. To feel that MUCH for someone is … terrifying. And I know you don’t feel the same

Dean: Wait. What? What makes you think I don’t feel the same? [Mel looks at him confused] You STILL don’t get it, do you? [Mel continues to stare at him, confused] Mel, what happened between us was NOT about using you or about PITY. It KILLED me to see you in so much pain. I needed to comfort you, and the only thing I could THINK of was to kiss you. JUST the kiss. Everything that happened after that was … something else. [Mel continues to stare at him in confusion] You’re gonna make me say it, aren’t you?

Mel: Dean, I have NO idea what you’re tal …

Dean: [interrupting her] I love you, okay? I’m in love with you.

Mel: [Surprised] Oh. [She begins to smile] Well that’s … uh …convenient [smiling broadly] … ‘cause, uh, [more seriously now] I love you too. [Dean smiles broadly but says nothing] Are you gonna kiss me already?

Dean: [smiling broadly and then pretending to be very serious] Yes, ma’am.

He stands up and cups her chin in his hand, pulling her face upward. He leans in and kisses her very gently and slowly. She reaches up and cups his cheek in her hand, the sheet falling to her lap. He places his knee on the bed next to her and lays her down across the bed, continuing to kiss her gently. She pulls his t-shirt up and caresses his back. He pulls his shirt off over his head and resumes kissing her. She moans as his bare chest presses against hers, then reaches down and unbuttons and unzips his jeans. He pulls away and stands up, so that he can take them off. She repositions herself so that she is lying straight on the bed and pulls the sheet the rest of the way off of her. She looks up at him, breathing heavy, anticipating what comes next. Naked, he lies down next to her and stares into her eyes for a moment. He reaches out and touches her face gently, then pulls her close to him and kisses her deeply. He traces her jaw line with his lips, stopping briefly at her ear, before continuing down her neck. Her breath quickens. He kisses his way down her neck to her chest. He places the palm of his hand against her sternum, feeling her heart pound. He moves on top of her and wraps his arms around her, pulling her chest towards his lips and resumes working his way down her body with his lips and tongue. She gasps when her reaches her scar. He pulls back, looking at her with concern, checking to see if he’d somehow hurt her. She smiles at him and he smiles back, relieved. He resumes his exploration of her body, ending at her panties. He peals them off slowly as he traces her inner thigh with his lips while he pulls her panties down her leg and drops them on the floor. He moves back up her body until reaching her lips and kisses her deeply again. They make love slow and gently, moving together while staring into each other’s eyes. He pulls her close to him as they embrace each other while reaching climax together. Panting heavily, he pulls back to look at her. She’s breathing so heavily, he begins to worry that this had been a bad idea.
Dean: Are you ok?

Mel: [breathing heavily and smiling] Not exactly … the adjective … I would use. [Dean looks at her quizzically] That was … AMAZING. [She pauses for a moment] Now, THAT’S … how I imagined it.

Dean: [smiling, satisfied, he rolls off of her and pulls her to his side, wrapping his arm around her and caressing her shoulder] Are you sure you’re ok? I doubt that this was on Dr. Burke’s list of approved, post-coma activities.

Mel: You KNOW how I feel about ‘Dr. Burke’s approved list of post-coma activities.’

Dean: Yes I DO, and you STILL haven’t answered my question.

Mel: I’m fine. [He looks at her skeptically] Well, I’ll be fine. Sleep. Sleep would be good.

Dean: Sounds like a plan.

He pulls her a little closer and they both drift off peacefully. Fade out.

Fade in: [Exterior hotel, morning] Sam stands outside Mel’s door. He uses a spare key card to enter.

Cut to: [Interior Mel’s hotel room] Sam enters.

Sam: Dean? How’s she doing [he notices Dean’s clothes on the floor] … today? [He walks further into the room and sees Mel lying in Dean’s arms. They are both obviously naked but covered] [Angry and whispering loudly] Dean!

Dean: [Wakes to see Sam standing there holding his jeans. Dean is annoyed and quickly pulls the covers over Mel’s shoulder] What the HELL, man?

Sam: Exactly. [Handing Dean his pants] Outside. [He turns and walks out the door].

Dean: [Reaches out and strokes Mel’s cheek. She stirs, but doesn’t wake. He pulls her face toward his] Mel. Mel. [She finally wakes. He smiles warmly at her].

Mel: [Smiles warmly back at him] Hey.

Dean: Hi. You ok?

Mel: You have GOT to stop asking me that.

Dean: Can’t. It’s sorta my job.

Mel: I’m fine. Just tired.

Dean: OK. I gotta go talk to Sam outside for a minute. You go back to sleep.

Mel: [Lifting her head so that Dean can move his arm] ‘Kay. [She rolls over and goes back to sleep almost immediately].

Dean climbs out of bed and then leans over and kisses her forehead. Mel smiles in her sleep. Dean gets dressed and walks outside, pulling his coat on as he goes.

Cut to: [Exterior hotel] Sam is leaning against the side of the Impala between it and Mel’s car. Dean walks up to him. Sam stands up and looks at Dean for a moment and then punches him in the mouth, knocking him off balance. Dean catches himself on Mel’s car.

Dean: [Standing up and wiping the blood from his lip] OK. I’ll give you that one.

Sam: You’ll give …? You know man; you’ve done some SERIOUSLY shady crap in your life! Some of which, you’ve done to me. [Flash back to Dean tricking Sam into letting Gadreel possess him and to Gadreel killing Kevin by Sam’s hand] But, THIS? [Motioning toward Mel’s room] This is a new low, even for YOU! That girl almost DIED, saving our ASSESS! You’re supposed to be taking CARE of her, not taking ADVANTAGE of her!

Dean: OK! I get it. You’re PISSED at me … and about more than THIS [motioning to Mel’s door as Sam had] But, THIS [again motioning to Mel’s door] is NOT what you think!

Sam: Oh, what? You gonna tell me you’re in LOVE with her now or something? [Dean looks at Sam and raises his eyebrows as if to say, ‘bingo’] Wait. You ARE in love with her?

Dean: Yeah, man. Is that so hard to believe?

Sam: Kinda is. Yeah.

Dean: Well … I am. So … Look, I don’t know what else you want me to say.

Sam: Wow. OK. So, now what? You gonna take her back to PA, give up hunting again, live that normal, apple pie life you said was NOT for you?

Mel: [Walking up behind them] I’m not going back to Pennsylvania, except to pick up the rest of my stuff.

Sam: What? Why not?

Mel: ‘Cause I’m coming with you guys, of course.

Dean: The HELL you are! I am NOT dragging you into this life!

Mel: I hate to point out our age difference; but I have been in this life since before either of you were born. Now, I am not ABOUT to go home and sit around my house, waiting for you to swing through town, and wondering if you’re alive or dead in between BOOTY calls! When you love someone, you share their life. You don’t HIDE from it!

Dean: When you love someone, you PROTECT them.

Mel: What makes you think I need protecting?

Dean: [He punches her in the abdomen where she had been stabbed. He used very little force, but she falls to her knees] That.

Sam: Dean! [Starts to move toward Mel] Seriously?!?! [Mel winks at him and he stops].

Mel: [Dean sighs and reaches down to help her up but Mel punches him in the groin. He falls to his knees. She stands up and knees him in the face, knocking him flat on his back]. You were saying?

Mel turns around calmly and walks back into her hotel room.

Sam: [Laughing and walking over to help Dean to his feet] Well. That happened.

Dean: Shut up. [He heads for Mel’s room]

Sam: [Laughing, he shouts] Keep you left up! [Without looking back, Dean gives Sam the finger, and then enters Mel’s room].

Cut to: [Interior Mel’s hotel room] Mel is sitting on her bed. She looks up at Dean, eerily calm.

Dean: [Approaching cautiously] You’re not gonna hit me again, are you?

Mel: Do I need to hit you again?

Dean: No, no. I definitely got the point.

Mel: DID you? What point was that?

Dean: You can take care of yourself, and, when you’re well enough … I guess you’re coming with us. [Mel smiles at Dean and he relaxes] So, where did you learn to fight like that?

Mel: Azazel subscribed to the Darwinian method of child rearing [Dean looks puzzled]. You know, survival of the fittest? You need strength and cunning to survive being raised by a demon … [suddenly looking sad and ashamed] and I wanted to survive. So … I did what I HAD to. Whatever, I had to … in order to survive. I’m sure I’ll pay for that someday [Mel stares off into the distance, contemplating].

Dean: [Rubs his right forearm] I know what you mean.

Mel: [looks at Dean and notices the Mark just visible below his sleeve] That’s really nice of you to say, but I don’t think you taking on the Mark of Cain was about saving your own ass.

Dean: [Pulling up his sleeve to reveal the Mark of Cain] You know what this is? What it does?

Mel: Sure. Azazel knew the Knights. He never forgave Cain for turning on them.

Dean: [excitedly] Do you know where the First Blade is?

Mel: [puzzled] No. You don’t have it?

Dean: [shakes his head disappointedly] No. Cain’s trying to stay on the straight and narrow. He threw it in the ocean to avoid the temptation and now it’s missing.

Mel: Oh. So then why did you take on the Mark to begin with? I mean, all the Knights are dead and the Blade would be overkill for most anyone else, anyway.

Dean: Not ALL the Knights are dead. One survived.

Mel: [Shocked] Who?!

Dean: Abaddon.

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