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invisablepoet's Hunting Journal - Double Edged Blade

May 24, 2009

I've been training since I was thirteen for this. I recieved my training at home. You see, my parents are hunters and I recieved my training from my father. I never went on any hunts with them. They said that I wasn't quite ready to go just yet. My training sessions were extensive. My father explained to me that I need to learn to defend myself before I can become a true hunter. No pressure there.

Present day: I went out to the mail, I live with a room mate so I don't have any obligations of staying. It was a letter from my parents. I eagerly opened it up since I haven't heard from them in over a year. They've been tracking down some ghoul that's been haunting a family who's ancesstors have sent it to death years ago when it was human but that has nothing to do with the hunt I've beem inlisted to go on. I tore open the envelope and pulled out a newspaper clipping. It stated that there is a new manufactoring company in Idaho. It was just a damn advertisement. So I called up my father and I asked him what does that advertisement have to do with the Supernatural? My dad explained. "There's the new manufactoring company in Idaho...." I cut him off with a joke. "Hey, isn't that where we get our potatos from?" The laughter died on my lips when the response I got was was silence at the other end of the line. "Anyway," My father continued, This manufactoring company is involved with the new technology where they are sending out Tivo products all over the U.S." "Okay but what's this got to do with me?" It was a resonable question. "These new Tivo products are possessed with demonic subliminal messages, whoever is watching Tivo, is being brainwashed to commit murder." "How did this happen, I mean.... how did these products become possessed?" "The manufactoring company was built directly above hell." He said it so matter of factly, you would have thought he was ordering a pizza. Hell is above Idaho, Alrighty then. "So you leave out tonight. Tell your room mate your going on a road trip or something, just don't tell her the truth." Wow. I'm going to Idaho. This is my first hunt and I will not fail. I will be a hero to all. "This isn't about you becoming a hero, this is about you saving millions of peoples lives." "Wow, dad, you can read my thoughts?" "No princess, you were monologing out loud again. Now, first you need to get to Bobby Singers, if you look on the back of your newspaper clipping, you will see a map to his house. There you will assemble your crue." "Woa, woa, woa. Assemble my crue? I thought this was my hunt?" "This isn't your hunt, it is a hunt and it is a very dangerous mission. When you get to Bobby's, you will recieve further instruction from him. You should arrive at his place by tomorrow morning if you drive straight through with minimal rest stops along the way.With that he hung up. I was excited about this mission but now I have to work with people I don't even know? This is really gonna suck.

It is now, 1 pm. I'm not waiting until night fall to travel. I want to get to Bobby's early.I told my room mate that I was going to Nebraska to visit my parents. She didn't question it, she only told me to have a good time. So as I finnished my packing, the weapons are at Bobby Singers, apparently my parents kept them stored there for one day when I was ready to starting hunting. I stopped at the nearest gas station to fill my car up with gas. Don't want to start off this trip with a half a tank. I have money, My father put money into an account for me to live on. It's from the inheritance he got from his parents when they died. So why in the hell am I driving a used, faded old dodge that has a couple of scratches near the rear door and a dent on the rear bumper? No need to dwell on that, That's a whole different story. I decided to plug my Ipod into my radeo and was listening to my Elvis. I have other music on it but Elvis is my all time favorite. So there I am, with "All Shook Up." Blasting through my speakers. My hands are beating against the steering wheel following the beat of the music, I damn near missed those two hitch hikers on the side of the road. It seems their car broke down, Nice car I thought as I pulled over. Yea, yea, yea. My father warned me about hitch hikers but I know how to defend myself and I have a gun beneath my seat on the driver's side so I'm prepared and besides, they look kind of harmless. I wouldn't want someone passing me by if my car broke down out in the middle of BFE where there wasn't even a farmhouse in site and the road stretches so far with no traffic comeing either way. I actually felt sorry for them. The tall one reminded me of a teddybear, His brown hair just below the nape of his neck with tortured, sad, puppy dog looking eyes. The shorter gentleman had kind of spiked, blonde hair, a few freckles dotting his nose and his cheeks. He also looks kind of cocky. I don't know if I'm comfortable with him but they're stuck out in the middle of nowhere.

As I pulled the car over, They sauntered over to the passenger side, I rolled down the window and the short one peered in, "Hi, could you give us a lift? Our transmission went out and there is no garage around here." "Yea, sure, hop in," I know, I'm such a giving person. The short one, opened up the passenger door and slid in next to me while the talll one slid in the back seat. "Thank you. We really appreciate this." Said the tall one. God, he's such a teddy bear. "So where are you to boys headed?" I asked. "The short one next to me produced an address from his back pocket. "Bobby Singers?" I was surprised. "You know him?" The short one was just as surprised as me. "Naw, not yet. I am on an assignment and I have to go there to assemble my crue and get further instructions from him." I expected to see confusion resting in his eyes but all I got was a knowing knod. "Yea, Bobby called us and told us to meat him there for our instructions and to assemble our crue. Something about possessed Tivo products." Then he chuckled. I held my breath, grit my teeth and squeezed the steering wheel to keep myself from cursing. "So what's your assignment?" The short one asked. "The same thing." I couldn't keep the irritation out of my voice but none of the boys seemed to notice. The tall one in the back seat was so quiet, it seemed he wouldn't say anything if he had a mouth full. "Well," The short one cut in, since we're on the same assignment, shouldn't we get eachother's names?" Before I could respond, he extended his hand. "I'm Dean Winchester and this is my brother Sam." I gave them my name. Sam gave me a greeting knod. "So you like Elvis." Dean continued. If this was his attempt at small talk just to fill the uncomfortable silence, it was working. I only nodded in response. "Do you have any Led Zeplin or Bob Segar?" "I might." Came my only response. "I like Elvis." Came a voice from the back seat. It speaks, I mused to myself. "Yea, he knows how to talk." Came Dean's response. "Yea, I can hear you monologing to yourself so yes, it speaks." God, how embarrassing. "And Sam, you would like Elvis because you were a girl in the pass life." Dean mused. "Shut up, jerk. Came Sam's response. "*****." Was Dean's only come back. "So you got any brother's or sisters?" Asked Dean. "Nope, an only child." Finally Dean changed the subject. "So how long you been on the road so far?" "Seven hours. you?" Twelve and counting."

Sam and Dean finally fell asleep while I continued my all night drive. My eyes are so tire I can't see what time it is on my radio clock. Time for gas, according to my map drawing, there is a Mobil gas station about a half a mile down the road. We reached it in no time. I step out and started filling it up. I nearly jumped when I saw Dean suddenly standing behind me and I nearly bumped into him. "I was just going to get us some coffee." He explained. I only nodded and continued filling her up. I went inside to pay the man behind the counter. "I forgot to ask you, what do you take in your coffee?" Dean asked. "Ummm, cream and sugar." For a man that looks like a smartass, he sure seems to have a sweet personality. As I finnishe paying for the gas and Dean the coffee, he offered to drive so I can rest. "Naw, I'm good." "You look pretty tired, if you fall asleep at the wheel, you could kill us all." Well. No pressure there so I relented. It was my turn to slid into the passenger seat and he took my place as the driver.

As I was dozing off, I could have sworn he was playing with my Ipod and he found my oldies but goodies. The songs lullibied me to sleep in no time.

May 25, 2009

Hurray, we finally made it to Bobby's at around five in the morning. The man had a junk yard behind his house. We all three stepped out of the car. The boys already knew Bobby so I was the only one that needed to introduce myself. He's a funny old guy who says "Aint." a lot. Bobby was talking to Dean about having a tow truck go pick up his car. Dean gave him the exact coordinates. I like thier car. It's old and I love old vehicles. "So. Bobby...." Asked Sam, where are the other hunters on this assignment?" Bobby must be a good guy because both Sam and Dean seem comfortable with him. "There are no other hunters for this, just you three so come into the kitchen, I've made some scrambled eggs and sausage in anticipation for the timing of your arrival?" Wow, a burly man like Bobby can actually cook. Who would have thought? We followed him into the kitchen. The food was great. I hadn't realized that we all forgot to eat while on the road. I was just too in a hurry to get to his house because my father said only minimal stops just for gas. As we were sitting at the table polishing off our food, Bobby was going over the details of our hunt. Okay, we already know that the manufactoring company is built right over hell and of course like an idiot, I gave him my Idoho potato joke. Dean was the only one who chuckled on that. Bobby kept on his serious face, gave me the reprimand look causing me to shrink inside. I have to be more careful in the future on when is the appropriate time to make a joke. It seems to it being built directly above hell is only part of the story. In Idaho, there is a thin layer between hell and earth in that exact location. "Why?, How did that happen?" I fired those two questions like bullets. "The seals." Bobby answered. When I gave him the questioning stare and apparently, I'm the only one who doesn't doesn't know what's going on in the respect of the seals, Sam was the one that kindly explained about the seals being broken, what started it. How they are being broken and then Bobby cut in on explaining what needs to be done to stop that layer from thinning anymore, it is too late to save that manufactoring company since it is permanently tainted from demonic possession. It has to be destroyed as well as all of the Tivo products that were delivered to different sales companies and consumers who have bought them. This is going to be a long drawn out assignment. I had no idea that Bobby was going to put us up for the night so that we can get a fresh start in the morning and Dean refuses to take off without his pressious impalla. I swear I never saw a man more in love with his car. But I can't complain, I'm just too tired.

May 26,2009

Dean 's car is fixed. Bobby put in a used transmission from his junk yard. He seems to carry a lot of parts for old cars that most garages don't carry. The man is a genious. I was going to take my car while Dean and Sam took theirs but since we are working the same hunt, it was Dean's suggestion that we all three pile up in his to save on gas and yada, yada, yada. I don't like riding in other people's cars because it forces me to relinquish control over to someone else and let's face it, it like to be in control at all times. I think that's what's been keeping me single but I don't want to condridict myself, I still like his car. I just don't like the control part. I'm rambling on. Sorry. Anyway, Both Dean and Sam helped pile my weapons in the trunk. Wow. I didn't know my family packed me so many. I've got rock salt, holy water, ect, ect, ect. No need to bore anyone with the details. Dean announce it was time for us to head out so I hurried and snatched my Ipod, grabbed my clothes and whatever I needed for the trip. Bobby promised to keep an eye on my car and that's it for those details.

We've been on the road for an hour, I'm getting bored so I took out my lap top to type in my prescious hunter's journal. Dean is blasting is AC-DC "High Way To Hell" Yea, I know. Perfect song for this hunt. Secretly, I like the song. I can see Sam's face scrunched up as he huffs. At least that's what I call it. Dean is beating on his steering when and singing on the top of his lungs. He has an okay voice. I'm not goint to tell him that because he seems the type that would let it go to his head. I know, "Don't ever judge a book by its cover." My parents always told me that but I forget sometimes. I must have been lost in this journal because I just looked up to witness some playful banter between the brothers. I wish I had a sibling to pick on. It seems like fun. Well, I'm starting to get a case of writer's block so I am going to take my Stephen King novel out of my duffle and read. I love his work so I will get back to you later once my writer's block clears up.

Huh, I must have fallen asleep because the next thing I noticed was the impalla pulling to a stop at McDonald's restraunt. Dean ordered a number one with extra pickles and tomatos and Sam, He only had a double cheese burger and a chocolate shake. He mumbled something about their fries gets cold too fast. I ordered a salad. I didn't want anything greesy and heavy in my stomach. I want to stay healthy for the hunt. "Come on. Live a little." Taunted Dean. I relented just a tad. "Oh, alright, I'll have a sprite." "Wow!" continued Dean. "Remind me to stay away from you when you're in the partying mood cause you are dangerous." I contimplated on whether or not to smack him on the back of his smug head but decided I didn't know him well enough to engage in physical play. "I'm not a complete stiff." Came my irritated retort. "I like beer, Jack Daniels and whatever other hard liquor is offered me at the time." "Great," Replied Dean, "Then you wouldn't mind going to the bar for our victory party after we're done with this hunt." "You're on." Then I reached out to take his hand shaking it as if we had just made a bet. I looked over at Sam who was silently tearing into his double cheese burger. Sam looked up puzzeled as Dean and I were both staring at him. "Hmm?" Sam questioned looking up. Dean smiled, shook his head and turned the key in the ignition bringing his imalla back to life while I settled down to read some more of my Stephen King. I am on chapter 8 right now.

An hour later, Dean picked the motel for us to stay at. Motel 8. Whatever, he went in using some kind of alias. I don't know because I was still out in the car getting my stuff as was Sam. Dean told them that there was three to a room I know that much because he informed us without batting an eyelash. Oh lovely, I thought I was getting my own room But Dean insisted that it will save on our funding. Like I have anything to worry about. There were two queen sized beds and a cot. I offered to take the cot but Dean insisted that I take the bed. I took the one over by the window.

Sam and I listened attentivly while Dean explained to us why the layer between hell and earth are thinning. Each time a seal is broken, the layer thins just a little bit more. When the final seal is broken, that thin layer will completly vanish releasing Lucifer from his cage, that will bring on the apocolyps, cause hell on earth. The comical part is, Hell being right beneath the Tivo manufactoring company. I'm ready to go now but who am I kidding, We need to be clean and rested. "We should be there in a couple more days." Explained Dean. Sam and I just nodded in agreement. Well, it looks like I'm up first for a shower. One of the priveleges of being a woman so I will add more later. Much later.

May 27, 2009

I didn't sleep very well last night. Either I was too excited or too nervious about this assignment. We waited until nightfall to visit the Tivo manufactoring company. Couldn't do it while they were open because of the customers and the paid personell. Dean's exact words were, "Because we'd freek them out." Well, I'm a little freaked out myself because I never did prowling in the dark before but a good hunter has to keep their feelings in check so they don't get themselves or other people killed. My father taught me that. My mother taught me, to always keep my guard up. I saw something that didn't quite belong with the building's foundation so I had to squat in order to get a closer look. My eyes couldn't make out what they were because the drawings were so faint so I ghosted my fingers over them. They appeared to be some kind of symbals perfectly carve into the foundation and then painted over.

Sam and Dean were at each side of the building with flashlights, what looked like some wierd incence that I wouldn't have recognized if my parents hadn't schooled me in the demonic and spirited arts. No they weren't Satan worshipers or anything like that, Like I said earlier, they are hunters and a hunter has to be trained and educated in everything. Not just physical but, emotional, mental and spiritual as well. Sam and Dean were also carrying some liquid, probably holy water. I knew I couldn't keep this new knowledge about the foundation to myself. "Hey guys, come look at at this." I called out. They came running. "What is it? What do ya see?" Asked Dean, "I don't see anything," Sam answered for me. "No, it's very faint, come run your fingers along here." I instructed, demonstrating the exact location of the symbls. Dean was the first to run his fingers across them. Sam copied Dean.When Sam pulled his finger back, the tips of them were red and moist. "They appear to be ancient, demonic symbols." Explained Sam. "The What? Who?" Asked Dean. "Ancient demonic symbols but here's the puzzeling part, they weren't put here by man or demon, they were put here by Lucifer himself. It's like a map, when the layer separating earth from hell is completly depleted and Lucifer is released from his cage, it gives him the location of where he will rise. It lets him know that this is the exact spot that he will land." Sam starteed gliding his finger tips over the ancient symbols once again, Each symbol tells us which seals have been broken, creating a map. Once this map is completed, Lucifer will rise bringing hell on earth." "Okay." Said Dean, "That explains that but why are your fingers red?" "Because, the building is bleeding." Answered Sam. "It's bleeding?" Asked Dean is disbelief. "Yea, Demon blood." Explained Sam. "Lower level demon blood I imagine." "And how do you know this?" Dean's voice took on an accusing tone. Sam ignored the accusation in Dean's voice and continued to educate us. "A human's blood has a faint coper smell to it. The blood from the devil himself, has a bitter, pugnent smell, quite noticeable and a demon's blood has more of a sulfer smell to it. That's why every time we had to kill a demon, they always left a lingering sulfer smell behind oh and to answer your earlier question Dean, I know this because it's in Dad's journal. Not because I'm a freak or anything like that." "I never said you were a freak, you did but hey if the shoe fits." Dean made a bad attempt to make a joke. I think he needs to work on his humor a little bit more but I kept my mouth shut so I can digest this information. "So what's our plan?" Asked Dean. "Well, I was thinking this." Answered Sam "Before we go around, guns blazing, we need to get inside and get their files on all of their clientel and other organzations or factories they have sent Tivo products to, and we have to retrieve them and destroy them but we have to destroy this place first. It's not that easy because we have to find its heart." That's when I spoke up. "It's heart. But it's just a building." "Yes but this building is alive or it won't be bleeding."

Sam took a metal object from his back jean pocket. I pocket knife I assume but I didn't get a good enough look Then he slid it beneath the base of the window and the window seal, pushing with all his strength. The window slid only part way up. We had to suck in our stomachs just to slither beneath the window but we made it. "Damn, how high is their aircondition on?" I remarked as I hugged myself to keep the chill from rattling my bones. "I can see my own breath." Without turning around. Sam answere. "That's not the air conditioner your feeling. That's pure evil resignating all around, you can actually smell it. It's telling us that it's awake." "But how do the customers and the paid personell not feel it?" I asked again. "Why do they keep coming back?" It was a logical question. "That's when the building sleeps." Explained Sam.

We prowled around making sure that we didn't trip the security alarm or our images pick up on the security cameras but strangly, there were none. Either that or they were shut off and kept off by accident but I didn't want to question it. I'm confused enough already. Startled, I turned around quickly as I heard the russeling of papers. I let out a deep breath that I kept imprisoned in my lungs when I saw it was Dean rummaging threw their files they keep in a filing cabinet beneath the counter that hold's their register. The drawer slammed shut, nearly biting his index finger. "Shhhh," Sam and I both said at the same time. "It wasn't me." Dean said in a loud whisper. "It slammed shut on its own. "It's trying to protect the files." Sam explained. "What is?" Asked Dean. "The filing cabinet?" "No." Answered Sam. "The factory. It's tryinjg to protect the files. It knows that we are trying to stop it from possessing anymore people and it's fighting back."

Dean only shook his head in disbelief . Personally though , this place really creeps me out but I wasn’t about to voice my fear out loud. I have some pride. The only woman hunting with two men, I can’t go around acting like a Barbie doll. No, I have to suck it up if I want to blend in and become one of the guys. Note to self: Mentally pat myself on the back for that one.

"Okay, where is the heart?" The sudden sound of Dean's voice nearly made me jump ten feet in the air. I can take comfort in the fact that Sam's actually did briefly lift in the air. Hee hee. "You said earlier that we had to find its heart. So? Where's its heart college boy?"

"I don't know just yet. We just have to keep looking until find it." Answered Sam, matter of factly.

"So how do we know if we've found it?" Dean's questions were starting to annoy his little brother but I have to admit, I a bit curious myself.

"Believe me, you will know." Came Sam's final answer leaving no room for discussion.

I was so caught up in my own thoughts that I found myself alone. Holding my breath, I went to look for the guys but to no avail, I was still alone. I decided to go solo on this since I couldn't find them if my life depended on it. I decided to make my desend into the basement. That part wasn't hard to find. I took out my flash light that Dean passed gave me and his brother. Yea, I fogot to mention that part. Sorry, Anyway, my flashlight started to flicker. I didn't go completly out, it just kept flickering like a strobe light. Ouch, Some sharp piece of wood just hit me in the leg. I felt something wet trickeling down the outside of my leg so I looked down to investigate. Note to self: Don't wear your favorite jeans on a hunt or some supernatural creature will rip a hole in it. Lovely. There goes my favorite jeans and that wet stuff trickling down my leg..... Well.... It's blood. My own blood. A flesh would but it didn't stop me from screaming such colorful language that I'm sure would make the devil himself blush, if you could believe that one.

"She's right down here." I heard a yell, It sounded like Sam. Then I heard scampering feet.

"Are you down there?" I'm pretty sure that was Dean's voice I just heard. He has the ruggedly husky voice.

"Uh.... yea.... down here." I responded. (Oh God could I sound anymore weak?")

"Are you hurt?" Came Dean's voice.

"Naw, just a flesh wound but I'll live." I called back. Then I reached out. Something shocked me and it wasn't static electricity. I hissed as I jerked my hand back.

"You okay?" Dean's voice took on a hint of urgency balancing on the edge as they rushed to my aid, both examining my poor delicate fingers. Okay, that part was sarcasm but just because I'm a woman, doesn't mean that I'm fragile and I hope that before this hunt is over, they will both come to that conclution and start treating me like an equal. Okay, I shouldn't complain because I am hunting with the two hottest guys and if this goes well, I would like to hunt with them again.

"Yea, but I think I touched some kind of forcefield because it zapped my hand."

"The heart." Came Sam's breathy response.

"How do you know it's the heart?" Dean asked.

Sam didn't respond. He just started reaching into his back pack searching for the necessary items to cut through it. He took out his pocket knife and a cell phone?

I guess Dean was as puzzled as I was because Sam started explaining about the cell phone being on a different frequency than the force field both controlled by a form of electriciy. The pocket knife is to act as some kind of I don't know, the medal in it, translates that volume of electricity the force field is carrying and when you add the cell phone, both are on different carrier waves of elctricity, the knife is there to create the confusion between the cell phone and the force field causing it to short out. allowing us to get to the heart.

"But if we do that," Said Dean. "Wouldn't that cause your cell phone to burn out?"

"Yea." Answered Sam. "But as you recall, I have insurance. I'll just tell them it got struck by lighting. It's not that far from the truth."

I had to smile to myself on that one.

As the force feild came down or should I say shorted out, My breath caught as I saw the most beautiful prism diamond. I attempted to move forward, I needed to touch it. Soon, that need became desparation. Without thinking, my right hand snaked out towards that amazing diamond. It was like I was hypnotized. It possessed such beauty that my hungering desparation became of feral desire that was born out of the desparation I felt moments ago. I thought I would die if my fingers didn't reach out to feel the beauty that it held onto with such feriostiy.

Dean moved lightening fast, chest a heaving, urgency blanketing his face. I could hear Sam off in the distance even though he was standing right behind me yelling. "NOW DEAN."

Suddenly an iron clad mallet slams down on that prism diamond, crushing it, sending rays of light shooting from every direction. The buiding came alive as it groned, bits of plaster started falling from the basement cieling. I'm standing there like an idiot, my legs are filled with led, my eyes are glued to where the diamond used to be.

Suddenly something wraps around my wrist and is pulling me up the basement stairs that were crumbling behind our every step. The walls are exploding like someone had set a detenator behind them, I am up stairs from where we came in, Raging winds are occupying the store now as the upstairs walls were breathing, shooting objects at us. Someone is still pulling my wrist, leading me out of the of the dying building.

We are outside now, how did we get outside? I glance to the right from my corner eye and the door is bleeding. I can not comprehend what is going on. There is a big blur that appears behind the buiding sucking it into oblivion.

Someone is gently slapping my cheeks, I can hear the alarm in his voice asking me if I were okay. Suddenly, my eyes focus on Dean. He is the owner of that hand. Sam holding up his finger asking me how many is he holding up as if I were hit on the head or something earning himself a slap on the back of his by Dean.

Why are they still looking at me like that? Did I suddently grow two heads? Oh right. I didn't answer Dean's question. "Yea, I'm okay. What happened?"

That's funny. My voice was gritty as I had just woke up. Their far away voices are now drifting into the presence as I become sober from whatever just happened back there."

"What were you thinking going after the heart like that? You could have been killed." Came Dean's angry reply.

I felt so ashamed of my ignorant mystake I made on my first hunt. As if I couldn't be more stupid, I had to say something that took me over the edge of stupidity. "I don't know, I saw the prism diamond and I felt it calling out to me to touch it." God, I think I was more smart when I was drunk.

"That was not prism diamond," Explained Dean. I detected a controled heated edge still lingering in his voice.

I looked stupidly at him. God, If someone looked at me the way I was looking at him, I swear I wouldn't be able to fight the urge to slap them.

Sam stepped forward and looked me in the eyes, "No, it was an actual heart, A black, human looking beating heart. Dean saw you flickering so he took the knife laced with holy water and pierced it."

"But, I saw him take an iron clad mallet and bust it into pieces." I embarrassingly explained.

"You saw only what it wanted you to see. It was possessing you until Dean pulled you out." Sam's voice was so gentle. I felt more comfortable talking with him than Dean at this moment.

"God, I feel like such an idiot." I murmered under my breath but both men still heard me. Sam looked at me in sympathy while Dean chose to respond to my little self critisizing comment.

"Don't beat yourself up over it. It wasn't really your fault." Dean's voice was much gentler this time.

"But why me and not you two?" I had to ask.

Both Dean and Sam popped open the top two buttons of their shirts, pulling it to the side reveiling the protection symbols tatood just above their hearts.

I nodded with understanding.

"Good, now, let's get out of here, this place gives me the creeps." Admitted Dean.

Sam and it gave an under out breath chuckle as we headed back to the impalla.

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