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Let's all talk about "Form and Void" (S11E2) here!
Oct 14 2015, 5:26 PM EDT | Post edited: Oct 15 2015, 9:11 AM EDT
Hey Y'All,

I guess, I'll continue the interim "mod job" here until spnfanforever is back, by OPENING the discussion on tonight's new episode, which promises to be a continuation and hopefully some explanation of last weeks story line.

Will Sam find a way to stave off or even cure whatever mysterious black vein plague the Darkness has inflicted the towns folk with?

Will Dean have to "take care off" the strangely powerful baby Amara, who seems to be connected directly with the Darkness?

What is Crowley's immediate interest in the child?

What do you think?

Talk to Y'all later.



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1. RE: Let's all talk about "Form and Void" (S11E2) here!
Oct 14 2015, 10:43 PM EDT | Post edited: Oct 14 2015, 10:43 PM EDT
Hi Everyone, what'd y'all think?

I thought is was a strong and enjoyable episode - pretty jam packed with action and information:

- LOVED Crowley in this one! He was snarky, funny, forceful/scary in some parts and all together OLD Crowley. Lots of good lines and great delivery by Mark as always. At the end, where he offers Amara "candy" was delightfully evil. Very enjoyable.

- Good Sam episode, too. His speech in the Chapel was very powerful and had me all choked up. I am starting to think that his new visions may come from Lucifer in the cage! The demons last week had warned Crowley that something was whimpering in the cage. Maybe the visions are some alarm bell for Sam from Luci, because they shared a vessel for a short while?

- So, my take on Billy, the Reaper,is that she was really a sign from GOD after Sam prayed? She gave Sam the idea to look for the biblical purification after all.

- I found it visually stunning, how the shadow hand of Billy "touched" the real hand of one of the dead humans!

- EVIL soul eating baby! Nicely creepy and I loved how it spelled "feed me" with the building blocks stuck in the wall - great effect. I am very interested to find out more about it's connection to Dean and what that means for both their futures.

- GO Castiel in his first real extended FIGHT scene! Whoohoo, badass.

- Wasn't it interesting that the spell Rowena put on Castiel is more powerful than Hannah's Angel healing?? That definitely means we haven't seen but a tiny glimpse of what Rowena is capable of.

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2. RE: Let's all talk about "Form and Void" (S11E2) here!
Oct 14 2015, 10:51 PM EDT | Post edited: Oct 14 2015, 10:58 PM EDT

- I am not crazy about the way Angels are currently behaving! They've become more deceitful, violent and mean than most Demons on the show. Not only did they torture Cas extensively, but then they beat on one of their own, without real reason! I don't think the democracy in Heaven is a good idea...but now that Hannah is dead, I guess we'll have a shift in leadership coming anyways?!

- I was a little surprised that the episode ended in the bunker and NO word from Sam about having been infected?! That was a little disturbing. Do we think they had that discussion off camera? Or is Sam lying to protect Dean? I would have liked to see the reunion in Superior, but I am just a sucker for Winchester Hugs, I know.

Two "small" negatives for me today were the MUSIC, which I found mostly distracting, corny, too obvious in a bad horror movie sense, and the fast cuts between the different story strands....but I know that could just be me.

Anyhow, looking forward to my customary re-watch tomorrow.

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3. RE: Let's all talk about "Form and Void" (S11E2) here!
Oct 15 2015, 7:25 AM EDT | Post edited: Oct 15 2015, 8:03 AM EDT
Hey, PNP!!

Great points, as always!

I really liked this episode. You're absolutely right that it was packed FULL of action and plot advancement!!

Funniest line of the episode: Dean’s “Who knows what was in that giant, crazy fart.” – LOL!!! I also loved Crowley in this episode. Some of his lines at the house were hilarious. I also love the fact that Crowley is getting his groove back! “Want some candy, little girl?” – LOL!!!

I used to NOT like it when the Boys were not together in an episode, but now that I realize it means Jared and Jensen both got a few days off from shooting, I take it a lot better!!! Their ONLY scene together in this episode was at the very end, so I’m sure that didn’t take more than a day to shoot.

I agree with you 100% about evil baby. That bit with the toy blocks was GREAT!!

So I guess the reapers are running their own thing now. What Billie said DOES put an uncomfortable curl into the show’s mythology. They Boys have died SOOO many times, but have (several times, apparently) gone to heaven, and they always come back. If Billie and the reapers get their way, we’re supposed to believe that the next Sam or Dean death will be permanent and our Boys’ souls will be hurled into the “empty”. I don’t believe that FOR A SECOND – it would be a stupid way to end the show, but it does raise the stakes quite a bit. I suspect someone more powerful, like God himself or Death (resurrected) will have to get the reapers back in check.

I’m sorry that Hanna is dead. Not only did I really like her character, but who is in charge of heaven, now??? It is a shame that she betrayed Castiel, but I’m still sorry to see her killed. Side note -- don’t you miss the days when we saw the imprint/shadow of angels' wings when they died? Even if the wings are tattered, I’d still prefer to see them. It made the angels more “magical” – I miss that.

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4. RE: Let's all talk about "Form and Void" (S11E2) here!
Oct 15 2015, 7:30 AM EDT | Post edited: Oct 15 2015, 8:06 AM EDT


I AM glad that Castiel made it back to the bunker. I was worried that he’d be out in the world, sick and on his own like in season 9. I’m guessing Sam and Dean will try to find Rowena, because she’s probably the only one who can remove the curse from Castiel. I also suspect that once Cas is healed, he’ll try to find Metatron and the demon tablet as a way to redeem himself with heaven and the other angels.

Back to Crowley for a moment -- didn't he learn his lesson with DemonDean??? Whatever illusion of power or control he thought he'd have over Dean evaporated VERY quickly. Now, Crowley is going after Amara with NO IDEA about how powerful she might be. He's going to end up with another very powerful and unpredictable tiger by the tail, and he's going to lose control AGAIN -- possibly even more quickly than he did with DemonDean.

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5. RE: Let's all talk about "Form and Void" (S11E2) here!
Oct 15 2015, 9:09 AM EDT | Post edited: Oct 15 2015, 9:09 AM EDT
Hey Kate,

YES, I miss the angel wing impression, too! That was always SO cool and a powerful image! In fact, two of my all time favorite images on the show were when we saw Castiel for the first time in the barn with his awesome wing shadow AND when "Samdreel" stood in the diner glowing with the tattered wings behind him!!
The image of the wings also made the loss of an angel more dramatic in my book! Now on the other side, the way the angels are going about business these days, they unfortunately don't seem such a loss. And I personally was not a fan of Hannah, ever, so I am not sad to see her character go, especially if her generally more benign and logical self was corrupted in Heaven to allow Cas to be tortured! But it does leave a dangerous void in "management" upstairs and that combined with what's going on in Hell (cage is rattling, Crowley taking on Amara) it seems to spell major disaster in the making to me.

The "EMPTY" was also a nice new tid bit of info - I wish the writers would have found a more imaginative name for it, though! - and definitely raises the stakes for the Boys. I cannot imagine that Death, if resurrected, will EVER be inclined to do another favor or the Winchesters, now that both have betrayed and slighted him?! He'd be ignoring them from now on in the best scenario and be downright pissed and dangerous for them in the worst case scenario. NOT an enemy they wanted to make.

I do agree, that I like it BEST when the Boys are together, but I thought they found a good compromise by being on the phone together several times during the episode (I just still wish that they wouldn't LIE to each other so readily). AND, like you said, if that frees up Jared and Jensen's schedule a tiny bit - GREAT, they deserve it and we can deal!

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6. RE: Let's all talk about "Form and Void" (S11E2) here!
Oct 15 2015, 4:45 PM EDT | Post edited: Oct 15 2015, 4:49 PM EDT
It was quite a good episode, with some interesting setup and premise for later in the season, though not without its flaws and complaints that concern me.

Crowley was super-great in this episode, and it's good to see him back to his old self! Not that I really hated partially-humanised Crowley, I was actually at first really piqued to see what would happen after the Season 8 finale when Crowley was almost cured; I think Crowley's character's decline over the last two seasons when he'd partially remembered his humanity was simply poor writing and a lack of the strength and ideas to get the show out of this bubble and expand on its game-changers anymore. I'm also hoping that Sam's mysterious visions will be a continuous thing over the season.

On the other hand though, I'm not happy with the way the Darkness/Amara currently is turning out and am hoping the writers will stand up and vamp things up with it. Where Lilith, Lucifer, Death and the Leviathans all oozed the immense, catastrophically-powerful and dangerous threats they were, and exactly what kind they were, Amara right now just sorely lacks that quality and sense of threat, and just feels like something on par with a mid-level demon; which is very disappointing for an entity that's supposed to be the chaotic force that came before God, and for 'Supernatural''s most powerful monster yet and possibly ever.

Overall, a good, watchable episode, but not as promising as the premiere was, and the Darkness certainly needs to be improved.
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7. RE: Let's all talk about "Form and Void" (S11E2) here!
Oct 15 2015, 7:11 PM EDT | Post edited: Oct 15 2015, 7:12 PM EDT
Thanks for hosting, PNP!

I enjoyed this episode even more than this season's premiere. It was so good to hear Death's theme song! And, Kate, I agree, I think what Billie said about the Winchesters being cast out into the void upon death was chilling and necessary for characters who have died so many times. For half a minute, I thought she was going to BE the new Death, which would have been cool with me, or that Sam was going to get the pitch to be Death. Interesting twist. And, PNP, you might be right about her being a sign from God. Do you think the vision was also an answer to prayer?

I also agree with your criticisms, PNP, that the Angels are as bad as the demons at this point -- which isn't entirely out of character when you consider Lucifer and Naomi. And, Kate, I was also bummed to see Hannah killed off, and would have liked to see at least her broken wings on the ground. And, PNP, I was also jarred to see Sam and Dean in the bunker without revealing Sam's infection. I guess that will have to wait until next episode, because he didn't get to see him discuss the cure or the vision and I think the cure at least will come up.

SPN-scifi-fan-607, I agree that Amara hasn't lived up to her hype yet but I am reserving judgement to see what she builds up to be. I like her creepy rapport with Dean. I was surprised they killed off Deputy what's-her-name. Interesting to me that she eats souls. Fun to see Crowley offering the bound family in the back of the van like an extra twisted Child Catcher.

I was sorry when the episode ended. It went by quickly.

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8. RE: Let's all talk about "Form and Void" (S11E2) here!
Oct 15 2015, 11:57 PM EDT | Post edited: Oct 15 2015, 11:57 PM EDT
Hey guys,

I really enjoyed this episode. No one does creepy kids better than SPN! That baby was really cute though, despite the creep factor. Yay for the return of Crowley's cajones! Love seeing him back to his evil, snarky self.

So many funny lines in this episode. Loved when that infected guy asked for Sam's pudding. Pudding!!!!! Love when Jenna called Dean and he answered "Ghost Busters." I said it at the exact same time he did, never expecting he would actually say it. I agree that Dean's fart line was one of the funniest of the episode. I laughed out loud when, after his vision, Sam screamed "What does that mean!", but maybe I just have a sick sense of humor.

I'm not at all surprised that the angels are being shady. That's been their M.O. (with the exception of Cas) since we first met them. Uriel, Zachariah, Raphael, Naomi, Lucifer, even Gabriel to a certain extent were all self-righteous or self-serving, deceitful douch-bags.

Looking forward to next week!

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9. Form and void
Oct 17 2015, 3:05 AM EDT | Post edited: Oct 17 2015, 3:23 AM EDT
Once again another great episode. I so agree a great Sam episode using his big old brain to figure out how to cure himself and the other victims. It was action packed and creepy which SPN never lets you down on the creepy factor, the fact that brother we're apart this episode didn't bother me I just enjoyed the episode and it flowed really well and is pushing the plot along and is giving us more info for this season.

The reaper showing up was really creepy, but the actress that played her had an amazing voice while singing o death and telling Sam that if the boys bite the dust again they'll be in nothing but Emptiness. Loved the chapel scene and I'm guessing the visions are from sam's time in he cage?
Dean and baby Amara so much cuteness! Of course SPN has to kill another tough female character.
The baby's power using her telekinesis to spell "feed me" with the blocks clever haha.
Loved Deans "ghostbusters" line and "who knows what was in that giant crazy fart" haha Dean can always put a smile on Sam's face. I agree the Angels are so screwy, so much more aggressive and violent. But a lot of are like that expected Cas. Hanna plotting against Cas wow I was a little surprised,but now she's killed off.
So many funny lines in the episode I loved Sam talking to the infected guy "so what's your name?" "Bite me" "okay bite me" I was laughing so hard and the "pudding" line and I just lost it. So great!

Crowley is back to his old ways loved "father Crowley" and Jensen's facial expressions were priceless! And "Dean here was my scrumptious alter boy" so awesome.
Also this isn't the Scooby Doo gang ,valma.
Crowleys replie I'm more of a Daphne and "drama" Amara eating Jenna's soul and killing her grandmother I was just what the heck happening....
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10. RE: Form and void
Oct 17 2015, 3:12 AM EDT | Post edited: Oct 17 2015, 3:26 AM EDT
(Part 2)
Now Amara is 8 or 9 years old after eating Jenna's soul Crowley's "you want some candy little girl" now he thinks he can have the darkness work on his side, sorry Crowley didn't work out with Demon Dean don't think it'll work out with Amara.
Lol he boys back in the bunker scene dean's Maid line of course he would want a Maid with big .... Haha That's our Dean we know he's back to Normal. Cas escaped and is in bunker will they undo this attack dog spell soon?

New weeks episode looks crazy, directed by Jensen yay! We will Freak, Pig, Flip and wig Out next week can't wait!
See y'all until next weeks posting <3
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11. RE: Form and void
Oct 18 2015, 10:08 PM EDT | Post edited: Oct 18 2015, 10:08 PM EDT
Hey all,

I am so happy with Season 11 so far! I really liked Form and Void, although sorry to see Jenna go so soon. Still, nice to have proof that Crowley is getting back to his old self--though he still let Dean go unscathed, didn't he? Residual bromance or just plot device to keep the main character alive?--I'm rooting for lingering feelings on Crowley's part.
Anyhow, nice to see the boys back together, yet operating independently. I wonder if we're supposed to assume that Sam finally gave Dean the whole picture on the way back to the bunker, including the nasty message from the reapers? And, Billie the singing reaper is now my new favorite character to hate. I liked her, nice voice and all, right up until she started threatening our boys with annihilation. Big mistake, lady. Seriously, I know the writers are trying to do a little meta-reset here to bring back the sense of real jeapordy for Sam and Dean, but does anyone really think they're going to end up in oblivion? Be interesting to see how the creators unwind this one.
Finally, I am thoroughly and totally sick of Metatron and his works. Can we please just kill him off now?

Can't wait for Wednesday and Jensen's episode--looks like a good one!
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