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home - Supernatural Fan WikiHello, my name is Nikki!

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Home town: In IllinoisBirthday August 31st:

Current residence: In Iowa

Occupation: aspiring writer

Gender: female

Supernatural Fan Since: Episode 1!!


My guilty pleasure(s): watching SPN reruns on TNT as often as possible

The best word to describe me is: fun!

My hero(es): Dean. Not even kidding.

Words or phrases I overuse: Sweet! Epic. Dude... Fantabulous! Oh-my-Chuck.

My superpower is: crime-fighting. I'm Batman. No, wait, that's Dean.

What else you should know about me: I actually used to watch Days of Our Lives when Jensen was on it. Boy, do I prefer Dean Winchester!!! Oh, and I overuse exclamation points - I really do!!!!


In the movie version of my life, I would be played by: Natalie Portman

My childhood ambition/career goal: dancer / singer / writer / movie star. Oh, and be a mermaid. Thanks to "Splash" and "The Little Mermaid" - I was kind of obsessed.

If I were a breakfast cereal, I would be: something completely bad for you!

If I could tame and ride any animal, it would be a: Winchester 🙂 Just kidding. A black panther - very sleek and powerful.

If I could live anywhere, it would be: in kilts......

My dream job(s): A character on SPN who dies in a REALLY cool way. But only after a reoccuring role that spans MANY episodes.

My dream vacation(s): The set of SPN, of course! Vancouver, here I come!


Last movie I saw: "Cowboys and Aliens" - - The Last Airbender, Han Solo / Indiana Jones, and James Bond all in one movie?? Those aliens didn't stand a chance.

Last book I read: something by Nora Roberts (I'm always reading her!)

Last album I listened to: Mumford and Sons, and an SPN-related mix cd a wiki friend made for me - - LOVE IT!

Last big splurge: Books, of course!!!

Last vacation: Scotland and Ireland


Website(s): This one, of course! Hobbies: writing, singing, dancing, acting
Food(s): chocolate Gadget(s): Swiss Army Knife (a.k.a. MacGyver)
Vacation spot(s): mountains, a forest, or a beach I like my eggs... dip-able
Game(s): Sequence Sport(s): Football, basketball, dance
World leader(s): TV show(s): SPN, HIMYM, Scrubs, StarGate's, Charmed, many more!
Celebrities: Jensen, Jared, Misha, JDM...all SPN actors! Oh, and Adrian Paul - the Highlander Charities/Causes: World Vision
Movies: Just bought Disney's "Tangled" - that Flynn Rider is dreamy... Musician(s): Mumford and Sons, Keri Noble, Daughtry, Sarah Maclachlan, Edie Brickell and the New Bohemians - too many to list!
Song(s): Little Lion Man - Mumford & Sons Dessert(s): Brownies a la mode
Quote(s): Anything Dean and Castiel say! Cartoon character(s): Zuko from Avatar: The Last Airbender. Oh, and Mr. Burns from The Simpsons


Dean Favs. Sam Favs.
Favorite Dean Quote: Too many to list! But, "Aw, Sammy, I get all tingly when you take control like that" is definitely a favorite! Favorite Sam Quote: Too many to list!
Favorite Dean Moment: Every time he died in Mystery Spot. So funny! Favorite Sam Moment: "Bad Day at Black Rock" when.....he lost his shoe. Poor Sammy!
Favorite Dean Episode: All of them! Especially the "tortured soul" scenes. I just wanna give him a hug!!!! Favorite Sam Episode: "Heart" - I cried like a baby! Poor Sammy.


Season: I've loved them all, but Season 5 has to be my favorite. Recurring Character(s): John Wincester, Gabriel!!, Castiel, Ash, Ellen & Jo, Bobby, Chuck/God, and the Ghostfacers
Episode(s): Mystery Spot! Laughed my ass-butt off every time Dean died. Sorry, Dean. Villain(s): Crowley. Hands down. Best. Demon. Ever.
Main Character: Dean Plot(s): Lookin' for Dad; Lucifer; Dean and Sam = Apocalypse; Angels vs. Demons
Cast Member(s): Jensen and Jared Quote(s): Castiel: Hey, Ass butt! Basically, anything Cas says is classic. Crowley did get some fantastic one-liners, too.