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At the end when the Winchesters exit the apartment Sam say they don't have much time because as soon as the flare goes out the shadow-demons will come back. How come they have time to stand and talk to each other for several minutes without being attacked
During the various scenes with the Devas, both brothers are seriously injured – and we’re not just talking the normal bumps and bruises, but deep and significant cuts and gouges across their faces and other parts of their bodies. The amount of blood spilled is way below what injuries of this kind would cause. Nor do these extremely significant gouges feature again
When Sam and Dean are in the bar and Dean is talking to the bar girl, the picture cuts to Sam coming in. When it cuts back to Dean, the picture goes half a second back from where it actually ended.
John drives a 1986 GMC Sierra Grande, registration number CSG 8R3.
When Sam and Dean are investigating Meredith's apartment, Dean gets some tape and traces out a symbol created by the blood spatter pattern. There were numerous splats of blood, with a number of combinations of joining them together. How did Dean come up with the symbol he did?

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