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Meg: An exorcism. Are you serious?
Dean: Oh, we're going for it, baby. Head spinning, projectile vomiting, the whole nine yards.
Dean: Where's our father, Meg?
Meg: You didn't ask very nice.
Dean: Where's our father, b*tch?
Meg: You kiss your mother with that mouth? Oh, I forgot... You don't.
Dean: This sucks out loud.
Sam: Yeah, tell me about it.
Dean: Hey, what's happening, is there a fire?
Fireman: We're figuring that out right now. Just stay back.
Dean: Well, I've got a yorkie upstairs and he pees when he's nervous.
Sam: But -- the holy water?
John (possessed): You think something like that works on something like me?
John (possessed): He’s gonna taste the iron in your blood.
Dean: Let him go, or I swear to God...
John (possessed): What? What are you and God gonna do? You see as far as I’m concerned, this is justice. You know that little exorcism of yours? That was my daughter. The one in the alley? That was my boy. You understand?
Dean: You got to be kidding me.
John (possessed): What? You the only one that can have a family? You destroyed my children. How would you feel if I killed your family? Oh, that’s right, I forgot I did. Still, two wrongs don’t make a right.
Dean: You son of a *****.
Sam: I wanna know why. Why’d you do it?
John (possessed): You mean why’d I kill mommy and pretty little Jess?
Sam: Yeah.
John (possessed): (to Dean) You know I never told you this, but Sam was going to ask her to marry him. Been shopping for rings and everything. You wanna know why? Because they got in the way.
Sam: In the way of what?
John (possessed): My plans for you, Sammy, you, and all the children like you.
Dean: Listen, you mind just getting this over with, because I really can’t stand the monologuing.
John (possessed): Funny, but that’s all part of your MO isn’t it? Mask all that nasty pain, mask the truth.
Dean: Oh yeah? What’s that?
John (possessed): You know you fight, and you fight for this family, but the truth is, they don’t need you, not like you need them. Sam, he’s clearly John's favorite. Even when they fight its more concern than he’s ever shown you.
Dean: I bet you’re real proud of you kids too huh? Oh wait, I forgot, I wasted them.
Sam: I'm gonna kill you!
John (possessed): Oh, that'd be a neat trick. In fact, make the gun float to you there, psychic boy.
John: Killing this demon comes first. Before me, before everything.
Sam: (looks at wounded Dean) No sir. Not before everything.
Meg: That's kind of a turn on, you hitting a girl.
Dean: You're no girl.
Meg: He begged for his life with tears in his eyes. He begged to see his sons one last time. That's when I slit his throat.
Dean: For your sake, I hope you're lying. 'Cause if it's true, I swear to *God* I will march into hell myself, and I will slaughter each and every one of you evil sons of *******, so help me God.
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