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The LP which Dean picks up when browsing in the record store, and for which we see the cover very clearly before he puts it back, is Point of Know Return, by Kansas. Kansas sing one of the show's most regularly used songs, Carry On Wayward Son.
There are two instances where the brothers go into the house and the cops are outside watching the place. Both times, they manage to get the cops to go into the woods for something, to distract them from the house, while they go in and fight the ghost. There is no way that the cops wouldn't have heard all of the shotgun blasts, which should be heard from miles away.
When the guys are in the restaurant, the laughing statue flip flops as if the film was reversed. In one shot the fish faces one way, but when Sam pulls the string the fish faces the other way.
Sam glues Dean's hand to the bottle of beer with super-glue, but super-glue dries really fast. There is no way it could sit on a bottle of beer and still be wet. It would have dried long ago.
When Sam and Dean are in the restaurant eating waiting reading the new post on hellhoundslair.com you can see Dean eating when Sam turns the computer, then there is a closeup of Dean where he's talking but he never swallowed the food, then they cut to a profile of Dean and he's chewing again.
At the end when Harry goes to grab the camera from Ed and Mordecai hits him, you can clearly tell that it's his body double falling to the ground.
When Sam and Dean are in the basement and they hear the noise, Sam goes to open the cabinet where the rats are, his fingers are around the edge of the door, but when he actually opens the door his fingers are on the knob.
When Sam and Dean are at the record store, Sam is talking to Craig and you can see Dean in the background picking up an album and replacing it, then the camera cuts to Dean from the front and he is picking up another album and the first has disappeared.
When Sam and Dean go to check up on the house, in the left part of the screen you can see something black, probably someone's coat, but there is no one there.
Near the end, in the scene where Sam and Dean are shooting at Mordecai and Ed and Harry are filming it, as the scene shifts you can briefly see the left arm of one of the crew in the right side of the frame.
The song Dean turns up at the beginning of the episode has the lyrics "A fire of unknown origin/Took my baby away," referring to how Jessica and their mother both died. The song is by Blue Oyster Cult, who feature heavily in this episode.
The website for the paranormal investigators, http://www.hellhoundslair.com, is a working URL with information about the Hell House and other cases...some of which are based on previous Supernatural episodes.
Toward the end, when Sam and Dean are shooting Mordecai and Ed and Harry are filming, initially, Ed and Harry are behind the Winchesters, but when during the close-ups of Dean, you can clearly see Ed's face and the camera he's holding, just over Dean's right shoulder, but he changes locations every time the close-up ends (about 34:30).
In the same scene as mentioned above, when Sam first shows Dean the Tibetan sigil on his laptop, the table next to the laptop is blank. When they show the laptop again, there is Dean's coffee cup and lid! Dean didn't move at all.

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