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    October 5, 2021 at 9:37 am #10180

    I LIKE this one! Whenever I hear “Green Onions”, I think fondly of the perp walk in this episode – LOL! The look on Sam’s face when his cell mate stands up in priceless! It’s amazing to me that they found someone taller than Jared 😊. Even Randall was a fun character. I like the lady lawyer a lot, too.

    When I first watched this one, I was surprised that the Winchester brothers would trip a silent alarm. But when I realized they’d gotten arrested purposely, it made perfect sense.

    Interesting exchange of roles between the brothers: When they first arrive, Sam makes a comment about how the four people who died weren’t “innocent” because they were in jail. Dean had to remind him that not only are some people in jail innocent, but even if someone has been convicted of a crime, it doesn’t mean that person deserves to die. In the early seasons, the writers tried very hard to paint Sam as the empathetic one, while painting Dean as an absolutist (at least where monsters are concerned). But in this episode, it’s clearly Dean who sees the humanity in the prisoners and Dean who has a much easier time relating to them. It’s also Dean who has to remind Sam that they should work the job and stay until the job is done, because Deacon saved John’s life in the Marine Corps, so honoring their word to him is important.

    Little piece of trivia: When they were filming this episode, one of the filming days was Jensen’s birthday. I read that many of the extras were actual prisoners (I’m not sure how WB worked that out, or if that part is even true). So, when all the prisoners in the yard surprised Jensen by suddenly turning to face him and singing “Happy Birthday” Jensen admitted being a little freaked out – all those grizzled, burly guys singing “Happy Birthday” was probably weird 😊.

    Clif Kosterman is adorable as Tiny! And Dean is just plain adorable from start to finish! The Blue Steel is famous now 😊

    I still like Victor Henricksen, even though I’m not supposed to! He’s so smart, sassy and combative. And when the brothers escaped – yet again – I saw a little smile of respect, just like I saw at the end of “Nightshifter” when the brothers slipped past feds AND a SWAT team. I think Henricksen respected the brothers – especially Dean – despite being adversaries.

    Question: Wouldn’t an old jail building like the one in this episode have iron doors (especially in solitary), and probably iron bars? If so, a ghost should’ve had a harder time moving through the corridors at will. The writers implied that she escaped the older building when the iron door was opened and she was freed from that cell, so it makes me wonder how she was so mobile after being released. I’ve chosen to ignore the fact that the old cell walls were just cement (not salt-impregnated or anything like that), so that old cell shouldn’t have been able to keep her confined, anyway. I’ve also considered the possibility that the “new” part of the building could’ve had steel bars and doors. If so, it would’ve been nice if we’d been told that.