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If you loved Jensen as Soldier Boy on The Boys, there's a new book out edited by Supernatural fandom favorite Lynn Zubernis that dives into The Boys.

Just published in December of 2023, it looks at what makes the complex characters of The Boys tick and tackles what the show has to say about our real world. There are chapters by psychologists and media experts, along with some great insights from co-creator Darick Robertson and actors Jensen Ackles (Soldier Boy), Nate Mitchell (Black Noir), Aya Cash (Stormfront), Jim Beaver (Bob Singer) and interview excerpts from many other cast members. (The book also benefits the Venice Family Clinic in LA if you want to feel extra-good about buying it.)

It takes a look at the show's depiction of corporate greed, racism, sexism, politics, and celebrity including a chapter with Jensen about what Soldier Boy's characterization says about how we, as a society, define masculinity. There is so much to analyze in this show.

You can read more about it or order it at



THE WINCHESTERS premiered on the CW on October 11, 2022.


"The Winchesters" had a 13-episode season 1, then the CW was sold and the new owners deemed that The Winchesters should not be renewed. A Deadline article posted June 2, 2023 declared that though Jensen and Warner Brothers shopped it around to other  networks and streaming services, the show is, in fact, done after one season. The talented young cast deserved more of a chance to explore these characters. But it seems that The Winchesters will be a one-shot offshoot of Supernatural.

Our after-episode discussions threads will stay up on the right column on this homepage for anyone rewatching.

Drake Rodger as our new John and Meg Donnelly as our new Mary.

The cast of The Winchesters.

The prequel to Walker, "Walker: Independence", was really only a prequel insofar as some of the characters had the names of characters from Walker. Independence was a GREAT show with a super-talented cast, really good writing, and it was one of the most beautifully-shot shows on TV. The new owners of the CW network also declined to renew Walker Independence. Jared tried to find a new home for the show, but was unsuccessful and it looks like we will only have one season of Independence. Jared made a cameo appearance near the end of the series and a mysterious Ranger that had a shootout with Hoyt.

Trailer for Walker Independence.


Walker Independence premiered on the CW on October 6, 2022.


Supernatural Then and Now

(the podcast)

Rob Benedict and Richard Speight Jr. have started a second podcast (in addition to their Kings of Con podcast). This one is a FULL SERIES re-watch of all 327 Supernatural episodes with guest stars, main cast, and production people discussing each one. The Pilot and Wendigo featured Jared and Jensen and it was glorious. Director of Photography Serge LaDoucer has been featured and upcoming guests include production designer and Propmaster Jerry Wanek as well as some episode directors and writers and many more! It's a great podcast for any true SPN fan who wants to hear how it was all done.


What Jared is Doing Now:
The CW series "Walker" debuted on Thursday, January 21, 2021 in Supernatural's old day and time slot.  Shot in Jared's hometown of Austin, TX, it's a true family drama with a very strong ensemble cast.  It had the highest ratings of any CW debut and Jared is not only starring, but also executive producing.  Walker started filming in October of 2020, several weeks after Supernatural wrapped.  Gen Padalecki occassionally guest stars as Walker's late wife Emily in flashbacks or in Walker's internal thoughts.
       The photo below of Jared in the Impala he got to keep after Supernatural ended was shot before Walker aired for an article in Cowboys and Indians magazine.  It felt like a nice bridge between Supernatural and his next venture.
The show is definitely family-oriented with PLENTY of family angst.
Jared in a single-layer of clothing is definitely a revelation.
Jared has stated that he's giving Walker and the entire project his whole heart.  He's also said in interviews that he knows he'll be saying goodbye to Sam Winchester for a very very long time and does hope that the last day of filming Supernatural is not the last time he'll get to play Sam.
In early 2022, the CW announced they ordered to Pilot a Walker prequel called Walker: Independence. Jared executive produced. It was written by the same writing team doing the current Walker. Walker Independence had a very strong first season, but new ownership of the CW network declined to renew it for a second season.
In early March 2022, Jensen directed an episode of Walker; postponed from when it had been planned for the previous fall before being postponed by the Rust tragedy. Jensen was there, directing on the Walker set, for his 44th birthday.
Walker was one of the few CW shows to get renewed by new CW ownership, but they only renewed it for a 13-episode season 4.
It was announced in June of 2024 that Walker would not be renewed for season 5. The show has been cancelled by the new owners of the CW in spite of it being the CW's currently highest-rated show.
What Jensen is Doing Now:
Jensen guest starred on the Tracker on CBS (the #1 show on network TV) alongside his longtime real-life friend Justin Hartley in episode 12 of season 1 - an episode called "Off the Books". Justin stars as Colter Shaw - a man who tracks down missing people for reward money and who also has a mysterious and interesting family backstory. Jensen guest-starred as Colter's older brother Russell and made an already-good show even better. Russell is ex-military and currently working security for a secretive black ops corporation. There were many Supernatural Easter eggs in Jensen's Tracker episode!  Here's hoping that he'll return for more episodes since Tracker has been renewed for a second season.
Jensen starred in Season 3 of ABC's crime drama thriller series Big Sky as fill-in sheriff Beau Arlen. He killed it (of course) as  very likeable sherrif Beau. A much more lighthearted role than we usually see for him. He got to play a protective, divorced father while working on the case of the week. The door was left open for his character to return for season 4, but ABC cancelled Big Sky after the end of season 3.
Beau Arlen
Beau has some decidedly "not Dean" hair.
Photo taken on set by co-star Jack Quaid.
Soldier Boy had an epic wordless introduction on the show as he is freed from suspended-animation captivity in a Russian lab by the Boys. Jensen spoke about this, his first day on set, naked in front of the new cast and crew except for a c*ck sock. What a first day on the job.
Jensen took on the role of Soldier Boy in season 3 of Eric Kripke's Amazon Prime series "The Boys". Fans of comic books said this character was a cowardly take on Captain America, but Jensen completely made the role his own. Fearsome (no sign of "cowardly") but he still made the audience empathize with him. He knocked it out of the park. He left such an impression with this character that it's hard to believe he only occupied about 13 minutes of screen time total! 
Jensen played soldier boy as someone who was on top of the world back in the 70's before he was captured by the Russians who wanted to run excruciating tests on him. He was the first "Supe" and the first Supe used by the military. In the modern era, he's definitely an anachronism in some ways. He's immortal, indestructible, a big fan of weed and cocaine - both of which seem to have little effect on him, and a lover of older women.
He turns out to be a pivotal character. He's definitely an unforgettable one. There is the chance that he will be brought back in the future as Soldier Boy and Jensen has said that Soldier Boy will be making some kind of an appearance in the The Boys spinoff "Generation V" about supes in college. 
He also filmed several hilarious clips that members of The Boys view while researching him, including an appearance on the cheesy '80's music variety show Solid Gold. Somehow, Jensen handled all of it flawlessly.
The original comic had Soldier Boy as bisexual and even in bed with Homelander in a bid to get back into The Seven. Kripke's revised storyline meant that particular scene didn't quite fit, though he did state that Anthony Starr, Jensen, and he himself were all down for filming that - it just didn't make sense in the story he chose to tell.
Season 3 of The Boys came out too late for 2022 Emmy consideration, but it's definitely a contender for 2023 and the producers of The Boys have lauched a "consider the boys" campaign for Emmy nominations for the cast. Jensen was nominated for a Canadian Saturn Award for his guest starring role, though he did not win.
In August 2022, it was announced that Jeffery Dean Morgan will appear in some role in season 4 of The Boys. JDM has appeared to be an enthusiastic fan of the show all along (he posted a great Twitter video as he opened up the elaborate The Boys season 3 press kit he was sent at his home) and is thrilled to join the cast in some as-yet-unknown capacity.
In December of 2022 it was announced that Rob Benedict will also have some as-yet-to-be-specified role in season 4 of The Boys.
Jensen packed on the muscle for this role.  His character's body does not look much like Dean's. At the Vegas con in March of 2022, he joked that he left those muscles in Toronto and he and Jared pantomimed his body deflating after stopping the intense workouts.
Jensen posted that he loves the suit (though later admitted long days shooting in a hot environment made it less than comfortable, but still maintained that the costumers created a work of art in that suit) and he chose the same boots (different color) he wore as Dean:
SOLDIER BOY on the The Boys spinoff GenV - Jensen had a very memorable cameo as Soldier Boy in season 1 episode 6 of The Boys spinoff GenV which follows the first batch of college students at a "supe" university to learn that their parents had been dosing them with compound V to give them superpowers (they weren't born with them). Soldier Boy appears inside the mind of one of the characters while she is unconscious and her friends are "inside" her brain. They encounter Soldier Boy who gives a hilarious speech about how he was the one who taught this character to masturbate. Kripke said in interviews that Jensen wanted that scene to be funnier and Kripke came to set that day and the riffed back and forth until Jensen was happy with it. It's fabulous. Jensen filmed this scene while he was filming season 3 of Big Sky.

A note about Rust.

UPDATE ON RUST: It was announced in October 2022 that "Rust" will resume filming, with the original cast, in February 2023 and they will finish the movie.  This timeline was then stretched out and filming did not resume until April. As part of the legal settlement surround the death of Halyna Hutchins, Rust was to be completed. This time, the production moved to an old West set in Montana to finish filming and it was announced in spring of 2023 that Jensen would be replaced on the project by co-star Josh Hopkins who also played Ranger Fenton on season 2 of Walker. Jensen famously filled in for this still-uncast character on Walker when he appeared in silhouette in the door of an Airstream trailer in the episode he directed. This role on Walker was later filled by Josh Hopkins. Josh already had a different role in Rust (he and Jensen became friends there and drove back to TX from NM together after filming was suspended) so it's unclear if all of Jensen's role on Rust will be re-shot with Josh or if only the ending will be redone with Josh's character instead of Jensen's having the final shootout.

As per a settlement reached between the family of Halyna Hutchins and the film's producers in the aftermath of her death, her husband will now be an executive producer on the project. All involved have talked about wanting Halyna's final work to be seen. Jensen spoke several times about being excited about what she was capturing on camera and her unique eye for a visually interesting shot during the initial production. May the final finished film honor her work and her memory.

UPDATE: It's unclear as to whether or not Rust will be finished or see the light of day. In the fall of 2023, authorities in New Mexico chose to re-file charges against Alec Baldwin after further testing on the gun used revealed that it could not have been fired without Baldwin pulling the trigger (this fact was in doubt earlier and Baldwin said he never pulled the trigger, yet the gun went off anyway). The show's young armorer is still facing charges.

In October of 2021, Jensen was incredibly excited to sign on to the Western "Rust".  He said he has wanted to be in a Western since he was a kid and signed on to fill in for an unnamed actor who backed out of the project. He filmed for several weeks in New Mexico on this Alec Baldwin helmed project.  The plot of the movie was about an accidental shooting and the consequences. Jensen was to play the Marshal. When he talked to audiences at the Denver convention in October of 2021, he was visibly excited to be a part of the project.  Just 5 days after he appeared in Denver, cinematographer Halyna Hutchins was fatally shot on set by Alec Baldwin in an accidental shooting while rehearsing a scene.  Jensen posted the incredibly thoughtful post below, putting the focus where it should be.  On the woman who tragically lost her life. The photos from the trail ride were taken on the casts' day off just two days before the fatal shooting.



We are starting a rewatch Thursday November 26th, 2020 with the Pilot episode - one a week - on Thursday - for as many years as it takes.


Rewatch with us! All comments welcome following the link below. It's as good as you remember. 

Please click on "forums" in the navigation bar at the top, then "Supernatural fan wiki community" to see comment threads for earlier seasons.

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The first Metalliblog post in a few years; one admin's impression of the 2021 Supernatural Nashville convention. Click here to read!

Dean 2017
Jared promo photo 2017
Misha 2018
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Jensen's THIRD (!) album recorded with Steve Carlson - Keep on Ramblin' - came out in late February of 2023. They played two new songs from the album at their debut live show in Nashville in December of 2022.  The new album has a more country/roots feel, influenced by Texas swing, a bit of Elvis, and many more influences than can be mentioned here. It's a great album, and very different from Vol. 1 and 2. Rich musical compostions and great harmonies. Check out @radiocomusic on Instagram for updates and where to purchase.
Radio Company had their debut live performace at The Analog, an intimate bar in Nashville, the Monday after the 2022 Nashville convention. Tickets were near-impossible to get, and not inexpensive, but luckily the show was streamed live on StageIt so fans around the world could watch. It was an amazing show.
Watch the entire show HERE on You Tube.
In June of 2023, Radio Company announced the vinyl (and digital downloads) of that live perfomance recorded in Nashville. The album is simply titled "Radio Company - Live from Nashville". Vinyl pre-orders ship in October of 2023 but digital downloads were immediately available.
Jensen and Steve performed publicly before that at the Creation Kansas City con in September 2022. They performed several covers with Louden Swain including a blistering version of Bad Company's "Feel Like Makin' Love".  Jensen was every inch the true rockstar.  He and Steve have voices that work so well together.
Jensen and Steve playing two custom Radio Co. guitars that went to two lucky winners who also bought City Grown Willow t-shirts in a giveaway announced in early September 2022.

Carry On
Season 15
Episode 20



The very last Supernatural TV Guide cover - out November 5th (awesome cover):

And the original art without the overlaid cover type. Um...angel wings are black. Also, it looks like they used Jared and Jensen photos (not Sam and Dean) - still stunning.

Nice interview with Jared and Jensen about the end of Supernatural.  Click here.

(Some gorgeous fan art by @OfflArjun)

A new poster from the CW for this final mini season.

Filming was completed on

September 10, 2020.

A few photos of Jensen from the last two weeks of filming.

Season 15 starts 
Season 15 poster
 Carry On
Written by: Andrew Dabb
Directed by: Robert Singer
Check out this incredibly hilarious video outtake from the Unhuman Nature episode! We always hear about Jared and Jensen trying to break their costars on camera. How can anyone get any work done?
Unhuman Nature 1

Since 1993

Jensen and Danneel's gorgeous home photographed for
Architectural Digest.