- The CW has ordered "The Winchesters" TO SERIES!  Produced by Jensen and Danneel's Chaos Machine production company with the pilot written by Supernatural writer extraordinaire Robbie Thompson. The prequel will tell the story of John and Mary Winchester. Filming of the pilot wrapped in New Orleans in May 2022.

The CW also ordered TO SERIES the Walker prequel entitled "Walker: Independence" on which Jared is a producer.

The first Metalliblog post in a few years; one admin's impression of the 2021 Supernatural Nashville convention. Click here to read!

And coming soon on the Metalliblog, a slightly delayed post about the Supernatural convention in Indianapolis in early April 2022.


We are starting a rewatch Thursday November 26th, 2020 with the Pilot episode - one a week - on Thursday - for as many years as it takes.


Let's start the rewatch up again! Back to season 3 starting with Sin City this first week of January 2022 (!!! - can you believe it's 2022?!). All comments welcome following the link below. It's as good as you remember. 

Please click on "forums" in the navigation bar at the top, then "Supernatural fan wiki community" to see comment threads for earlier seasons.

Discuss Monster Movie - S4 E5 - HERE!

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A note about the Supernatural Fan Wiki


This wiki was started by DeansGirl666 many years ago. It has always been a free and fan-run site. This site has had a long line of involved fan administrators doing everything from writing detailed episode recaps to starting new discussion threads to contributing to the Metalliblog to posting fan fiction and staffing the roadhouse back when the site's role playing game was operational.
This site was originally hosted by Wetpaint. The site thrived under Wetpaint. Wetpaint was then acquired by WikiFoundry. The age of the site's platform started to become an issue. Admins periodically could not add photos or create or edit pages. At one point the site appeared to be gone for months.
The owner of WikiFoundry generously agreed to a request to help save the site by transferring ownership to the current admins.
In October of 2020, after months of essential help from Alice Jester, a GENIUS of a fan at the Winchester Family Business fan site, this site was updated to a WordPress platform and hosting was shifted to the folks who also host the Winchester Family Business, so that it, and all the work done on it by fans over the years, can live on after the show ends.
This means that not everything survived the migration, but we took as much as we could. The site has a new look and everyone will have to re-register.  Your old profile pages HAVE been saved, but must be retrieved by admin and linked to your new registration.  Instructions on how to reach admin for that to follow soon!
We hope you've stayed with us through the changeover to a site where all the navigation actually works again.  Pages from the old site will be moved to the new format over the course of 2020 and 2021.  To start, links will send you to a mix of old-format and new format.

We were determined not to lose this site that has fostered many great discussions and lifelong real-life friendships.


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What Jared is Doing Now:
The new CW series "Walker" debuted on Thursday, January 21, 2021 in Supernatural's old day and time slot.  Shot in Jared's hometown of Austin, TX, it's a true family drama with a very strong ensemble cast.  It had the highest ratings of any CW debut and Jared is not only starring, but also executive producing.  Walker started filming in October of 2020, several weeks after Supernatural wrapped.  Gen Padalecki stars as Walker's late wife Emily in flashbacks.
       The photo below of Jared in the Impala he got to keep after Supernatural ended was shot before Walker aired for an article in Cowboys and Indians magazine.  It felt like a nice bridge between Supernatural and his next venture.
The show is definitely family-oriented with PLENTY of family angst.
Jared in a single-layer of clothing is definitely a revelation.
Jared has stated that he's giving Walker and the entire project his whole heart.  He's also said in interviews that he knows he'll be saying goodbye to Sam Winchester for a very very long time and does hope that the last day of filming Supernatural is not the last time he'll get to play Sam.
In early 2022, the CW announced they have ordered to Pilot a Walker prequel called Walker: Independence. Jared will executive produce. It is written by the same writing team doing the current Walker.
In early March 2022, Jensen directed an episode of Walker; postponed from when it had been planned last fall before being postponed by the Rust tragedy. Jensen was there for his 44th birthday.


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What Jensen is Doing Now:
Jensen took on the role of Soldier Boy in season 3 of Eric Kripke's Amazon Prime series "The Boys". Fans of the comic book say that this character is an old-fashioned WWII veteran and the first celebrity superhero in this universe, but he is more like a cowardly take on Captain America.
Many have looked forward to the day Jensen can be in something where he can swear, and this is definitely that (Eric Kripke said it will be R-rated and there will be "so much swearing") but, ironically, fans of the comic have pointed out that the character he will be playing is something of a throw-back who does not swear because he's from a different era.  The character he'll be playing is also bisexual in the comics, or at least up for some attempted career advancement via same-sex relations.  And he wears shorts as part of his superhero costume. It should be VERY interesting.
The Boys films in Toronto and season 3 started filming in early February 2021 and filmed through August. Thanks to covid cross-border restrictions, Jensen was been stuck in Canada while filming; having to miss his daugther JJ's birthday for the first time ever.
He packed on the muscle for this role.  His character's body does not look much like Dean's. At the Vegas con in March of 2022, he joked that he left those muscles in Toronto and he and Jared pantomimed his body deflating after stopping the intense workouts.
At the first Creation con to start up post-pandemic in Denver in October 2021, Jensen revealed that his Soldier Boy character  will be introduced naked, being un-frozed from a cryogenic state of suspended animation. He revealed that the audience will see some strategically-placed smoke, but the crew did not! What a first day on the job.
Can't wait to see what Jensen does with this role.
First look at Soldier Boy in his super suit (no shorts after all).  Jensen posted that he loves the suit and it has the same boots (different color) he wore as Dean:
On July 2, 2021, Jensen posted these images on Instagram, saying he was up at 3:00 am after a late night of filming, listening to some music from the band Tool,  and just "just tryin to cope with shit".


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In June of 2021, Jensen and Danneel Ackles' newly-minted production company, Chaos Machine, announced via an online article that they have a project in the works for a new series produced by them in partnership with the CW currently titled "The Winchesters". The series would be narrated by Jensen as Dean and would explore the backstory of Sam and Dean's parents, John and Mary Winchester.
What thrilled this fan the most was the news that Supernatural writer Robbie Thompson ("Baby", "Don't Call Me Shirley") is on board as writer and producer, something this fan has fervently wished for for years.
Congratulatory posts from other cast members as well as Supernatural creator Eric Kripke followed (since deleted). Kripke tweeted that there were no better hands than Jensen's and Robbie Thompson's to entrust the Supernatural legacy to, except for a third person, who is currently busy "Texas Rangering".
Enthusiasm was dampened almost immediately when said Texas Ranger, Jared, fired off several tweets, including a particularly vehement one to Robbie Thompson that he quickly deleted. Jared asserted that he had been left in the dark on this project and that, while he looked forward to watching the result, he is "bummed" that Sam Winchester has no involvement whatsoever. When asked by a fan online if he was joking, Jared tweeted  that no, he wasn't joking, and he was gutted by the news of a Supernatural prequel.
Fan reaction was swift and severe. It is hard to understand how a miscommunication like this could have happened between Jared and Jensen.  It now seems that the announcement was made prematurely in order to get it out ahead of a media leak and Jensen was on The Boys set where cell phones are not allowed at the time. He has talked about scrambling to try to fix everything that day and feeling bad that the premature announcement had been made before he'd talked to Jared. Jared has said he was out with friends that night and now second-guesses the wisdom of the emotional tweets. All feelings are valid. It seems to have been a crash-course in trying to keep things under wraps in Hollywood.
Eric Kripke tweeted an apology (since deleted) saying he thought Jared knew and he had been wrong about that.  He also said that Jared and Jensen had talked and worked things out.
Jared tweeted (since deleted) that he and Jensen had a good talk almost immediately after the mishap and that this new project has miles to go before it's a done deal, so it sounds like there is still time for his involvement (direct or supportive) and it may not have been as set in stone as the announcing article made it sound.  Jared said that he and Jensen have been down many roads together and sometimes those roads have bumps in them.
Jensen replied to Jared's tweet saying he loved Jared and he was glad they talked.  He said that they are both busy, but they are and always will be brothers.
It is clear that everything has been worked out. Jensen's stint directing on Walker seemed like they both enjoyed it immensely. The prospect of a Jensen/Robbie Thompson collaboration with a Supernatural backstory is thrilling. AND "there ain't no me if there ain't no you". Anything Supernatural needs to have the blessing of both brothers.  The fans won't be on board if Jared isn't on board as well, even if it's only a supportive role.
Put friendship and family first.  Mistakes happen.  Fix them. Keep this great thing and this great Supernatural Family going.
In early 2022, the CW announced it has ordered this concept to pilot with a pilot written by Robbie Thompson to be narrated by Jensen as Dean. Casting is being done in March 2022 with shooting of the pilot set for early April 2022 in New Orleans.

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Supernatural Then and Now

(the podcast)

Rob Benedict and Richard Speight Jr. have started a second podcast (in addition to their Kings of Con podcast). This one is a FULL SERIES re-watch of all 327 Supernatural episodes with guest stars, stars, and production people discussing each one. The Pilot and Wendigo featured Jared and Jensen and it was glorious. Director of Photography Serge LaDoucer has been featured and upcoming guests include production designer and Propmaster Jerry Wanek as well as some episode directors and guest stars and many more! It's a great podcast for any true SPN fan who wants to hear how it was all done.


aquarian star

A note about Rust.

In October of 2021, Jensen was incredibly excited to sign on to the Western "Rust".  He said he has wanted to be in a Western since he was a kid and signed on to fill in for an unnamed actor who backed out of the project. He filmed for several weeks in New Mexico on this Alec Baldwin helmed project.  The plot of the movie was about an accidental shooting and the consequences. Jensen was to play the Marshal. When he talked to audiences at the Denver convention in October of 2021, he was visibly excited to be a part of the project.  Just 5 days after he appeared in Denver, cinematographer Halyna Hutchins was fatally shot on set by Alec Baldwin in an accidental shooting while rehearsing a scene. At this time, it appears that the project will not be completed.  Jensen posted the incredibly thoughtful post below, putting the focus where it should be.  On the woman who tragically lost her life. The photos from the trail ride were taken on the casts' day off just two days before the fatal shooting. She was Jensen's age.  Her son is close to JJ's age.  I cannot imagine how this affected him. I do hope he'll get another chance at a   Western in the future.


The next episode is now whatever you want it to be. Start the whole amazing trip over again - pick and choose your favorites - nothing ever really ends and now we get to watch 15 years of Supernatural any way we want to.  Forever.

Discuss Carry On in our new discussion forums. You can comment as a guest without registering.

Read how it all began:
Eric Kripke's Original Pitch for Supernatural
So interesting to read it 15 years into our favorite show!
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Jensen's SECOND (!) album recorded with Steve Carlson is out now with a more mature/produced sound that Vol. 1. Radio Company - Vol. 2 is available for purchase on iTunes and many other digital platforms. They also did a run of vinyl (slightly delayed by covid and seemingly no longer available) and, new this time, a 2-CD set with both Vol.1 and Vol. 2 together!  Check out @radiocomusic on Instagram for updates and where to purchase.  FYI; the Radio Co. mug with design carved into the surface is super-cool!  They've put out some nice videos and video clips for it too; City Grown Willow was shot in Colorado in a day with an iPhone and a drone (in the snow) and looks downright gorgeous.  Here's hoping they will get a chance to do a few live dates post-Boys filming.  If that happens, it will be shared here!

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Carry On
Season 15
Episode 20



The very last Supernatural TV Guide cover - out November 5th (awesome cover):

And the original art without the overlaid cover type. Um...angel wings are black. Also, it looks like they used Jared and Jensen photos (not Sam and Dean) - still stunning.

Nice interview with Jared and Jensen about the end of Supernatural.  Click here.

(Some gorgeous fan art by @OfflArjun)

A new poster from the CW for this final mini season.

Filming was completed on

September 10, 2020.

A few photos of Jensen from the last two weeks of filming.

Season 15 starts 
Season 15 poster
 Carry On
Written by: Andrew Dabb
Directed by: Robert Singer
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Dean 2017


-Jared promo photo 2017
Misha 2018
This site has some great discussions with incredibly knowledgeable fans.
Please join in!
Something on your mind, Sam?
Start a new thread to discuss anything SPN with other wiki members.
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Check out this incredibly hilarious video outtake from the Unhuman Nature episode! We always hear about Jared and Jensen trying to break their costars on camera. How can anyone get any work done?
Unhuman Nature 1
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