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    October 5, 2021 at 9:45 am #10181

    “I greatly enjoyed this one. Kate made a comment in the last one (Hollywood Babylon) about how Dean fits in everywhere. As a PA there and a prisoner here. Learning how to use cigarettes and currency…figuring out how things work. When Sam asks if he’s at all disturbed how well he fits in there, he says no. He learns to adapt everywhere! I love that about him here.

    I remember, on first watch, I didn’t guess who Deacon was and I was VERY nervous when the warden pulled them aside and told the other guard to leave. I thought they were going to get a serious beating. I remember on first watch that reveal surprised me.”

    I 100% agree with both of these, JBB! I think Dean’s relatability and understanding of human nature are often overlooked in the show. I love seeing those attributes — and his intelligence — so prominently on display. And you’re right — if Dean ever ended up in jail for real, he’d absolutely end up running the place :).

    I REALLY liked how they revealed Deacon’s identity! I remember being shocked the first time I saw that.


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