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    Question: Wouldn’t an old jail building like the one in this episode have iron doors (especially in solitary), and probably iron bars? If so, a ghost should’ve had a harder time moving through the corridors at will. The writers implied that she escaped the older building when the iron door was opened and she was freed from that cell, so it makes me wonder how she was so mobile after being released. I’ve chosen to ignore the fact that the old cell walls were just cement (not salt-impregnated or anything like that), so that old cell shouldn’t have been able to keep her confined, anyway. I’ve also considered the possibility that the “new” part of the building could’ve had steel bars and doors. If so, it would’ve been nice if we’d been told that.

    EXCELLENT question, Kate!!! I thought of that, too, when rewatching this time!! Never struck me before as odd but it did now.
    I have no good answer for you. Bad writing?

    Funny enough THIS is only one of MANY things I found annoying in the episode this time around.