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    October 21, 2021 at 12:23 pm #10440

    Poor Dean! After Sam ran off in “Hunted” and disappeared again in “Born Under a Bad Sign”, now he inexplicably goes missing AGAIN! It must have killed Dean to realize that, probably for the first time in his life, he truly couldn’t protect Sam from whatever was coming for him.

    I don’t like too much about this one, but I do like the mood and feel. The abandoned western town is just perfect for an episode like this. And the constant rain, mud, and gloom just adds to the atmosphere.

    The cast of characters didn’t do much for me. I didn’t really connect with any of them. I felt bad for the blonde girl with the death touch. But I never liked Andy, and Ava seemed very monochromatic. Jake was interesting, and I’ve liked Aldis Hodge in other things. Of course, I hated Jake by the end of the episode. He was clearly manipulated by Azazel, but I still don’t forgive him for killing Sam after Sam showed him mercy by not killing him.

    I was SO annoyed that they killed Ashe. He was one of my favorite characters from the early seasons. I was disappointed that they burned down the Roadhouse, too.

    Speaking of annoying, this was the episode that really made me dislike Mary. In Sam’s flashback, Mary clearly recognized Azazel, which means she remembered her deal and chose to ignore it. She was from a line of hunters going all the way back to the Mayflower, had access to the family library, and extensive resources. She could’ve at least looked for a way to break her deal. Bobby figured a way out in a year – Mary had ten. She could’ve told John THE TRUTH about who she was, and the two of them could’ve found a way out together. Ignoring her deal was naïve, selfish, and illogical.

    In Sam’s dream with Azazel, the demon said there were “other generations” of chosen psychics. If the chosen psychic was to lead hell’s army by being Lucifer’s vessel, does that mean Dean and Sam (and their family bloodline) weren’t the only “true” vessels for Lucifer and Michael? That has always bothered me. Am I conflating separate events? I know this other part doesn’t come up until season 4, but Alistair tells Dean that John was supposed to break the first seal, but Alistair couldn’t break John under torture. And Castiel tells Dean that the one who breaks the first seal is the only one who can “stop” the apocalypse (presumably by being Michael’s vessel). If both of those things are true, then the original apocalypse battle was supposed to be between Sam and John, not Sam and Dean. Thoughts?

    What can I say about that iconic last scene? Jensen and Jared were both unbelievable. Jensen’s performance was especially raw and visceral. I felt his shock and grief. He continues that same level of performance in AHBL part 2, but I’ll talk about that when we get to that episode. Jensen deserves all the Emmys. He truly does.


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