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    October 22, 2021 at 3:55 pm #10507

    “Jake was a good character addition. And he’s a very skilled actor, Aldis Hodge, who went on to do much bigger things. He was good as a very wary “special child”. I liked that they threw in the bit about him being a soldier as he thought differently about the situation because of that. Having superhuman strength as his gift was kinda unfair to the others! How could that not give him an unfair advantage?”

    I like Aldis Hodge, too. Although I’m pretty sure I’m supposed to hate Jake, I’m glad someone as talented as Aldis got to play him! And DEFINITELY! Making Jake a soldier (which I think was added to the script later, if I recall) was a good choice because it made him more heroic than he’d otherwise have been, and therefore more sympathetic.

    Good point about the Superman strength. I guess Andy’s gift is the only one that might be stronger. Being able to mind-control people is arguably more powerful than superhuman strength. Andy was able to send Dean a vision from several states away. That’s pretty impressive. Jake would have to get his hands on you to hurt you.

    I guess I never connected with any of the other psychic kids. I didn’t like Andy because he seemed like a bong-smoking loser who lived in his van, skipped out on his bills and financial responsibilities, and (I’m pretty sure) mind-controlled that pretty blonde into sleeping with him. Ava just seemed too high-strung and jarring to me, even in “Hunted”. I felt a bit sorry for the girl who had the death touch, but she didn’t stay around very long, so they didn’t have much time to develop her.

    Now that I think about it, it feels like Jake had more screen time in this episode than any of the other psychics did. Maybe that’s part of the reason I feel more connected to his story. I’m angry that he killed Sam, but I get why he did it.