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    October 24, 2021 at 1:37 pm #10520

    In Sam’s dream with Azazel, the demon said there were “other generations” of chosen psychics. If the chosen psychic was to lead hell’s army by being Lucifer’s vessel, does that mean Dean and Sam (and their family bloodline) weren’t the only “true” vessels for Lucifer and Michael? That has always bothered me. Am I conflating separate events? I know this other part doesn’t come up until season 4, but Alistair tells Dean that John was supposed to break the first seal, but Alistair couldn’t break John under torture. And Castiel tells Dean that the one who breaks the first seal is the only one who can “stop” the apocalypse (presumably by being Michael’s vessel). If both of those things are true, then the original apocalypse battle was supposed to be between Sam and John, not Sam and Dean. Thoughts?

    Hi Kate,
    yes, I wondered about the correlation between the psychic children and vessel thing, too! Remembering what Michael says as he’s “wearing” John in “The Song Remains The Same” later being Lucifer’s and Michael’s vessels is a bloodline thing going back to Cain and Abel! Meaning the plan to have human meat puppets through the generations was always there and took a lot of doing. So with that in mind, I can imagine that Hell had equally long standing plans to start the Apocalypse and have generations of potential leaders of the Demon army at hand. (And considering the story line in “Salvation” where Sam and Dean save Baby Rosie from becoming a psychic child it seems that Hell is still building future generations of candidates.) I don’t necessarily think that the leader of the army had to be Lucifer’s vessel, though. Was that ever stated? It could just be lucky coincident for Hell to get Sam as the leader of the army AND be the true vessel also. Maybe the true vessel has to be from their bloodline, but the leader of the army can be any of the psychic children.
    I am also not sure if John and Sam were supposed to be in the big fight or just that it could have been any number of relatives before and after them? I always assumed that Azazel was simply stirring the pot and making Sam WANT to fight for his life and be the last one standing by default?

    I also always wondered if the type of psychic powers each of the children got was total luck of the draw? Sam’s ability to see some events of the future – especially the one’s pertaining to the other psychics – seem kinda pointless? Or were they simply meant to lead him to the others so the “Hunger Games” could start?
    OR was the point that he never leaned into his real abilities and only developed those later under Ruby’s misguidance?

    So much stayed shadowy about these plans but I don’t really mind that. Chalk it up as mystery of the universe.

    It was an intriguing story line for sure.