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    November 7, 2021 at 11:10 am #10835

    Having the first case of Season 3 involve the Seven Deadly Sins is really intriguing. After having opened Hell and letting out all kinds of nasties, this sets up the higher stakes of what they might be up against nicely. So far we thought Azazel was as bad as it got…..NOW….we get a glimpse of all kinds of new possibilities for evil. It’s interesting and scary.

    If Bobby is being scared….I sure as hell am worried FOR them all. (“What’s in the box?” HAHAHA. LOVE “Seven”)

    GREAT fight in the bar with Bobby driving his car through the wall.

    I also applaud SPN yet again for hiring great guest actors. Isaac and Tamara are portrayed excellently and the actor playing Envy is very good as well. I especially love Tamara and find it sad that she never should up again.

    Very good introduction of a new character in Ruby – lurking on the edges and then seemingly coming in to save them – AND the knife! I love that the knife is one of the few things that stayed important and useful all the way through the next 13 seasons.

    I remember the first time I watched this episode that I was PISSED with Dean for seemingly throwing himself to the dogs ahead of schedule. But that part of the episode’s story totally flipped on me once I started rewatching seasons.

    Now I love the seemingly carefree attitude Dean displays here at the beginning. Just living it up and “not sweating the cholesterol”. Even milking the fact that he only has a year every chance he gets. It’s fun to see him cocky and having fun, even though, we (and he) know what’s looming.

    He starts out having well deserved fun but we soon see the deeper fear in Dean. I don’t think he ever regrets the deal he made for Sam, but I do love that he admits later down the road that he really doesn’t want to die.

    As a whole I always liked the urgency Season 3 had because of its limited episodes – due to the writers strike! I think it really helped drive home the desperation of trying to find a way out of Dean’s deal.

    I LOVE that Sam voices his frustration and Dean tells the truth at the end of the episode and he doesn’t hide the fact that he was told there is no way out of the deal that doesn’t involve Sam dying. But it’s so heartbreaking that he is ok with dying because he claims he’s tired and done enough for the family. UGH. And there is a strange innocence in him being ok with going to hell as long as Sam lives….obviously neither of them has a real concept of hell yet. Maybe seeing John getting out of hell gave a wrong impression of it being “just a place” you go after dying?

    Good season start!

    Sam’s hair is STUPID!