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    Ahhh…Season 3. Don’t get me wrong. Season 3 is very well done – well acted, written, directed, etc. But every single episode – every one – reminds us in some way that Dean is going to die. That puts a funereal pall on the entire season for me, which makes it one of my least favorites. Fortunately, it’s a short season…

    I like the idea of the seven deadly sins being seven actual demonic entities. That was a creative take on the concept. Since a few hundred demons presumably escaped, it would’ve been fun to see some other ancient big bads.

    Question: Supposedly, only five days had passed between the opening of the devil’s gate and when Dean, Sam, and Bobby found the dead/mummified family that died on their sofa due to sloth. It takes more than five days for a dead body to mummify, though – even in extreme desert heat. This family was found in Nebraska. What’s up with that?

    Fun trivia: When Bobby and the boys found the dead family, “Dallas” was playing on the television. Was that a little shout out to Jim Beaver’s brief role on “Dallas”?

    I really like Katie Cassidy as Ruby! Sorry to you Genevieve fans out there, but Katie is a much better actress, IMO, and she brings mystery and menace to Ruby that’s lacking in season 4. To me, Gen’s manipulation and obvious seduction seemed more transparent. I clearly didn’t trust her and I didn’t want to. When Katie was Ruby, I found myself wanting to believe her, even though I was pretty sure she was lying. That was also a cool knife fight scene in this episode, and in “Malleus Maleficarum”, there’s another good fight/action scene between Ruby and another demon. That fight is also well choreographed. I don’t remember being impressed with any of the Ruby action scenes in season 4. Aside from the obvious benefit that Jared met his future wife, I kinda’ wish they’d kept Katie Cassidy in that role.

    Speaking of good characters and actresses, I don’t think Tamara gets the respect and recognition she deserves. I can’t IMAGINE the horror of watching my husband drink drain cleaner and being unable to help him while he dies on the floor! Tamara’s torture was even worse when Isaac (or rather, the demon inhabiting his corpse) showed up at the house, screaming for Tamara’s help. How horrific is that?!!? I liked Tamara as a character and am disappointed that we never saw or heard from her again. The show brought back so many other (silly) characters, like the Ghostfacers, but we couldn’t get a single episode around Tamara? Sorry Wayward Sisters fans, but if the spinoff had included characters like Tamara, Tara (from “First Born”), Pamela, and Ellen instead of Claire and company, I would have been more likely to watch it. I’ve criticized the show many times for not writing young women characters well. Instead of coming across as smart and interesting, I find them bratty, stupid, and monochromatic. In contrast, these writers have given us some amazing adult women characters, like Jody, Donna, Pamela, Ellen, and yes — Tamara and Tara. The problem is we don’t see enough of most of these women. I think that’s a real shame and a missed opportunity.